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My Name is Francis Original

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Inventors' first names: James

Inventors' first names: James


New York surgeon James Leonard Corning is responsible for the epidural! An invention that dates from 1885 and that he made thanks to experiments on frogs.

Hebrew Ya'aqob, "which God favors", James is the English version of James. To celebrate July 25

Let's protect children from bites!

Massage during pregnancy - is this a good idea? Expectant mother should not do many things. As for several activities, there is compliance, an example is: drinking alcohol, smoking - categorically prohibited. However, there are topics that are still controversial - for example, dyeing pregnant hair, wearing contact lenses, or just the title massage during pregnancy. Can the expectant mother enjoy the benefits of massaging?

It turns out that yes, but under certain conditions.

Massage during pregnancy - who is a bad idea for?

Experts, doctors and even pregnant women themselves have mixed feelings about the topic of massaging in pregnancy. Some, the more cautious and belayers believe that better not risk it. They assume that things a pregnant woman can do without should be out of her reach. Pregnant massage is considered by them as unnecessary luxury and unnecessary risk. Unfortunately, its healing and relaxing nature is not taken into account. In the meantime it is enough take precautions to enjoy the benefits of massaging. A properly selected massage is not a threat.

Massage during pregnancy - why is it worth it?

Massage during pregnancy has many benefits. Allows:

  • to improve the appearance,
  • better mood, relax, calm down,
  • more beautiful appearance,
  • improves circulation,
  • prevents stretch marks,
  • relieves back pain,
  • prevents swelling
  • reduces leg swelling,
  • minimizes unpleasant discomfort.

When should you give up massage during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, not every mother can use a massage during pregnancy. Contraindications are:

  • early pregnancy (you can use the massage after 12 weeks of pregnancy),
  • late pregnancy (a month and later before the scheduled date),
  • endangered pregnancies,
  • multiple pregnancies,
  • acute inflammation,
  • vaginal bleeding
  • hypertension,
  • heart diseases,
  • kidney disease, pancreas
  • pregnancy intoxication
  • diabetes,
  • anemia
  • Leading placenta, placental abruption.

Permission required from a gynecologist

To take advantage of the benefits of pregnancy massage, it is necessary to obtain permission from the gynecologist. You should go to the office in which a person with knowledge of physiology and pathology of pregnancy works, who also has the ability to massage pregnant women.

Pregnant is performed only classic massage. This way you can massage your back, feet, legs, but also your face. The treatment usually uses delicate natural oils - almond or coconut.

Massage in pregnancy looks a bit different than in other women - the expectant mother lies on her back or on her side, massage is often also done on the chair. Massages using additional devices are advised against.

Before handing over to the masseur, blood pressure is usually measured, similarly just after the procedure (its value should not exceed 140/90 mmHg). The specialist should also read the results of the pregnant woman and exercise extreme caution during the procedure.

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