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Your 6-month-old: Week 3

How your baby's growing

Soon your baby may let you know that he's ready to try eating finger foods by grabbing the spoon you're feeding him with or snatching food off your plate. Your baby may have a good appetite but not many teeth, so start with foods that he can gum or that will dissolve easily in his mouth.

Try cereal O's or small pieces of banana, avocado, mango, or soft cheese. As your baby grows, you'll be able to give him bite-size pieces of whatever you're eating. To reduce the risk of choking, have your baby eat while sitting upright in a highchair rather than reclined in a car seat or stroller.

  • Learn more fascinating facts about your 6-month-old's development.

Your life: Taking time for yourself

For most new parents, the last priority on the list is the item called "me." Baby care, holding down a job, and running a household all tend to come first. But making yourself a priority is important because if you don't, taking care of the rest of your life is all the more difficult. It's like trying to operate a car without gas.

Since you can't add hours to your day, try reassigning the ones you do have. Ask yourself what you can let go of – like keeping your home up to your previous standards of neatness. Another way to find time is to figure out ways you can save minutes on day-to-day activities. Don't be afraid to ask for help (and accept offers of help) if you need it.

Teamwork with your partner can really lift some pressure off you. Baby care is the obvious place to look into dividing chores.

Schedule one activity on a regular basis that's just for you – an exercise class or lunch with a friend, for example.

Then learn to make the most of any break you get by making a list of any "me" activities you miss (reading, knitting, blogging) and fitting them in here and there.

Reach out to other parents and find out how they've managed to save time and make their lives easier, too.

Learn about: Emergency room visits

What are some reasons my baby may need to go to the emergency room?

While the odds are pretty good that your baby will make it through infancy without a trip to the ER, this is one area where it's best to be prepared. Among the reasons a baby may need immediate medical attention are a severe allergic reaction, an intestinal blockage, or a serious asthma attack. Also, as your baby becomes more curious and mobile, she could swallow or inhale an object or fall and get a concussion or a cut that requires stitches.

If your baby has trouble breathing for any reason or goes into anaphylactic shock or seems to have a concussion (she's listless after a fall or her head is dented rather than showing a raised bruise), call 911. For most other emergencies, you can call your baby's doctor first. If you're not sure, however, don't hesitate to take your baby to the emergency room.

How can I prepare for an emergency room visit?

Before an emergency ever occurs, know where the nearest ER is (ideally, at a pediatric hospital) and the route you'd take to get there. Emergency staff will ask you to fill out some paperwork, so it's always a good idea to keep your health insurance information and the name and number of your baby's doctor handy.

How can I help comfort my baby during the visit?

Show your baby that you're calm and have things under control (even if you don't really feel that way). Physical reassurance is important, too, but try not to overdo it. Your baby may need only a little comforting, and more attention may make her anxious. Bring the diaper bag with diapers, a change of clothing, some of her favorite books or toys, and food for one or two feedings. When you check in, ask whether there's any reason not to feed your baby while you wait (you might have to wait longer for a particular kind of X-ray, for example, if your baby has just been fed).

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Name Iloa - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From its Greek origin, the name Iloa means "shine of the sun".


No known Iloa yet ...

The Iloa are celebrated with Helen because of the resemblance of sonority. Constantine's wife, Saint Helena was a Roman empress. She is known as a saint by the Catholic and Orthodox churches. In the Catholic religion, she is considered the patron saint of dyers and merchants of nails and needles. Saint Helena is the patron saint of archaeologists in the Orthodox tradition.

His character :

Iloa is a refined and charming person from an early age. The spirit of independence is one of his most predominant traits. She holds to her freedom as to the apple of her eyes. Non-conformist in nature, she is also lively and open-minded, Iloa is made for adventures as well as traveling. This daring person is able to take on the wildest challenges. At the same time, Iloa essentially needs recognition. She does not like feeling sidelined and always wants first place. Intelligent and logical, she uses her power of seduction to achieve her ends.


Ilona, ​​Illona, ​​Illoa, Illena, Illenia, Ilenia and Helonna.

His party :

The people named Iloa are honored on August 18th.

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Your 24-month-old's behavior: Back talk

New this month: Backtalk

The ability to express emotions with words means that at around this age you can expect fewer tantrums. Instead of throwing himself on the floor in a screaming fit, your child may tell you, "Don't like it" or "Go away." But you may be unprepared for the "talking back" that can begin now. The good news is, this too shall pass. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that back talk is an inevitable and important step on the path to independence. If your child is talking tough, it's one more sign that his development is on track.

