Beautiful Sanskrit names for boy baby, ancient hindu boy names

Beautiful Sanskrit names for boy baby, ancient hindu boy names

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Child dermatitis

Childhood dermatitis, also known as eczema or atopic eczema, is a very common skin disease, suffered by between 10 and 20 percent of children. This eczema has different ways of presenting itself and appearing.

It can be located at different areas of the body of children, and their forms of manifestation depend fundamentally on their causes.

The most common symptoms of dermatitis are itching and rashes on the skin that cause scratching and consequently inflammation. In general, what can cause dermatitis are dirt, humidity or heat. Thanks to these three elements, the viruses, fungi and bacteria in the affected areas of the skin and, therefore, the best way to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis is to keep the skin clean, dry and well cared for.

Diaper Rash or Rashes or Eczema
It is an intense redness of the gluteal area, more frequent during the first months of life. It can be accompanied by small scratches.

Causes of diaper rash or rash or eczema
It is due to the irritant action of the urea in the urine, which is transformed into ammonia by the action of bacteria.

Treatment of diaper rash or rash or eczema
A doctor should be consulted in case of infection. Otherwise, change diapers more frequently and expose the buttocks to the action of the open air. To prevent scalding, it is advisable to apply silicone-based protective creams to the affected area.

An inflammation of the skin that mainly affects the scalp, but can spread to the face, the wings of the nose, the eyebrows and the eyelids. It is a red, itchy, and scaly rash.

Causes of seborrheic dermatitis
It is due to an overactivity of the sebaceous glands.

Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
At home you can remove the scabs with almond oil and a suitable shampoo indicated by the pediatrician. If the case is severe, the pediatrician will prescribe a steroid cream. Avoid scratching the child by cleaning the affected area well and do not keep it in contact with soaps and detergents.

An inflammation of the skin that appears between two and eighteen months of age. The skin appears red, scaly, and dry. It causes much more burning and itching than seborrheic dermatitis.

And this is the most irritating symptom since it causes scratching and insomnia, many times. Atopic dermatitis spreads to the neck, ankles, knees, and elbows, places where sweating is higher.

It is an inflammation caused by an inherited tendency, in addition to other factors such as allergy, infection, or even psychological. But there is nothing in particular as to the causes. You have to do a medical study.

To relieve the itching, the doctor will prescribe an anti-inflammatory cream, as well as other tips to help ease the symptoms of breakouts, and keep children's skin well-cared for and hydrated.

In some cases, depending on the level of inflammation in the rash, antibiotics may be necessary. At home, what can be done is to reduce contact with water, stop using soaps, and dry the affected area well and carefully. Look for the child's clothes to be 100% cotton. That is the first thing to do.

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Science experiment videos for kids

Science experiment videos for kids

Children love doing experiments because, in addition to being fun, they are a great source of learning. Experiments bring many benefits to children: they feed curiosity, stimulate reasoning, improve concentration and self-esteem, promote interest in science, improve their ability to solve problems, and much more. You will be surprised with the amount of home experiments that we can do with the children using a few materials.

You don't have to have a laboratory to do experiments, you don't even have to be a great scientist. Any child in your home, and with the help of mom and dad, can make these fun science experiments. has created a series ofeasy experiments using such common elements as water, balloons or eggs so that your children learn some scientific principles while playing.

Experiments with water for children. Experiments for children with water, in videos. In GuiaInfantil we teach you a fun way to teach science to children with these experiments made with water.

Egg experiments. Videos of science experiments for children with eggs. We suggest you carry out some simple fun science experiments at home with eggs. Fun science for kids.

Balloon experiments. Be amazed by all these science experiment videos for kids with balloons. Experiments for children with balloons, in videos. On our site we teach you a fun way to teach science to children with these experiments made with balloons.

Candle Experiments. On our site we show you how with a simple candle we can teach children various scientific principles. We teach you to create fun science experiments to learn while playing.

Fun science experiments. Here you will find experiments with water, with balloons or with eggs, to do at home with children. All the experiments have something in common: they are simple and very fun, as well as didactic and educational for children. Fun and homemade science for kids.

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First names of spring: Balder

First names of spring: Balder


This name comes from the Germanic bhaltr, "brilliant". In the Scandinavian religion, Balder is the son of Odin, god of light and spring. This name has no known holiday.

