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Chocolate sandwiches

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Anemia is one of the most common diseases in infants and young children. The disease is caused by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin (an oxygen-depleting iron in the blood cells of the red blood cells).


At birth, the newborn's blood contains hemoglobin (hgb), which is required for fetal life. Postpartum second, the third day after baby has the highest level of hgb. This is followed by different physiological processes - faster fetal hgb accumulation, infant weight gain, increase in pelvic volume - gradually decreasing. 8 to 12. he will sell it.

Selected reasons

Decreased hgb levels in premature or ill neonates comes sooner. This is all due to the disease, and the repetitive bloodshed. Following the breakpoint, hgb values ​​rise gradually and reach adulthood at the end of adolescence. Men have a higher hgb than women.
Causes of anemia include inadequate iron absorption - which is a concomitant of certain diseases - and a form of blood loss. The latter can also occur in the neonatal period. Blood loss can be caused by invisible, often laboratory-only, testicular haemorrhage (especially if it has been present for a long time). There may be different levels of blood starvation, however, poisoning can also cause anemia (for example, lead). Blood cell counts can also cause anemia. The most common cause is inadequate iron intake. There are several factors that can play a role in this.
The increased need for body weight gain began. Especially in infancy and adolescence, when growth is fastest. The other reason is malnutrition. Early weaning can also cause iron deficiency, since iron is more easily absorbed from breast milk than infant formulas. (The formulas are mostly ironed.)
Cow's milk is low in iron, and vegetarian nutrition can be a cause of disease later in life.


The ailment often with mild symptoms is happening, so we don't always recognize it. However, fetal anemia can lead to reduced ability to resist the development of infants. Even in the context of insufficient weight gain or weight, there is always a suspicion of anemia. It is important to keep in mind also in case of recurrent illnesses, because the reduced ability to resist infections makes the body more susceptible to infections, which leads to a disease process. Given that iron is much more lйtfontossбgъ enzyme, its deficiency affects the entire body. It may lead to irritability, delayed development, and impaired functioning of the nervous system. It may cause problems with cognitive function in the later stages of life. Larger children produce fatigue, reduced physical activity, and possibly attention problems. In case of severe anemia, increased heart rate, thirst, dyspnoea, dyspnoea may also occur. The severity of the symptoms depends on how quickly the anemia develops.When iron deficiency develops slowly and gradually, the body becomes accustomed to lower levels of hgb, and the rapid onset of the deficiency can lead to severe blood loss. A poor child is pale (but by and large, everyone who is pale is also a poor child!). The palate is most noticeable on the mucous membranes of the mucous membranes, the glans, and the palms.

Mixed nutrition

Iron deficiency and anemia it can and must be prevented. This can be achieved with proper mixed nutrition.
Infants and toddlers in development need high iron foods: frogs, green vegetables, fruits. The treatment of anemia is definitely a medical task. It is true that iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia, but in addition, there may be several diseases in the back. Today, there are many prescription drugs available in iron. If you want to give this kind of a gift to your child, ask your pediatrician first.
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  • Sign language. Learn insects

    Learn Spanish Sign Language with your children in a simple and fun way. The interpreter Isabel Tiburcio teaches us the basic vocabulary about insects in a simple way. Learn with your children to say worm, butterfly, ant, cockroach, etc., in sign language. Insects in sign language.

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    An economical recipe, easy to make and that will put the whole family in your pocket. See the recipe for zucchini paupiettes All recipes: Elisabeth Tzimakas All our recipes

    An economical recipe, easy to make and that will put the whole family in your pocket.

    See the recipe for paupiettes with zucchini

    All recipes: Elisabeth Tzimakas

    All our recipes

    A piece of metal could be in one of ParisNebih issued a warning

    Nebih issued an alert for a piece of metal found in Paris.

    A piece of metal may be in one of the Parises A Hungarian-made piece of metal was found in the Tesco-branded Golden Turkey Turkey in Paris, according to an application filed with the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nebih). According to a Nebih report, Tesco has removed the product from its shelves and is in the process of investigating whether the Slovakian product has also entered the retail chain.Identified information about the affected products:
    • Mark: Kaiser
    • Product names: Golden Turkey Turkey
    • Application Time: 24.08.2019.
    • Packaging: 500g
    • Gyabrtu: Mecom Group s.r.o. (SK 63 ES, Slovakia)
    • RASFF Reference Number 2019.2901
    Nebih asks consumers not to consume any of these products with the above identifiers as a precaution.

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    RhodeyGirl Makes Stuffed Chicken Breast

    Little Brown Bear goes sledging

    Little Brown Bear is happy, he goes sledging with dad and mom ... the opportunity for our Snow Pooh to have fun.

