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The name of your child. Top 10 lucky girl names

When you are preparing to become a parent, you want that when your child comes into the world to have everything ready, from the arrangement of his room and wardrobe for the first months of life to the name you will give him.

Every mother wants her son to have, above all, health and luck and, according to some superstitions, some names are luckier than others.

If you are going to become a mom of a girl, you have already made a list of all the names of girls you like, drawing inspiration from people you admire, from characters from your favorite movies, from the names of flowers or even from the trends of the period when you became pregnant.

Thus, if in the 90s Roxana was a very popular name, during this period many moms baptize their daughters Sofia or Sara, without necessarily thinking about the meaning of these names.

Here is a list with the most beautiful and lucky girl names and find out their significance and their origins!

1. Amelia

Some argue that this name with a melodious and pleasant sonority comes from Old German, the language in which the word refers to hard work and hard work. Other sources associate the name Amelia with the ancient Greek language, in which it would mean "kindness", "goodwill". So, if you want your daughter to build her own good fortune through work and good behavior towards others, this name is perfect for her.

2. Daria

The origins of this name come from the Persian people, who associated it with "owning goods" or "maintaining good". The undeniable musicality of this name is seconded, therefore, by its significance. Whether you want plenty for your daughter or if you expect her to be a kind and gentle person who brings everyone together, Daria is a good name.

3. Ecaterina

Although it is not a very common name in this generation, it is a classic name that many powerful and lucky women had, such as Caterina de Medici or Ecaterina Teodoroiu. It comes from the Greek language and has the meaning of "pure, innocent".

4. Glory

This purely Romanian name leads us to the honor, the notoriety, the admiration of those around us. If these are the things you want for your daughter, you have certainly found the perfect name for her. In addition, she is extremely feminine and delicate, although she suggests power and fame.

5. Ilinca

Originating in Hebrew, Ilinca translates to "the Lord's answer." The vibration of this name is undoubtedly a positive and lucky one, and its authenticity cannot be challenged. In addition, if you are a believer, you will ensure that your daughter's name is inspired by religion and that she will give her all the chances she needs to succeed.

6. Mary

This name is one of the few that will never become obsolete. He also comes from the Hebrew language and designates a "desired child". You can show your daughter how much it means to you by giving this name to baptism. In addition, if you are an Orthodox rite, you will have two religious holidays of his name.

7. Olivia

This name is of Latin origin and comes from the word "olives", which means "olives". You certainly know the peaceful significance of the olive branches, so you can tell what a whimsical and feminine aura can give this name to your daughter.

8. Sofia

With origins in Greek, "Sofia" translates to "wisdom". Any parent wants his or her descendants to make wise choices and be lucky, so Sofia can be a lucky name choice for your little girl.

9. Ruxandra

Derived from "Roxana", but more sophisticated, this name of Persian origin has the meaning of "sunrise". Ruxandra can be a suitable name for a girl who brings light and joy around her.

10. Oana

Oana means, in Hebrew, "the blessing of the Lord." It is, therefore, also a name that can be interpreted religiously, but also one that can be celebrated Christian, by St. John, on January 7th.

What name did you choose for your little girl? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments section below!

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Why are there more and more ticks?

Over the past decades, winter has become lighter by year. The number of days filled with persistent soil frost has disappeared and ticks are constantly increasing.

Why are there more and more ticks?

After the retreat of water and inland water, the former aquatic areas suddenly grow lush, favoring ticks, ”said Dr. Zoltán Kapiller, president of the Hungarian Infantry Association.
Media Library Home Page

Ticks in the woods, in the fields, in the big city

playback Due to the abundance of food, wildlife, wildlife, and wildlife are thrown into this fresh, shallow vegetation. In meadows and forests that are proliferated in lush vegetation, the ticks also grow logarithmically.
We know that, among the forest animals, mainly small rodents (mice, pockets), giant, gray, gnaws (but also other wild animals) maintain, and even carry, the cerebellar and cerebellar cortex of ticks. These animals, such as rodents (viruses and bacteria) and ticks, are at increased risk of proliferation due to their large numbers and significant prevalence.
Forest fields, public parks and gardens are also a threat to ticks throughout the country, so not only are wetlands subject to the 2P principle of protecting against ticks, Progressive Prevention the importance of operating.
  • Mindenkйppen tбjйkozуdjanak your doctor's home, vacation, and workplace (such as those working in medical areas) is tick-borne.
  • Before we get into the wild (vacation) let us inoculate ourselves And at the age of one year, our children have been transmitted by the tick against brain and meningitis according to the accelerated vaccination protocol. There is a vaccine that provides up to 97 percent protection against pathogens for just two weeks.

