Most US College Students Cannot Solve This Basic Math Problem. The Working Together Riddle

Most US College Students Cannot Solve This Basic Math Problem. The Working Together Riddle

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Body exam for mother

Children afraid of storms

Children afraid of storms

Fear is a natural emotion that appears in the face of threat or a risky situation. It is a very necessary emotion in the development of the child since it fulfills a survival function that will allow the little one to act with caution and avoid a danger.

Fear usually appears at a very early age. As the child goes through the different stages of development, his fears change. Fears will appear and disappear, others persist. But, Why are children afraid of storms? How to help them overcome it?

There are fears of each evolutionary stage. At 3 and 4 years the degree of fear experienced by children usually reaches its maximum. In other words, their fears become more apparent. Their imagination plays tricks on them, they fear "monsters" that hide in the dark and fear of natural phenomena such as thunder, wind, etc. appears.

Therefore, it is very common for children to be afraid of storms at these ages Appearing as an automatic self-protection reaction that puts you in a situation of alert before a danger.

If the child is afraid of storms, it is essential that parents avoid behaviors that engender the problem, such as:

- Ignore him when the child shows fear.

- Ridicule or scold the child for showing their fears.

- Try to make the 3-year-old child come to his senses and take it for granted that you can face your fears alone.

In order not to fall into these mistakes, it is important that parents follow these tips:

- Hear. The child must feel heard and perceive that he is taken seriously in order to feel supported in the face of his fears.

- Inform you. Explain to the child clearly and concisely what the storm process is. Knowing what this phenomenon consists of will make you see that it is a normal process and that it cannot cause you any harm.

- Distract you. When there is a storm, you can play games and activities that distract you and help you think about something else like dancing, watching photos, a family movie, etc.

- Let him face fear gradually. Accompany him at the beginning during storms, explaining what the phenomenon consists of, playing with him, and gradually reducing the help so that he can face the storm little by little by himself. This process will be long and it is not worth explaining it once to leave him alone.

- The positive use of imagination. You can use the overflowing imagination that children have at that age to use it positively. For example, tell stories where the child has powers to control the storm itself.

The child's normal reaction to storms is to be frightened and seek the protection of the adults in their environment. The problem comes when it manifests other symptoms such as tachycardia, cold sweats, urinary incontinence, etc.

When the symptoms go beyond that is when it will be necessary to consult professionals to guide parents by teaching them techniques to control breathing or muscle relaxation to help their children cope with the problem.

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Bertaria: origin and meaning of the name for girl Bertaria

Bertaria: origin and meaning of the name for girl Bertaria

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Bertaria. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Bertaria

Feminine form of Bertario, name spread by an abbot martyred by the Arabs in the 9th century

Meaning of name Bertaria

"Illustrious Army"

Saints of the name Bertaria

October 23

Origin of the name Bertaria


Famous people with the name Bertaria

  • Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías (Bianca Jagger), model and ex-wife of Mick Jagger (1945-)

Bertaria name coloring pages printable game

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Abbie in Sleepy Hollow

Abbie in Sleepy Hollow

Abbie in Sleepy Hollow

In the series "Sleepy Hollow", Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, helps solve the crimes and mysteries surrounding the headless rider.
Abbie is one of the diminutives of the name Abigael from Hebrew abigahel which means "my joy is in God".
A woman of character, Abbie stands out for her ambitious and courageous nature. She is ready to do anything to achieve her goals and perseveres despite the difficulties.

8 things that happen postpartum that you can't imagine

Non-Parents Give the Best Postpartum Advice

Laurie Gelman

From talk shows and music shows to parenting shows and news, Laurie Gelman has a wide range of media talents. She now adds best selling author to the list with her brutal take on room parenting, called Class Mom. She began her career in Canada, then went on to co-host several morning shows in both Canada and the U.S. Laurie spent two years as a correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America, and, later, The Early Show on CBS. She was a contributing editor for the now defunct Cookie Magazine. More importantly, she was the class mom at her daughters' school for 5 years. She considers this the toughest job she has ever had. Laurie is married to Michael Gelman, Executive Producer of ABC's Live with Kelly and Ryan and is the mother of two beautiful girls. Laurie's ability to talk and write openly and candidly about herself, AND the trials, tribulations and joys of being a wife, mother and woman gives her a unique voice as a writer and broadcaster.

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Therapeutic method of treating evil with evil or something similar to it.
Second principle: the infinitesimal. That is, to reduce the toxicity of the substances used so as not to aggravate the symptoms. Hence the use of dilution.
Medicine at moderate cost, non-toxic and without side effects, it can not do without consultations with a homeopathic doctor, who will give you the best advice.
One of the great strengths of homeopathy is its preventive nature. It has proven itself in the prevention of repetitive infectious phenomena (nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, ENT infections), allergies and skin diseases or nervousness.

Yoga for children and mothers

Lammily, the first realistic sized doll, now in Romania

The famous educational doll that changed the perception of beauty brands is now being sold in Romania.

Lammily is the first doll with realistic body dimensions and accessories designed to help children understand that body transformations and minor imperfections are normal and complete personal beauty.

Children learn about the world around the family, within educational institutions, through individual discovery, but also through the landmarks formed by analyzing things, objects, people they interact with. Media and commerce are currently offering misguided benchmarks, both in terms of living standards and beauty standards, which gives children unrealistic expectations, almost impossible goals, which will lead to frustration, failure and depression.

Products for children should give them a realistic and healthy perspective on life. Dolls are the first objects to which children attach themselves and which they conceive as friends, with whom, regardless of their will, they are compared. The child will perceive that pattern as the standard of normality and will tend to that standard. It is the parents' responsibility to take care not only of the drawings viewed by the children, but also with what toys they play.

Lammily is the first doll at the international level that brings to the attention of everyone the need for normal and acceptance of the human body as it is, with all the changes that occur throughout life and which we sometimes accept very or not at all. Differences regarding the physical aspect have a discriminatory note, and discrimination does not take place in a modern democratic society.

Lammily doll represents that normal face, with medium body size, which accepts puberty changes and any signs that it may have on the body during its life: bruises, scars, stretch marks, cellulite or blemishes. It is desired to resemble or identify with the doll through its representative elements: body shape, naturalness of physical appearance and clothes.

The role of the doll is educational. By observing through play and discovery the changes of the human body, preferably with the explanations of an adult, the child will more easily accept the idea. When he is blushing or having a chase, the child will remember the episode with the doll, and by comparison, he will understand that it is normal.

Due to the doll's mobile members, the toy plays an interactive role, this being a suitable company to play in various situations. The stickers are also a useful and educational tool, by which the children discover the place on the body where the signs appear and, once they consider that the healing takes place, they can remove them and reuse them with other play opportunities.

Between 50 and 90% of women develop stretch marks during life and over 90% of women have cellulite at one time. Acne is common, especially in adolescence and about 80% of people have an eruption between 11 and 30 years old.

"The ideal beauty patterns take a wrong direction. A plasticized world is created, full of compromises and a false, exaggerated beauty. It is time to bring beauty references back to the line of the normal, the natural, the decent," says Cristina Stan, official distributor at

Lammily can be purchased on at the price of 163 Ron, along with accessories that mimic body signs and holiday clothing.

The Lammily project belongs to Nickolay Lamm and has been a success since the concept was launched in 2014. Nickolay's intention was to show that the normal is beautiful.

The reactions of the students at Saint Edmund College in Pittsburg are eloquent: