My wife is breastfeeding and it bothers me ...

My wife is breastfeeding and it bothers me ...

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Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum

Well, this is coming together soon! The crown of a new life - part two

There are no theoretical obstacles to having a child. We gave it a half year in the head, and in that time, we just put it together. The spirit of closure has been closed, live the summer, freedom, love!

I'll reassure myself

Medical exam, check mark, everything is in the best order possible. My cycle is approx. as hebrewish as I am, but according to the technicians, with this type of hecticism, I'm still brushing off the normal category. My body is signaling ovulation, and I know which ovary is the monthly ovarian, and I have been tearing up. Years ago I left the medicine and if I look at the next important item in my list of things to do with having a kid, another tick, because there is Apajellt, who has proven it once. Hopefully it won't be a problem for us - this is my young choice doctor on my way.Yeah, that's pretty soon! While I was expecting D. to get into shape with his physical currency and enthusiasm (ie he was still raging until the end of June, I was worried about studying for at least 3 hours), course (hormone gymnastics) in my great spare time to prepare myself for the best. Elйggй shocked, I heard there: 15 nхbхl kьzdцtt 13 termйkenysйgi problйmбkkal, tъl many prуbбlkozбson, mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйsen, PCOS-sel, endometriуzissal, kimerьlt petefйszek szindrуmбval, inzulinrezisztenciбval, tъlsъllyal (in the sajбt gave termйkenysйgemben faith lost kissй, I admit) .Ott tornбztam the myself for 28 years, I didn't know what to write on the paper, why am I interested in hormone gymnastics because I don't have any curriculum ... Maybe that is it. One mankind, if we try for a long time, it is a natural help that I believe will not come together. , Diseases, and Illness at least one year ago I was eliminated from my life (life), and I was taking Pregnant Vitamin M at my doctor's suggestion. One more check mark.
July came when D. finally returned to "me" after school chase. Peace, tranquility, awesomeness, long conversations, programs in one. I don't know what happened there, but from there we became synonymous.

Йn small pimple

On the second day of our July holiday, I have a strange cry of suspicion on the 27th day of the cycle. We have survived the awakening of the lenzed individual (i.e., the well-to-do human legacy of the previous marriage, the yearling M.). I was just wondering that my little pony running on the Minimax wasn't old, but I started to look at the story with her. In the current episode, one of the bunks and the big pony is looking for help in the form of a competition between the animals. Also called an old turtle who, because not, won. I was overwhelmed by the hormones and turned to snooze D, sobbing, "now see, there is justice on the ground, because the old turtle has won." The couple - who are accustomed to being able to cry anything from men's babies to menstrual safety ads before menstruation - can only suddenly ask you to say 30
That was more than suspicious. I quickly got up and took a test for me. Peeing, pissing in the middle, glancing at me - a poke. I resigned my skirt and, just like in American movies, I had something suspicious out of the corner of my eye and got my head on the ground test. Two ranks. I run around the crime scene - who was playing with the boy in the yard - and by the time I got there, there were quite a few stings. So I had to confirm that I was not just painting…
Hilarious, cuddling, snorting upstairs for a quarter of an hour, in my former bedroom, my grandfather's dearly grandfathered (ie, already had three times as many grandparents)! D. was private, just like Jin. For it seems that the first adandou made a sale that had to be inside. We got it together pretty quickly.

"I keep a lot of stories, believe me, I'll pass on…" *

With the end of the holiday, we took the direction of Budapest, and of course we stopped at the cemetery because we always had a blossom to say to my mother before we left the hometown. Now my heart was beating hard as I approached the tiny rhinoceroses. Because who do you share first when you are expecting a baby? I was completely alone in the cemetery. I squatted beside her shoulder sobbing and told her, too, she should know that. But he knows he is very good, surely his hands are involved ...
I think she was scared with me, the sun was shining brightly on that dune, and a miracle soapstone ran past me.

Cont. kцv.
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Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools for children

Alec Baldwin: Leonardo

Alec Baldwin: Leonardo

On September 13, 2016, the wife of the American actor, Hilaria, gave birth to their third child. After Rafael, 1 year old, and Carmen, 3, that's Leonardo who comes to join the family. Alec Baldwin and his wife chose Hispanic names, Hilaria originally from Mallorca, Spain.

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EUROPAfest concerts at the EXCELSIOR Theater in Bucharest

"It's all about live quality music" - EUROPAfest concerts at the EXCELSIOR Theater in Bucharest

The EXCELSIOR theater is a co-organizer of EUROPAfest which takes place in Bucharest from May 14 to 23, 2015. Characterized by authenticity, diversity and elegance, EUROPAfest is part of the elite of European festivals, contributing with each edition to promote a positive image of Romania. in the whole world.

