Mars's Pregnancy Manifest: 32-36. week - Cauliflower to round

Mars's Pregnancy Manifest: 32-36. week - Cauliflower to round

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Is there a place for digital gadgets in toddler life?

Is there a place for digital gadgets in toddler life?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a small aged child to have a smart phone or tablet in their hands. But how much do these tools have in the lives of so many older children?

Is there a place for digital gadgets in toddler life?How much good do they do if we let them use smart gadgets? How does the device go into the child's world? your first time Jean Piaget psychologists have suggested that children's brains are like a clean sheet, they think smoothly, and images of the world are based on what they are about their parents, their parents. "Based on this, the appearance of smart devices and gadgets in our lives is not an easy thing to do, but something that is put into their world by those who care about them," dr. Bernschьtz Marria, Generation Research Associate Professor, Department of Management and Business Economics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Parental responsibility in parenting

According to experts, the youngest, alpha-generation members are born into a world where there is no offline childhood anymore, but they are the actual Internet generation whose communication and life are affected by new devices. After 2009, touch screen communication is becoming so widespread that, besides seeing and hearing, kinetic, tactile channels are important, and communication with the fingers is also a priority. - With the change of communication channels it is also transformed into a stimulus for children as well as the offline world. If the child sees that the parents are using the tools, his or her baby boy will target them and get used to it regularly, the expert said.

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According to the generation, just now parental responsibility high in child use, media consumption (see MOMO phenomenon), especially in toddlers: if you constantly find that parents have smart devices in their hands, they will want to use them themselves. - Because this generation is very young and their parents could experience offline childhood, so for now nor can we tell how it will affect their adult age early use of smart devices, the expert said.

We are still unable to process the content

On the other hand, there is a lot of information about the biological impact of a baby on children: according to Canadian brain research Children under the age of 2 should generally not such tools and the content that can be accessed on them, because the neural connections that need to process the content broadcast by the donors have not yet been developed. According to, according to American researchers, children under the age of 2 years use the Internet for 42 minutes a week, whereas children ages 2-4 are more than 2 hours a week. Domestic research conducted by Vera Konok in kindergarten has revealed that 50-70% of schoolchildren, 3-6 year olds, go online at home - we found out about these in the car. or when you want to book them. According to the expert, it is worth paying attention to that in the evening hours, before bedtime we don't like screen viewing - whether you are on a tablet or on the television - because the content you see on them is a very powerful stimulus to the eye and to the sensation that awakens children. - If a child is under 2 years of age, he / she will not be able to process them at all, even though a 3-4 year old is only able to process some of the stimuli, but his / her mood is very strong. If they are so tossed and sprinkled in the evening, it will be very difficult to put them to sleep, he explained.

Devices can also cause anxiety

Pethх Orsolya the psychologist proved that the attention of the schoolchildren was high 30 minutes of tool usage can be very damagingand this szorongбstand depressziуt can also do it. And the result is that the use of smart devices and the content they provide are capable of creating a dependency similar to chemical agents, even in the short term, Tari Annambria And other domestic psychologists have also affirmed. - We who live offline, these tools, the Internet and without the social media, have learned how to handle online content. However, for children who can get it permanently, this is a very difficult task. Because their parents, who are mostly - Generation Y, have information skills, we know how many good things the New Way can do to help them think about limiting it for their children. In my opinion, however, we need to try to think 10-15 years ahead, as we do not yet know what effect this will have on the children in the future, says Bernschьtz Märria.

When did you recommend using?

The expert was also asked about the use of smart devices by children from the age of many. According to him, based on American research 6 years card keep this good and in this age rather educational content suggest consumption that teaches math, language, different recognition games, and school-focused content, for example. According to the recommendations, at this age, about 1 hour a day could be given to children. . This means that the child can consume any content, which can be a problem because they are able to view any content they like multiple times. This increases the number of minutes per minute, while they can be overwhelming with excitement and different stimuli, including stressful content that increases anxiety, says Generation Research.

Restriction instead of prohibition

Parental responsibility is therefore so important with regard to parenting, as the things that a parent shows to them in this age range may be less valuable to them, such as time or quality. - It is also worth considering that the older generation is not usually valuable to the younger, nor will we be able to decide what content our children will be exposed to. THE parents should be completely bannedThis is because the child can be left out of something - he added - if we learn how to handle the tools correctly, if we get to know the child's applications, his or her toys, if we build trust between the parents and the child.Related articles on Child Development:
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Live sports on Kiseleff in summer 2012

Live sports on Kiseleff in summer 2012

Via Sport returns to Kiseleff (from Piata Victoriei to Arh. Ion Mincu street)!

Kiseleff Boulevard is no longer running! It's sports! Via Sport has arranged for us all the spaces for table tennis, foot tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball courts, football tables, bike paths. All on the boulevard. We are all looking forward to the fun and outdoor movement every weekend from June 29 to August 26, from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

For 9 weekends, Via Sport will bring back your favorite games and activities to enjoy the summer if you stay in Bucharest.

The program includes the well-known sports: basketball, soccer, ping-pong, etc., as well as endless special programs.

There will be some special actions possible thanks to the partners and sponsors Via Sport including: wall climbing, streetball, volleyball, bike trial.
In every wekend, from Friday evening, starting at 22:00, until Sunday, at 14:00, Via Sport awaits you on Kiseleff Boulevard for a whole weekend of fun, play, relaxation and competitions.

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