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Meaning of the name Berónico. Name for boys

Wine, poison or medicine

Wine has been a part of the world's culture since its inception. There are many legends about the birth of wine. The Persian one shows how the must was considered poison first, then medicine.

Wine has been a part of the world's culture since its inception. There are many legends about the birth of wine. The Persian one shows how the must was considered poison first, then medicine.
In the space between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, where the Ark of Noah is supposed to have come, wine has been around for thousands of years. In modern Georgia, on Mount Ararat, the one on which Noah took refuge, archaeologists have found clay pots in which wine is kept.
They are more than eight thousand years old. In ancient times, the most popular drink was wine. Moreover, doctors considered it even healthier than water. They recommended it as antiseptic or revitalizing. Viticulture arrived in Greece in 2000 BC. Romanians then borrowed many of the Greeks' skills. One of these is viticulture. This "loan" could be said to have been "bundled" with a "bonus". This "bonus" was the God of Wine. Dyonisos of Greece became Bachus in Romani. The Romanian army had its own wine, which was kept with great godliness and respect. The centurions wore a vial as a sign of authority.
There is an interesting story that relates the discovery of wine. It is said that in Persia, after the grapes were sprinkled, the must was taken in large vessels to King Djemshid's cellar. The must began to ferment and the king's slaves, who secretly drank that juice, fell asleep into the cellar. During the night, carbon dioxide was released from the juice and they died. Thus it was thought that the must becomes poisonous after it is stored. Therefore, the king has separately deposited what he considers to be a new poison for prisoners sentenced to death.
Soon, one of the slaves wanted to commit suicide, went into the cellar, drank a glass of fermented juice and waited. As the signs of death were not installed, the slave took another glass. It made him feel better, and at the third glass he fell asleep. After a day's and a night's sleep he woke up invigorated. This is why the king found out, he also tasted the wine, he liked it and called it "the medicine of the king".
Source: National Journal

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The greedy giant. Stories for children

Stories are great tools for educating children. Also to promote skills in them, such as reading comprehension, which will later be very useful in learning other subjects.

'The greedy giant' is a story that transmits values ​​to children. He explains to them how to solve problems with the help of others, with solidarity and collaboration and above all that the 'apparently smallest' can actually be the most valuable.

Once upon a time a grandmother who lived with her three granddaughters. The three girls helped with the housework because of the affection they felt for their grandmother.

One day their grandmother told them that as soon as each of them finished their housework, they could go down to the cellar to have a snack of bread with honey. Shortly after, the youngest of the three sisters finished her work and went to the winery. As soon as he arrived, at the door and without entering, he heard a voice singing:

- Little one, little one, don't come here, it will work, it will ...

-Where did that voice come from? The little girl wondered, and decided to enter. Zas !! At that same moment, the giant Greedy put it in a sack and closed it.

After half an hour, the middle sister finished her work and told her grandmother that she was going to have bread and honey at the cellar.

"Okay," Grandma said, "and by the way tell your sister that she's taking too long to come home.

-Very good grandmother, I'll tell you. As soon as he reached the door of the cellar, just before entering, he heard a voice singing:

-Mediana, medianita, don't come here, it will work, it will ...

-Who's there? The girl asked, and although she did not hear an answer, she decided to enter. Zas !! Again the giant Greedy locked the middle sister in the sack with the little one.

After noon, the grandmother approached the older sister and asked

-Aren't you finished yet?

-I'm short on granny, I'm coming.

-Do me a favor, leave it already, come to the winery to see what your sisters are doingIt is getting very late ... And so he did, but when he got to the door of the cellar he could hear someone sing:

-Major, older, do not come here, will tralará, tralara ... With all curiosity he approached and Zas !!! The three sisters ended up in the Greedy giant's sack.

With all the worry in the world granny went out to look for her granddaughters, and when he reached the door of the cellar he heard singing:

-Grandmother, grandmother, don't come here, it will work, it will ...

-Oh my God, my girls, surely that Greedy giant has caught them ... - Well, the grandmother already knew the evil giant.

She ran and ran for help but found no one, and sitting on a rock crying for her granddaughters, a wasp approached him to ask:

-Old lady, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?

-My granddaughters, the Greedy giant has kidnapped them, my poor children.