EUROPAfest Festival - the only festival in Europe that brings together 4 musical genres: jazz, blues, pop, classical - at the 22nd edition, takes place during the period 14-23 May 2015, presenting over 300 artists from 45 countries in Europe, but also special guests from the US, Australia, China or Japan. Since 2005, EUROPAfest has been under the High Patronage of the Royal House in Romania. Includes concerts, international competitions, recitals, jam sessions, autograph sessions, workshops.

The EXCELSIOR theater, as a co-organizer, is honored to host the Opening Concert - Spring on Jazz and Blues Notes within EUROPAfest, on May 14, at 19.00. The audience will be pleased to spend an evening with the band Turn On in Finland and the Hot Club in Bucharest in Romania.

TURN ON, band from Finland, manages to make every concert a true manifestation of strength, sound and optimism. Their mission is not only to connect with the public, but to offer a show that will turn a regular evening into a memorable one. Everything that artists create on stage is live, without compromises, just living and real joy. Artists begin their play on stage and slowly bring the audience in their own story. Component: Hemppa Sihvonen - guitar, Jarppa Mäkinen - bass, Mara Paavilainen - drums, Seppo Wahl - piano, Make Salminen - saxophone, Jukka Salmi - voice.

HOT CLUB DE BUCHAREST, adopts a distinct and energetic style of jazz, originating from the suburbs of Paris of the 1930s - "jazz jazz" or "manouche". In the 7 years of existence, the band has been appreciated for the extraordinary concerts, for the good mood and the positive energy it transmits, keeping the spirit of live music and sending the listener directly during the interwar period. Component: Malin Cristache - guitar, Raluca Stoica - voice, Alex Man - guitar, Cornel Bucsa - violin, Pavel Zurka - double bass.

In 2007, EUROPAfest included on its agenda the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, the BBC-listed among the first 3 jazz competitions in Europe. Under the slogan "100% jazz and more", the event invites the public to discover unique concepts and the best jazz musicians of the moment, "creams from creams" of the new generation from all over the world. The event promises quality Romanian jazz audiences, evenings impressed with originality, vitality, surprises and unique combinations.

Bucharest International Jazz Competition will take place at the EXCELSIOR Theater between May 16 and 18, as follows:

May 16, 7pm

JUNE TRIO - USA, South Korea

The June Trio group formed in 2013 and consists of graduates of the jazz program at the University of Michigan in the US. The trio's repertoire and performances are inspired by Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, George Benson and Bill Evans. While the June Trio explores and experiments as a group, each member performs individually and individually both nationally and internationally.

Component: June Won Choi - guitar, Samuel Copperman - bass, Austin Douglas Howard - drums


Monofunktional introduces a conglomeration of jazz sounds and well placed pop elements. Monika Zöchling captivates her audience with her nuanced voice, and Martin Zaunschirm's experimental sounds on the keyboard, along with Thomas Schwarzendorfer's mastery on the guitar, carried the band in unexpected places. The sound is balanced by Matthias Mairleitner's rhythmic drums, providing a solid frame that guarantees the perfect sound for melancholic ballads.

Composition: Ben Pascal - electric bass, Monica Zoechling - voice, Thomas Schwarzendorfer - electric guitar, Martin Zaunschirm - piano, Matthias Mairleitner - drums

May 17, 7pm

PILOT - Australia

The Pilot Band offers a jazz fusion from Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2014, their debut album contains tracks that range from jazz-rock to piano and hip hop. The band has already performed at famous venues such as the Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, and have been broadcast on radio stations in Australia, France and the USA.

Composition: Richard Butler - saxophone, Kanyakumar Shome - electric guitar, Liam Butler Webb - flaps, Brenton Foster - piano, Jack Davies - electric bass, Joshua Koop - drums

MYNAH - Italy

Mynah is a musical trio from Salento. The group was born from a jam session and soon after they found their own musical knowledge - a mix of jazz, blues, funk, drum'n'bass and latin. They started composing songs and singing in clubs in the Lecce area.

Component: Antonio De Donno - drums, Gabriele Di Franco - guitar, Federico Pecoraro - bass

May 18, 7pm

SHALOSH - Israel

Shalosh hails from New York and Israel and has impressed international audiences with their debut album "The Bell Garden" which offers acoustic, progressive, raw jazz and a multitude of musical genres. Despite the trio's jazz specificity, Shalosh's tracks carry rock, classical, electronic, African and Middle Eastern music.

