Color Songs Collection Vol. 1 - Learn Colors, Teach Colours, Baby Toddler Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Color Songs Collection Vol. 1 - Learn Colors, Teach Colours, Baby Toddler Preschool Nursery Rhymes

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There are 7 basic principles of good prayer

Although many people would appreciate it if the newborn came with a user manual, but it (fortunately) does not work. Every family has different needs. But with a few principles we can help make it easier!

Because every family is another, and every one baby with a single temperamentIn a desperate need for a different family, it is not possible to set an equal parenting schedule for everyone. However, there are general principles that all educators (parents, educators) should adhere to. Both the kid and himself are interested.

Magбnterьlet! Do not enter!

From infancy, you strive to respect your child "Magбnьgyeit". We should not ask for his production before others, even if he sings wonderfully or can recite poetry. Do not interfere with dumb games or reading when things are delayed. Don't talk about your secrets, your personalities, and be honored to be trusted by us. Don't be embarrassed by others, either by scolding or by teasing. Think about it: Did we know in our young age when our parents were pointing to friends as a joke on the weekday? When our mother laughed and told her friends that her little girl was in love with Joshua the first baby? The child has the same tact as an adult. If you do not receive this, your parents' confidence can easily be shaken.What principles can help you choose parents better?

Not in front of the kid ???

Yes, there are things that do not belong to the child. These are better discussed by the parents. But he must also be talked about events that also concern him. It is very rare that it is better to conceal the problem, or to get rid of the problem with "gracious lies". If your grandparent is dead, it's useless to say he's just gone. If there is a divorce, or for some other reason, the life of the family, the child soon realizes that there is a problem. He might be tactful enough not to let it go, but in thought he is very concerned the request. It is not uncommon for him to develop a sense of guilt: he blames the field for himself, which can cause anxiety, even serious psychological problems. It can also be a problem if the child is also burdened with something he / she is unable to work with. This is especially the case in single parents or parents who have problems with relationships. We should never use a kindergarten or schoolboy as a spiritual garbage can. That's where my friends are, or, if not, the psychologist.

How do I tell?

It is important that a kid knows what's going on around him. But it doesn't matter how we talk to him about serious things. Do not forget that it is very much has little life experience, less treasure and capacity than an adult;. Let's just tell him as much as he really has and say what we can identify with. When it comes to asking for the fish, we believe we should speak the roulette. The parent who has no knowledge of the great questions of life is really difficult to do. Now is the time to think about these things for ourselves. Better off than ever.


The child invites, invites, invites, for all the riddles, now you want to tidy up your knowledge. Who else can help me than parents? Why the Wind? Where's the croissant? What is it? People sometimes have a head scratching ... It is not an acceptable procedure to shake a child with no answers or simply say "just". After some thought, we will surely find the right words, the right answer for the time, but if we do not, we will look for it. We can confidently admit that we have no idea.We can ask the other parent or the larger siblings for a question, but let's answer it all. It is important for the child to dare and love to ask, curiosity is one of the most useful driving forces in life.

And there are witches!

As with your requests, so with your problems should also be taken seriously. If you are afraid of something, it is not enough to say that it is stupid. For me, there are no witches anymore, but they are there in the night of their children's room. I may not be very interested in why she was chased by Sabit in the front yard, but it is very important to her. I may have already decided which summer dress to send to, yet I need to devote time to listening to his excuses, his words. Unfortunately, most of us forget to pay attention to each other. Listen to the others, not to come, not to get into what you are saying, just to accept what you are saying. Accepting that your problem is a currency problem. Thinking about whether we can help, whether we need to help at all, and then just stop and act.

Love is love

We hear it often: I did everything for him, I gave him everything, and what became of him! Many families have lost their lives to parish sacrifice on the sacred altar. If I always serve, if I am always available, if I allow it, I lose the opportunity to learn from my own experience to try and develop strength and self-discipline. With my integrity, I get to be addicted to me and remain a mother's little son / son. This, at least in young adulthood, is sure to avenge itself. Such a "child" struggles to cope with choice and cannot easily meet the challenges of adult life.

That's good, baby

Last but not least, we have to say: a parent is a man. No one is the statue of perfection, everyone makes mistakes. Children have a good load ability, usually at first it goes out of the ruteven though her parents should learn the trick of parenting art. It's not worth wondering about the kid's adultery at the time, now it certainly is so elusive. Life often produces surprising things; We have to realize that the consequences of our decisions and actions cannot always be predicted. Believe me: our children are able to love us with our mistakes.
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