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Dream about snakes. Dictionary of children's dreams

Dream about snakes. Dictionary of children's dreams

19 beautiful phrases of love and friendship from the best movies for children

In GuĂ­ainfantil we have prepared a compilation with the best love and friendship phrases of movies for children for you to read and share with your children. They are simple phrases taken from the family's favorite children's films with which we can think, reflect and show children that love is also part of the little things in life. Let's see them!

What is your favorite movie? Could you tell us a phrase of love? And, if you asked your children the same thing, what do you think they would say to you? Movies, in addition to entertaining us, serve to learn many important things and values, for example, how necessary it is to feel loved and show our love to family and friends. Surely with these love phrases from movies for children the smallest of the house understand it much better.

1. When you love someone, stay inside your heart forever
Do you remember this beautiful phrase? It is the movie 'Brother Bear' and it teaches us that that dear person will be in our hearts forever.

2. The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all
'Mulan'. No matter how difficult things are, they can always go for the better, especially if we have the support of our loved ones.

3. You are my greatest adventure
You can say this phrase from the movie 'The Incredibles' to your children. I'm also going to say it to my family with all the love in the world. What better adventure than to become a mother or a father!

4. When I see you I feel at home
'Finding Nemo'. Well yes, each one's home is where loved ones are. We're so lucky!

5. When it comes to love, even the greatest heroes seem helpless
'Tiger and dragon'. What does this love phrase from children's movies have for you? As a game, you can tell it to your children and reflect on its true meaning and on how we can apply it to our daily lives.

6. I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without having met you
Pocahontas words full of love. We love! Who else loves this children's movie as much as my family?

7. A true hero is not because of the size of his muscles, but for his heart
Reason is not lacking in Hercules. Real heroes, like children, have hearts so big they can barely fit in their chests.

8. He who never risks, usually loses the best
'Cinderella'. Risking, many times, is the best option. This is one of those quotes that we can use for our children to reflect on the need to fight for our dreams. Sometimes, getting them is not easy, but if we don't try to fulfill them we will never live them.

9. I must stop pretending to be something that I'm not
'Aladdin'. To truly love you have to be yourself. A valuable lesson for young and old.

10. There are people who are worth melting for
'Frozen. The Kingdom of Ice '. Who do you melt for? For your children, your family, your friends ... What a special way to express love!

Are you liking the compilation of love phrases from children's movies? Well, wait until you see the next batch. Challenge! Tell your kids to pick three and share them with their parents, grandparents, and best friends.

11. Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting
'Peter Pan'. Well no, we will never go far, no matter how much distance there may be between us.

12. Ohana means family and your family never leaves you nor forget you
Surely the 'Lilo and Stitch' movie is also among your favorites and that of your children. It is very funny and it is difficult not to fall in love with Stitch.

13. When I'm with you, I don't feel so alone
It will be that the children's film 'Hercules' is not so much about warriors but about true love.

14. For love, great follies are always done
'Hercules' Long live crazy things! And let's remember that there are many more types of love than romantic love: friendship, love for colleagues, family love, love for neighbors ...

15. A life without love is not a life at all
'Cinderella'. For our life to have meaning, it must be filled with love, affection and affection.

16. Life gave me a moment by your side and my heart decided that this moment would be eternal
'Tangled'. An instant that is kept in the soul as a very precious treasure. What is the moment of love that you keep most affectionately in your mind?

17. Please stay with me for ever
'Dumbo'. That is what I tell my children thinking that there will come a day, when they are older, that they will make their own lives.

18. Listen with your heart; only then will you understand
'Pocahontas'. You have to listen with your ears but you also have to do it with your heart. How much you learn from children's movies!

19. You're the best thing that I didn't know I needed
'Tiana and the toad'. Another phrase that you can say to your family.

Which of these love phrases from children's movies would you say is your favorite?