What you can do:

Whenever possible, keep your composure when your child gets sassy. If he knows he's getting your goat, he'll keep at it. Still, you should explain when he's crossed the line, but do it calmly and offer an alternative. For instance, "Saying 'go away' to Grandma isn't very nice and it's makes her feel sad. I'd prefer it if you said, 'I'd like to play alone now' instead." Don't expect compliance right away, but if you continually explain the rules of what's appopriate, the message will eventually sink in.

See more ideas on handling back talk.

Other developments: "No!" not so often

You may have noticed that your toddler is less contrary than he has been during the last few months. Usually around the second birthday, toddlers become less negative, but yours may still vacillate between wanting to control you (and whoever else is around) and wanting to please. His feelings are easily hurt, especially when you criticize him, but that's because what he wants most is your approval.

Try not to turn every encounter into a power struggle — save those for matters of safety and bedtime. When your 2-year-old insists on wearing his rain slicker even though it's a sunny day, for instance, let him — the coat won't stay on long. But when he refuses to help you put away his toys before bed, it's time to figure out how you can get him to help without much fuss. Turning it into a game often works. Try to see who can get more toys back into the basket fastest. Before too long your toddler will understand that part of becoming the independent child he wants to be means he sometimes has to agree with you.

See all our articles on toddler development.

Baby and Toddler Milestones, Dr. Lisa Shulman

Beauty recommendations during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a feeling without recipe. It gives you beauty. But her skin,
hair and nails. Morale is very important here.
Because such a situation is never permanent. Very easy to improve your mood
and simple maintenance methods
applying beauty
You can create. Pregnancy
beauty to be done during
Suggestions include:

1) Consume plenty of water: Water consumption
it is really a very important concept. Pregnancy
Consume plenty of water during the period is quite beneficial for the skin. in kidneys
to help you work well by eliminating thirst and at the same time
To increase mental performance should consume water. At least for this day
Consuming 4 glasses of water will help you quite a bit.

2) Vegetable and Fruit Consumption: During Pregnancy
edible foods should be paid attention. Every food is eaten because it is reflected on the skin.
Extreme care must be taken to maintain oil and moisture balance. For this
vitamins and mineral supplements should be consumed. It also supports vegetables and
gives fruits. subject to washing of vegetables and fruits before consuming in terms of hygiene
It is very important. Beauty is at stake
should be consumed.

3) Omega 3: A handful of nuts, walnuts per day
or consume almonds helps to refresh the lifeless and pale-looking skin.
In addition to omega 3, the consumption of calcium is extremely important. Milk it
and dairy products.

4) Make Bath: As Normally
taking a bath during pregnancy is quite relaxing. But used correctly
bathing with products is very important. Without perfume, colorless and too much
non-foaming products should be bathed. The temperature of the water is also very
It is important. Bathing with too much hot water can damage your skin. So on the skin
dryness and exfoliation of the skin. This is itching and
leads to cracks. When such a situation is in question
After bathing, the skin should be moistened.

5) Exercise: One of the recommendations for care during pregnancy
is to exercise. Outdoor walks or easy plates and yoga
exercises should be done. Because for the acceleration of blood circulation and the same
by a qualified doctor because it facilitates the removal of toxins in time.
Do exercise in a controlled manner as well as care
It is very important for both health and wellness.


- Can a simple pregnancy test detect an extrauterine pregnancy? Do I get menstruation during an extrauterine pregnancy?


Normally, the pregnancy test is positive in the case of an extrauterine pregnancy, because these tests are based mostly on the presence in the mother's urine of substances secreted by the trophoblast (the future placenta), regardless of the location of the pregnancy.

As in the case of an intrauterine pregnancy, there is the possibility of overlapping one or two menstruation over the pregnancy period, but, more frequently, bleeding occurs in the extrauterine pregnancy, in most cases they are with modified blood (brown).
It is good to present yourself to a specialized office if you suspect an extrauterine pregnancy, because its evolution is in most cases serious, without medical intervention (the extrauterine pregnancy does not find the resources necessary for the development, its evolution exceeding in exceptional cases 3 -4 months of gestation).

Most of the time, the extrauterine pregnancies have the location of the egg fixation of the uterine tube, which cannot be extended very much, resulting in the rupture of the fallopian tube with a massive bleeding (bleeding that can be externalized by the vaginal route, or it can only be a bleeding inside. peritoneal cavities, obvious being only the clinical signs: abdominal pain, low blood pressure, accelerated pulse, cold sweats, etc.) which endangers the patient's life itself.
Extrauterine pregnancy is a gynecological emergency; the ability to make this diagnosis as early as possible depends on both the obstetrical future (subsequent procreation capacity) and the life of the woman concerned.

