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Name Azedine - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This Arab male given name means "strength and power". According to its original meaning, it refers to the power of religion. Thus, it is widespread in Muslim countries.


Azedine Beschaouch, born April 18, 1938, is a Tunisian historian and archaeologist specialized in Roman Africa.
Azedine Chouay is a sports leader, president of the Vigenale-La Bastide football club in Haute-Vienne.

His character :

Azedine is a calm and impassive man. However, this apparent serenity sometimes announces itself as the calm preceding the storm. Indeed, this man is often impulsive and unable to control his reactions to an event that escapes him. Despite these paradoxical traits, Azedine is by nature serious and conscientious. These qualities are particularly useful to him on a professional level. He is inclined to take responsibility instinctively. Azedine is also very ambitious and aspires to progress. This is one of his motivations. In its environment, Azedine stands out for its great activity. According to his opinion, work is the best way to achieve one's dreams. In society, Azedine is comfortable and loves to make new acquaintances. He is therefore in favor of teamwork, despite his impassibility and reserved appearance. True to himself, Azedine is not very expressive in a relationship. His companion will have to adapt to it for the sake of their relationship. Regarding his career, Azedine will opt for jobs close to nature: geologist, botanist, tour guide, horticulturist, nurseryman, etc.


Azzedine, Azzeddine, Azizz, Yazid, Yazzine and Zinedine

His party :

There is no date dedicated to Azedine.

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What you should know about genetic screening

All pregnant women they want their child to be born healthy, free from malformations or genetic diseases. And, one of the biggest fears of parents is that the child will be born with Down syndrome.

One risk factor is that the mother is over 35 years of age, although it is not the only one that affects the baby having chromosomal abnormalities such as Down, Patau, Edwards and Turner syndrome. That is why the triple test, combined test or triple screeningIt can be practiced on pregnant women of any age.

Genetic screening is a set of tests that, when crossed, detect approximately 90 percent of chromosomal abnormalities in the baby. His full name is third trimester fetal genetic screening and analysis to search for genetic malformations early. It is also known as a triple test or a combining test. The test is performed on both the mother and the baby between weeks 11 and 14 of gestation.

The pregnant woman first has blood tests to measure the hormones produced by her placenta. The greater or lesser production of these hormones they can indicate the presence of a genetic abnormality in the baby.

After the blood test, 3 or 4 days later an abdominal ultrasound is scheduled and performed. In it, the exact size of the baby, the fluid that exists behind the neck, the baby's bones, in particular if the nasal bone exists or not, and se performs a complete exam of your anatomy.

The age of the woman and the results obtained in the blood test and in the ultrasound, are crossed and analyzed through software that measures fetal risk. If after the analysis, the medical team suspects that the baby comes with an abnormality, a complete counseling is given to his parents. They may decide on a more invasive method such as amniocentesis for more accurate information or a chorionic villus biopsy.

First trimester genetic screening is non-invasive and safe for mother or baby. However, it can only be performed in the mentioned weeks of gestation, because the characteristics or markers that are measured appear at this time of pregnancy and then may disappear.

A second study is recommended from weeks 20 to week 23 to rule out a minimum percentage of genetic alterations that cannot be detected in this test.

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We have long thought that whether a child is right- or left-handed has its explanation in the development of the brain during pregnancy. Error! Now a surprising investigation by German scientists have yielded with the true reason for laterality... and no, it is not in the brain, but in the spinal cord.

Until now, all studies directed their efforts to demonstrate that the brain was the real culprit that we were right or left handed, since it is who governs the movements of one side of the body and the other. In fact, the investigations focused on the moment of

development of the brain within the womb. German scientists from the Ruhr University of Bochum They have just discovered something that would strike down all previous studies: the real reason that we are right or left handed is not in the orders that the brain gives us. The place where laterality is generated is ... the spinal cord! It is the spinal cord, in fact, that sends impulses that are responsible for generating the movements of the arms and legs.

Only 15% of the population is left-handed. For this reason, because they are a minority, many scientists have struggled to find out why. This recent research has shown that the impulses that determine why a person will be more skilled with the right or left hand, They start from the spinal cord, and not from the brain. So the development of the spinal cord during pregnancy is really what determines our predisposition towards the management of both sides of the body.

At 8 weeks gestation (only 8 weeks!) there is already a predisposition of the baby on one side. That is, since the first trimester of pregnancy it could be known whether a baby is going to be right-handed or left-handed, since the characteristics of the spinal cord at that stage are already different between right-handed and left-handed.

From the thirteenth week, it is already possible to verify through ultrasounds how some babies suck the finger of the right hand, while others (a minority) prefer to do it with the left.

The most skeptical will say: 'if the spinal cord and the brain are connected! One gives the orders and the other executes them ... 'This is where the great discovery of these scientists lies: during those first weeks of fetal development, cerebral cortex and spinal cord are not yet connected, which gives the spinal cord absolute responsibility in determining whether a child is going to be right-handed or left-handed.

It remains to be found, however, what factors then influence the spinal cord to lean towards one or the other laterality. Something these scientists keep looking for in genes that respond to external stimuli.

What science has not yet been able to prove are all those myths that hover over left-handers regarding a supposed greater ability towards certain sports or even greater intelligence. That, these German scientists say, is still part of the 'myths and legends' about lefties.

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