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How to give orders to children and have them listen to you once and for all

Being parents is a complicated task and nobody educates us to be one. Having a child means for adults to live with doubts, uncertainties, inaccuracies, etc. Apart from having to deal with the intrusion and the opinion of the environment. Educating our children is a challenge that we want to do our best. In we are on your side to help you. On this occasion, we help you understand how to give orders to children (and have them listen to you once and for all). Although it seems like an impossible mission, follow these tips so that it is not so impossible.

Those who are parents today will be guided above all by the educational models that they have lived in their homes. In general, the most deeply-rooted education techniques in Spain have been those that are based on punitive disciplines that are based on reproaches, insults, threats, impositions, punishments, moral sermons or comparisons. On the other hand, and in counterpoint to this type of discipline, there is another type of parents who approach the other educational extreme being excessively permissive.

The daily fatigue and routines suffered by parents mean that adults cannot even stop to think about the positive or negative effects of educational models what they use and if there are other ways of educating their children. That is why I want to talk to you about positive discipline.

Positive discipline emerges as an effective alternative to authoritarianism and permissiveness. It is based on collaboration, respect, affection, the child's autonomy, freedom of action and a positive development of the child within a healthy and happy environment.

The objective of this model is that children understand the rules which in turn will provide them with the necessary security for their evolutionary development.

This type of discipline should not be understood as an imposition of the rules, but as a means by which the child finds the 'way' to be responsible for his actions and knows that every action has its consequence. This will help you learn how to behave and act in every situation.

Learn to make requests or give instructions to your children it's one of the first things parents have to do. Always within a climate of trust and respect.

One of the most frequent difficulties is getting children to obey their parents' orders without having to repeat them ad nauseam or having to do it screaming. In fact, doing it is counterproductive because the children ignore it and the parents get tired of repeating the orders to them without any result or even the opposite result.

Parents should be educational guides and models for their children. To achieve this, it is important that adults agree to change some of their strategies or habits when educating children to get the little ones to behave as they really want them to.

To achieve this, it is important to follow some tips:

1 Choose the right moment
When an important task is to be given to the child it is important to evaluate the state in which it is. It will not be the same if he is calm than excited, or that he is receptive or defensive. Therefore, it will be necessary to allow a few moments so that the child is comfortable in the communicative situation.

2. Take care of how we talk to you
Use an appropriate tone of voice and body language so that the child understands the message. Calling him by his name, stooping to get at his height, looking into his eyes, using a soft but firm tone ... All with confidence in our own authority.

3. Be clear and precise when setting limits
In order for the little one to know exactly what to do, we must use short sentences without lecturing or yelling.

4. Few orders
Children should be given orders one at a time and without contradicting each other. If it is necessary to give more than one slogan, they must be spaced in time.

5. Always positive
Instructions must always be positive. For example, instead of saying: 'don't run around here', you should say 'around here you have to go slower'.

6. Consistency
If there is no agreement in the couple for the order given to the child, always support each other. If it is necessary to discuss something, it will be done later when the little one is away.

7. Be consistent
In order not to confuse the child and not to lose the gained authority, one must be firm in the orders given to the child. That is, if one day we tell the child to do one thing, the next day we cannot order him otherwise.

8. Let there be recognition
It is good to recognize compliance with the rule fairly. It does not consist of giving him anything material, but we can give him positive messages such as 'I am very happy for what you have done'.

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16 keys to apply positive discipline in children according to their age. We recommend applying positive discipline to children according to their age, since it is not the same to educate a baby positively than to educate your older children. This discipline can help you set limits and rules for children to reinforce the bond between parents and children on a day-to-day basis.

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Jokes of various topics for children

Don't waste any more time and tell your son a joke! Surely you are going to laugh a lot! In We have selected a variety of jokes for you to have a good time.

Laughing is great! The best remedy to cheer up, and that does not present contraindications. And if laughter is good, nothing better than sharing it with others.

There was a tomato at the bus stop and a pear arrives and says:

- Have you been a pear long?

And the tomato says:

- Noo ... I was always Tomato

On a Halloween night, two vampires met in a cave ... One asks the other:

- What is your name? To which he responds:

- Little vampire ... and you?

