A story about breastfeeding when the baby has died

A story about breastfeeding when the baby has died

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Mother's dreams during pregnancy

Dreams during pregnancy reflect emotional states and therefore become more complex during this period.

If your dreams seem crazier than usual the main cause is the increased amount of progesterone and the fact that you wake up much more often while dreaming for various reasons (going to the bathroom, sitting in a more comfortable position, etc.).

The best solution is to enjoy and take advantage of your dreams to know yourself better. You can make a journal in which to write down the details of the dream and the meaning you assign.

It is advisable to share what you dream with your partner and on this occasion you can find out if the emotion of becoming a father also affects his dreams.

Specialists believe that dreams only mirror the emotional states you go through. Pregnancy is a transitional period and dreams reveal certain fears you have.

It is considered that specific tasks are specific to each trimester:

1. The first trimester of pregnancy

Anxiety related to birth and maternal instinct.

Many women dream of giving birth to an already mature child because such an image of the child is less threatening than a helpless newborn who has to care for an inexperienced mother.

Awareness that the body is changing

A woman's feelings about her body may improve or worsen during pregnancy. Pregnant women often dream of driving vehicles that are harder to operate than a car (eg truck, bus) and this reflects their perception of heavy movement.

The development of the baby in the womb of the mother is associated in dreams with the construction of buildings, which reflects the hypersensitivity of women to the enlargement of the body. As the task progresses, dream buildings become larger and larger.

Awareness of amniotic fluid

Dreams during pregnancy refer to water regardless of the theme it treats. Women dream of water because they become aware that more and more fluid is accumulating in their bellies.

2. Second trimester of pregnancy

Curiosity about the mother-child relationship

Dreams contain animals that resemble a child such as puppies or puppies. Depending on the attitude of the woman towards the pregnancy, her partner or self, the animals will be threatening or loving.

Uncertainty about one's appearance

The erotic dreams of this period suggest that pregnant women are worried about their appearance and the effect they will have on their sex lives. This type of dream encourages them by reminding them that they are still attractive.

Concern about the devotion of the partner

Sometimes women have nightmares that showcase the potential adventures of their partners with other women. Such nightmares reflect the uncertainty and mistrust that may still be appealing to the partner. That is why, most of the time, they are afraid of losing their partners.

3. Third trimester of pregnancy

Anticipating the sex of the child - future mothers often dream of the sex of the child. Some dreams may be more vague and others clearer.

Imagining the baby's face - sometimes it is possible that some women may even have nightmares about the appearance of the baby because they are afraid of inheriting an undesirable trait.

Choosing the name - usually the names that appear in dreams seem very interesting to women and in the end opt for one of them.

4. Last week of pregnancy

Impressions about the birth and the period immediately following - the birth can be represented in dreams through tunnels and corridors or by the bursting of large waters.

Waiting for the baby - birth usually appears in the dream as a process with an unknown end.

The responsibility of being a parent - if women dream that the birth lasts a long time, most of the time it happens to be so in reality. It is recommended that women calm their fear of these events and think positively. Thus, all things will seem easier.

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Name Essam - Meaning of the origin

Name Essam - Meaning of the origin
Babies' headbands or headbands can cause reflux and insomnia

Moms love to put little things on our babies' heads, right? especially when they are girls. However, if you like to wear headbands, bands, ribbons or bows on your baby's head, be very careful not to pinch or bother her little head. The Dr. José Eduardo de Souza, Brazilian osteopath, wrote in his profile of Facebook, an experience that he had in one of his consultations, and that has generated a great discussion. According to him, the use of these accessories on the baby's head can cause gastroesophageal reflux and insomnia.

The headband is an accessory used by parents and it seems harmless to us, but the osteopath says that it is necessary to observe the behavior of babies when they use this type of accessory on the head. If the baby sleeps poorly after using it, and that coincides with a reflux symptom, it is best to stop putting it on the baby. He recalls that 'the bones of the head of babies move from birth and are formed little by little. Different fatigue factors can alter your movement and flexibility. And one of these factors may be the headbands. '

The osteopath recommends that when parents want to put headbands, ribbons, bands or whatever on their baby's head, they give preference to those that are very soft or that do not compress their small head. As for the ties, he says it is the one that can cause less discomfort to the baby, "but do not insist if your baby does not want to use it, the root of his hair may be more sensitive."

