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Can I clear it? - Metoo can make a big difference in parenting

Can I clear it? - Metoo can make a big difference in parenting

In the past years we hear more and more about sexual harassment and harassment, and it is extremely important that we teach our children that only unambiguous consent can be acceptable. But when do we start these lessons?

Recently, a statement from an Austrian expert said that children should be educated from a very young age to allow their bodies to swallow only if they agree. Deanne Carson She thinks that babies should be asked to "allow" the diaper change right away. "Obviously, a baby won't answer that, of course, Mom, I'd be happy to change my pelus, but if we let the little ones have some time, keep an eye on body language, keep them in contact, he said in a television show.Also treat your baby as a partner! Carson critics say the procedure can be absurd, and even explicitly guilty, because it suggests that changing nappies without consent is tantamount to sexual violence.Katie Russellhowever, an anti-sexual violence advocate says Carson's message has been deceived, and it is very important to create a "consent culture" in the family as early as possible. "Parents and caregivers also have to get used to not getting their child's consent naturally, and they have to teach their little ones what they have to do with their bodies. it's hard to see why a simple, respectful method like Carson's is going to make you laugh. "Educational experts agree that even small children can be taught what it means to agree, because they can people can't do anything with them. "Even small babies can be treated as partners, maintaining eye contact, engaging them in activities, rather than treating them as a matter of course," he says. Jasmin Terrany psychotherapist. "It may not be an unequivocal boost in body consciousness, but the respectful treatment of a child who is on an equal footing over time will bring forth the fruit." " that you have an idea of ​​what's going on with him, that he will be able to stand up for himself much more effectively, that he will be able to think independently, and that he will need his consent, "he adds. Jeanette Raymond pszicholуgus. "Older children, for example, can talk about medical exams and ask if they are worried about something." (Via)Also worth reading:
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Plasticine and Paints: How to Make Your Kids Book for the Longest TimeThe Best Smudge Games

Plasticine and Paints: How to Make Your Kids Book for the Longest TimeThe Best Smudge Games

Plasticization, painting, smudging are among the best developer games we can use to book little ones for a long time.

The elastic, light mass massages the tiny fingers and strengthens the muscles. There is no need to encourage the little ones to form, and over time, a small, light, toad will develop. It is perfectly suited for this purpose simple plasticine. Even with two packs, you need to exert more effort for ringing and hacking, this will be a game for those who like wilder movement. The lightweight twisted lightweight is wrapped in a twisted pretzel.

Plasticization improves finger movement very well

For coloring plasticine, we recommend: yellow banana, lemon, orang sprouted ball, twisted seedling. By mixing colors, new games begin: what color is made up of two others, and what a funny, heart-colored bat we can conjure from a mixed button.
With the help of winter paint we can make colors at home sуlisztgyurmбt (half cook, half flour softened with a little water). mйhviaszgyurma sophisticated finger movement is required for machining, so we recommend it only at the age of four.
Ujjfestйkek let's put a big wrapping paper on the kitchen table to try it, smudge it with our fingers, palms, sun, flowers, trees. Body paints and fingerprints are available at major paper, home improvement and toy stores.
At home, you can make pancakes with flour and water and make a thick glaze that can be mixed with food coloring. You can also use strong colored foods, such as nipple, round cookie, black tea, cocoa for coloring.
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Older males' children generally perform better on intelligence tests.

Will older men have smarter sons?

While previous research has predominantly called attention to the fact that autism and schizophrenia are more common among older father children, it also has benefits to this state: it is normal for these children in general their intelligence is higher"The dangers of older fatherhood were known before, but it has only recently become clear that these children also have better educational and career opportunities," says the research leader. Magdalena Janecka, PhD student at the Autism Center of Mount Sinai, Icahn School of Medicine. The survey included 15,000 twin couples who completed an online test at age 12 to get a better light on the gender: and the difficulty of socializing. This is basically accounted for in every child's geek index. As it turned out, elder fathers' children scored higher on this test. the kid has a richer, more potential She grows up in a belted area.
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Pneumococcus is one of the first 10 fish to die

Pneumococcal disease is one of the first 10 fish to die, with nearly 800,000 children lost each year.

Pneumococcus is one of the first 10 fish to diePneumococcal bacterial disease is a global and serious global health problem, an enormous burden on the health care system. It is one of the top 10 fish deaths: 14,5 million cases a year, and nearly 800,000 children are lost every year due to microbial attack. We have a powerful weapon in our hands against the defenders - call attention Dr. Béres Zsuzsanna, an ophthalmologist at the Buda Oltoku Center.
Lung inflammation-related deaths have hardly changed in the past 60 years, from just 13% to 12%. He also monitors the use of antibiotics. Good results can only be expected from the widespread use of vaccinations. The latest type of conjugate vaccines can provide significant help in the widespread prevention of the disease. The bacterium was isolated by Pasteur in 1881, but the relationship between pneumococcal disease and its causes was still not clear. In 1940 there were about 80 variants known, now we have 94 variants. These variants are different in their capsular polysaccharides and are called serotypes. These groups are different in terms of diseased abilities, as the external surface structure plays a key role in cellular attachment. 62% of medically very serious cases are responsible for only 10 types.

