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Button bracelet. Children's recycling crafts

MAKE A BUTTON BLING RING, recycle project

There is one reason for male infertility

First names that do not look cold: Léon

First names that do not look cold: Léon


But also Léo, Léonie, Léonne ... roaring names for bouncy babies, all from the Latin "leo", the lion. It'll go crazy with them! His birthday: November 10th.

The paper mache It is a widely used technique for making crafts, but what many people do not know is that the method was already used hundreds of years ago in ancient China and Persia to make handicrafts.

To create crafts with paper mache you only need a newspaper or paper, white glue and water. With it we can make masks, hats or decorative objects.

On our site we teach you to make easy and original crafts with papier-mâché.

Paper mache pumpkin. Paper mache allows you to make very original and durable crafts, so on our site we suggest you make a Halloween pumpkin using newspaper and glue.

Paper mache solar system. One of the knowledge that children will have to learn in school is the planets that make up the solar system. On our site we propose a different way to learn them with this simple paper mache craft.

Cat hat. Cat hat. Three hats of different animals, so that the children can make them, and create a costume for the carnival. A very practical manual job to prepare, very economical, and fun, for children and the whole family.

Rabbit hat. Rabbit hat. A good idea to dress up children for carnival or a party is papier-mâché hats. Carnival crafts for children.

Ladybug hat. Ladybug hat. A very practical and fun craft to prepare. Children will enjoy 3 types of animal hats: ladybug, rabbit, and kitten.

Prawn recipes for the family. Seafood cuisine

Prawn recipes for the family. Seafood cuisine

The prawns they are a crustacean that combine very well with all kinds of foods, which is great for us to prepare endless recipes for children and the whole family. In addition, it is one of the favorite seafood for children, a food that provides not only protein, such as vitamin D, iron, phosphorus and omega 3.

Prawns are a very versatile food in the kitchen because they combine with all kinds of foods, from vegetables to pasta. You can prepare everything with them, from risottos to cocktails.

Considering all that, Guiainfantil.com has selected some easy, exquisite and very simple recipes with prawns, for the whole family. Choose one and invite your child to prepare it. You are going to love not only eating it but also making it!

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and prawns. Wild asparagus scrambled with prawns recipe for family lunch or dinner. Asparagus is a food rich in iron and fiber, so it is recommended for children with anemia or problems with constipation. Cook this quick and easy recipe with the children.

Prawn risotto with saffron. Risotto is a different way of preparing rice for children, in addition to this recipe for children of prawn risotto with saffron aroma they will also eat fish.

Scrambled eggs with prawns and spinach. The lightest and most nutritious dinner, a scrambled eggs with prawns with spinach. Beneficial for the growth of children and with folic acid for pregnant women.

Prawns with gabardine and cheese. Step-by-step recipe for prawns with gabardine in cheese sauce. our site offers us a crunchy, traditional recipe that the children can help us prepare. Easy fish recipes for kids. How to make crispy gabardine prawns step by step.

Prawns with pasta, tomato and cheese. How to make rice or pasta with prawns with tomato and cheese for children. We explain how to make a nutritious seafood recipe for children step by step.

Causa stuffed with prawns. The cause is a traditional dish from Peru, it can be prepared in many different ways, be it chicken or tuna. On our site we have prepared it stuffed with prawns since its mild flavor and ease of digesting make it an ideal dish for children.

Brazilian moqueca with prawns. Brazilian recipe. Prawn moqueca for the readers of our site. A traditional and popular recipe in the cuisine of Bahia, Brazil. A caloric recipe, but at the same time exquisite and full of exotic flavors and aromas.

Prawn muffins. Muffins or prawn muffins recipe. our site surprises us with a very attractive recipe not only for children but also for the whole family. An ideal recipe for an aperitif, a first course or dinner.

Rice with prawns curry. If you are looking for a simple and nutritious meal, on our site you have this rice with curry prawns, a quick recipe for children to eat fish without protesting.

Shrimp stuffed volcanoes. Cook recipes with the children such as these gratin volcanoes stuffed with prawns. Recipe for vol au vents stuffed with prawns. Simple shrimp starters for children. How to make stuffed volcanoes for Christmas dinner.

Prawn cocktail. Prawn cocktail. Traditional homemade recipe of celebrations for children. How to make a prawn cocktail for Christmas dinner. Recipes of first courses for Christmas dinner. Easy and very simple homemade recipe to make to serve as a starter at lunch or dinner.