Craiasa Zapezii, LIVE representation at Grand Cinema Digiplex

Craiasa Zapezii, LIVE representation at Grand Cinema Digiplex

A few days away from the most beautiful winter holiday, Grand Cinema Digiplex invites children and parents to an exciting seasonal show. Talented actors from the "Nae Leonard" Music Theater in Galati will stage an interactive reinterpretation of the story Craiasa Zapezii, at the cinema in Baneasa Shopping City.

Exceptional scenery and impressive costumes will delight viewers on Saturday, December 15, from 11:00 am at the Grand Cinema Digiplex.

The play brings to the public myths and winter customs from various parts of the world. The little ones will be involved in performing the events on the stage and will be initiated in the music and winter dances specific to the different cultures.

The story begins on Christmas night, when the most happy little girl in the world receives a wonderful gift: a toy that will relieve her loneliness. But Craiasa Zapezii, upset that she did not receive this toy, enters the girl's house and steals the gift. The only remaining girl, the good girl goes to look for Santa and big and strong crossroads even on Christmas Eve. Along with it, children are invited to travel to Russia, Italy, Greece, America. In the end, the small spectators are the ones who decide who will remain the enchanted toy: the little girl or Craiese.

Tags Children's stories

Easter Program 2017 - Country

Easter Program 2017 - Country

My child is sleepwalking, is it worrying?

My child is sleepwalking, is it worrying?

You believe your child is fast asleep, and in the middle of the night, you find him in the living room, his eyes empty, walking around ... Strange!

Phenomenon with mysterious paces, sleepwalking often intrigues parents. To know him better avoids worrying unnecessarily.

What is sleepwalking?

  • Like the rhythm of falling asleep or night terrors, sleepwalking is part of the parasomnias group. These are not true sleep disorders, but simply disturbances in the transition of sleep phases.
  • This phenomenon is the subject of recent research. 15% of children have at least one access to sleepwalking, but 1 to 6% are, at most, between 4 and 12 years old.
  • One of the causes seems hereditary In 60 to 80% of cases, the parents themselves were subjected to these nocturnal walks.

When and how do crises occur?

  • In general, they occur one to three hours after falling asleepat the time of a very deep sleep phase.
  • Your child stands up, eyes wide open, but seems to see nothing. His face is inexpressive and his wandering slow. The episode usually lasts less than ten minutes. During the crisis, he half awakes, but his brain remains asleep. His visual perception is likely.

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    Meaning of the name Barsabás. Name for boys

    Among all the names for boys we highlight Barsabas. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

    Name of two characters from the Gospels and the name of Saint Barsabas, a Persian martyr from the 4th century

    From the Aramaic bar sabba, son of the Sabbath (Jewish holiday)

    December 11.



    Barsabás name coloring pages printable game

    Barsabás: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

    Barsabás name coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Barsabás coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Barsabás name to color and print

    30 Unique Biblical Names for Boys with meaning

    The ideal world. Children's poetry about freedom

    In our site we bet that the smallest of the house are also interested in poetry and learn through them about emotions and feelings.

    With this nursery rhyme, The Ideal World, children will be able to reflect on freedom. The author, Marisa Alonso Santamaría, invites children to feel freedom through a kite that flies without any ties. He proposes to dream about how beautiful it would be to be free.

    Do you want to fly the kite?

    Are you coming with me to dream?

    And the fairy who is awake

    with me he comes to fly.

    We travel all over the world

    with freedom through the sky,

    without rope, bundle or string

    to tie us to the ground.

    The adventure is so beautiful

    the experience is so real,

    what if we were so free

    the world would be ideal.

    To delve into this nursery rhyme and teach children to reflect on what they read and, of course, understand it, we ask you these questions for your child:

    - What does poetry talk about?

    - What is freedom for you?

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    Name Kan - Meaning and origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Kan is a unisex name that is also used for little girls. Pronounced "Ka-en", it is widely used in England. Variant of "Kahn", Kan is also a version of the English name "Kaniel".
    In the Chinese language, Kan is a variant of "Jian", a region located in Shandong Province.
    Kan is also a Czech variant of "Kán", which means "drooling".
    In Germany, Kan is derived from the surname "Konrad".
    In Dutch, Kan means "pitcher" or "pitcher".