What is the Carrier Status, Why Is It Important?

The bacterium can be a reservoir of the gut, even if it is asymptomatic, which means that it can be detected in 5-90 out of 100 people. Presence can be influenced by age-related, respiratory infections. The so-called carriers are the key factors in the spread of the disease. Clinical appearance of the disease:
The most common are: pneumonia, bloodstream infections, meningitis, but they can also cause microbial inflammation, inflammation of the nasal passages - these are the milder forms. Types combined with bloodstream infections always have a worse outcome. Sputum infection spreads with a latency of 1-3 days. Symptoms may include: fever, chills, productive cough, chest pain, numbness, fast heart rate, weakness. Concerning the central nervous system: loss of consciousness, hypotension, headache, light-headedness, nausea, light-headedness. The picture may vary.

Why Brutal Flu And Pneumococcus? What is the reason for synergism (great synergy)?

Research from recent years has shown that in the background of the extraordinary high death rate following the 1918-19 pandemic, not only the mutated influenza A strains but also the pneumococcus caused by the disease increased to over 50. This fact has been proved by examining the pulsatian samples of the deceased. Viral infection causes severe damage to the glands of the respiratory tract, which results in increased bacterial adhesion and damage to the bacterial mechanisms of the body. Molecules that are recognized by the bacterial receptor are deposited on the surface of the goblet cells. Of course, other microbes can also play a role in superinfection, but pneumococci is the leader.

In what cases can we expect the bacterium to have a higher currency target?

The disease mainly affects children under 5 years and over 50 years. Within this, the incidence of the disease is extremely high at 1 year of age, and over the age of 50, these values ​​jump again as the age progresses. The tiny immune system is still immature, but as we get older, our immune system physiologically loses its full capacity. It is in these cases that vaccinees can provide emergency care and significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease in this age group.

What are your conditions for increasing the risk of developing a disease compared to a healthy person?

The above table speaks for itself: after loss of cytoplasmic function or loss of lymphoid function, the body's ability to function is lost to a large number of encapsulated bacteria and is almost innocuous. These protections are extremely important.

Where are we now?

In our country, as of October 2008, vaccines are available for infants and toddlers, and is a must-have in 2014. With the increase in inoculation, the palette of serotypes was significantly rearranged. By 14, by 2010, this type had completely disappeared, previously 20% of serious cases were present in our country. The carrier status of the strains present in the vaccine was completely eliminated. Significantly, the number of morbidities is reduced, not only in the two-year age group, because if the child carries the so-called carrier condition, they are also less likely to pass on the bacterium. The connection has been established. The rate of hospitalization for cerebral inflammation and pneumonia was also significantly increased.

How Effective is Protective Disposal Available?

Well over 100 million cases have been used with advanced conjugate vaccine containing serotype 13, with safety. One of the largest vaccine efficacy studies to date is also available. In more than 80,000 people, the "role" of the vaccine was tested, which showed a 45% reduction in the incidence of community acquired pneumonia and a 75% reduction in the incidence of invasive disease. Over 90, the number of countries where the national immunization program is part of the vaccine against pneumococci today.Related articles in pneumococcus:
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What sports are suitable for teenagers

What sports are suitable for teenagers

Physical activity plays an important role in maintaining our physical and emotional health and is recommended regardless of age. In adolescence, practicing a sport will have many advantages being a way of relaxation and relaxation after the intellectual effort made during class hours.

Sport is not only recommended due to the physical benefits, but it will help adolescents emotionally and mentally. Young girls who play sports have more confidence in their own strengths have a higher degree of self-esteem.

At the same time, numerous studies have shown that adolescent sports lead to better school outcomes. Research published in 2013 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that there is a strong connection between them physical activity and school performance because a sport enhances the adolescents' ability to concentrate, disciplines them and makes them more ambitious and more competitive, developing their desire to overcome themselves.

At the same time, girls who play sports have a lower risk of consuming alcohol early, as well as starting to smoke, being aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that adolescents who play sports are more prone to diseases such as osteoporosis or scoliosis.

Sports suitable for teenagers

Teens have a lot of physical activities to choose from which one suits them best. When opting for a sport or a sports activity it is important and what you want to achieve by practicing that sport - weight loss, weight gain, toning.


Tennis is a good choice for teenagers and is a sport that is gaining more and more popularity lately with us in the country.

This club welcomes teenagers who want to start playing tennis. The club offers initiation programs, and the teaching is done in both Romanian and English.

Address: Soseaua Pipera, Nr. 38, Sector 1, Bucharest

Phone: 0734.249.790 / 0724.763.553

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.viptenisclub.ro

The Champion Club is available to teenagers who want to learn the secrets of white sports or who want to perfect their techniques.

Address: Str. First Nebiolo, Nr. 2, Sector 1, Bucharest

Phone: 0753.976.066 / 0745.142.592 / 0723.134.751

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.championclub.ro

At this club you also take part in tennis training courses, as well as advanced courses.