Spaghetti with prawns and clams. Sea spaghetti recipe with prawns and chirlas. our site offers us an easy, healthy and nutrient-packed recipe. Seafood recipes for children, step by step.

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Birth under general anesthesia

General anesthesia was for some time very common at birth, but is now reserved only for emergency caesarean section, general birth with forceps or vacuum, when the pregnant woman does not tolerate another type of anesthesia or when the problem of epidural anesthesia cannot be posed.

General anesthesia settles quickly and consists in the total loss of consciousness and sensitivity of the body, so the pain is not felt at all. For this reason, this type of anesthesia is used in gynecological emergencies.

What happens when you do general anesthesia

Usually, general anesthesia is given by inhalation (with anesthetic gases) or intravenously, and after they become unconscious, patients are introduced to the throat by the tube that will help them not start with salivary secretions.

The state of unconsciousness lasts only a few minutes, until the babies are removed. Anesthesia is done at the last moment, and the babies are very quickly removed so that the anesthetic substances do not have time to enter their blood and sedate them. Moms find themselves awake in a state of confusion and dizziness and cannot hold their child in their arms.

Being asleep, the new mother cannot see the baby in the operating room, but after two hours the child is brought in intensive care to see and breastfeed. Recovery is easy and hassle-free.

Many pregnant women are not allowed to eat during labor, as general anesthesia may be required, and if inhaled particles of food or gastric acid are inhaled, severe complications are created, which can lead to death.

Other complications of general anesthesia include nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, confusion and dizziness, aspiration pneumonia and rarely death.

General anesthesia - disadvantages

Compared with general anesthesia, epidural surgery is much safer, the complications that occur in the mother or baby are smaller. In addition, the child is not affected by anesthetics as with general anesthesia. During the operation the mother will be aware and can see her baby as soon as it is removed from the womb. Doctors' opinions are clearly in favor of local anesthesia (epidural or spinal anesthesia).

Side effects of general anesthesia in Caesarean section

After giving birth by Caesarean section, it is recommended that you stay for a few days longer and be careful not to get up suddenly from bed. However, the recovery does not last long and in a short time you will feel great. The incision is usually horizontal and is not seen at the beach, so you have no reason to worry.

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What's the best strategy for traveling with a colicky baby?

What's the best strategy for traveling with a colicky baby?

The movement of a vehicle (car, train, bus, or airplane) can be soothing to babies, so traveling with your colicky infant may be no more difficult than traveling with any other baby.

Of course, you'll want to make sure to do all you can to help your baby feel safe and secure and to make the trip as easy as possible on both of you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose family-friendly destinations. Hotels and restaurants that welcome families will be more comfortable with a crying baby than a place that caters to adults.
  • When feasible, picnic in the park or have pizza delivered to your hotel room — especially when mealtimes fall during your baby's usual colic time. If your baby does start crying, you'll be more relaxed than you would be in a restaurant.
  • Place your baby in a sling or front pack while you see the sights. The natural movement combined with your smell and the sound of your heartbeat can be very soothing.
  • Take along your infant's car seat and bassinet, if possible, as well as linens and diaper products. Your baby may be comforted by familiar things.
  • If traveling by airplane, encourage your baby to nurse or suck on a pacifier during takeoff and landing. Sucking helps equalize the pressure in a baby's ears.
  • Bring along a supply of healthy snacks for yourself — when you feel nourished, you can take better care of your baby. If you're breastfeeding, stick with familiar foods on the road so your baby's tummy won't be upset by something new.
  • Pack an array of clothing so your baby can be dressed comfortably in whatever weather you face. And remember to dress your baby the same way you're dressed. If you're too warm or too cold, chances are your child is too.
  • Take a short practice trip first to get familiar with the challenges of traveling together. Going to Grandma's house for the night will give you an idea of what to take and how to travel while still providing you with familiar surroundings.
  • Take rest stops frequently and schedule some leeway between flights and other travel arrangements. The last thing you need when traveling with a colicky baby is to have to dash to make a connection or a check-in deadline.

Enjoy yourself! A trip is a time to relax, take in the sights, and have fun.

In the Youth park from Bucharest, in Rosary area, a spaceship was built. His crew consists of Captain Raxo, Second Noni and the dozens of children who go there daily, alone, with friends or parents.

