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What is the role of parents against bullying?

What is the role of parents against bullying?

What should be the role of parents in the face of bullying when their child is the victim? And when is the stalker? The psychologist Cristina del Barrio advises parents how to act in the face of bullying.

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Using a doula as a labor coach (ep. 4)

Using a doula as a labor coach (ep. 4)

4:23 min| 132,941 views

Learn how a labor coach can help you during labor. A doula does not deliver your baby. She's there to give you and your partner personalized support.

Prepare for labor and delivery with our online birth class. See all 51 videos in this series.

Show transcript

Linda Murray: A doula is a labor coach, someone who provides you with ultra-personalized, one-on-one attention and support throughout labor. A doula isn't the person responsible for the healthy delivery of your baby. That's the job of your doctor or midwife. Some doctors and midwives have the time to simultaneously act as a labor coach, but not all do, especially doctors. It can cost several hundred to a thousand dollars to hire a doula, and few health-insurance companies cover their services, but many women find the support of a doula invaluable. A doula may act as your main support person, tag-team with your partner, or just guide your partner on how to help you. She can suggest different positions for you to try, boost your confidence, provide massage, suggest nonmedical strategies to try if labor slows down, and explain what's going on. She can also help you before labor by answering your questions, easing your fears, and preparing you for your baby's arrival. A doula can assist you anywhere, in the hospital, at a birth center, or at home. Research suggests that doulas help women get through labor more quickly, with fewer negative outcomes, and that women who use a doula are more satisfied with their labor experience.

Mom 1: I had a doula, and that helped a lot because she was able to remember all of these things and actually help me and my husband through them.

Mom 2: In retrospect, I felt like it would have been a good idea, had I had a neutral third party there, like a doula, somebody to sort of, you know, represent me in a more calm light.

Monnie Reba Efross: Doulas really have a unique role in birth. The doctor's there to monitor you in terms of the medical parts, you and the baby, and to take care of any complications or emergencies. But really, what women need in labor more than anything is somebody to just be there for them, not to be monitoring their blood pressure, not to be looking at the baby's heartbeat, but just focusing on the women herself and how she's doing with her labor. And even if your partner's there, especially first-time moms, you may be in labor for 12 hours, 24 hours, sometimes even longer. Even if you have the best partner on the planet, he needs a little break sometimes, or maybe he's never been to a birth and he needs some support for this as well, even though it's not his body going through it. So doulas, what their focus is, is very much on the woman and also the support person. Doulas are there to do everything from as simple as just getting you some water and wiping your brow, to working with you on breathing and massage and different positions and helping support your partner to support you or anyone else who might be in the room. She's really taking care of people in the human way, and as well, research studies have shown that when women have doulas at their birth that they often have less complications, have less need for pain medication, and sometimes even shorter labors. So there's a real strong basis for doula care being what's needed.

Linda Murray: If you choose a caregiver who can't fully devote her time to you during labor, you'll want someone else's help. Women who have continuous support are more likely to report being satisfied with their birth experience, possibly because they produce fewer stress hormones during labor. So think about whether a loved one can be there to focus solely on you, to hold your hand, to help you manage your pain, to reassure you, to encourage you and cheer you on. Your partner will likely be by your side, and you may want your mother, a sister, or a close friend to join you, but make sure your partner is okay with more guests. Find out whether your hospital or birth center limits the number of people you can invite or has other policies that could affect your plans. And if you don't have someone to count on, ask your hospital or caregiver if there are volunteers who can provide support during labor. And don't forget to consider who you don't want in the room with you. If you want this to be a private experience with your partner, you can ask the hospital staff to keep relatives and medical students out of your room.

Checklist: Get Prepared to Go Into Labor

Children's stories about colors

1. My first great color book
James Diaz, Melanie Gerth
A blue train ... a yellow sun. Learning colors is so much fun! All children will love such a special interactive book. They will be able to pull the train along the ¡Cha-ca-chá! They will be able to caress the chick and the red crab to walk through the sea.

2. Colors and shapes. Little einsteins

Get on board and prepare to blast off with the Little Einsteins for a funnier learning adventure. This series is designed to entertain your child while helping him discover and acquire new concepts.-Identify the basic colors.-Learn simple shapes.-Find the pairs.

3. Talkative colors. See, hear and touch
Various Authors

Cardboard with laminated cover, interactive book with musical module. Special book for the little ones with pages with sounds.

4. Psychology of color. How colors act on feelings and reason
Eva Heller

This book addresses the relationship of colors to our feelings and shows how the two are not accidentally combined, since their associations are not mere matters of taste, but rather universal experiences that are deeply rooted in our language and in our thinking.
Provides a large amount and variety of information on colors, such as popular sayings and knowledge, their use in product design, the different tests that are based on colors, curation through them, the manipulation of people, names and surnames related to colors, etc.

