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Gerbie Bernes: The Banks Ignore the Facts

Gerbie Bernes: The Banks Ignore the Facts

Gerbie Bernes told the Club about her life on Tuesday, where she spent two years in prison.

"If I contributed to a more humane system through my work, then witchcraft was beneficial" (Photo: Hungarian National)Gerйb Бgnes said that the йrtetlenьl бll нtйlet elхtt the bнrуk the hбlapйnzen alapulу, egymбst vйdх szьlйszek szakvйlemйnyйt vettйk based, although those were not the only бllнtбsa bizonyнtott- put the fьggetlen bбba keeps szьlйsz-nхgyуgyбsz.Az against folyу eljбrбst boszorkбnyьldцzйsnek, ъgy lбtja that the boys did not pay attention to the facts.In the interview, Gerbé Bérb also said that in her opinion, the in-parenting in the institution had improved in many ways, which could be thanks to Hungarian babies and home-based families. He thinks that if his work helped make the system fairer, more humane, there was some benefit to the witch-bullying that he was doing.Related articles from Gerbie Bbnes:
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How do you choose the after-school program for your child?

The after-school program is a solution to which more and more parents who work from morning to evening or who wish to offer the child the opportunity to cultivate their passions and develop their new intellectual skills are appealing. As with nurseries or kindergartens, it is important to choose an after-school program that rises to the level of your demands and offers a safe and constructive environment for the little one! Here are the main criteria according to which it is recommended to take in choosing this institution!

Choose an after-school close to home!

You don't want to go half city to go pick up your after-school kid. It is important that the institution is located near your service or near the house, in order to make it easier for you to take it on your way home.

After you find such an institution, do the investigative work. Find out if anyone else knows about her and her reputation among moms on online forums.

See if you follow the safety rules!

The fact that the institution is within your reach is not a sufficient reason to choose it. First of all, you want to know that the little one is safe in the time interval when he is there and that it is not necessary to be careful that something bad may happen to him at any time.

Check if the institution complies with all the necessary safety rules and if there are permanent medical personnel, in order to intervene quickly in case of accidents or illnesses.

Carefully analyze the institution and ask as many questions as possible!

Do not opt ​​for the first after-school that goes out of your way and do not hit the palm immediately. Go on a visit, carefully analyze the space (cleanliness, organization, facilities, order, etc.), but also the team that works there.

Be interested in the specialties of those who take care of your child and how competent they are, to realize if it is an environment in which you deserve to leave your child.

Choose the after-school that is tailored to your child's interests and needs!

After-school is a program called by parents who work very hard and do not have to leave their child after school (it works in a semi-boarding system).

It is not only a method of spending his free time or keeping him under supervision until the evening, but also the integration of the little boy in an educational and constructive environment, which contributes to the development of his physical, cognitive and emotional skills and abilities.

Each after-school program is based on certain educational activities more than others. Some focus on learning the skills needed to use the computer, others on the arts, while another emphasizes the importance of sports among the child's core activities.

Find out what facilities they offer!

In a market with fierce competition and in the midst of financial crisis, after-school institutions are bidding on offers and facilities to attract parents.

Do not hesitate to ask what offers in addition to other institutions with specific, if there are discounts or facilities related to sports activities, meals or extended program, etc.

They may not present you from the beginning, but if the manager observes that you are hesitant and that you are unsuccessful, they may throw a bidding offer. It's worth a try!

Bursuceii Cheers, afterschool and activity center for children

Bursuceii Veseli is the first activity center for children in Romania that brings together under one roof, in a new, modern, cheerful and bright location, educational, creative and sports workshops.

At Bursuceii Veseli, educational workshops combine with creative and sporting ones to create the perfect mix for each child. Because we strongly believe in the fact that each child has his or her talents and everyone should be encouraged to discover them. With its own swimming pool, science lab, greenhouse, designer, ikids here is the perfect place for smart kids!

We have our own swimming pool exclusively dedicated to children, equipped with a performance system for hydrolysis of salt, so that we protect the skin of children and permanently remove viruses, bacteria and parasites from the aquatic environment.

The salt chlorination system is more friendly to the eyes and skin so that it significantly reduces the danger of rashes and allergies.

The pool benefits from a modern dehumidification equipment with fresh air supply! For the absolute comfort of the children!

Moreover, there is a modern area, specially created for parents, with perfect visibility, from where they can follow the swimming course.

Individual sessions

Price 1 session: 100 RON

Price 4 sessions: 375 RON

Price 8 sessions: 700 RON

Group meetings

Price 4 sessions: 250 RON

Price 8 sessions: 475 RON

Does your child go to after-school? How did you choose the institution? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

Name Angelo - Meaning of origin

Name Angelo - Meaning of origin

Name Hamdi - Meaning and origin

Name Hamdi - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the African language, the name Hamdi means "rain after long years of drought".


