Mindfulness Meditation for Kids - 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids - 5 Minutes Guided Meditation for Children

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The placenta could indicate the risk of autism in the child

Hand Cream Jasmine Passion Shea, L'Occitane

Not only does its high concentration of shea butter (20%) nourish and protect effectively, but it envelops the hands of a sweet and delicate scent of rose: € 7.50 30 ml.

Not only does its high concentration of shea butter (20%) nourish and protect effectively, but it envelops the hands of a sweet and delicate scent of rose: € 7.50 30 ml.

Alice in Wonderland. Traditional stories in English for children

Alice in Wonderland1951 - The Flowers

Childbirth is not a process, but it is relatively painful. Pain is for bodily protection and spiritual preparation. There is only one natural way of calming…

The awful pain hardens

There is no special pain like the birth of a baby: it is predictable, it self-suppresses and it damages the mother. We know relatively more about cappuccino, but what happens during regular cappuccino breaks?
At the time of conversion, catecholamines, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, are sometimes released into the blood in a non-rhythmic manner, but permanently inhibiting the production of oxytocin and, consequently, the elimination of the mother. Breaks that break the pain are needed to prepare the mother for her new dose of oxytocin and to rest before her newborn. Controlling conflicts and pain is a must-have.
The combined function of the hormone system and the nervous system is also important. The sympathetic nervous system triggers lymphatic compression and the parasympathetic relaxes the lower parts of the lungs and the lungs. If it weren't for this, there would be no direction of pressure, a fetus triggered by fetal congestion would become embedded in the closed uterus.
The role of ever-growing females in increasing the ability of the woman to relax, tension, and vice versa, to maximize tension, enables the woman to maximize her strength.
Pressing the baby's head against the bottom of the pelvis is the decisive stimulus, which eliminates the need to drain the tension and release the energy available. This is manifested in the involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. Dissolution results in long, deep breaths. The birth process - not unexpectedly - is quite similar to an orgasm, with the onset of characteristic, involuntary muscle contractions.

Body, soul protection

The mother's body is at risk in childbirth, and she has to work hard for another person. It is not unexpectedly an external pain of this stressful process. Parenting is an incredibly unexpected task. Women are also struggling with their own health, beauty, life, and the era of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. Pain helps in finding and maintaining emotional, psychological balance. In this other condition, the only way to get rid of the pain of childbirth is to have a child. Pain helps the necessary separation, the separation.
Let's see pain as another effect. The mother wants to relieve her pain and, while focusing on the least painful posture, protects her body from dying, and keeps her baby in the best possible position in the world. The pain is to say, "Protect yourself, take part in the birth, and do it for the best of you!" For example, sacroiliac pains say, "Lean forward!" And this further eases the baby's head. And the pressure on the barrier can cause the mother to lie down to rest.
Many mothers are worried that their baby's baby has arrived, feeling cold, cold, because after two weeks he still doesn't feel the love. Worrying little babies are reassured by professionals that this is not an individual case, not worry, it is natural. In such cases, it would also be good to find out the circumstances of your birth. In fact, it seems that analgesic mommy mothers complain more about this mental disorder. After the normal course of hormonal regulation after birth, where pain can fulfill its intended physiological task, mothers are more balanced, less threatening to give birth, and depressing their mothers.

Then he disappears from happiness

Endorphins are not merely analgesic, by blocking the brain area known as the neocortex, the mother is capable of a kind of supernatural sensibility, a need for rational thinking. The woman disables her, her smarts, and surrenders herself to the birth of a new life. In our rational world, little is said about it, though many born women report how much physiological pain has gone down at the crucial moment and how much power it has given. At birth, the mother is capable of almost supernatural powers. After a bitter push, he keeps his newborn one happily fallen. At these moments, women's endorphin levels are incredibly high, and they are filled with the power and affection that resembles female ecstasy, which is necessary to be able to carry out their maternal tasks immediately after the birth. From that moment on, a woman is not only her master, she will always be responsible for having a baby. Pain hides, shows our limitations, and teaches me how to overcome them. After a trial, women become stronger, which is so important for a parent's choice.
It should be noted that other hormones also influence maternal behavior. During the last contractions before birth, the amount of adrenaline-type hormones responsible for the condition reaches unprecedented levels in the mother's body. Before the last pressures, women seem to get a lot of energy. In spite of exertional physical exertion, they are incredibly cautious and active. When needed, they are able to step up to protect their seedlings.
Postpartum rapid progesterone depletion is required to maintain maternal behavior. And the prolactin hormone is not only responsible for milk production, it also plays a role in reducing sexual desire.

There's another way to relieve your pain

Is pain so useful, can it be reduced? The release of the aforementioned pain-relieving endorphins requires an adequate state of the neocortex, which requires a relaxed, intimate environment. Sharp lights and loud noises do not favor endorphin release. Therefore, the most effective parental pain relief is when the mother is in a relaxed, loving environment where the body's own pain-relieving mechanisms are most effective. It's a pain reliever that we certainly didn't do.
Also read Part One of the Hormonstors!
Michel Odent: The Scientification of Love, 1999, London
Verena Schmid: Der Geburtsschmerz. Bedeutung und Naturliche Methoden der Schmerzlinderung (Taschenbuch), 2005, ISBN: 9783830453093

Premature children thank the nurse who took care of them

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be guided by the desire to hoard more and more material goods and we forget the really important things in life. in fact, this lust for money, for example, can end up blinding a person to the point of losing everything.

There is a saying that explains the moral of this traditional Cuban tale very well: 'A bird in hand is better than a hundred flying'. Enjoy with your child the story 'The lottery' and reflect with him with the help of the reading comprehension questions that we propose at the end.