-Don't worry granny, that wicked will get what he deserves. Immediately the wasp warned all her friends of the swarm, and with an attack voice they shouted:

-Let's go for that evil giant, we have to give him what he deserves, Forward companions !!!!

At the moment that the Greedy giant left the cellar on his way to the forest, all the wasps began to peck him nonstop. He ran out fearful of the pecks and forgetting the bag right there with the three little girls.

The girls were able to save themselves from the clutches of the greedy giant thanks to some very clever wasps. Finally, the grandmother and her three adorable granddaughters went home to have a delicious bread with honey for a snack.


This story has been sent by Raquel Fernández Pérez (Spain)

We help you reflect with your child on the story you just read. Help yourself with these questions and enhance your child's reading comprehension as you talk to ñel about the message this story is trying to convey.

1. What did the three sisters do when they finished their work?

2. What happened to them when they arrived at the warehouse?

3. What did the girls' grandmother do when she realized that the giant had trapped her granddaughters?

4. How did the grandmother save her granddaughters?

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Scheduled sex for conception

Sex programmed to conceive a child is a method adopted by many couples. Many couples turn to planned sex for conception after trying to have a baby for more than 6 months - one year.

The best days to get pregnant

There are a number of factors that affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Age, medical history, general health, lifestyle and other factors affect a woman's chances of conceiving.
You cannot have complete control over these factors. The most important factor that affects the chances of getting pregnant is something that can be controlled by you and your partner: the time and frequency of sex during the fertile "window".

What is the fertile window?

The fertile window is composed of the days of the menstrual cycle in which pregnancy is possible. The length of this fertile phase is determined by the maximum life span of your partner's sperm and egg. Sperm can survive up to five days in fertile cervical fluid and your egg up to a day.
Your theoretical fertile window is six days, that is five days before ovulation and one day of ovulation itself. You have the chance to conceive only when you have sex these days.
This means that it is technically possible to get pregnant as a result of sex on any of these six days. Basically, however, your chances of getting pregnant increase dramatically if you have sex two days before and on ovulation day. The fertile window, realistically speaking, is practically three days.

This is an ideal situation, but it is not essential to restrict sex to a day or two before the day you think you will ovulate. The exact moment when a woman will ovulate in a certain menstrual cycle is very difficult to predict.
It depends in part on the length of the menstrual cycle, although recent studies have shown that the window of ovulation can vary more than once, even if the menstrual cycle is regular. This is why fertility experts recommend having sex every two to three days during your menstrual cycle, without focusing solely on the days when you think you will ovulate.

How do you find ovulation day?

Some women are very aware of the period when they ovulate. Other women do not notice any visible change. If you want to get pregnant, you need to be very careful about the changes that occur in your body that can tell you when you are approaching ovulation.

They can start three weeks before your next menstruation comes and include:

  • More abundant, more fluid and whitish vaginal discharge
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Mild discomfort in one side of the abdomen
  • Breast pains
  • A slight increase in basal temperature, detectable if you take your temperature every morning after you wake up, specifies for the next two days after you ovulate. You can thus find out your menstrual cycle if you keep track of the basal temperature for a few months.

You can find out the fertile period by using the fertility calculator or by subscribing to the personalized fertility newsletter.

Irregular menstruation and fertile period

The more irregular the menstrual cycles, the more difficult it is to predict ovulation. However, if you ovulate, it means that having sex two or three times a week is a great chance to conceive.
Most women have 12 menstrual periods a year, but some women have less than one or more. Stress, excessive exercise, weight loss or weight gain can all temporarily stop menstruation.
Suppose that your menstrual cycle is in one month 28 days, then 21 days and then 32 days. Keep track of your menstrual cycles for several months. It drops 17 from the shortest cycle and 11 from the longest. The days between the two figures are most likely fertile days.
If menstrual cycles are very irregular and have more than 35 days between them or even longer, you should consider consulting a fertility specialist to check for other causes of irregular cycles, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, decreased or excessive weight gain or high prolactin level.
What can I try again?
Most experts think that for most couples, having sex two, three times a week is enough to maximize their chances of conceiving. It is worth trying this method for at least a few months before you start planning for ovulation or consult a fertility specialist.

Sex tags for conception Irregular cycles