Our children have healthy bones

Our children have healthy bones

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My baby eats the sand, what can I do?

My baby eats the sand, what can I do?

Chocolate pie (Cathy)


  • - 1 broken dough (homemade is even better)
  • - 200g of black pastry chocolate or milk.
  • - 20 cl of liquid cream.
  • - Sugar decorations (small stars ...)


Preheat the oven (220 ° C or th.7). To cook the dough to blank: to deposit the dough in the bottom of the mold with parchment paper, to cover it with a sheet of aluminum on which one deposits grains of rice. Cook for 10 minutes, remove the aluminum foil and grains of rice and continue cooking for 5 minutes. Heat the liquid cream, pour it into a salad bowl containing the chocolate broken into pieces. Cover with a plate, wait a few moments then mix with a fork to obtain a smooth chocolate. Pour the chocolate on the bottom of the pie. Tap it gently on the table to chase any air bubbles and smooth the chocolate. Place the pie in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Decorate with sugar decorations. Treat yourself.

No Pregnancy Signs No detected pregnancies

Nature is sometimes pretty naughty, if you can call it that, because there are baby, little surprise packages that fall out of their mother's tummy without anyone catching them.

No pregnancy signsIn some articles "hidden pregnancy pattern" also refer to this phenomenon, but according to the medical experts we consulted, this designation does not stand in the way, but rather "no pregnancy discovered" let's consider it more accurate. The phenomenon, though, is actually almost unbelievable, according to statistics not very rare. According to a Berlin survey, every fifth pregnancy can be classified into this category, that is, when it occurs either after the twentieth week or, more rarely, more rarely, it is more difficult to find it later. A doctor, a dermatologist, or a marketer was lying on the woman's exam board - just going for a routine or just having a strange stomach, or waking up for a few weeks - the ultrasound it is rare that the TLC channel has cast an entire series about the subject, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". Possible Reasons When the Promise Is Shorter or Harder to Spot:
  • irregular menstruation, with up to several months of bleeding
  • bleeding is not lost during pregnancy, the first few months are still accurate, but the amount is less
  • negative pregnancy test, but in very rare cases (for example, if the test was malfunctioning)
  • become pregnant while taking a pill
  • maternal disease (eg PCOS, high prolactin levels)
  • fuller body
  • drastic, extensive diet
  • stressful lifestyle
  • overturned cycle
  • only a short time has passed since the last birth
  • szoptatбs
  • the mother is too young, can not interpret the signs of her body, did not complete her cycle
  • advanced maternal age

I knew I might not have a baby

Hardly a year ago, Olcsi gave birth to a baby boy he had was notified only two hours prior to birth. There were some people who attacked - in an unbelievable way, because there was no reason to deny pregnancy - and again and again in the public eye, to give hope to those who are also diagnosed with cancer. he died in the belief that because of his illness he could not or only find it very difficult to have a baby:
"We were just planning the wedding with the couple, so we could start the adoption process. I'm very child-centered; many other things caught my attention at the time. I did a pregnancy test, with a slight difference two, but they were negative. days work On his way home, he was aware that something was flowing in and he didn't want to stop, so he quickly went to bed. There it was on the spot that a baby was lying in Olcsi's tummy, who had really moved out, so Olcsi was just inside .
"My first thought was to hope that my little miracle wouldn't hurt. Then the events followed, and Levi almost flew away in 15 minutes," Olcsi concludes.

Just ran up a couple of kilos?

