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7 tricks to teach children to memorize

Children tend to have very good memoriesbut they often have a hard time taking advantage of it. It is logical. As with everything, you have to learn to use the capabilities.

We teach you a series of tricks designed to help your child memorize. You will see how with these tips it will cost you less to study and remember what you studied in the exams.

1. Use images. Visualization is one of the key factors when it comes to remembering something. Use pictures to explain something complicated to a child and they will remember it much better.

2. Repetition. It is a basic pillar in education in countries like Japan. Do you know the Kumon method? It consists of repeating math operations over and over again until the child is able to do them mechanically. Repetition activates memory. For this reason, other resources are good, such as short poems with rhymes or songs, which children repeat over and over again. It helps them memorize!

3. Relate. It consists of connecting ideas. The interconnection of the topics that the child is going to study is fundamental. It is of no use to retain in memory if the child is not able to connect some issues with others. The data connection helps the child to memorize. Diagrams are very useful, for example, which activate both the visual field and the interconnection field.

4. The metaphors. Another tool that helps to memorize is a literary device, that of metaphors. A word that wants to lead us to an idea is very useful to help the child to remember a more complex idea in a simple way.

5. Phrases, songs and acronyms. Making up a phrase to remember a word can help you memorize. For example: 'I took the' valise '(pronounced' Valís ') to go to Paris', it would be a way of remembering how to say suitcase in French. You can also use acronyms and why not ... a song!

6. Customize. Because it is often difficult for a child to understand the properties of limestone or the different forms of water ... it can be very useful to animate things and give them human characteristics. For example, studying the diamond as someone very, very strong that no one can scratch ...

7. Tell them. Reading something and trying to memorize it is not the same as if they tell you what you have just read as if it were a story ... if possible, interesting. Try to tell him what you just read and try to make it entertaining. Your child will remember it much better.

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How To Remember Things - At Home Science - ExpeRimental #21

Choking first aid: pictures

Choking first aid: pictures

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5 things that the pregnant woman feels the need to know

How do we calm a child's cough?

The cold season has already entered into rights, and your child's body is more prone to illness (especially when surrounded by relatives, friends or cool colleagues).

A symptom of the cold that is about to develop if the necessary preventive measures are not taken early is a cough - a defense reaction of the body, which consists of a reflex mechanism of the airways to eliminate secretions (mucus) or bodies. foreigners.

How do you detect the type of cough your baby is suffering from?

There are two types of cough - dry and productive, which have equally distressing manifestations for the child's body.

He coughed dry it is a cough "from the neck" and without mucus, while productive cough it occurs as a result of increased mucus secretion in the lungs, which blocks the airways and hinders the baby's breathing. It is characterized as cough from the chest and is associated with sensations such as pressure and discomfort in the chest area.

It is worth remembering that cold and flu episodes start with an irritant cough, which later turns into a productive cough (as the cold progresses, a larger quantity of mucus is produced).

The IMUNOTUS range helps patients with productive and irritant cough, offering a complete solution that maintains the airway health and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

With a high safety profile - without adverse reactions, the products in the Imunotus range are in the form of capsules, syrup or envelopes for both children and adults:

  • for children over 2 years: Immunotus 2+ envelopes and Immunotus syrup
  • for children over 8 years and adults: Immunotus 8+ envelopes and Immunotus capsules

The active ingredients that the products in the Imunotus range contain:

  • acts on the intensity and duration of cough (acetylcysteine, thyme)
  • have immunostimulatory action (vitamin C, shock fruits)
  • have antiviral / antibacterial action (shock fruits)

Imunotus! And you're no longer like a donkey!

Now in pharmacies, in the boxes of Imunotus 8+ and Imunotus 2+ envelopes you have 25% gift!

Find out on Facebook Fiterman Laboratories or www.imunotus.ro.

Why do you feel sorry for the cover?

There are people who are more sensitive to the draft, and the inflammation of the draft becomes easier. There may be a transient cause or an initial cause.

There are children who are more prone to fever

Come to the bar, we can easily get in the summer so we can stay for a shorter or longer period of time and wait. Everybody knows that the cover is easy to get sick: after a few minutes, someone feels tired, eyes swell and symptoms of nausea appear. If we are self-aware, then we know that this may be a creative request, but common illnesses can be caused by, for example, unidentified food allergies and food intolerances.