  • It is important to know that you should consult your GP, pediatrician, dermatologist regarding the timing of the required vaccination series (two weekly intervals), and do not forget to do so.
    It is important to emphasize here that parents also give their toddlers their vaccination books by pretending that the tick has transmitted their vaccines against cerebral and meningitis for a lifetime.
    People who are vaccinated should be advised that vaccination protects against ticks, but against the most dangerous viral disease transmitted by them, the brain and meningitis.
  • Tick ​​ticks
  • What to watch out for during the tick season?
  • How do we protect against ticks?
  • ticks
  • Bell over bell with Santa Claus. Christmas Carol

    Meghan Trainor - I Believe In Santa Official Music Video

    Again, vaccines against varicella are available in pharmacies

    Vaccine Against Varicella Can Be Available Again in Short Drugs Due to Short Stocks - GlaxoSmithKline Ltd., a vaccine manufacturer and distributor.

    According to GSK, the Varilrix vaccine will have enough for this year's varicella season to meet domestic needs. The vaccine against varicella in our country is also free from mandatory vaccinations, but it is also worth protecting children from the age of 1 to 5 years.Again, vaccines against varicella are available in pharmacies
    Varilrix Vaccination Against Varicella in Medicines is available again from September onwards due to increased demand due to increased demand, available from GlaxoSmithKline Kft. (GSK) in Hungary. Vaccination against varicella, according to a previous government announcement, will continue to be mandatory age-related vaccinees in our country, but small children who have reached the age of 18 months until now.Koncz Бgnes, GSK's Chief Medical Officer also emphasizes the importance of prevention: "Vaccination can be used to effectively prevent this unpleasant infection in some cases it can be dangerous. Following the recommendation of the World Health Organization, vaccines are increasingly being introduced into state vaccination programs worldwide. Magбйrt beszйl that oltу orszбgokban бtlagosan csцkkent 88% in the bбrбnyhimlхs megbetegedйsek szбma and szцvхdmйnyes йs the kуrhбzi бpolбst igйnylх cases szбma also lбtvбnyosan dropped "September is the bцlcsхdei, уvodai йvkezdйst many csalбd szбmбra. However, the kцzцssйgekben tцbb infectious disease is rapidly spreading, and one of the most common such diseases in the autumn-fall is the varicella zoster virus, which develops within one to two days before the appearance of the rabies. spreads, but it takes about 15-20 minutes before the infection is transmitted to the patient in a local area - for example, in a nursery school group. The second dose should be administered at least 6 weeks after the first dose. GSK will continue to sell Varilrix vaccine unchanged, but at the same time note that the vaccine is a free product, so it can be is one of the most common infectious diseases of our time: In Hungary, there are 35 to 40 thousand cases of varicella per year, but the number of people actually infected is close to one hundred thousand. Those with no underlying disease can do just as well about 2.5% of healthy children develop ducts, most commonly bacterial infections and neurological complications. It should be emphasized that varicella virus can not only infect children. Those who have not fallen ill in childhood may still be as frail in adulthood. THE adult cancers usually have a more severe course And therefore, the risk of events occurring is also higher. Among the most common complications are bacterial superinfection, pneumonia and nervous system problems. mother and baby can be both dangerous can lead to miscarriage. Pancreatitis can be dangerous to the fetus during the first three months of pregnancy: complex, incurable malformations of the fetus may occur in the fetus, affecting the nervous system, vision, hearing, heart, limbs. women who are planning to have a baby if they have not fallen ill in the third trimester, .Related articles in Bovine Pancreas:
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    • Pancreatitis: Symptoms, Treatment, Dangers and Vaccinations
    • Chickenpox: What's more on the show

    Children's games teach children valuable lessons that they can apply in the school environment or throughout their lives. For example, the game 'naval battle', 'sink the float'or 'game of the little boats', has many advantages for your cognitive development.

    It is a well-known game of skill and strategy, and for which it is only necessary to count with pencil and paper. A good way to promote healthy competitiveness and have fun as a family.

    Recommended age:From 7 years

    Players: 2

    How to play:Four squared papers of the same size are needed, two for each player, on which rows (with letters) and columns (with numbers) are numbered. In one of them, without the contrary seeing it, we distribute our fleet horizontally or vertically, but never diagonally. The most common is to put four one-square ships, two three-square ships, three two-square ships, and one four-square ship.