Component: Gadi Stern - piano, Daniel Ben Horin - double bass, Matan Assayag - drums


The basic sound of the Zadeno band is inspired by famous artists like Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins, Mark Turner and Chris Potter, the trio aiming to create an intense and unique sound through different compositions and arrangements. The band participated in important festivals such as "Fara Sabina jazz festival" in Rome and "Jazz by the pool" in Montegrotto Terme, winning the "Prehistoric Terme" award, which included a tour in the summer of 2015.

Component: Claudio Junior De Rosa - saxophone, Alesiso Bruno - double bass, Jacopo Zanette - drums


Atom String Quartet is one of the few quartets in the world that plays jazz and, certainly, among the first quartets in Poland. They were awarded the “Moda Polska” scholarship, founded by the Polish Ministry of Culture; Grand Prix "Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa", Grand Prix offered by Jazz Melomani Society for the category "New Hope of 2010".

Component: Dawid Lubowicz - violin, Mateusz Smoczynski - violin, Michal Zaborski - viola, Krzysztof Lenczowski - cello

Tickets can be purchased from the EXCELSIOR Theater or online.

The price of a ticket to the Opening Concert and Bucharest International Jazz Competition is 32.40 lei.

More details and news about the shows and programs of the Excelsior Theater are available on Facebook and on our website //

Excelsior Theater

Tel: 021.315.97.36

Email: [email protected]

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Children's questions about turtles

Do you know how long the sea ​​turtles? And why is it said of some people: 'he is wise as a turtle'? Do not miss the answers to all the curiosities about this fascinating animal that because of man is threatened. A video specially designed for the little ones in the house to learn more about this animal.

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Myrtle the Turtle kids animated film

4 games for children to learn to dress themselves according to Montessori

NEW! Montessori At Home: Self Dressing Tips and Step By Step Directions

Ho! Ho! Ho! A little more Santa makes his appearance with his magic sled, drawn by reindeer and full of gifts. But this year, Santa makes his appearance accompanied by his musical alley! PAM PAM - musical theater band for children, composed of Pia (piano), Vio (violin) and Kito (guitar) and the playful pets Pam Pam and Bum Bum, will accompany Santa on his long journey around the world and will bring in the hearts of children and the whole family love and harmony, music and joy!

Every year the children write to Santa at least one wish, he reads all the letters and brings wonderful gifts to everyone. This year, Santa comes with a full, in steps of music, accompanied by musical instruments - piano, violin and guitar.

"Dear Santa, I wish you very much that next year, to discover the music playing a musical instrument, to decipher its magic, to love the harmony and to have many joys! The passion to sing and dance to flourish in the new year! I give you Christmas anthem played by the band PAM PAM, to accompany your steps, in the wonderful world of music! Merry Christmas everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho! ", Santa sends in the message dedicated to all children.

At the end of December, the PAM PAM band composed of Pia, Vio and Kito together with the two playful mascots, Pam Pam and Bum Bum, invites you to the theater! On December 26, starting at 11:00, you are invited to a "Musical Journey on the Wings of the Wind" at the Bucharest Christmas Fair 2016, and on December 27, also from 11:00 am and also within the Christmas Fair 2016 Bucharest , we will discover together that "In school it is like stories". Two fascinating musical shows with tasty and humorous replicas, lively and rhythmic music, original choreographies and colorful costumes. At the end of each show Pia, Vio and Kito will teach the little ones, parents and grandparents the most beautiful Christmas anthem composed by the PAM PAM troupe!

And because 2017 is approaching with rapid steps, the 3 story characters want to send all the children a message on the occasion of the Winter Holidays.

"I am Pia and I always want to smile at you! Be happy dear children! "

"I am Vio and I say to you, offer all the best! Be loving children! "

"And I wish you Kito much more zeal! Good luck and joy, to be happy children! ”.

“Music is what gives life color and unites us in everything we do! I wish you the new year to bring you more friends, along with which we will continue the adventure of educational musical performances. Together, through musical arrangements, we overcome all the obstacles in our life, we learn that in school it is like stories, that true friends exist and only by giving you will feel the magic of Christmas. Have a happy new year, full of harmony and joy! ”, Wishes Daisy, the founder of the PAM PAM troupe.

The friendship of the five characters that make up the PAM - Pia, Vio and Kito troupe, together with Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum is a model for all the big children (parents) and small children. On the stage I bring joy, longing, enthusiasm and optimism. At the performances of the PAM PAM band, the parents become children and live with the little ones the adventure of exceptional educational musical performances.

More information about the shows and the band PAM PAM, you can find on the website: and on the Facebook page.

Partners: Learn with Music, Mikokids Club, Casa Vesela, Chiristian Tour, Chiristian Hope and Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania.

Media partners:,;,,,,,,, Ioana Magazine, Today's Woman Magazine , Magic FM.