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Name Chafia - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name of Persian origin means "the one that heals, soothes or comforts" in Arabic.


Algerian actress Chafia Boudraa and Chafia Traberlsi, Australian dancer and choreographer Chafia Brooks.
Chafia Rochdi is the stage name chosen by Tunisian singer and actress Zakia Bent Haj Boubaker Marrakchi.

His character :

Pleased to please, Chafia has a natural grace allowing her to instill a sense of security and harmony all around her. This charming person is very sensitive and particularly concerned by the opinion we have of her. Calm and generous, Chafia cares deeply about her relationship with her loved ones and gives an important place to her family. She particularly likes to bring people closer and has a real aversion to any form of aggression. In short, she wants to live in an environment that reflects her inner peace.


Chaafia, Chafiha, Shafia, Shaafia, Chafiah and Shafiah.

His party :

There is no date listed to celebrate Chafia.

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G4 Importance of Reading Product label

This seat-shell is equipped with a double side protection and a gearbox integral with the shell for optimal protection of the head. In addition, he grows up with your child and the belt always adapts to his size. It can be installed with the three-point belt of the vehicle or on the base Isofix Recaro. Its +: its rounded base to rock your baby at home. Its price: from 189,95 €. Sales points here.

This seat-shell is equipped with a double side protection and a gearbox integral with the shell for optimal protection of the head.
In addition, he grows up with your child and the belt always adapts to his size. It can be installed with the three-point belt of the vehicle or on the base Isofix Recaro.
His +: its rounded base to rock your baby at home.
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Once in a while, once in a laugh - Am I normal?

Once in a while, once in a laugh - Am I normal?

With each advent, a new mother and a new father are born, and life changes radically. No wonder unusual thoughts, moods, feelings are in their power!

Perhaps this is the state of mind that is labeled "hopeless but not serious". The parents they are spiritually "in another state". You have to face the fact that everything is changing from now on, so that you cannot fully control the events of the future.
You can't say "sorry, no parents" over childbirth, you won't be able to swap a kid as an item in a parcel service. If you are planning, wanting, and expecting a baby, you may not be able to say goodbye to your "childless" life and take on the responsibility of the family in no time.
There was insecurity about every pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood: what if complications were born, if you were pregnant, if you had a sick or sick baby, if you wouldn't love me. There is no end in length for queries, queries - and there is no sure answer.

She's a kid

The prospective father and mother must make a terrific choice: they have lived their lives so far (despite the fact that they have grown up in their age) - because their parents have a sense of responsibility and responsibility. Now, suddenly, we have to meet a baby too, and besides, there's a lot of expectation.
The prospective father and the prospective mother may not be as good as their parents, or they may be committing the same mistakes that they suffered in their childhood. Well, if these doubts were talked about before you were born, it might not be impossible to involve your own parents as well, listening to old histories again, alleviating old grief.

Enchanted months

In addition to "irreversibly changing" your life and body, your psychic distress also makes your own hormonal balance suddenly shaky.

Pregnancy is a real mood swing

Sometimes you are surprised what mood changes bring about. It is a critical glance or a bad time to fall from etheric happiness to despair. It makes you feel that it's not normal, because it is everyone expects to be cheerful and balanced. Mental depravity may also have cost the baby…

Fetal beasts

In recent decades, science has progressed dramatically in the realization of the abilities and sensations of fetuses, newborns and infants. We know that smallness in the womb, in the first half of the pregnancy, is sensitive to external influences. This new knowledge is a fantastic treasure trove for scientists, professionals, and health workers, but it may not be helpful in every situation if a baby, father is considered a small, conscious wise.
Of course, there is a good side to knowing a lot about the fetal cortex. We are well known for being a small, sensitive human being. This led to the need for parents to connect with the little ones to tune in. The side effect of this is that many women are more concerned about the need because it causes harm to the child, such as being too anxious, moving too little, or "neglecting" and not talking to her enough.
In addition to the smart, sensitive, and active (literally "competent") fetus and neonatal term, there is a lack of information about the flexibility and adaptability of the human nervous system. What kind of you are good at balancing "mistakes", even if you are physically bruised. It is not uncommon for a fetal or infant psychological affliction to seal our child's destiny. This is a much more complicated request.

Customized help

During pregnancy, it may be difficult to accept a new situation, or the pregnancy may trigger mental processes that cause anxiety. The clear questions you ask may include whether or not you have followed your parents in parenting or how your relationship with your grandparents develops. Fear of the unknown comes from the perceived hardships of the parent, which can make your senses more unacceptable. In such a case, the childbirth psychologist tries to unravel the emotions and desires in the first place with the mother.
If you are a baby or girl who wants your pregnancy, they will definitely want to have a big chat with you. You can also look for perinatal specialist help. This new profession provides mental and practical support beyond childbirth. If you are so anxious that you are already stuck in your daily routine, seek out a psychologist who will consult you individually helps you find the path to a balanced maternity. It is not uncommon for old, long-forgotten problems to emerge.
In general, anxiety, sleep disorder, pancreatic disease, eating disorder can trigger changes in the head. If that is the case, contact your old therapist or if you can't figure it out, consult a psychologist, psychiatrist!

Friends are always on hand!

Most pregnant mothers do not like to say that they do not feel overwhelmingly happy, even though it is a great relief to formulate and express our concerns. You almost certainly have friends or women in your area who are eager to listen to what we feel, what we think of our state.
If we can share it with others, we can bear the burden of our lives more lightly, and we may also re-evaluate our situation so that we can approach the problem again and again.
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