According to the osteopath, there are studies that correlate the problems with the use of these accessories. These studies support that the occipitomastoid (suture of the skull between the occipital bone and the mastoid portion of the temporal bone) can suffer compression due to the use of a tape. The vagus nerve (responsible for many sensory and motor responses - muscular - of the intestine.), Passes very close to this place, more precisely the jugular foramen, and can alter its function, generating the symptoms presented by the baby.

In the case of your baby having some of these symptoms due to the misuse of tapes, according to the specialist, you just have to stop using it and the symptoms will disappear. In more insistent cases, they should seek the guidance of their pediatrician.

Indeed, there are parents who put very tight ribbons and bands on the baby's head, to prevent them from falling. And many times, they do not understand why the baby cries, is irritated, upset or cannot sleep, because they do not relate these symptoms to the misuse of these accessories. It is important to be very careful what you put on babies' heads because in the same way that it can cause ailment, they can tear them off and hang themselves. When buying this type of accessory for the baby, opt for delicate fabrics that do not tighten. Comfort and safety are the ideal recipe for when parents go to buy any clothes or accessories for their baby.

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Mars's Pregnancy Manifest: 32-36. week - Cauliflower to round

Mars's Pregnancy Manifest: 32-36. week - Cauliflower to round

So far, I have found that witchcraft fundamentally changes women's souls. For example, I am much thicker and more sensitive. Yes, I confess now. Heels in dog advertisements, in the tale of the little mermaid, when lovers can't be alone and

Fodor Marcsi (36) Newbie, editor
Fйrje: Zsolt Batki (36) Communication Specialist
His children:Bornborough (7,5), Borsica (6)
Eight years ago, I believed that this incredible sensitivity only lasted nine months through the most hormonal influences, so I encouraged myself, and then passed away with the baby, but it would be late in breastfeeding.
But as the years went by, I had to realize that something clicked inside me and I would never again be the rational woman I was before. So far, I didn't worry much about it. Even after all, in the female role, I thought, and I accepted myself as such.
However, I did not think that the third pregnancy would move me completely new and never before to dead-end mountain ranges and valleys, and to a full extent reversed from the old.
Already in my childhood, I noticed that pregnant teachers were not good because it was much harder for us to get out. They are more rigorous and more disciplined. But I've always rocked myself in the belief that pregnancy affects me completely. I'm fine and feminine, not fierce and aggressive.
But my husband has warned me many times lately that I am much more impatient at home. I quickly get upset and find it difficult to wear if something goes wrong the way I want it to.
Initially, I reassured myself that it was no wonder I was tense. I work hard, I sleep a little, and my great-grandmas are not always angels. That is, it is perfectly legitimate for me to raise my voice from time to time. But it didn't take long, I had to realize that the situation was much worse.
Because there are two people in my soul these days, and here I am not thinking about tummy tuckers at all. I have a rational brain that knows that my reactions are completely abnormal in certain situations. On the other hand, I can't control it, and in vain, I am unable to control myself.
All of this culminated in a Viennese getaway when I went to visit with my brother, the children, and the Sorghum, which, according to Hungarian custom, was made with a bit of revenue.
The scandal erupted when I found the net of my dreams and desires in the Austrian baby shop, which I had been researching for six months in vain in Hungary. Fish-head pacifier. I was happy to show my boyfriend the pamphlet, who at that moment stated emphatically that you could not. Our son is not a play baby, he is not a rocker and he is specifically pushed by a fish head in a baby's mouth.
If I wanted to be honest, he said this before, I just didn't want to hear it. It didn't matter, because basically I don't want to give so much to my son's mouth. All this at home seemed like a good thing to me. But there and then I had to realize - my boyfriend doesn't smile. Very serious and determined.
And then I did something that I had not seen in my early days. Pouting, I ran out of the store. At that time, the situation did not seem catastrophic, so we went on. But back in the car, my lips began to sneak and I was unable to stop. In the midst of it, I was farther and farther away from the subject of my baby, my desires and my dreams, and by the time I was released, I felt like Harry Potter was out in the world, where the dementors were losing all their life. The sun is shining, there is no worldly love, I am alone and I will never be able to smile again.
My dad didn't understand what that big buzz was. Where did their smart, rational wife with whom she could talk about everything go? How do we get into this situation? And in general, why am I fucked for a stupid dummy?
Needless to say, I successfully ruined everyone's doodle, and because we couldn't go back, my son listened to it for weeks, after all, that I didn't have anything else to do, and what a soulless person he was pregnant with.
The strangest thing about the whole thing was that I didn't understand why he was getting into it. Never before had she been interested in what clothes I give my girls what their shoes look like and what their hair looks like. Why is this boy so different?
Many, many conversations had to take place to find out, son. Because he thinks the externalities of the family are also born, and people like him, and it is very important for him to give him the right male pattern, which starts here with cumin. And I had to accept that.
- Initially, I thought my mood changes were caused by the small testosterone in my body - because this kid inside just produces all kinds of hormones that my body is used to. But Doctor Ambrus says the explanation is much simpler.
- Most pregnant mothers are already sleeping badly, waking up several times, more tired. This is compounded by the mental strain that comes on your baby as you are born, as all expectant mothers are afraid of changing their lives. All this is undeniably a great physical-mental stress factor that is difficult to process. Unfortunately, science cannot do much at this time. Although magnesium for tension also soothes the nerves, it is not advisable to take it after week 36, as it will also weaken future cobwebs. This is when yoga, meditation can come into play, or even a good friendly or mature couple can help with the tension.
Marcsi's doctor, dr. Zoltán Ambrus is a midwife, Medicover