Hamdi Meddeb or Mohamed Meddeb of his real name is a businessman of Tunisian origin and a known personality in the world of national football.
Hamdi Benani is an Algerian singer and a malouf musician from Annaba.
Hamdi Harbaoui is a footballer of Tunisian origin.
Hamdi Qandil is a great journalist, a talk show host and an Egyptian activist.
Hamdi Alkan is a Turkish theater and television series actor, producer and director.

His character :

Hamdi is a delicate and sensitive boy. His excessive emotivity makes him a most endearing person. Very shy, he has a tender heart and spends his time fading in front of others to shine on the front of the stage. Possessing a great imagination, he often dreams of a perfect and utopian world where everyone lives in joy and happiness. However, by living too often in the dream world, Hamdi has a hard time reconnecting with reality. As a result, it can be passive, nonchalant and even lazy in everyday life. This apathy does not prevent him from showing a strong will and the desire to cooperate with others.
Because of his great sensitivity, Hamdi is in the habit of withdrawing into himself. This attitude can be detrimental to him because he will have difficulty coping with the harsh realities of life.


Amdy and Hamdy.

His party :

There is no party for people named Hamdi.

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Toys that endanger the lives of children, confiscated by the OPC

Toys that endanger the lives of children, confiscated by the OPC

Hormonal during pregnancy
changes; Some of the skin, hair, nails, veins, sebaceous glands and sweat glands
cause changes. Some of the skin problems seen before pregnancy
however, it becomes more pronounced during pregnancy.

Complaints are not the same in all mothers.
Some of these disorders occur spontaneously after pregnancy.
It may occur. However, it can be treated with a treatment appropriate to the condition.

Redness, puffiness in the chest and abdomen
traces in the form of pregnancy cracks are called. It consists of stretching the skin.
Prevent creams of vegetable origin during pregnancy, vegetable oils
can be used for less visible traces. In advanced cases, white
appearance and becomes more difficult to treat.

Why does it occur?

Progesterone and estrogen secreted during pregnancy
melanin which gives color to the skin
discomfort called pregnancy mask may occur. Visible in all areas of the face
and most appear on the forehead and cheeks. High-factor sun during pregnancy
Prevent pregnancy mask by attaching protective creams and hats
It may reduce.

Meat in the neck, armpits and chest area during pregnancy
moles may emerge. It can also occur with skin slimming and weight gain.
Moles may go away after pregnancy, but there may be permanent ones. Them
treatment is also possible. Pre-existing moles without being pregnant
darkening can also be seen. Suddenly growing color and shape change
moles should also be shown to the dermatologist without delay.

Skin tension and dryness during pregnancy
Because of this, the expectant mother may experience itching. Preventing skin irritation,
itching with moisturizing and anti-itch lotions
can be suppressed.

Strengthening and thickening of hair during pregnancy
It is seen. Depending on changes in hormone balance after giving birth
hair loss is seen in booming hair. Hair loss after childbirth
it starts in the third month and is a temporary condition. However, after the postpartum period
If it continues, it may need to be shown to someone who is

Phrase game to improve children's school performance

Phrase game to improve children's school performance

At the beginning of the school year, children are exposed to a lot of information, new concepts and great challenges. It must be understood that each child has its own process and that, just as some will advance without any problem, there may be others who block more easily and have difficulties to overcome some obstacles to pass certain subjects. How to react in those cases? As parents, what can we do to improve the children's school performance? Let's play!

In all this process of effort and motivation of the kids, language plays a very important role. It is not the same to exclaim "This is very hard!" than commenting "Can I work harder?"; or saying "Pass! I don't know how to do it! "Than" I'm going to ask for help! "

They are small, but powerful twists that we can gradually introduce into our children's vocabulary through "The Phrase Game" and that will be very helpful in facing one of the great challenges: passing the school year .

We have to make the children understand that learning is closely linked to effort and commitmentBut we also have to be present, offer our support and not be constantly judging them, because that can only affect their self-esteem.

Listen, support and motivate are three verbs that we must have activated in our head. The children, meanwhile, must be attentive to the classes, ask for help when they need it and take responsibility and organize themselves with their homework or tasks. No “Mom, I don't know what homework is for today. Questions in the whatsapp group from college?". They must know what to play each day.

But this method can be used at any age and in any area of ​​life. You, as a parent, can have it at hand in your work to continue advancing and developing. If, together, you start to change the chip from now on and incorporate "No" for "Yes" or "I give up" for "I can", you will see everything from a more positive point of view and there will be nothing to stop you. get what you propose.

A lesson that can take time to have its effects or consequences, but if we work with it constantly it can give us great joys, and that is that what each one says to himself can be essential to unbalance the balance to one side or towards another.

Words are the creators of our present, but also of our future. Whether they are positive or negative depends on us. Through them, we forge our personality, we relate to others, we dream and they allow us to see the world from one perspective or another.

How do we want to see life: from a positive or negative point of view? Depending on what we choose, this is how these words have to be. What we want to be today, tomorrow, in a month or in the next ten years will depend on them.

Using negative words makes our brain compress, block and prevent us from seeing further. The positive, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages:

- Provides speed.

- It allows to be more concentrated.

- Energizes.

- Helps develop creativity.

- It makes you smarter.

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