The Green Bee spacecraft is a high tech instrument with which to help Dorna and Mega Image, in partnership with Green Revolution Association, he intends to educate the children otherwise, trying to turn them into responsible heroes, who will help us save the Earth.

Every day, the ship travels ten times in space, carrying happy, sincere, curious and attentive children. Each trip lasts 45 minutes, and during this period the little ones arrive in the cosmos, guided by Captain and Second, by the films projected in the ship and by the on-board computers.

Cadets, because these are called children, once the journey begins, they have the opportunity to see a sunrise in space, send drones to explore and search for a planet that can host us if Earth is to be uninhabited. the irresponsible actions of people. By the time we return to Earth, the cadets already know what they need to do to save the world we live in.

So far, over 2,000 children have participated in the project. Among them, children from the "Pinocchio" Minority Reception Center, "Pinocchio 3" Placement Center, C.S.S. "St. Mary" or the Concordia Humanitarian Foundation.

All participants entered a competition to win a place in the Tasuleasa Social ecological camp. The draw was made on August 7, and the winners left on August 15, early in the morning in the camp, accompanied by Captain Raxo.

At the end of October, another draw will decide the winners of another 25 places in the camp from Tasuleasa, with the departure in the summer of next year.

So, if you have a child, brother, nephew, cousin, between the ages of 6 and 14, sign up on www.green-bee.ro or come directly to the Youth Park with him to take part in the most interesting journey of his life!

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It is very entertaining to watch the behaviors that parents have with our children. Without a doubt, each child has their own identity and personality, and we usually adapt our educational skills to them.

But it seems to me that we are not always equitable with our children: we do not demand the same of boys as we do of girls because we do not expect the same from them, even though we love them equally.

It seems that there are different behaviors, expected and imposed, between boys and girls. As a general rule, boys are encouraged to play more active roles, thus they tend to play more sports than girls and have more action games, girls, on the contrary, are offered more responsible, creative and calm roles . I do not deny that in observing my own children, I have seen a natural predisposition to higher activity in my children, they prefer more active and rough games, while my daughters tend to play more imaginative and relaxed games.

Equal treatment with our children is completely impossible and can even be considered inappropriate, but I believe that we should not fall into inequalities between boys and girls. I see on numerous occasions how there are families that give their male child much more independence than their daughter: the girl remains calm by her side while the child jumps and moves without being noticed. Is this a differentiating natural tendency between boys and girls or is it a repression or lack of concern of the parents for either of them?

There are certain sports that are distinctively offered for boys or girls, such as soccer for boys or dance for girls. And I don't know if it is due to social pressure or fear, but we tend to see with better eyes that the girl enters the field of boys than that boys do it in that of girls; To many parents, it would be very good for our daughter to play soccer, but not for our son to practice dance.

It would put us under suspicion or we would watch cautiously that our son played with the dolls, made up, dressed or combed his sister's barbies, but we would see normal or we would nonchalantly accept that our daughter played car races or action toys. Let us examine ourselves to find out our fears and the expectations we have with our sons or daughters, so that we do not get carried away by prejudices or unfounded fears in their education.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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Formatted condition

Formatted condition

Pregnant women are advised to do these home gym exercises to maintain their condition.

Formatted condition

Unless your doctor prohibits the gymnastics, do it regularly, gradually increasing the number of exercises, however never to maturity. After graduation, start exercising in comfortable suits after 2-3 hours with a blank stomach.

Hold on to the narrow body and stand with your stomach straight. Raise your right knee. I followed this:

Cut it out to the side of your foot, touch the ground with your toe, and bend your other foot slightly. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise a few times with another knee lift. (You can do the exercise rhythmically, very lightly!)

Stand wide open with a straight fire. Rely on a narrow body. Breathe in through the nose, then exhale by mouth! It can now access:

Bend your knees and slowly crouch slowly so that you can lightly rise. Keep your spine straight. Stay in a squat position for 1-2 seconds. Get up slowly and repeat the exercise 2-6x.

Kill yourself on the ground. Put your hands on your feet. Lower it and stretch it for a while.
Keep your spine straight! Breathe in, and then:

Hold on to your back and roll your spine. Breathe out the air. Then straighten up and repeat the exercise 3-4x.

Live with a straight backbone. Raise your arms to the side. Perform 4 small bracelets, recently:

Kiss a little on the back, curl your spear, and raise your arms forward to height.
Come on in April
fly it in between
your arm.

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