Erik had a light earlier in the pregnancy, so she had little time to prepare for the baby's adoption. It wasn't until week 27 that it was not because of the neglect of the fitness room that the couple ran up. I was completely irregular in my menstrual period and had a minimal chance of getting spontaneously pregnant. I had a stressful life in the past, "says Erika, who works in finance and IT. In nine months, not only do mothers get ready for maternity, but in many cases they also take a life course to try to achieve the best possible seed. Of course, this was my first thought as to whether my baby was healthy, because I had not lived a healthy life in the first 27 weeks. " - continues his story.
Erika did not feel the symptoms of pregnancy, she worked until week 27. "A couple of kilo woke up, but I was told that I did not have time for the usual three workouts a week and ate a little more." . First, of course, he was shocked, but then he processed the events and gave the truth to the doctor, who admitted: if a child wants to come, it's not about the conditions, it's about"On May 7, I found out that I was expecting babies and ultrasound delivered the baby to August 7, but on the morning of July 7, Alex passed away one moment later. he wanted to make his way to himself, so they had an emergency cesarean section under anesthesia. It all happened so quickly that I didn't have the time to be scared. Erika concludes the story.Dr. Gyula Cseremely is a nurse practitioner
www. rmc.hu
"The most common reason for getting pregnant pregnant is because the meniscus has a small amount of bleeding at the usual time. The patient therefore thinks that she has actually come back, only has a shorter period of time, and then has it. Then it calms down to having shorter cycles now, though it turns out to be baby's blood. Another common situation is when the menopause has irregular bleeding around the patient and thinks again, only three a month, and after the third missed month, it turns out that not the menopause comes, but a baby. There may be diseases that can make menstruation irregular, in this case the same as before a menopause missed bleeding is not the primary warning sign, but usually the abdominal growth, the unequal warning If a woman discovers her expectancy very soon, this is not a common occurrence, but now we have to start every other person and everyone, if necessary, makes the changes. It is also possible that they are just busy with something else that fills their life and therefore simply does not decode. Not because she wants it, but because the fuckin 'of life is out there. "You know, a woman can want two things very much, either to have a baby or not. In the meantime, if you have any suspicious symptoms, it is most secure to see your doctor.The article appeared in Maternity Magazine, which you can also subscribe to online.Related articles:
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  • A woman got pregnant 70 years ago
  • They had alarms for abdominal pain and became a baby
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What's so much about a big family? Children's, toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs. And what's never enough? Idхbхl.

And as time goes by, we haven't lived in one dimension. Exactly seven weeks ago she cheated first, but not last. In my great family motherhood, I want to discover countless challenges I have never experienced before, only one thing that is permanent, and that is the lack of time.The truth is that I can't do anything which of course ties to my family. With five children, one can feel the weight, but when I consider the day-to-day logistical tasks that come with it, that sense is somehow multiplied. are thrown to the ground at the worst moment, disappeared, then abruptly leapt toothpicks that land on a cleanly-picked pulver; Then comes the mother-in-law box, with what seems to be the unthinkable and never-ending housework (washing, washing, cooking, eating, cooking, cleaning, healing, I'd have five minutes to m SRA). In the meantime, the world is switching to hyper-speed because it is March, so the next shift is: nutrition-anesthetic, who needs what.

Time is not a concept for people living in large families

I would say it would be more sleep, but in my opinion, no one is interested in this hand. (As time goes on, anesthesia naturally diminishes family life, but you don't have to worry about it; do not worry about the cold again.) When my eyes are on the young man who comes home from time to time, I take care of my child and feed my little one, : Don't forget about yourself and your stuff for training at home and on time. Where's my other half? It's the evening shift because the bath and dinner almost always have its surprises: it usually turns out what we should (eat) every day, do it, sign it, burn it down - it stops eating which bath, which is not, I am reluctant to rely on my sense of smell for the rest of the day. - afterwards the curtain rests: Leaning to the right, Spit to the left, on the couch we try to regain our human form until the morning of the next morning.
  • Does a child develop faster if he or she lives in a family?
  • Such is life in the family

When do you parent? And how will I know that the big event is over? What will happen to me during the birth? Familiar requests, right? We now summarize the most important information.

The process of birth

When do you parent? -questing mother to the doctor right from the first examinations. As weeks and months pass by, this request comes up more and more. Well, the birth date is yours. Naegele-kйplet with help and looks like: Expected date of birth = first day of last bleeding - 3 months + 7 days + 1 year
However, this date is further clarified with the help of ultrasound examinations during pregnancy. But only 4 out of 100 children come exactly. You won't get a sure date.

Something is starting - relief

My stomach has fallen You look at yourself in the mirror. And this change is already noticeable in your environment: the baby turns around and his head moves into the pelvic bone. The women who passed the birth stage know for sure: the big event is near.
As your stomach moves lower, you feel lighter as your internal organs become freed, and more places will be repeated.
When will this come in?
Some have 6 weeks before birth, but some have their belly dehydrated just before birth. In addition to changing the body, you can also feel pressure on your lower back, pelvis, and buttocks.