- My name is "Oto"

- Oto? Asks little vampire. And answers.

- Yes, "oto vampidito".

- What did one tree say to the other?
- They stood us up.

- What did one balloon say to another?
- Let's go with a blowout.

Little Red Riding Hood married Prince Charming
and they had a violet child.

What is the height of a carpenter?
His name is Armando Mesa

What is the walking plant?
The soles of the feet.

What did the moon say to the sun?
You're so big and they still won't let you go out at night ...

10 short jokes. The best jokes for children are those that have a language adapted to theirs, a simple and easy humor, and that are not excessively long. our site offers us 10 short children's jokes for parents and children to enjoy and laugh out loud. With this compilation of jokes for children that we have prepared, you will laugh a lot.

Rag jokes. Jokes amuse children and help them develop their agility and mental acuity. That is why we have compiled in a video some short jokes for children told by our mascot, Ragged Bear.

Doctor jokes. our site publishes jokes to make the whole family laugh. Jokes promote good humor, stimulate communication and fun for children. Jokes of children, animals, food, Christmas, highs, teachers, Jaimito, and many others.

Movie jokes. Jokes for kids from movies. our site offers you jokes about opens the curtain. Jokes stimulate good humor, encourage laughter, build vocabulary, and amuse children. Laughter is a basic ingredient for children's health.

Christmas jokes. Read these funny Christmas jokes for your children. Our site invites you to tell Christmas jokes, to make children and the whole family laugh on Christmas holidays and night. Jokes about Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, nativity scenes and Christmas shopping.

Teacher jokes. Selection of teacher jokes for children. Jokes stimulate children's good humor and laughter, as well as favoring their vocabulary and fun. Teacher jokes get your kids big and good smiles.

Top jokes. We offer you a selection of short high-end jokes so that you can have fun with your children. High school jokes bring good, big smiles from your kids.

Mom and dad jokes. We suggest you have a fun time with your child with the funniest mom and dad jokes for children. Jokes can be a good tool to spark laughter in children. Laughing is very good. Stimulates good humor, fun and vocabulary in children.

Book jokes. Its benefits are incalculable. Invite your child to laugh by telling him some jokes.

Children's jokes. Selection of jokes about children and for children. Children will love hearing or telling jokes in which children are the protagonists. our site has selected the best children's jokes because it considers that laughter is a great benefit for the health of children. Good mood for children.

Food jokes. The best food jokes for kids. Vegetable, fruit and other food jokes. Jokes are a good tool to spark laughter in children. Invite your children to laugh by telling them some jokes. Jokes encourage good humor, laughter, and wake up serotonin.

Animal jokes. We tell you the best animal jokes to make children laugh. Jokes are a good tool to awaken a good mood and laughter in children. our site has selected the best animal jokes for children, especially from 6 years of age, when they enter the Primary course.

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In the footsteps of 3D dinosaurs

In the footsteps of 3D dinosaurs

Release date: December 20, 2013

Huge, mysterious and often frightening, dinosaurs fascinate us all.

In the movie "In the footsteps of 3D dinosaurs" we will experience thrilling moments in the life of these amazing prehistoric creatures.

The hero is Patchi, a charming and determined animal, the smallest and most cherished. In his adventure, the little Patchi, endowed with kindness and courage, will make up for his lack of physical strength with extraordinary tenacity and will become a true leader.

In the footsteps of the dinosaurs - an extraordinary adventure for the whole family, the perfect holiday destination. From December 20, in cinemas.


How to make fairy wings with recycled material

If you are thinking of making a fairy costume for your daughter, you have to get two essential accessories: a magic wand and fairy wings. If you have stockings and hangers, we can teach you how to make butterfly wings. It is not very difficult, and with a little patience, you will succeed. For them, follow the step by step of this video tutorial.

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Many of you participated in our contest with Nuk to win 15 Listen-Baby. Quickly see the list of winners!

Many of you participated in our contest with Nuk to win 15 Listen-Baby. Quickly see the list of winners!

David S. (Vendargues)

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