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Monster Street Vehicles Tracks with Color Balls. Parking Street Vehicles. Cars Game play

Can you imagine what a theater function would be like in La Selva? Use this fun rhyming poem with children to talk about the animals of the Jungle.

A lion, a mouse, a snake and even an owl. Everyone has a fundamental role in the work. Practice with this poetry the memory and concentration of the children and do not hesitate to ask them questions at the end of the reading to work on reading comprehension.

A show in the jungle

they will represent,

all the animals,

they get together to rehearse.

They know how to play instruments

they know how to sing and dance,

and decide between all,

make a great musical.

They all wear a tutu

green, pink and yellow,

the jungle, more than a jungle,

It looks like a big flea market.

The one in command is the lion,

he acts as director,

as collaborators

has flying monkeys.

A sleepy mouse

comes from its mousetrap,

with a yellow tutu

and his flute.

Now comes the elephant,

can play the piano,

he didn't dress with a tutu

there is none of its size.

A pretty cicada

he plays the guitar very well,

the lyre plays an ant,

the two are great friends.

A lynx and a fawn

the cymbals play loud,

there is a trumpet,

a skunk caught it.

In the river, a crocodile

four seals and two walruses

they move with great grace

dancing in pink tutus

An owl, who is watching,

has joined the function,

she puts on a yellow tutu

and they lend him a trombone.

Not a minute of rest

the two ducks have been taken,

these with a green tutu,

non-stop they play the banjo.

A tiger and a lioness,

friends of the director,

they both want a drum-

The lion has decided

let the tiger beat the drum,

and the angry lioness

takes a big hot flash.

Tuning his voice,

rehearse the chameleon,

has the main role,

the second is from the lion.

A fly and a spider

a bee and an iguana,

holding hands

they all dance with the frog.

A woodpecker

chop a log with a salt shaker,

a worm and a centipede

they play the harp backwards.

A very large snake

does not stop smiling,

the bell is wearing

And on top of that he plays the violin!

The bear and the butterfly

of course they wear pink,

two rooks and two crickets

all four wear yellow.

A very clumsy gorilla

sing and dance with a bear,

but they don't wear a tutu

both are very embarrassing.

To a tiny worm

they let him play the whistle,

to a jackal cub

they let him play the timpani.

On a branch, eight parrots,

they are doing the choirs,

they are the baritones,

the short ones are the two monkeys.

Two rats wearing pink

they have very beautiful voices,

with monkeys and parrots

the work is beautiful.

Another boring snake

that looks like a python,

he gets angry with the rabbit

she wants the saxophone.

The rehearsal is ending

the show is about to start,

and all the animals

they begin to prepare.

The jungle is a great party,

the lion looks delighted,

even a leopard approaches

with fever and cold.

The elephant at the piano

is the one who gives the signal,

giraffes give the entrance

Oh, how nervous they are!

The parrots come out first

then the lion follows,

and everyone doing choirs

give way to the chameleon.

The rats, in pink tutu,

they also go out to sing,

accompanied by the banjo

and the puppy of the timpani.

The string instruments,

the trumpet and the cymbals,

they accompany the dances

of rooks and crickets.

All the animals

represent the function,

dance, play instruments

with their colored tutus.

They have been very successful

with this great musical,

standing up all applaud them,

very soon they will repeat.

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Favorite childhood characters announce the start of school

Bee stings in children

Bee stings in children

If a bee or wasp stings your child, remove the stinger as soon as you can and apply ice. Allergic reactions are rare but watch for swelling and other signs. Make sure children wears shoes outdoors to avoid being stung if they step on a bee.

What should I do if a bee or wasp stings my child?

A bee's stinger works like an automatic pump – the longer it stays in, the more venom it releases – so get it out as quickly as you can. Take these steps:

• Look for a little black dot in the center of a reddened area and scrape it off with a fingernail or credit card. Try not to squeeze the stinger with your fingers or tweezers, because that could release more venom.

• Once you've removed the stinger, wash the area with soap and water.

• Elevate the area, if you can, to reduce swelling.

• Apply an ice pack (wrapped in a cloth) for 15 minutes to minimize swelling and relieve pain. (If you don't have an ice pack, grab a package of frozen vegetables, or drop a few ice cubes in a plastic bag.)

• To soothe the area and draw out some of the venom, apply a paste of baking soda and water. (Simply dab it on, let it dry, and rinse it off.)

• For pain, you can give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

• If your child is really uncomfortable and he's at least 6 months old, the doctor may recommend an over-the-counter children's oral antihistamine to help relieve itching and swelling.