Signs that indicate the birth of a baby

There may be many signs of early trouble. One such important sign in the weeks before birth that you are not yourself will only be detected by your doctor is softening of the cervix, shortness, or disappearance immediately before birth. At the end of this process, by the time the process begins, the cervix will become almost paperless.
But you can also experience the loss of a cork plug. Many expectant mothers have heard or read about it, but we don't know exactly what's going on.
What is a cork plug? THE nyбkdugу is a jelly-like substance, which can vary in color: it is transparent or can be whitish-white or brownish-pink in color.
The cervical plug, which is produced by the cervix and thickens sufficiently during pregnancy, has an important function, as it closes the uterus and protects the fetus and the fetus from infection. The cork plug often goes so far that the mother does not take it. This occurs primarily when fetal water is lost or when the mumps expands.
What does missing a cork plug mean to you?
Now that you are already on the target line, as your body indicates that parenting is near. However, this does not mean that you have to rush to the hospital right away, as you may imagine that there are still days left. Remember! The baby is still secure in the fetal envelope.

The first stage of childbirth: the fetal phase

An important sign: the ovariectomy begins
Ownership of the cork plug is actually an obvious expression of it.
Some people are slower to finish this, but for others, they can extend up to 2-3 cm before birth.
At first, the egg protrudes only 1-2 centimeters, which then gradually reaches 6-8 cm, and finally reaches 9-10 cm. That size of the cushion also disappears, not palpable. After enlargement of the cervix, the stomach and the vagina develop into a narrow tube.
This is also an important sign that your body is ready for birth. When birth begins, this process will be faster with great currency.
THE lunar paralysis slight bleeding may occur: however, it is important that it is always spotty, brownish, and never more than menstrual bleeding.
If your bleeding is bright red with large amounts of severe abdominal pain, you should seek medical attention immediately! The unexpected, severe bleeding refers to the premature epilepsy. If this letter is of greater value, it is a danger to both the mother and the child.

These crap are different!

You may have encountered so-called Yuletide before: you may have experienced Uranium a maximum of 2-3 times. These lasted for a short time, and soon disappeared.
But as you get closer to parenting, they are the ferns may gradually grow stronger. Birth-inducing butterflies (genuine dysfunctions) differ from what has been experienced so far: they resemble mild menstrual cramps and follow a regular rhythm. Initially interrupted by 20-25 minute breaks, the onset is 1-3 minutes later. THE and the length and intensity of the ferns will increase (extends from the initial 15-20 secs to 30-45 secs).
In contrast to previous yoga experiences, real parenting will not be effective in relocating or changing activities.

What happens to the coyote?

The juxtapositions of the bee, which are unintentionally produced by muscle work, open the cavity. And the need for a full-fledged baby to open the way to your tiny skull, making sure you can be born across the vagina. The realization of this (which usually lasts 8-12 hours) is painful. In addition, pelvic floor shops and cartilage tend to grow and swell. The sacrum and pelvis are also heavily influenced. These are the things that make the pain you experience more and more intensely.

What can you feel under the cobwebs?

Symptoms associated with cabbage can be very diverse. The rods may show increasing intensity, but they may be very painful at the beginning. It can occur as a pain in the fibula, but also in the form of a painful wave of pain, which starts from the lower part of the waist and squeezes the abdomen almost as a curve.
True childbirth pain can spread from the lower abdomen to the uterus, back and thighs.

What other symptoms may occur?

Strong dyspepsia can be caused by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which clears and empties the body. The activity of the intestines is transferred to the muscles of the lining, so the cleansing of your body can start with the start of contractions.

What do you do when the cobwebs show up?

It is worthwhile to note the length and density of the ferns! It is recommended that if the coincidences are followed for short periods of time (2-3 minutes) (5 minutes) and last longer (approximately 1 minute), then it is advisable to have a baby or give birth.
While in need you are in the initial stages, it is worth focusing on relaxation! Pick up a more comfortable sweatshirt and try something delicious, request a massage from the dressing room, and go for it when you need it!

Is it possible to eat-drink during the time of the currency hunger?