Esmaragda: origin and meaning of the name for girl Esmaragda

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Esmaragda.

Spread by Saint Smaragdo, martyr in Rome (4th century)

It comes from smaragdus: "emerald".

March 16 and August 8


  • Regina Strinasacchi, Italian violinist (1764-1839)
  • Reyna Pastor de Togneri, Spanish-Argentine historian (1931-)

Drawing of the name Esmaragda coloring page printable game

Esmaragda: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Esmaragda coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Esmaragda coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Esmaragda name to color and print

75 Rare Girl Names that are Simply Stunning - NAMES and MEANINGS!

Side effects of chewing gum for children

Chewing gum is one of the most consumed sweets in the world and one of the most popular. No one or almost no one has ever resisted chew that gum with different flavors, to make big balloons or to stretch it with your fingers, especially in childhood. Acts that deviate from what is socially accepted as polite, but which are difficult to resist.

However, before our children get used to chewing gum and see it as something everyday and normal, it is important that we know what contraindications it has to take this treat.

The United States is one of the countries that consume the most gum in the world, but there are few corners of the world that this chewing gum has not reached. Far from the child likes to eat gum because of the taste or distraction, If you do it regularly, you risk certain side effects:

1. According to studies, those who chew gum regularly are more prone to eating junk food.

2. Produces gas and other gastrointestinal problemsChewing gum makes your child take in more air, so they can suffer from pain, bloating, and excessive production of stomach acid.

3. Diarrhea: some chewing gums contain sweeteners, sorbitol, xylitol, lanolin, aspartame, titanium oxide ... all of them toxic ingredients to which we expose children and which cause, among other ills, decomposition.

4. Jaw overload: Although chewing gum serves to relax the temporomandibular joint, if it is done in excess, it produces the opposite effect and can overload it.

5. Cavities: many chewing gums contain sugar, which remains attached to the tooth, and even the one that does not have it, has added flavorings that can end up causing wear on the teeth and even cavities. In addition, gum can make fillings come off teeth.

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10 Mind Tricks to Learn Anything Fast!

Wacky Beliefs Around Baby Sex: Nausea

Wacky Beliefs Around Baby Sex: Nausea

Wacky Beliefs Around Baby Sex: Nausea

Nausea makes you sign

If nausea is one of the main signs of pregnancy, it is also a sign that baby's sex can be said. If you do not suffer at the beginning of your pregnancy, you will have a baby boy ... Important morning sickness on the contrary? It would announce the coming of a girl. A little sexist, no?