What are you afraid of?

The tube that connects the nasal cavity with the drumstick. This ensures that the pressure on the drum head is balanced on both sides. You need to ventilate properly to accomplish your task - he explains dr. Monika Augusztinovicz ear, nasal, allergologist, physician at the center of the nose. If this is not possible for some reason, poor Dobrisian ventilation creates a negative pressure, consequently Dobri duodenal swelling. This causes the flare-ups.

Can someone be more sensitive to the draft?

Yes, if you have a worse hearing condition. This can be temporary, for example, if it is just because of an infection the nasal passages are swollen. Formal request if someone has narrower transducers, it can be asymmetric, with pain on only one side. The function of the mucous membrane is genetically determined in part, so recurrent complaints may be caused by genetic predisposition, but mucous membranes can cause swelling or food allergy, food intolerance, chronic inflammation of the nasal passages and reflux.

How long should complaints be handled at home?

If you have been in a drained place and afterwards you have tinnitus, you first need to restore the ventilation of the ear, for a few days you can use drooping nasal drips (these are also used in case of nausea). THE heating your ear can also be beneficial, or help with ventilation Valsalva manхverrel: Carefully breathe in air over the drum with the nose closed and the mouth closed.

Why is examination important?

After a few days, it is not worth trying for home therapists because of a diminished ventilation disorder kцzйpfьlgyulladбs can also develop. If your headache is a recurring complaint, it is definitely worthwhile not only to address the symptoms, but also to find out what is causing it. If you get up in the backyard food allergy or intolerance, then examinations can identify food that, if not consumed anymore, predisposes to illness swelling of the mucous membrane can also be eliminated. Depending on the chosen october, healing may require medication or surgery, but with help we can prevent recurrence. However, there is one thing to beware of: the mucous membranes of the mucous membrane are not usable for a long time, only given in the information - usually for a week. They are not suitable for long term use in treating mucous membranes of the mucous membrane, and can, in the long run, also cause us to cause persistent nasal congestion! We recommend that you choose the treatment of choice for a maintenance-free maintenance solution!Related materials:
  • Councils of the ear-nose-geyser
  • What you need to know about egg allergy?
  • It may be easier to develop food allergies if your toddler is taking a lot of antibiotics
  • Butler, The

    Body exam for mother

    Body exam for mother

    Pregnancy and childbirth have left visible and invisible traces on our bodies. Now is the time to help shape your shape nicely!

    For a proportionate, beautiful body, you only reduce the amount of food you consume. You can be lean any time you eat a little, but tight muscles, supple skin can only be the result of exercise and then regular sports. At the same time, it is worth noting that you cannot get rid of excess weight by exercising alone. Experts believe that 70 percent of weight loss can be good for nutrition and only thirty for sports. But you can shape your appearance, fitness, and health more into regular sport.

    Ask for ideas and help from a personal trainer!

    As with everything after childbirth, apply the principle of gradual movement. Rather than resting for two weeks after returning from the hospital, do your baby's activities, or walk away when it's raining.
    Workout plan, just for you
    After the first few weeks of full-bodied emotions, when all your energy has been absorbed by the baby, you can start thinking about yourself. Great for the fourth week, of course, it's a matter of mood and mood, you can add! Now, not just to get your slimming down first, but to gain strength, tune in to your liking. First of all, just moving your members first, refreshing your metabolism and blood circulation.
    However, first you need to strengthen your fitness so that you do not run out of breath immediately if you start jogging and running. Walk at least one ounce of baby stroller a day, and step up your pace in between. Take quick steps across the park and keep up the pace for at least ten minutes. That will be enough in the first few weeks - but take it daily! Then, every two days, increase the time by two to two minutes until you reach the half hour. Three times a day, a quick walk will provide fresh blood circulation and rapid metabolism. If your time allows, come on foot! The lift is sloppy, the stepping is an extremely useful, real cardio movement.
    Strengthen your smile!
    It may take months for your abdominal wall to remind you of your oldest status. This is also a major structural request. But you can do a lot for the best results if you regularly work out your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. It is important that you do this in the right order! First, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, as these invisible muscles also influence urine drip and sex! At first, sensing seems like a big task. Lie on your back with your feet crossing them ten times over. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles as if you wanted to hold something in your vagina that was slipping out of it. Keep it taut for a while, then relax for a while. Repeat five times eight times a day. If you are unsure how to see him, read Andrea Kriston's book (also available in divine form) or seek advice from an intimacy trainer. This is something that surely deserves it and has long-lasting benefits.