This request is raised in countless forums.
Yes. During the initial stages of the butterfly, it is very important for pregnant women to exercise. Today, the majority of institutions do not represent a rigid standpoint: a little glucose, chocolate, and sufficient fluid intake can be important! Sхt! In most cases, there is no need to be tied up, and the pregnant mother can walk and move around.

This can also happen: fetal membrane cracking

Underneath the cuffs, the fetal membrane, which you imagine as a fluid membrane, is under pressure and can spontaneously rupture as a result of the enlargement of the egg. This comes in every tenth parent. The envelope can crack even without fatigue, even before the start of buttering. After the shell is cracked, the amniotic fluid in it drains out.
The bursting of the shell is completely spontaneous and unpredictablethat you can't hold back. The amniotic fluid can flow up at once, but can also trickle in a small radius. This depends primarily on where the crack is and where the baby is located. In the event of continuous crippling, in an abnormal position, capping stops because the baby's head, like a plug, stops it.

What to do if the baby water runs out?

Since fetal water can carry important information, be sure to check it out! If you have a yellowing or greenish color, you may be suggesting a presence of a baby: the baby may have a fetus. Oxygen deficiency may also occur!
If you change, slightly pink, then everything is fine. However, you need to know that by this time, the baby is no longer protected by the light, so you may be at increased risk of getting infections. In these cases, it is better to shower and not get in the shower. It is advisable to call your doctor to find out what happened and it is advisable to go to the hospital as soon as possible!

A bit of a hospital outlook

When my creature was born, filing and shaving was a basic requirement. Mindenьtt.
Today, all interventions can be avoided, but there are still institutions that insist on it. Even though the WHO has listed these as interventions to be discontinued.
Before you get married, find out what you can count on in your chosen institution!
Ownership of both methods is invoked with reference to infections. Shaving is also referred to as giving the doctor easier access to the area when cutting or cracking.
In particular, the insertion is intended not to eliminate feces when pressed, as this can be a source of infection. In addition to acting as a movement, you can speed up the voicing process.

What do you need to get to the advanced stage?

The help of the people around you can be very good. Whether you are on a linen bed, on a plaid or on a bed, ask for help, tell me what's better!
A couple are encouraged or silence - you know what you need. The supportive role and encouragement of the couple is very important here. One sip of water, wiping the face - all gestures that are important at this stage.
Increased pain can benefit from warmth (such as a warm shower) or a warm blanket. Many people love the sacrum hot compresswhich is very pain-relieving. Others, with gentle massage and breath control, can relieve increased pain. The use of musculature balances to relieve pain is becoming increasingly well-known and popular.
Under the influence of changing postures - if the hospital has the ability to do so - it can also help with pain. Towards the end of the arousal phase, intense pain can cause you to become restless, anxious or irritable, and become less interested in external sources. It's completely natural, don't worry about it!

Pain relief in the hospital

Before you give birth, it is important to talk to your doctor (or childbirth) about which pain relief methods you can choose and which one is right for you. It is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages that your needs can outweigh.
One of the most well-known methods of pharmacological pain management is the use of gas, which uses a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. This mixture has to be injected into the pregnant woman, which creates a feeling of sadness. The dosing is done by the parent woman, but the baby will also be affected through the litter.
You can get pain relief by injecting into a vein or injecting into a muscle. They act quickly and cause dizziness and affect the baby: they can make her breathing difficult, have a subtle effect, and can have a negative effect on starting breastfeeding.
A commonly used analgesic method is EDA (epidural anesthesia). With local anesthesia, a thin catheter is inserted into the epidural space in the spine through which the analgesic is administered. This method prevents pain stimuli from entering the spinal cord.
EDA effectively reduces pain, but can also cause blood pressure and fluid overload, and can extend the stretch.

The second stage of birth: the postpartum phase

When it comes to pushing

In the second stage of birth, in the postponement phase, you will arrive when the cocks are completely exhausted. This section lasts mostly 30 minutes, but anyone who has been born before has no need for half of it. Then you will feel pushing pressure.
Because your little skull is pressing down on the end of the canal at this stage of the canal, you will be feeling a stimulus.
The uterine contraction is complemented by the abdominal pressure exerted by you, and the effect of this created pushing is the beginning of the baby's displacement in the birth canal.

