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Heart massage

Carrot and ginger syrup - perfect for coughing

The best way to get a chronic cough that doesn't help? Or maybe a remedy for bronchitis and an auxiliary agent for asthma? That's him. Carrot and ginger syrup - the perfect solution for coughing, cleansing the respiratory tract and facilitating breathing.

Carrot and ginger syrup - how does it work on coughing?

carrot is a widely known and cheap vegetable, rich in many vitamins and microelements. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, H, K, PP, and moreover magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and antioxidants that strengthen immunity. Interestingly - cooking a carrot does not deprive it of its valuable composition. Unlike other vegetables, cooked carrots are more valuable than the raw version - they contain more vitamin C and antioxidants.

Most people associate carrots with sight-enhancing vegetables, meanwhile vitamin A additionally has a beneficial effect on the respiratory mucosa. He is also responsible for normal immune response of T and B lymphocytes.

Few people are also aware of that carrot juice has expectorant effect, facilitates the removal of residual secretions. Additionally great strengthens and protects against illnesses, accelerates recovery.

The second ingredient in the carrot syrup formula is ginger, which is recommended for the treatment of colds. It helps with pharyngitis, strengthens and allows you to remove accumulated mucus. In addition, it shows anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

There is also honey, known for its own antibacterial and antiviral properties. Called a natural antibiotic.

For what cough carrot and ginger syrup?

  • for wet cough
  • chronic,
  • in bronchitis and pneumonia
  • for cough difficult to treat.

How to prepare carrot and ginger syrup?

  • half a kilo of carrot - preferably from a reliable source,
  • a tablespoon of chopped ginger,
  • water,
  • 4 tablespoons of honey.

Peel, wash and cut the carrot into small cubes. Then cook on low heat (add enough water to cook the carrot, add if necessary). When the water boils, add the ginger. Cook until the carrot is soft. Strain, pouring water into another pot. When it cools down and is lukewarm, we add honey to the water (we wait until the water is lukewarm, so that all the properties of honey are maintained). In a second dish, mix previously strained, cooked carrots. Finally, combine the contents of two dishes - adding honey and water to the mixed carrot.

We drink 3-5 teaspoons a day until the cough stops.

The effects are usually visible very quickly, the second day after syrup administration.

Why is it worth trying?

Is it healthy to use room deodorants during pregnancy?

Games with sand

Games with sand

Games with sand

Between 6 and 12 months, your baby is a follower of discoveries. Every day, he progresses in his learning and he loves materials like sand that give him new sensations. At the beach and at the park, play dragging these facetious little grains between your fingers and make sure to provide him with toys that he can grab or throw. Construction cubes or small plastic balls are good playmates, as they should distract him from throwing sand at him and so avoid getting into his eyes.

Cast in the ovis ageWhy do they need to play? Is it better together or alone?

Your child is unique! Find out what activities suit them

The cognitive ability of your child is described by a set of abilities, talents, mental skills, which Gardner calls intelligent (Learn more about Multiple Intelligence Theory, Howard Gardner, 1983).

All normal individuals possess each of these intelligences to some extent. What sets them apart is their degree of development and the unique nature of their combination.

It is very important that parents and educators encourage children to form their own individuality, defined by the unique combination of multiple intelligences.

Here are signs specific to each intelligence and some ideas of suitable activities:

Verbal / linguistic intelligence

Specific signs:

The child has a high affinity for activities that involve the use of different intonations, as well as words with multiple meanings; he likes puzzle games and riddles. He enjoys stories, he likes to read and to tell; he even likes to write his own creations.

Suitable activities:

Read with your child, encourage him to read alone and then tell what he has read and recite the poems. Make them as many books as possible, create a habit of going to libraries and libraries together, as well as to theater and film.

Encourage him to create his own poems or stories.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

Specific signs:

The child shows a special interest in games involving numbers and mathematical operations, solving logic problems, rations, successions of operations.

Suitable activities:

Give your child an abacus, encourage him to draw or paint figures, propose simple games that involve basic logical reasoning.

Includes joint activities, puzzle games, construction games and table games that stimulate thinking, reasoning.

Give them opportunities to experiment, to discover the universe that surrounds it (various objects, toys). Involve him in domestic activities.

Visual / spatial intelligence

Specific signs:

The child proves talent in drawing, painting, modeling; shows a special preference for games and toys that stimulate their visual artistic skills (understanding colors, lines and shapes).

Suitable activities:

Give your child tools for drawing, painting, modeling, photography, as well as albums and art books.

