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What Tцkéletesanyu puree there

Children's fashion

Children's fashion has more utility and comfort than trends, you could say. However, children see what you are wearing, what other children are wearing and they want to dress the same. Here is a selection of ideas for your child to be "fashionable".

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How to choose the most useful clothing accessories for your child
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We invite you to the adventure of colors
Hand painted pastels on clothes for little ones

The child's shoes

Practical guide for parents: it's all about your child's shoes
Autumn sports shoes for the little ones
How to choose from the models of children's sports shoes
How we choose summer sports shoes for children
8 shoes for children to start school
Top sandals for children, our favorites
How do we choose children's shoes?

Spring fashion

Children's clothes: 10 fashionable items this spring
6 spring dresses for girls

Summer fashion

10 summer outfits for girls
10 summer outfits for boys
10 swimsuits for children
4 vintage summer outfits for children

Autumn fashion

Autumn accessories with style for children

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Means close to God in Arabic. His birthday: September 21st with Jonas. Jonah was a Jewish prophet who announced that King Jeroboam II of Israel would restore the country to its former borders. Beliefs also say that he has spent several days in the belly of a whale, he has since been invoked by fishermen for abundant fishing.

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How to draw a drawing of a squirrel step by step

With these simple stepsGuiainfantil You will learn to draw a squirrel and then show it to your children. In this way, the little ones in the house will have fun during their free time and will learn to draw the forest animals.

Draw the forest animals and show them to your children so that together you can paint, color and cut them out to decorate the room. With this collection of animals your child can turn his room into a real forest.

1. Take a black marker and draw the squirrel's head and ears on a piece of cardboard.

2. Now paint the face and draw the body of the squirrel.

3. Draw the four legs of the squirrel and make a circle on the body to differentiate the tummy.

4. Finally, draw a long tail and color the squirrel as you like.

Pedro Oliver. Editor of our site

How to Draw a Squirrel Easy

Allergies more likely in kids given antibiotics as babies

Do Baby Wipes Cause Childhood Allergies? Incident Report 151

11. Monsieur doudou

With his belly well bounced and his braids on the head, Mr. cuddly asks to be elected by your baby. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, it is knitted in stock jersey then filled with synthetic wadding.

Dimension: about 18 cm high.


Phildar knitting yarn, "Cabotine" quality (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Heather, Foam and Sand.

Aig No. 31/2. Synthetic filling.

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Jersey end. jacquard: repeat the 4 sts. and the 6 rows of the grid (download) taking care to cross the threads at the neck changes. to prevent the formation of holes.


A square 10 cm jersey end. jacquard, aig. No. 3 1/2 = 22 m. and 30 rows.


DOS: starts at the bottom. Go up 39 m. Ecume, aig n ° 3,5. Tric in jersey end. jacquard in increase at each end ts the 2 rows 2 fs 1 m. = 43 m. Cont. law.

At 12 cm high. early. tric .: 3 m., * 2 m. ens., 3 m. * 8 fs = 35 m. Tric. 1 row then: 4 sts., * 2 sts. ens., 3 m. * 6 fs, 1 m. = 29 m. Tric. 1 row then: * 1 st., 2 sts. ens. * 9 fs, 2 m. = 20 m. Tric. 1 row then: * 1 st., 2 sts. ens. * 6 fs, 2 m. = 14 m. On the return trip. to the end. on the approx. taking the m. 2 by 2 = 7 m.

For the head, cont. in Sand. Tric 2 rows then increase. ts 2 rows 3 fs 4 m. : 1 m. at each end and 1 m. on each side of the m. Central = 19 m. Tric. 4 rgs right, then dim the 2 rows 3 fs 4 m. : 1 m. at each end and 1 m. on each side of the m. Central. Rab the remaining 7 m.

BEFORE: same trav. only for the back.

BASE: assemble 3 m. Ecume, aig. 3.5 mm. Tric. 1 rg approx., Then cont. in jersey end. in increase at each end ts 2 rows 7 fs 1 m. Tric. 18 yards on the 17 m. obtained, then dim at each end ts 2 rows 7 fs 1 m. Rab. the 3 m. rest.

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Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

Name Dietmar - Meaning of origin

How to change a diaper in the car

0:46 min| 185,076 views

A car is one of the more discreet and comfortable places to change your baby when you're on the go. Get pointers from parents on the gear you'll need (wipes, diapers, and plastic bags) for quick and easy diaper changes.

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How to change a diaper in the car

Tip #1: Find a clean, safe surface. The trunk works best, but the front passenger seat works too

Tip #2: Be prepared – soft wipes, fresh diapers, plastic bags, spare clothes, toys

Tip #3: Make it quick

You got this!

Last updated: August 2017