    Each player begins by giving three coordinates (for example, A-1, C-4, D-2). The opponent must check and say out loud if we have failed (saying 'water') or if we have hit a boat. The successes and errors are indicated in the empty grid. Whoever finds all the opponent's ships first wins.

    In addition to being a game that only requires a sheet of paper and two different colored pencils or pens, this Naval Battle game offers some benefits for kids. We tell you:

    - Teach children spatial perception

    - Motivate children to compete

    - Encourage children to create strategies

    - Improve cognitive skills such as logic

    - Help children to review letters and numbers

    Alphabet soup. Games to improve children's vocabulary. Alphabet soup game for children. How to make an alphabet soup to play with children. How to play to solve a word puzzle. Word games for children. Games for children in which you will only use pencil and paper.

    Crosswords for children. Children's games to improve children's vocabulary. Crossword game for children. How to play crosswords with children. Children's games of paper and pencil. Play crossword puzzles with the children.

    Hangman. Hangman game for children. Children's games to guess words and enrich children's vocabulary. The simplest games with pencil and paper. How to play hangman with children. Games with pencil and paper for children.

    Stop or Tutti Frutti. Word games to increase children's vocabulary. Tutti frutti game to guess the words. Children's pencil and paper games for children. I want stop, cease fire or pencil game for children. How to play children's word games.

    Points and boxes. Game of joining and connecting the dots so that the maximum number of boxes possible is closed. Learn to play with the children to connect the dots. Simple games for children. Games for children with paper and pencil. Play with the children to connect the dots.

    Three in a row. Match 3 game for children. How to play online three with children. Easy and fun games for children. Paper and pencil games for children. How to play traditional or life-long games with children.

    Labyrinths. Homemade maze games. When and how children can start playing with mazes. our site teaches the benefits of playing mazes with children. What does the maze game contribute to children?

    Guess the character. Game for children to guess the character. Games with paper and pencil for children. Easy games for children. How to play with the children to guess the character. Easy children's games.

    You can read more articles similar to Naval battle. Games with paper and pencil for children, in the Games on Site category.

    How to Play Battleship

    5 Tips for Ticks Against Ticks Can Be Tactile Free in the Summer

    Most of the sunny summer days are used to leave the city walls filled with nature.

    5 tips against ticksHowever, these trips - even when the weather is good - do not always end up cloudless, as they usually arrive home much more than they have left. In order to evict these illegal cubs and ticks and prevent them from moving in, Dr. Mбtray Бrpбd a homeopath gives us some good advice.

    1. Let's go into nature in a closed suit!

    Mabtray considers this the most elemental defense method, because of our neck, wrists, and ankles tight rubber clothing even if not hermetically, but it will block the passage of small parasites. Although the bar is not aesthetically pleasing, if your pants are not rubberized, put the socks on, as we are in the woods, not at a fashion show.

    2. Catch yourselves!

    If we cannot ensure that we go out in a closed garment, we should definitely apply it to the skin or customizable alarm. Of course, this can be used as an add-on solution, even if we were able to move it properly.

    3. Let's test ourselves!

    When we get home from an outing or just having a rest, we definitely look or see the surface of our body. Since ticks tend to penetrate areas covered with thin skin, it is worth examining the neck, abdomen, bladder, and the pelvic area more closely.

    4. If you have a tick, there is a solution!

    In addition to eliminating the tick, Брpбd Mátray recommends that local symptoms be reduced. Other than wound blight, the homeopathic remedy Ledum or Arnica is recommended, while Apis Mellifica is recommended to treat stings. Of these, dissolve 5-5 balls in half a glass of water in a 30-CH thaw and sip it under one ounce, causing slight swelling and itching. Arnic and Apist gel can also be applied to the broken surface.

    5. In this case consult a doctor.

    If you notice a malignant, red-colored dislocation in the area around the filter for more than one day, you may need to see a doctor, as it may be a symptom of Lyme disease.Related articles in tick ticks:
    • 7 + 1 tips to prevent ticks
    • What to watch out for during the tick season?
    • Tick ​​ticks
    Nappy rash

    The skin of your baby is particularly sensitive to aggression. Prolonged contact of urine and stool, the use of irritating toilet products weakens the skin.
    The erythema appears most frequently in the groin, sometimes extends to the lower abdomen and on the upper thighs.
    Change your baby frequently and use an antiseptic soap, especially wipe it properly, insisting on the wrinkles; then apply a healing ointment, paste type water.

    More about diaper rash