Go to museums, art galleries together.

Encourage him to develop his own style, to take profile courses.

Musical / rhythmic intelligence

Specific signs:

The child shows a special inclination towards sounds, music, musical instruments.

Suitable activities:

Give your child opportunities to listen to different styles of music.

Provide CDs / DVDs and a DVD player.

Encourage him to take music lessons, learn to play an instrument, play favorite songs.

Kinesthetic / bodily intelligence

Specific signs:

The child demonstrates athletic abilities, likes sports activities.

Suitable activities:

Give your child opportunities to experience all kinds of sports activities (athletics, tennis, soccer, volleyball, dance, swimming, etc.).

Organize mountain trips together, championships on various sports, bike rides, rollers, etc.

Interpersonal intelligence

Specific signs:

The child has special social skills, is extroverted, is popular with children, demonstrates empathy and leadership.

Suitable activities:

Encourage him to participate in group games, discussions and debates and discover the performing arts.

Get him involved in family games.

Intrapersonal intelligence

Specific signs:

The child is introverted, very independent, finds himself motivated to carry out various activities, takes the initiative.

Suitable activities:

Provide an environment suited to his personality, give him opportunities to play alone.

Encourage him to keep a journal.


Name Elliane - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Eliane himself from Elijah, the name Elliane comes from the Hebrew terms el and ish meaning "God is my salvation" or "Yahweh is God".


No Elliane known so far, your treasure will be maybe?

Eliane is the original version of Elliane. Here is a female celebrity so named: Eliane Maghan, cellist.

His character :

Even small, Elliane is a free spirit and is independent. Dedicated and passionate, she gives without counting for those whom she cherishes the most. She will very early show courage, perfectionism and a gift for the organization in all its learning. Thanks to her qualities, she will grow quickly and succeed in school. His critical mind and his rectitude will later make him an assertive and complete personality.

His sincerity will earn him the loyalty of his many friends. Elliane is also extroverted and loves to surround herself with her band. Affectionate, Eliane needs tenderness and love to blossom fully. It combines self-confidence and determination. As soon as she starts an action, she perseveres to the end. Enthusiastic, she will put her heart into the work if she is motivated, be it studies, hobbies or responsibilities that will be entrusted to her.


Eliana, Marie-Eliane, Elianah, Elyanne, Elyane, Héliane and Héliannah.

His party :

The name Elliane is celebrated on July 20th.

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I have a dairy cow. Children's song in English

Guiainfantil presents a selection of the bestnursery rhymes in english recommended by parents. With this English version of the dairy cow song you can encourage children to learn this language.

Songs in English are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps stimulate the little ones while they are having fun.

I have a dairy cow

it's not just any cow

she gives me condensed milk

for the whole week

clang clang, clang clang,

I have a dairy cow

it's not just any cow

she grazes in the meadow

and lies in the shadow

clang clang, clang clang

I have a dairy cow

it's not just any cow

she gives me condensed milk

what a funny drink

clang clang, clang clang

I have a dairy cow

it's not just any cow

She makes me cherry feet

I can't believe my eyes

clang clang, clang clang

And if you or a family member knows another children's song, do not forget to send us to: NEW CHILDREN'S SONG!

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Questions and Answers About Mongolian Baby Spot

Questions and Answers About Mongolian Baby Spot

The baby's Mongolian spot has little to do with Down syndrome, although the name may generate some confusion. Its name is due to the fact that it is frequent in the eastern population. In Mongolia, in fact, it can be seen in up to 90% of newborns. Here we reveal more about this skin lesion.

What is its scientific name?

Congenital dermal melanosis.

How is?

It is a bluish-grayish spot, of variable size (1-20 cm), and round or oval in shape. Its color is due to an abnormal accumulation of melanocytes.

Where is it located?

Typically, it is located in the lumbosacral region and / or buttocks. Other less frequent locations: back, shoulders, scalp, extremities.

When does it usually appear?

It is often present at birth, although it can also appear during the first two weeks of life.

In what type of children is it most common?

As we discussed before, it affects 90% of oriental children, 80% of black children; 40% of Latin Americans; and less than 10% of European children.

What is its evolution?

Over the first two years it tends to grow. Later, it tends to clear up.

Should we treat the Mongolian stain?

It is not usually accurate, given its natural evolution towards spontaneous resolution. In unusually persistent cases, laser therapy has been used.

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At Home with Your Newborn. Skin Conditions