    All the videos Little Brown Bear

    Find Little Brown Bear in the children's magazines Popi and Pomme d'Api!

    Production : Bayard Youth Animation
    Montage: Bayard Youth Animation
    Production : Bayard Youth Animation

    Name Indiana - Meaning and origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    The name Indiana is derived from Diana, specifically from "Diana", the goddess of the woods and hunting in Roman mythology.


    Indiana Evans is an Australian actress and singer.
    Saint Diane or Diane d'Andalo participated in the foundation of a convent of "Dominicaines" in Italy, under the direction of Saint Jourdan.

    His character :

    Indiana is fairly introverted, secretive, sentimental and reserved, but also warm with those she appreciates. Mistrustful and cautious, she has a good analytical mind and knows how to be respected. Of a combative and courageous nature, she is determined in all that she undertakes, but above all needs to feel supported.


    Diane and Diana.

    His party :

    People named Indiana have the honor on 9 June.

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    How to reach the hearts of children

    What color will your baby's eyes be?

    What color will your baby's eyes be?

    A baby inside his mother's tummy already generates a lot of expectation. His parents, family and friends are wanting to know if he will look like father, mother, grandfather ..., and what color will his hair or eyes be.

    But, regarding the color of the eyes, there is no clear answer right after birth, but it will be after a few months when we will know what their final color will be.

    What color will your baby's eyes be? It is one of the unknowns for many parents, even with their child already in their arms. My son Gabriel had gray and clear eyes for many months, even though they did not correspond to our closest genetic heritage. His final eye and hair color had us expectant, we were very interested to know what color those beautiful slanted eyes would have. If the colors were listed on the stock market, the color blue would gain enormous benefits, a color desired by many parents for their little one, perhaps because it is less frequent, or because of the typical image of the plump, blond baby with blue eyes so frequent in advertising.

    The color of the eyes depends on the structure of the iris, on the amount of pigment it contains. This pigment is formed during the first months of life; At birth, the child has little coloring matter, and many newborns usually have an undefined color that looks like a grayish-blue color, but this color is not usually definitive.

    Many newborns have blue eyes because melanin has not been fully deposited in the iris or has not darkened from exposure to sunlight. Progressively, pigmentation increases for babies with dark eyes, and it will vary little for those with light eyes.

    The change in the color of children's eyes is very common. The final color can be clearly determined from the year of age, although around six months we can already get an idea of ​​our baby's eye color. If our baby has dark eyes from the first months, this color will be its final color, but in children with light eyes, the color with which they were born may persist or changes in tonality may occur, since up to three years of age, the eyes produce or store melanin enough to modify the initial color.

    Eye color is due to genetic factors. The most normal thing is that if mom or dad have the same eye color, their little one also has that color. The most common eye color is brown and the least common is green. Between brown and gray, there are many possible shades, depending on the melanin deposited in the iris and the structure of the eye itself: gray, blue, green, honey, hazelnut, dark brown and even violet eyes or certain oddities such as heterochromia (one eye of each color) or black eyes (not dark brown) due to an abnormality called aniridia (a disease that causes the complete absence of iris). Have you already discovered what color your child's eyes are?

    Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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    Autism is treated unconventionally

    As the number of children suffering from autism and autism-related illnesses increases, so many unconventional treatments with which doctors disagree, WebMD Medical News reports.
    Currently, one in 150 children has autism, or diseases associated with autism such as Asperger's syndrome. All diseases that occur in association with autism are complex developmental disabilities and affect social, communication and behavioral skills. Specialists believe that some of the factors that favor it are genetic vulnerability and abnormal brain development in the first few months of life.
    When I hear the diagnosis, parents are trying to find a way to make their children's lives easier. A parent tries on average 7 different therapies. In addition, these unconventional therapies are aggressively promoted by parents and it is very difficult for other people with children with autism to resist the temptation to put them into practice.
    Specialists warn parents that it is not advisable to use therapies such as:
    - stimulation of communication by exposing the patient to images, letters, symbols that aims to express independence;
    - heavy metal therapy - these substances are administered orally, rectally or intravenously. There is a belief that these substances cause autism and their administration leads to the elimination of all substances from the body;
    - definite therapy - some people believe that these children can develop interpersonal communication skills if they swim with dolphins;
    - integration therapy for people with hearing problems - usually used to treat hearing hypersensitivity. Children listen to music on different frequencies to normalize their hearing on all these frequencies;
    - intervention in the diet - therapy based on two proteins (casein and gluten) that help the normal development of social skills and the brain.
    Doctors argue that these methods of treatment have not been medically proven, and moreover they believe that all these therapies are ineffective in treating autism.
    Alina Sica
    August 23, 2007