What to do in the advanced phase?

In consultation with your doctor and your baby, let's see how much you are getting! They will help you throughout the extension phase, helping you when you press to take air, when to stop. It is especially important to listen to this if you have received epidural anesthesia and do not feel when to press.
The distance between the trees is approx. 60-90 seconds pass. Under one cob about approx. 2-3 long presses are possible. The right breathing technique and the right abdominal exercise can be a great help for you: initially, you should take a breath and hold the air with your eyes closed and then press down on your butt as you breathe! After this you change the air: you quickly run out of the previous air, buy air again, and then press again!
Relax between two heads, gain strength! By default, the approx. With 50 km of running, it equates to extra muscle activity and physical activity. This is a huge job!

Postures under the barnacles

The effectiveness of push-ups is greatly enhanced by the choice of one's own posture (squatting, hiking, leaning on or supine). It can help a lot if you choose a posture: Close to a vertical posture will accelerate this stage and also avoid breaking the gut-wall.
It's a good idea to find out before you have a baby what options you have in your choice of ward or birth.
According to a survey by babaszoba.hu in 2013 (Birth of the Year vote), 27 percent of the children had to be educated in the position the hospital protocol prefers: lying on their feet, lying down.
In this case, grab your foot with your hand, raise it, and push! It is important that you loosen your thighs and buttocks so that your little progress can be successful!

What's up with the little one and you?

Eyesight is constantly flowing until it reaches the size of the fetal circumference. Because your pelvis is relaxed at the time of your pregnancy, you are able to move a couple of millimeters, and your tiny skull is not completely ossified, so it is easier to get through the pelvis.
Whenever you work, the baby does active work: your body does more rotation, helping the baby adapt to the hinges and demands of the canal.

End of exit phase

As soon as your baby's head reaches the vagina, your doctor will encourage you to slow down, and you will also need to take more air. This is necessary to allow the dam to expand. Massage of the buttocks can be promoted by massage, but it may be necessary to cut the baby's head and shoulders to avoid cracking.
This is done with local anesthesia.
The back-to-back contraction of the barrier causes the front of the fetus to dissipate, followed by the shoulders, the stalk, and the feet. This stage ends with the birth of your baby.
Difficulty in childbirth can be the result of abnormalities in the congestion or even of an excessively large fetus.


Her tiny body is white with a waxy coating, so-called fetal milk, or possibly covered with blood, but the mechanical fetal water may be damp, slippery. Its head is not always round and smooth as it passes through the canal and is elongated. After a few days, it regains its beautiful, round shape. Many times after birth, the newborn cries up immediately and sharply. However, it is possible that the first fatigue may occur at the expiration stage and at the effect of stimulation.

Yeah, you know!

If the expulsion stage is obstructed or there is not enough force to apply the pressure, the doctor may decide on some intervention (eg use of oxytocin, tooth, vacuum).

The third stage of birth: the superficial phase

You are still tied up with the cord after the baby is born. There is a place where you let the lure cord die die and only then do it, and in another place you slam the lure cord and then kill it. Upon prior request, this can be done by a member of your family (eg your dad). In these cases, blood cord blood is also removed for the purpose of stem cell storage.
After all the other concussions - 5-10 minutes after the baby is born - the mite leaves the stomach, and, with slight bleeding, are born. If this does not occur in a fetal birth follower, then artificial insemination is required.
After birth, the doctor will check to see if you have all the parts. Leaf remaining in the abdomen can block the musculature of the honeysuckle and cause large amounts of bleeding.

Fourth stage of childbirth: the postpartum phase of the leprosy

This section early childhood Also called: The butterfly following the birth of a butterfly is out of control when keeping the mother and baby still under observation. At this point, it can still be counted as a rash (this is for the bee to regain its original size). They control the maternal body temperature and monitor the amount of blood. In this case, the wound is also sutured.
The baby - after the first care - is then placed on your stomach. This is very important in terms of contact and early contact. This is not the case only if the newborn requires special care (eg she was premature). This is when the first breast-feeding will take place.
Your birthday is over. And for you, a new life, a new mutual adventure begins.
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