Tags Extrauterine pregnancy Pregnancy problems

Milk - the solution to quit smoking

Milk - the solution to quit smoking

Milk can be helpful in trying to quit smoking, a study shows. The consumption of milk makes the taste of cigarettes unpleasant and some changes in the diet can make it easier to quit smoking, the same study shows. The research was conducted on 209 smokers who were asked to name products that worsen or intensify the aroma of cigarettes. Thus, 90 percent of them said that dairy products, such as milk or cheese, worsen the taste of cigarettes, 14 percent blamed "caffeine-free" drinks, such as water or juice, and 16 percent, fruits and vegetables.

Milk can be helpful in trying to quit smoking, a study shows. The consumption of milk makes the taste of cigarettes unpleasant and some changes in the diet can make it easier to quit smoking, the same study shows. The research was conducted on 209 smokers who were asked to name products that worsen or intensify the aroma of cigarettes. Thus, 90 percent of them said that dairy products, such as milk or cheese, worsen the taste of cigarettes, 14 percent blamed "caffeine-free" drinks, such as water or juice, and 16 percent, fruits and vegetables.
After this study, Dr. Jed E. Rose of Duke University said that identifying these products could lead to new treatments to stop smoking.

The researchers are currently studying the possibility of using a certain chemical, known to "spoil" the taste of cigarettes, to help smokers quit this vice.
(L. S.)
Read the whole article in: The Thought
April 23, 2007

We know that motherhood is a unique period in every woman's life, which is why we wanted to share this wonderful experience with all our clients and we launched Mothers Club, recommended and supported by a famous mom, Andreea Marin.
The Mothers Club was specially created for faithful moms who want to have access to a good advice, exclusive offers, themed events together with the best specialists and surprise promotions, up to 20%.

Thus, in April, exclusively in the Mother's Club, mothers and future mothers benefit from exclusive discounts on 15 top products from the mother and child portfolio: special cosmetics for daily care of the children (foaming for the hair and body, moisturizing milk for the message Klorane bébé, Bioeulen cream for atopic dermatitis), large and small childcare products (Pampers, Chicco stroller, Graco nasal vacuum cleaner, Avent steam electric sterilizer, Avent breast pump), educational toys (Duni Povestitorul, Jojo Ierupasul hide, Barbie) and post pregnancy body remodeling kit (Solidea Panty Mama and Lineance Antivergeturi).
Full details on the April offers

The latest special offers, calendar of events and contests to date, all will be announced on the Facebook page - Mothers Club, but also on

How can you join the Moms Club?

With the loyalty card Help Net and by purchasing products for the mother and child from the list of selected ones, over 100 RON.

What benefits do mothers and future mothers have?

1. Join our mother and baby programs;

2. I receive advice from our specialist pharmacists;

3. Benefit from high quality services, available in a network with national coverage;

4. Have access to a wide range of products stored under conditions that meet rigorous pharmaceutical standards;

5. Participates in events developed exclusively for them on various topics of interest (pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, balanced development, communication in couples etc;)

6. Benefit from promotions and price reductions of up to 20% on a lot of products for mother and child;

7. I receive up-to-date information on the products and services offered in the monthly newsletter.

Let's go to the caliber!

A Singaporean research group came up with a thought-provoking result: the calorific content of each dish on the tab does not influence the consumption habits of the brothers.

Let's go to the caliber!

In one province of Singapore, a provision was made in 2009 that requires restaurant chains to display calorific values ​​of their products on the menus. Few markets have joined the call. 13 months after the decree came into effect, we found that the same foods as the ones where we left the food were sold at the places where they did so. Barack Obama In the context of its Health Reform, it has proposed similar regulations (which, from 2011, are mandatory in every US restaurant to display the dietary content of the bars).
"The results show that Unless there is any other kind of enlightenment on the mere indication of calorifics, the whole procedure will be ineffective in the fight against obesity"- said the head of the research, Eric Finkelstein.
The opinion of experts is inconsistent, and they tend to move towards a healthy diet if one can read the calorific value of the teeth on the restaurant's tabs. In themselves, these numbers do not mean much: for everyone to know that an adult would have to be around. how much calories you would need per day. In the absence of this knowledge, it is not possible to make a conscious effort to choose healthy catches.
Another problem for skeptics is that there is not a daily surplus of people in the dining room, so they may be less interested in choosing healthier treats at exceptional times. According to them, health-conscious campaigns would require more complex campaigns, more comprehensive regulation, extensive information and incentives.
What does this mean for us as a baby? Do we give up the chocolate just because it is written as a cube of 280 calories? On its own, there is probably very little about displaying the energy content alone, but if you compare it to something else, you may think for a moment. It sounds different, however, when it turns out that the energy of that particular cube chocolate is the same as a beautiful, smiling apple filled with vitamins and antioxidants.
The study summarizing the exam is American Journal for Preventive Medicine cнmы.
  • Elhнzбs
  • Switching to less sugar brings lightning fast improvements
  • How Healthy Is Chocolate?
  • That's why the little ones need to eat healthily