Do you know how to decode baby crying?

Do you know how to decode baby crying?

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7 things to do today for your health!

7 things to do today for your health!

If you count yourself among mothers whose health is on the list of constant priorities, we can only congratulate you, but if you neglect this aspect of your life in favor of others, you have to start thinking about ways to reverse the hierarchy.

Not all women care about their health as they should, and those who have already become mothers tend to put everything else in the forefront, to the detriment of their own health. For such situations, here is a list that reminds you of 7 of the most important things your health depends on:

1. Hydrate yourself

Make sure you always have a bottle or a glass of water at hand. Whether you are at home or at the office, on the street or in the car, do not forget to stay hydrated. Not only will your skin look much better, but the functions of the kidneys and digestive system will be optimal. Sure, water will not solve all your health problems, but it is a vital and very important ingredient.

2. Meditate

Maybe for an uninitiated person meditation can be intimidating. But there are also simple ways to free your mind with meditation techniques, practices that can get you out of anxiety and stress. Call on the help of a trusted specialist and learn from him how to relax and how to escape stress whenever you feel the need.

3. It smells like a lemon scent

The pungent odor of the lamellae is very strong and can help you focus better. Whether you choose to snack on a real lemon, make a lemonade that you enjoy in the morning, or use essential oils and aromatherapy to relax and improve your mood, you must know that lemon can actually work wonders.

4. Prepare your snacks early

Use the vegetable drawer of the fridge in a proper way, storing in it fresh, washed and clean vegetables, which you can eat at any time without effort. They are especially healthy raw, and if you have them handy and you do not have to wash or cut them whenever you are hungry, they will be able to successfully replace unhealthy snacks such as chips or protein shakes.

And if you need a sauce to make them tastier, you must know that they are still healthier than biscuits or cookies.

5. Make baths with mineral salts

First of all, a bath in the tub can help you relax anytime. If you use salts when doing this, all the better. Magnesium in the salt bath will help you relax your muscles and cleanse your pores in depth. In addition, it is a simple and inexpensive method to maintain or even improve your health.

6. Stretch your muscles

Your muscular system needs periodic revivals. Take a few minutes every few hours to get up and put your muscles in motion. The ideal interval is one hour, but until you get used to this frequency, you can initially repeat less often.

Join a yoga class or follow the online channels of those who offer virtual lessons and stretch your muscles to help them relax.

Some movements will seem simpler than others, so you need to find a balance between stimulating all your muscle groups and respecting the positions and exercises you are able to do without superhuman efforts.

You can do exercises even when you watch TV, and the impact this will have on your children will be invaluable as you will become a true role model for them.

7. Care for your teeth and gums

Oral hygiene is extremely important for health, all the more so as it can influence even the health of the cardiovascular system. Brushing your teeth regularly, paying more attention to gum cleansing and using dental floss should become your best friends if you plan to keep or improve your health.

What tricks do you call to improve your health? Are our tips helpful? We look forward to your opinions in the section below!

What do we do with the little explorer?

What do we do with the little explorer?

Good play is fun for the baby and the parents. We help make it so we show you at what age what little ones enjoy the most.

This age is real period of discovery. From the seventh to the eighth of the month, you will grab small objects with your fingers, which he then saves, smokes, and throws. It moves more and more freely and freely, which greatly facilitates knowledge of the world. You know just what you are using it from a few stars. He wraps his hand in the trolley he holds.

Little explorers love the "trash can"

At the age of one year, the baby also brings complex movements into play. He looks at the named object and goes there for it. Some people are close to the target by then. He begins to realize that what has fallen out has not disappeared in the end. It's time for the "peeps"!

What do we play?

Heavy duty, hard flyers (picture books) are good at this time. The ball, the sneaker, the musical and sliding balls, the simplest assembly games, the cubes are the favorites of the age group. Nested elements also help in understanding the concepts of "small-large" and other relationships.
Make sure that the toys do not overwhelm the play (martial arts, joking, dancing). The objects are not substitutes, but only complete the social conditions.
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  • Vitaliana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Vitaliana

    Vitaliana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Vitaliana

    We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Vitaliana. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

    History of the name Vitaliana

    Female variant of Vitaliano. It comes from the Latin Vitalianus / Vitaliana, derived from Vitalis (Vidal).

    Meaning of name Vitaliana

    Santoral of the name Vitaliana

    January 27, July 16

    Origin of the name Vitaliana


    Famous people with the name Vitaliana

    • Saint Ursino, bishop

    Drawings of the name Vitaliana coloring page printable game

    75 Nature Names for Girls - NAMES and MEANINGS!

    How to teach the child to make outlines

    How to teach the child to make outlines


    Children's breakfast

    Fall More Than Strength - This baby has proven it

    Fall More Than Strength - This baby has proven it

    Kids can be incredibly creative, especially when it comes to discovery or energy purification.

    Source: DailyMail FacebookChildren can be incredibly creative - nothing more than a video recently shared by a mother drinking baby milk from a baby girl. At the beginning of the video, the baby hand holds the baby bottle with two hands to prevent it from falling, and then with a very maneuver, he supports the glass with his toe. Probably not first used this trick, it works so well.In the comments on the video, many people mentioned the genius of the baby, and how quickly he learned that he was going for more fall, more than a good thing, an innovation. In fact, there were also contributors who reminded them that they had used a similar technique in drinking a baby bottle.Well, even with the baby's new idea, this solution has been practiced before, and we can only congratulate you on your baby's creativity!Related links:

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    Bridges. Poetry about solidarity for children

    Both stories and poetry they are fantastic tools to educate children in values. Values ​​often appear through metaphors. You can help your child understand them and develop abstract thinking and critical thinking in the process.

    This time we offer you the poem 'Bridges', a short, rhymed poem by Elsa Isabel Bornemann, a well-known Argentine poet who wrote a lot for children. Talk to your child about the meaning of this beautiful poetry, which has to do with solidarity.

    I draw bridges
    for you to find me:
    A fabric bridge,
    with my watercolors ...

    A suspension bridge,
    with bright chalk ...
    Wood bridges,
    with crayon ...

    silver, coppery ..
    Unbreakable bridges,
    of stone, invisible ...

    And you ... Who would believe!
    You don't even see them!
    I do a hundred, ten, one ...
    You don't cross any!

    (Elsa Isabel Bornemann)

    This short poem also conveys a precious lesson to us. On this occasion, he speaks of solidarity. Build bridges instead of building walls. Help your child understand this concept with these questions:

    1. What does the protagonist of the story draw?
    2. How can bridges be?
    3. What do you think bridges are for?

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    English Learning, Standard Second Unite 1, English Lesson Number 1Bridge