    Kan Gao is a Canadian-born video game composer and developer and Kan Wakan, daughter of producer and music composer Crooked Waters, is an American singer.

    His character :

    During childhood, Kan is a rather quiet little boy. He is neither too agitated nor too disobedient. Quiet, he likes activities that match his personality like coloring or watching cartoons. Growing up, Kan has no trouble making friends. His friendly and jovial nature acts like a magnet on his surroundings. Very good confidant, he will know how to listen to you and keep your secrets. In his love life, he will be a loving, caring and always present companion.


    Caene, Canh, Kaan, Kaenan, Kaenen, Kahn, Kaim, Kaime, Kain, Kaine, Kam, Kame, Kasseem, Kaym, Kayme, Kayn, Kayne, Kean, Kean and Keane.

    His party :

    There is no known holiday for this name.

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    I nap with my preschooler and have zero regrets

    I nap with my preschooler and have zero regrets

    My son and I have a routine. After lunch, we wash up and head into the bedroom. He turns on his sound machine, the cats jump up onto the bed, and we all settle in.

    "Cuddle me big, please, Mommy," my son requests. I wrap my arms around him until he drifts off to sleep, and I stay with him until he wakes up. Most days I work from my phone or laptop while he's sleeping, but sometimes I sleep alongside him. In any case, I'm there, and I stay there beside him as long as he wants or needs me.

    I didn't always nap with him. In fact, co-sleeping in any form was on the top of my list of "Things I'll Never Do as a Parent" before I had a child. Yet, as most parents can attest, that list is usually decimated within a few months of the birth of your child. I look back now and cringe at how I somehow thought I knew better.

    Our co-napping started when my son was about 2 1/2 years old. We moved to a new house a few weeks after transitioning him out of his crib, and the combination of the two changes seemed to overwhelm him. One effect: despite everything we tried, he refused to nap. Monsters and skeletons were his top reasons – he claimed they all lived in his new room.

    His pediatrician suggested that he might just be done with naps, as some children are at that age. We moved up his bedtime to help with the adjustment, yet he was still tired in the afternoons. He would stay awake through his nap time and eventually he'd fall asleep on the couch, or even the floor, around dinner time, which then kept him up far too late.

    One day, out of desperation, I suggested to him that we could nap together. He not only agreed to the nap, he did so happily. As my mind scanned the list of things I could/should do if I was lucky enough to get him to sleep, every fiber of my being told me that this was the wrong move. But if he wasn't going to sleep anyway, what did I have to lose?

    He slept.

    I tried to sneak out of the room after a few minutes, but he woke up and refused to continue napping without me. So I stayed. The next day, I stayed again. After a week or two, this became routine, and it still is nearly 8 months later.

    I spent a lot of time those first few weeks resenting the naps. Nap time had been my time, a moment when I could actually sit still. True, I'd usually clean the house or work – sometimes both – but some days I'd sit on the couch and zone out to a reality TV show, simply because I could. Now that time was gone, and it felt like another piece of me was lost to motherhood.

    But that changed. One day, my son awoke from his nap and said, "Thank you for being with me, Mommy!" My heart swelled. Resentment and regret went out the window, and I've never looked back. In fact, it's become my favorite part of the day.

    I love that his tiny body fits perfectly within mine. I can wrap myself around him and it's like we were made for one another. Which, in a way, we were. I love to see his eyelashes, longer than my own, resting on top of his chubby cheeks when he closes his eyes. I kiss those cheeks softly; he's deep in slumber and barely moves under my touch.

    The gentle rhythm of his chest moving up and down is so sweet. He gets so warm, like a heater switched on high, and his hair becomes matted with a light sweat and sticks to his head. He smells sweet, though … I inhale his scent, and wonder at what age we stop smelling like babies.

    I have waited my whole life to be here, in this moment in time, when I'm a mother. His mother.

    Soon, I'll have all the time in the world again. He won't even be napping much longer. What will I do then? All the things I am worried about or convinced I should be doing tomorrow are nothing compared to what I have today: a child in my arms who trusts me completely and feels relaxed and content as he drifts off to sleep … and then he wakes up with a smile when he realizes I'm still there, wrapped up with him.

    Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

    Tom MacDonald - People So Stupid