    Your girl will have your example!
    No matter what you saw!

    Stimulate circulation!
    So one month after birth you can switch to more powerful forms of exercise. Switch from fast walking to jogging! After three minutes of loose running, a quick walk again for five minutes, and then jogging again for three minutes and walking again for five minutes. Repeat the jogging walk once, six times in a row every six months. Always force yourself as much as you run the susu. All right if you can talk while training. Instead of using a transport device, go on a few stops on foot, go on a roundabout to increase the distance.
    Let's burn!
    The safest grip is if you really work in the scumbling range when you check your heart rate. You can easily calculate your optimum heart rate per minute. With a maximum heart rate of 220, you subtract your life expectancy, and the values ​​you get are about 75-80 percent ideal for scrolling. For example, 220 - 30 = 190, this is 75 percent 142. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, you can feel the heartbeat around your neck. Count for 10 seconds first and then naturally multiply by six! Recommended activities for this period include: cycling, Nordic walking, Pilates, yoga, body shape, fitness. If you're a beginner, don't be discouraged. At any fitness center, you will want to give your newcomers something tailor-made to workout.
    Frequent requests
    How much time does the tip of the barrier or cesarean section allow for sports?
    As a general rule, you should only start training if you have no pain, if the wound does not get wet, and your doctor thinks it is timely. The duration of wound healing can be different for everyone. The hernia usually heals within two to three weeks, and the scar of a cesarean section heals over a period of two weeks.
    Can I exercise even if you are breastfeeding?
    Of course, there is nothing to stop it. Contrary to popular belief, milk will not have a sour or bad taste. However, it is important that you gradually increase your daily workouts. First five, then ten, then the twenty minutes you want to move. Don't forget about the liquid! More details here!
    Is it worth exercising before or after breastfeeding?
    It is best to train directly after breastfeeding to make your breasts appear thinner. A comfortable but well-worn sports bra can also help to prevent any possible discomfort.

    It is very common in many families who follow the Catholic tradition of the All Saints DayThat people gather to go to the cemetery to pay a visit to the grave of a relative or friend, although this festival is more than a tribute to the dead. It can be the perfect day to gather family and friends, and taste the traditional desserts so marked for this date.

    For this day, each country has its own preferences regarding the cake shop. In Spain, Fritters, the Bones of saints and the steep they are the most traditional and popular desserts. In addition, they are very easy to prepare sweets and their result is very exquisite.

    Here we present 3 of the typical and most traditional desserts of All Saints Day, the feast of the first day of November.

    - The wind fritters
    They are a softer, lighter and cheaper dessert. Before, they called it wind fritters because they were not filled with anything, no cream. Over the years, donuts became filled with different flavors. The dough for the fritters is made only of sugar and flour, and its filling can vary: chocolate, truffle, pastry cream or any other flavor that you like.

    - The empiñonadas or panellets
    As they are often called in Catalonia, they are made of sugar, pine nuts, lemon and egg. Like bones or donuts, they are small cakes, with an exquisite flavor, very traditional for the time.

    Its preparation is simple and fast and is usually done by mixing ground almonds, sugar, lemon zest and egg yolks. The balls do not need to be roasted or fried. It is enough to pass them through beaten egg white and then in whole pine nuts. If you have not tried these desserts yet, I recommend that you do so. It is a good way to sweeten a tradition.

    - Santo's bones
    If there is a very traditional All Saints Day sweet, those are the saint's bones, which are made from a marzipan dough. As its name says, it has a definite shape of a 'bone', they arecanutillos made of marzipan, coated in syrup.

    Its filling is usually a mass of yolk candy, although with the passage of time they have diversified. Today it can also be found filled with chocolate, truffle or even fruits such as coconut, banana or strawberries.

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