Address: Str. Glodeni, Nr. 3, Sector 2, Bucharest


Email: [email protected]

Website: www.pescariusports.ro

Daimon Club

At Daimon Club I can play tennis for both beginner and professional players.

Address: Calea Piscului, Nr. 10, Sector 4, Bucharest

Phone: 0723.998.266 / 0758.818.160

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.daimonclub.ro

Swimming is a perfect sport for teenagers. They will develop their muscles, endurance and improve the respiratory system.

Viva Sport

At Viva Sport teenagers will be able to learn to swim or practice swimming if they already know. The pool here measures 25m long and 11m wide, and the depth varies from 1.3m to 1.8m.

Address: Sos. Oltenitei, Nr. 103, Sector 4, Bucharest

Phone: 021.332.22.47

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.vivasportclub.ro

At this club there are introductory courses for people of all ages. In addition to the two locations in Bucharest where swimming can be practiced, the ones from Inrgy Swimming Club offer courses at the domicile or at a swimming pool chosen by the client.

Address: B-dul Basarabia, Nr. 37-39, Sector 2, Bucharest / Str. Student Stefanescu Stefan, Nr. 66, Sector 2, Bucharest

Phone: 0722.895.541 / 0723.316.818

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.inot-club.ro

Bucharest Sport Club

The swimming courses offered by Bucharest Sport Club are aimed at teenagers, children and adults alike.

Address: Str. Mayor Coravu, Nr. 34-36, Sector, Bucharest

Phone: 0725.012.012

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.bsc.com.ro


Volleyball is a fun sport that will work all muscle groups and suitable for teenagers who want to grow tall and have a good muscle tone.

At this club the girls will learn the first steps in volleyball, but they will have the opportunity to improve.

Address: Sos. Mihai Bravu, no. 428, sector 3, Bucharest / str. Stoian Militaru no 72, sector 4, Bucharest

Phone: 0724.347.288 / 0766.656.426

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.cskb.ro

Force Sport Club

At this sports club teens can enrich their knowledge about this sport, but girls who have never played volleyball before are welcome.

Address: Strada Ardealului, Nr.34, Bucuresti-Noi, Ilfov

Phone: 0784.811.755

E-mail: cosmina_neacsu9z2yahoo.de

Website: www.facebook.com/www.ForceSport.ro

Dinamo Sports Club

Dinamo Sports Club is one of the most famous in Bucharest and all over the country and is available to teenagers who want to play volleyball.

Address: Soseaua Stefan cel Mare, Nr. 7-9, Sector 2, Bucharest

Phone: 0784.811.755

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.csdinamo.eu


Handball is a sport that promotes height growth and, being a team sport, has an important social component. Women's handball is extremely popular and many girls are heading towards this sport.

Municipal Sports Club Bucharest

At CSM Bucharest, girls can learn soccer and can even practice this performance sport.

Address: Calea Victoriei, Nr. 126. Sector 1, Bucharest

Phone: 021. 313.66.33

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.ccj.csmbucuresti.ro

Vega Sports Club Association

At the Association Vega Sports Club organizes handball trainings for teenagers between the ages of 10 and 18 years.

Address: Bd. Dimitrie Pompei, Nr. 8, Sector 3, Bucharest

Phone: 0722.657.851

E-mail: [email protected]

Complete guide to children's sports

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A short guide to digital reading

A short guide to digital reading

What do eBooks bring? Can they help my child learn to read? What health risks ? To answer these questions, and many others, J'aime lire Store offers you this humorous guide ...

  • Our children are part of the first generation who discover reading with both the digital book and the paper book. A big challenge for them, but especially for us adults. We lack benchmarks, we do not have the decline of the practice, even we are resistant to the idea of ​​moving away from the paper book.

10 big questions and answers from specialists

  • For all those who wonder, Bayard has designed The Little Guide to Digital Reading proposed at the Salon du livre and the youth press Montreuil early December. In this publication - available for free download in the J'aime lire Store or on iPad / iPhone by downloading for free the application J'aime lire Store - the psychiatrist Serge Tisseron, the author Bernard Friot, and doctors and renowned specialists answer 10 questions from parents about the ebook: How old to start? Are there any health risks? Can he help my child learn to read? Should we choose between paper and digital? What are the benefits of this new reading?
  • In addition to this practical guide, written by journalist Joséphine Lebard and humorously illustrated by Guillaume Long, the BnF / National Center for Juvenile Literature offers a selection of resources that will help families choose the best digital books. Finally, Super-Julie, blogger and teacher, has selected her "Coups de coeur du J'aime lire Store" and we discover them.

To enjoy reading on all media

  • The J'aime lire Store, digital library for 3-12 years, is a natural extension of what has always motivated the writing I like to read and all the publishers of the Bayard group: to be story-tellers, to feed the imagination children and give them the taste to read for life.
  • With The Little Guide to Digital Reading for Parents, Bayard Jeunesse and the J'aime lire Store are taking advantage of new reading materials to continue to develop this vocation.

I download the guide for free now!