The pain usually begins to go away after a few hours, although the swelling may increase for another day or two. In the meantime, continue to apply ice, if your child will let you.

Dr. P. Marazzi / Science Source

When to call the doctor for a bee sting

• If your child was stung many times. Multiple stings can be dangerous, even if your child doesn't have an allergic reaction. Venom from numerous stings can cause vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and fever.

• If the sting is in your child's mouth. This can cause dangerous swelling that might block her airways. Take your child to a healthcare provider or the ER immediately.

• If the swelling continues to increase after two days, or if swelling in a hand or foot spreads past the wrist or ankle, even if your child was only stung once.

• The area where your child was stung develops red streaks, yellowish fluid, or is becoming redder. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to combat infection.

Can bee stings cause dangerous allergic reactions?

On rare occasions, a child will have a severe allergic reaction to a sting. This is called anaphylactic shock, and it can be deadly. Call 911 immediately if you notice these signs of an allergic reaction within a few minutes or hours of the sting:

  • Swelling of the skin, lips, throat, tongue, or face
  • Wheezing or severe breathing problems
  • Rapid or weak pulse, or irregular heartbeat
  • Hives
  • Dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness
  • Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea
  • Extremely pale skin, sweating, or blue skin color
  • Confusion, slurred speech

How can I protect my child from bee stings?

Unfortunately, insect repellents don't protect against bees and wasps. But there are some things you can do to minimize your child's chances of being stung:

• Don't use perfumed soaps or toiletries on him, because the scent will attract bees.

• Dress him in light-colored, solid fabrics rather than dark, brightly colored, or flower-printed clothing, which attracts bees.

• Make sure your child wears shoes when playing outside, because people are often stung when they step on a bee.

• Be especially alert when you're near blooming flowers or orchards, which attract bees.

• Teach your child not to swat at bees and wasps. Teach her to walk away (bees and wasps are not very fast.)

• Keep dishes of food covered when you're outside.

• Repair any torn screens in your windows and doors at home.

• Consider using netting around your child's crib or bed if bees or wasps are finding their way indoors. You can also use netting over your child's infant seat, playpen, backpack, or stroller when you have her outdoors during bug season.

• Destroy beehives and wasp nests around your home.

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How Kegel Exercises are Made and What Are the Benefits?

How Kegel Exercises are Made and What Are the Benefits?
Name Hervey - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

An Anglo-Saxon variant of Herve, Hervey is inspired by Celtic terms haer and bev, resulting respectively in "strong" and "ardent".


Among celebrities named Hervey is the opera singer Hervey Alan, who died in 1982.

Hervé lived as a monk in Brittany during the 6th century. Born blind, he decided to lead a life of hermit. Later in his life, he went to the monastery of Plouvien where he met many disciples. He became a monk. According to the legend, Saint Hervé would have accomplished many wonders and miracles. He is considered the patron of the blind.

His character :

Warm and funny, Hervey is very appreciated by his entourage. It has a natural charm. Communicative, he likes to share his passions, transmit his knowledge and make happiness around him. Perfect confidant, he is loyal and honest. He integrates, he does not appreciate hypocrisy and laziness. Heart on hand, Hervey is overflowing with generosity. He likes to do service without expecting anything in return. His courage and dynamism make him a true leader. Awake, Hervey knows from a very young age what he wants to do with his life. Possessing an unshakable self-confidence, he is not diverted from his goals.


Hervé or Harvey.

His party :

The people named Hervey are honored on June 17th.

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Squid sandwich. Typical recipe from Madrid

The squid sandwiches They are one of the most characteristic dishes of Madrid, the capital of Spain. our site offers us a dish that is eaten as a tapas or as a starter in the bars of the Plaza Mayor, in Madrid, Spain, and is very popular among visitors.

The preparation of this sandwich is very simple, the recipe can be prepared quickly and it will surely be a good proposal for lunch or dinner, it is also a way for children to eat fish, since this way they have a soft taste and crunchy texture. .

  • 500 gr. squid rings
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 lemon
  • 100 ml. milk
  • 125 gr. Of flour
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • 1 loaf of bread

1. Wash the squid rings well. Sprinkle with a little salt and lemon, and let it rest while we prepare the batter.

2. Put the eggs and milk on a plate, mixing them well, and the flour in another. Heat plenty of oil in a frying pan.

3. Pass the squid in the egg and then in the flour, and add to the pan when the oil is hot. Fry until golden brown, adding a few in each batch, and drain on kitchen paper.

4. Cut the loaf of bread to make sandwiches. Open them in half and place the squid inside, squeezing a little so that it is soaked with the oil.

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