10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

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Name Jean-Marc - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-Marc - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Jean-Marc is a name derived from the Hebrew "Yeo hanan" meaning "God made grace" and the Latin name "Mars" which designates the god of war.


Portrait painter and miniaturist Jean-Marc Nattier (1685-1766), actors Jean-Marc Barr, Jean-Marc Thibault and Jean-Marc Lavergne, Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée (Wild), politician Jean-Marc Ayrault, footballer Jean-Marc Valadier, boxer Jean-Marc Mormeck, presenter Jean-Marc Morandini ...
What future for your little one?

St. Mark is the author of the Gospel according to Mark. In reality, he was born John, but later inherited the name Marc as a nickname. He is one of the first to be converted to Christianity by St. Peter. He died and became a Christian martyr on April 25 after being captured by idolaters. He is the patron saint of secretaries, notaries and clerks. Saint Mark is symbolized by a winged lion.

His character :

Under his appearances of imperturbable person, even even inaccessible, Jean-Marc is someone of very generous and sensitive. A reserved nothing, he does not appreciate the crowd, but will be satisfied with a circle of limited friend. Very attracted by art and nature, he likes the outdoors and traveling.


Jean, Marc, Marcou, Marco, Gianmarco

His party :

The Jean-Marc are celebrated on April 25th.

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A study reveals the opinion of teachers about the reality and needs of new teachers. The report indicates that the work with the students of now it's gotten more complicated due to the new social realities that a teacher has to face.

Immigration or new values ​​are, for Noelia Álvarez, author of the report, some of the causes of the change in social reality that a teacher has to face. In the presentation of the study, in which almost 2,000 teachers, both from public and private education, were interviewed, it was concluded that the teachers are satisfied with their teaching, although they are concerned about difficulties, such as discipline and control in the classroom they have to teach.

55.5 percent of teachers think that today's students are worse, both in knowledge and behavior. It is harder for them to learn, attend, and sit still. On the other hand, the report also concludes that students have other values ​​that they did not have before, such as greater capacity for teamwork or control of new technologies. The report The situation of new teachers It was published by the SM Foundation, in collaboration with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI). Its organizers: - Leoncio Fernández. Director of the SM Foundation. - Álvaro Marchesi. Secretary General of the OEI and coordinator of the report. - Noelia Álvarez. Author of the report.

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Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance Official Version

Facebook for parents - what are you up to?

Facebook for parents - what are you up to?

Breathing in pregnancy

Breathing in pregnancy

32 WEEKS PREGNANT Shortness of Breath!

The mintage of the "5 Seconds" rule has hit

Don't give the little one food on the ground if you are in a dirty place, even if you have managed to get it out of the ground quickly. We'll tell you why.

The mintage of the "5 Seconds" rule has hit

The ъn. The "5-second rule" is an old mint that says you can eat what you have on the floor when you put it on the floor for a second. However, according to a recent study it didn't matter how long it was the fineness on the ground, the bacteria still had the chance to get through the food. that bacteria need time to wake up and have a naughty presence after it has fallen on the floor. According to popular mistake, this is a time window of five seconds. this mint is going to ruinbecause no matter how much time the food has spent on the floor, tens of seconds are enough to prevent the infection from happening, "says the research leader. Donald Schaffner.In the course of the research, the specialists tested different surfaces: stainless steel, ceramics, wood and carpet, as well as different varieties of food: melon, bread, buttery bread. They see what happens when the food is on the ground for less than one second, five seconds, 30 and 300 seconds, and it encounters bacteria. It turned out that melon is the most infectious, and gum sugar is the slowest. Bacteria do not have feathers, spread through moisture, and in most cases take less than one second.