Once upon a time there was a peasant who lived on the island of Cuba, who really liked to play the lottery. He was convinced that one day it would be his turn, so each week he sealed a ticket. However, luck did not seem to arrive. Still, he was not discouraged.

One hot summer morning, the farmer went to stamp his lottery ticket, like every week, but that day He had a feeling: he was sure that he was finally going to get the prize. So without thinking about it, he used all his money to buy many ballots of the same number, sure that this way, he would collect many more profits.

Upon arriving home, he warned his wife:

- This afternoon they will say the lottery number. It's going to touch me, so soon you'll see me show up with a fancy car. As soon as you see me show up by car and not walking, go inside and throw away everything you find old and ugly. We will decorate our new house again!

And that same afternoon, the peasant went very happy to the lottery administration, sure of being able to collect the prize. Along the way, he imagined what his new life as a millionaire would be like: new shoes, all the clothes he wanted, the best car and a bigger and more luxurious house ...

His wife, meanwhile, stayed home, waiting for her husband to arrive with the award. The signal was the car: if her husband returned in a luxurious car, it is because they would have won the lottery. So he begged to himself: "Please let our dreams come true and my husband return in a car and not walking."

In a short time, the woman saw in the distance a very luxurious red car heading towards her house. She saw with effort that her husband went inside, shouting something that she could not hear. He was waving his arms vigorously. and she thought that yes, finally, they had won the lottery.

She was so happy that she decided to do what her husband told her before leaving:

- 'As soon as you see that I arrive in a luxurious car, it will be a sign that we have won the lottery. Throw and break everything old and what you don't like, because we are going to change our life. '

Said and done, the woman began to break everything he considered old: dishes, sheets, cooking pots ... And soon he filled the garbage and emptied the house.

The woman already dreamed of decorating the house with new and luxurious objects ... Until her husband appeared at the door, accompanied by a man she did not know, but who was dressed in luxurious clothes and smelled of expensive perfume. Her husband, on the other hand, was disheveled, full of blows and walked with the help of two crutches.

- But what happened to you? - She asked scared.

- You see- answered the husband- I was walking back home when this man ran me over with his car ...

- And why were you screaming and waving your arms like that? I thought we won the lottery!

- He shouted: Don't throw anything away, we haven't won the lottery and I also have a broken bone!

Totally desolate, the woman fell suddenly on the sofa, and glanced at the empty house. His eagerness and impatience had played a trick on him.

Use these reading comprehension questions to reflect on this story with your child. Remember that stories are fantastic tools to transmit values ​​to children.

1. Why did the farmer play the lottery every week?

2. What did you say to your wife the day you thought you were going to win the lottery? What would be the signal to indicate that they had won the lottery?

3. What did the woman do when she saw her husband in a luxurious car from a distance?

4. What had really happened?

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What causes autism spectrum disorder?

We don't know exactly what causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There might be several causes, including brain development and genetic factors.

We do know that ASD isn't caused by anything that parents do or don't do while raising their child.

Brain development and autism spectrum disorder

In children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the brain develops differently from typically developing children.

The brains of these children tend to grow too fast during early childhood, especially during the first three years of life. And the brains of babies with ASD appear to have more cells than they need, as well as bad connections between the cells.

Too many connections between brain cells
A young child's brain is developing all the time. Every time a child does something or responds to something, connections in the brain are reinforced and become stronger. Over time, the connections that aren't reinforced disappear - they are 'pruned' away as they're not needed.

This 'pruning' is how the brain makes room for important connections - those needed for everyday actions and responses, like walking, talking or understanding emotions. This pruning doesn't seem to happen as much as it should in children with ASD - so information might be lost or sent through the wrong connections.

The lack of pruning might also explain why the brain seems to be growing faster in children with ASD than in children with typical development.

Genetics and autism spectrum disorder

In some families, there seem to be more people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than in others. This suggests that genes might be one cause of ASD. Evidence for this idea has been increasing over the past few decades.

It's unlikely that there's one specific gene that causes ASD. Rather, it might be that several genes combine and act together. Researchers have found many possible genes that might play a role in the development of ASD. But they don't yet understand what causes ASD or increases children's risk of developing it.

It's also possible that different gene combinations might explain the differences seen in ASD - for example, why one child is more sensitive to sounds than another.

ASD can also happen together with other genetic conditions. This is called comorbidity.

One example of a gene identified in people with ASD is 'neurexine 1'. This is a gene we all have, and it's important for communication within the brain. Problems (or 'disruptions') in this gene are a known problem in ASD. But because the disruption by itself is not enough to cause ASD, this is an example of how multiple factors might be involved in causing ASD.

Other factors and autism spectrum disorder

Recently several factors have been linked to an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD):

  • older parents
  • poor growth of the foetus in the womb
  • lack of oxygen when a baby is born
  • exposure to air pollution during pregnancy.

Also, external factors might trigger ASD in a child who is already genetically prone to developing the condition

In this video, you will find tips and tricks for wrapping children's gifts this Christmas. Sometimes the most complicated thing when making a Christmas gift for children is not to buy it, but to wrap it. You already know that children are often conquered by the eyes, so the gift wrapping is essential to succeed.

We explain how you can wrap the gift quickly, what to do if the gift has a 'strange' shape or how to make a beautiful and colorful bow. Don't miss out on those ideas! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Meaning of the name Fabriciano. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Fabriciano. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Attested as cognomen in a Roman inscription at Ostia. It owes its diffusion as a baptismal name to Saint Fabriciano, Spanish martyr

Derived from Fabricius with the patronymic suffix -anus.

August 22nd


  • Fabio Capello, Italian soccer coach (1946)
  • Fabio Cannavaro, Italian footballer (1973)

Fabriciano name coloring page printable game

Fabriciano: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Fabriciano name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Fabriciano coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Fabriciano name to color and print