Meaning of the name Camilo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Camilo. Name for boys

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Meaning of the name Oleguer. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Oleguer. Name for boys

Celestino is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means “belonging to heaven”. It is closely related to Celeste and is one of the nicknames of the Roman god Jupiter.

It is thus a name with height and distinction that is ideal for any child, because despite its long tradition, it is not outdated. He celebrates his name day on April 6, which is the day of San Celestino.

Because of the meaning of his name, Celestino has a mysterious and enigmatic personality that quickly attracts others. Celestino has a special wit and is very sociable, so he is always surrounded by friends. His loyalty makes Celestino a person who can be easily trusted and his hard work makes him the perfect leader.

The name Celestino is known in all languages ​​in the form of Celestí, Celestin or Colestin, but it is not one of the most frequent. However, it is one of those traditional names that have fallen into disuse due to fashions and that parents like to revitalize after a while. We have no doubt that Celestino is one of those names willing to stand up again today.

The name of your son is one of those names that bring dignity, helped by the number of personalities that have carried it throughout history, such as various Popes, politicians and scientists. Contributing a little sense of humor, we meet the character of the comic strip created by Olmo, Don Celes, capable of making us smile very early in the morning while we read the newspaper.

However, it is in its feminine variant, Celestina, where the name of your child acquires greater relevance and popularity. Fernando de Rojas's work, "La Celestina" is a key point in Spanish literature, where we find Celestina as the architect of the love affair between Calisto and Melibea.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of April, consult our calendar of the names of April saints. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

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How to tell scary stories to children

A tale of fear or love? Scared, scared, the children tell me in chorus. And, from the age of seven they are fascinated by stories of adventure, mystery and fear. Even though scary stories scare them, children want you to tell scary stories so they know they can survive the nightmare.

When nine-year-old Axiel asked me in panic if the black horseman from the short story Jimmy Nowlan, I could come visit him, what I was looking for was a reassuring answer, so I invented as I went along that for this to happen two conditions had to be met: one, to be in Ireland, and another, to walk alone at night through a forest. Axiel's face relaxed, and I continued with the story.

Children under six years of age like and fear the fear of the unknown (the night, strange noises ...), and also tales of witches and monsters that are not terrifying. For example, lyoung children have fun with my story 'Mr. Ramón and Mrs. Ramona', two grandparents who are afraid of some noises they hear at night.

With this story, the little ones understand that fear should not paralyze them and that a person without fear is more open to learning, relating, sharing, discovering and loving.

Follow these tips to tell scary stories to your children under 6 years of age:

- Choose tales of witches, monsters and themes that scare them like the noises at night. Tell him the traditional tales like Hansel and Gretel, who escape from the witch.

- Put voices to the witch and the monsters of the story, but without dramatizing too much so as not to scare them.

- Humor overcomes fear, so unload your fears by incorporating jokes into the story.

- Be aware of the questions and fears that the child has when listening to the story. Solve their doubts and adjust the story as you see their reactions. They have to be tense, but not scared.

- Narrate the scariest moments of the story with a deliberate tone, slowly, and without altering your voice.

At this age, children are very impressionable, so you should consider these tips:

- Tell the story of fear that you narrate, you have to wrap the terror between laughter.

- Incorporate unexpected and unusual touches into the scary tale, such as that the lame servant has a hanging mucus. You will be able to make him laugh, release tension and relax, which will help him face fear.

- Play with the voice to set the story: Imitate the squeaks of an old door, the horse's hooves, put on a witch's voice, and speak softly with a serious tone every time you put the voice of some evil character.

- Take pauses of three seconds to add to the mystery.

- Ambience the room by lowering the intensity of the light or lighting a candle.

- As with younger children, humor always conquers fear, so unleash your dread from time to time by incorporating jokes into the narrative.

- Use elements that can set the story as a pumpkin, a small trunk full of books, a world map, or a letter with burnt edges simulating old letters.

Beatriz Montero

Writer and storyteller

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How to write a scary story

Does myoma occur after pregnancy?

Fibroids in the uterus and cervix
benign tumors that develop with muscle tissue. Mostly in women aged 35-44
visible and uterine fibroids after pregnancy
There is also the possibility of occurrence.

Also most
uterine fibroids already existing before pregnancy
or indirectly. Fibroids with estrogen hormone
they are likely to occur during pregnancy because they develop. But this
it is not very likely. Pregnant developing uterine fibroids during pregnancy
the proportion of women varies between 10-30%. High probability
The condition is the decrease in the blood supply to fibroids as pregnancy progresses. blood supply
the amount of food and oxygen reaching the fibroids
It takes place. In this case, abdominal pain and rest, plenty of fluid
consumption is controlled by the situation.

tenderness after uterine fibroids with increased estrogen during pregnancy
Show. Fibroids after pregnancy decreasing
it decreases with the amount of estrogen and can disappear spontaneously. we're talking about
Estrogen amount-uterine fibroid production due to the relationship uterine fibroids after pregnancy formation is quite unlikely.

during or uterine fibroids
estrogen-independent causes of its formation are not entirely clear. But
Research on the formation of uterine fibroids in overweight and sedentary women
evidence that it is often encountered. Abdominal region
run the abdominal muscles, making it cumbersome
helps to prevent.

Easily treated with fibroids
they are destructible; and benign fibroids.
Let's list the symptoms you will encounter in case of:

  • Pain in the uterus
  • Too many menstrual periods
  • Periods after menstruation
    light bleeding,
  • Abdomen and uterus
    noticeable growth,
  • Sexual intercourse and menstrual periods
    then pain in the waist and coccyx,
  • Frequent urination

if you observe these effects on your body or in any way uterine fibroids after pregnancy the formation
your doctor for examination and treatment, if necessary.
You have to look.

on the other hand
When fibroids are small, there is no shortage of the body. This
continuous control of uterine fibroids in cases
is the most effective treatment. Larger sizes
Surgical methods are preferred for the treatment of fibroids. myomas
control and follow-up by an expert physician
as long as it is done, the negative effects of fibroids will be reduced to a much lesser extent.

The attraction of children to bad smells

We have selected videos for the whole family to have fun, and learn at the same time. With criteria of quality and seriousness, our site investigates on the Internet looking for the best children's videos published on the Internet for children and babies. And of course, the best videos to educate and train parents in this difficult task that is taking care of the education and health of our children.

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