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Electronic cigarette and pregnancy: what are the risks?

A real social phenomenon, the e-cigarette is on the rise! What do we know about the risks for pregnant women who would see it as an alternative to weaning? Few things, but the precautionary principle.

Many expectant moms question the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy. Today, what do we know about risks?

  • Gérard Mathern: There is no comprehensive study on the subject and that is the problem. We just know that propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and the flavors contained in the eliquide of the electronic cigarette are not dangerous to health. This liquid is neither toxic to the cells nor dangerous for the arterial system. On the other hand, the alcohol sometimes present in the liquid, even in very small quantities, is totally contraindicated for the pregnant woman because it can cause a fetal alcohol syndrome.

So you advise against pregnant women who smoke?

To each future mother to see the risks she wants to take, or not.

  • Gérard Mathern: I would always encourage a smoker-to-be to first try the classic treatments for smoking cessation, be they patches, gums or cognitive therapy ... With a prescription, the Social Security participates for 150 €, or about 3 to 4 months of treatment. Pregnancy may be the right time to start.
  • As a health professional, I can not advise a pregnant woman about e-cigarettes because I have no proof that she is safe for her and her baby. But I can not explain exactly the risks because we do not know them. On the other hand, I know they are infinitely less dangerous than tobacco. It is a question of opting or not for a principle of precaution.
  • Each mother to see the risks she wants to take, or not. My only advice for those who "vapotent" is to pay attention to the eliquid: choose one without alcohol.

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Gift bags for Christmas. Simple crafts for kids

Would you like to decorate your paper bags in an original way for Christmas? We propose a simple and fun craft to make your gifts much more special.

In this case, we teach you how to decorate paper bags with Santa Claus and the children's favorite reindeer for Christmas: Rudolph the reindeer. Find out here how to make your own gift bags for Christmas.


  • 1 paper bag
  • 1 red card
  • Colored cards
  • Crepe paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • 1 pencil and ruler
  • 1 black marker
  • Glue

1. First we are going to do the part of the Santa Claus bag. Measure the size of your gift bag and cut the red card to that size. Now, right in the middle, draw a small triangle and cut it out.

2. Find a black card and put it under the red card but on top. You have to draw a line to shape what will be Santa's belt.

3. Find the yellow card and cut out a square to make the belt buckle. Now, right in the center will be our yellow square. But first we will cut out a rectangle in the center.

4. Find the white crepe paper and cut out a total of four rectangles. One, gift, three and four… And the accordion-shaped works… like this. Tie it in the center with a thin silver cord and trim the corners of each end. Do you already know what we are doing? A paper pompom! You have to open it very carefully until it takes the shape of a pompom ... And now you have to make four of the same.

5. Next we will glue all the parts on the cardboard ... Now you just have to stick the red cardboard with Santa's pants on one of the sides of the bag.

6. Now we go with the reindeer. It is very simple! Paint the reindeer's eyes on white cardboard.

7. Now draw a semicircle on cardboard and paint in each one five black circles. They are the hooves with the horseshoe.

8. And now the ears! You also have to draw them on the cardboard, and paint in the middle of the ears, two nice hearts. It is the turn of the black cardboard. You must cut some lines with another small perpendicular, as if it were the trunk of a very narrow tree with a branch on one of its sides. Guess what ... Rudolph's horns!

10. Do you remember how we made the white pompoms out of paper? Use the same system to make this red pompom ... it will be Rudolph's nose! Do you already have it all? Well let's stick it! First the eyes ... At the bottom the hooves, one on each side ... And at the top two, our ears. We only have to place the horns of the reindeer ... and of course ... Rudolph's trademark red nose.

DIY Tiny Christmas Gift Bags

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