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The condition of one of the selected twins in Syria is life-threatening

Fight a special viral fever for one of the little girls.

The condition of one of the selected Siamese twins is life-changing. Rukaya's condition, on the other hand, is critical of a special viral fever.The foundation reported last week that Rabeya had recovered 5 days after a marathon on Aug. 1 and Aug. 2, moved her limbs, recognized her mother, and watched her. After that, the child speaks in full sentences, smiles and eats orally.But his brother, Rukaya, continues to remain anesthetized and breathless, but I am immersed in breathing. For such a complex and lengthy operation, such as more than 30 urn skull and brain replacement, multi-day excitement is a standard feature of the recovery process. However, in recent days, Rukaya's parameters and findings have indicated a problem, so our doctors have performed a test that has shown a positive result. The outcome of the infection is likely to be revealed in the coming days, Unfortunately, the long йletveszйlyrхl beszйlhetьnk alapнtvбny kцzlemйnye szerint.A fejьknйl цsszenхtt sziбmi szйtvбlasztу mыtйtsorozatбnak koordinбtora twins, Dr. Gergely Pataki, the vйgsх szйtvбlasztбst vezetх Dr. Csуkay Andrбs or alapнtvбny aneszteziolуgiai team jйnek vezetхje, Dr. Marcell Csapody is currently Dakkбban small limits. (VIA)Related links:
At table with Guy Martin

New Discovery: Breast milk knows this too

New Discovery: Breast milk knows this too

Thanks to the fun effects of breast milk, we could make rumblings, and we are doing it now, because of the light of another wonderful effect.

Breast milk knows that too

Breast milk contains breast milk sugars, or human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in short, which the baby's digestive system is unable to use directly, and the mother's body invests a lot of energy in it. However, they are not accidentally included in breast milk.

The bacteria must be, "no" to the baby

Although milk sugars cannot be directly utilized by the baby's body, healthy bacteria, which are found in the small digestive system, do. These bacteria B. infantisThey call these complex dietary carbohydrates. The researchers found that the mother's body wastes so much energy in the production of HMOs that it can infant infant, yo bacterial flurab and the many health benefits that come from it, make a difference to the life before it. HMO-fed B. infantis bacteria accelerate the baby's life. immune system, reduce inflammation and help with digestion. In addition mйrsйklik the potenciбlisan kбros baktйriumok elszaporodбsбt in the intestines, which the csecsemхkori kуlika (gцrcsцs abdominal fбjdalom) and jelentkezх of childhood asthma, allergiбk, cukorbetegsйg йs elhнzбs kialakulбsбhoz tбrsнtanak.Ezek breast milk talбlhatу "baktйrium tбplбlйkok" bнrnak a great jelentхsйggel to the mother their organization primarily produces them. Unfortunately, however, modern "tools" in medicine, such as antibiotics, cesarean section, or nutritional supplements, although they save many lives, have been shown to reduce the number of B.infantis bacteria in the baby's intestinal tract.

Not all baci, bad

Good bacteria, such as B. infantis, contribute to the health of the baby and even have a demonstrable effect on the state of health throughout life. Therefore, it is important to take the significance of the above mentioned results seriously, and to re-evaluate the direct relationship between germs, breastfeeding and the health of the child.The source of the article can be found here. More Articles on Breast Milk:
  • What's in the Breast Milk?
  • Life, power, health
  • Immune protection without vaccination
  • Amancia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Amancia

    Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Amancia.

    In Christian times I take the meaning of "he who loves God." There are several saints with that name.

    It comes from amans: "lover"

    March 19, April 8


    • Amancio Prada, Spanish singer-songwriter (1941-)
    • Amancio Ortega, Spanish textile businessman (1936-)
    • Amancio Amaro, soccer player (1939-)

    Amancia name coloring pages printable game

    Amancia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Amancia name coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Amancia coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Amancia name to paint, color and print

    75 Beautiful Girl Names for Your Sweet Baby - Names and Meanings!

    Name Giuseppe - Meaning and origin

    Name Giuseppe - Meaning and origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    The name Giuseppe is a derivative of Joseph. From Hebrew, this name comes from "yôsep" which means "God adds".


    Giuseppe Zanotti, Italian designer of luxury shoes and founder of the Giuseppe Zanotti Design brand.
    Giuseppe Penone, Italian sculptor. Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian Mannerist painter known for his paintings based on plants.
    Giuseppe Verdi, romantic composer of Italian origin.
    Giuseppe Rossi, footballer of Italian-American origin.
    The Giuseppe are celebrated at the same time as Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus. He was considered a "righteous man" by taking Mary for wife when she was already pregnant.

    His character :

    Giuseppe is a boy who does not like half measures. Frank, direct and honest, he is also appreciated for his infallible judgment. Whatever the situation, Giuseppe will make the right decisions. Adoring conquests in all areas, he still demonstrates realism and pragmatism in the projects he chooses. The reason why Giuseppe is as competent in what he undertakes is that he knows how to be careful. Once passionate about a project, it will not stop until it has been completed in the best possible way.


    Joseph, Joe, Joey, Jose, Josef, Joselin, Josef, Joset, Josian, Pepe, Pepito, Youcef, Youssef and Youssouf.

    His party :

    The Giuseppe are celebrated on March 19th.

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    The yellow rape also protects against the breast

    How to choose a stroller for twin babies

    The decision to choose your baby's stroller is always complicated and more so in the event that you are expecting twins. Luckily, you have plenty of time to prepare, meet your needs, and evaluate what each twin stroller can offer you. It will take a long time to choose the stroller for your twins, but we want to help you with some useful tips.

    - Probably the most important decision is if you want a stroller online or in parallel. In an online stroller your babies go one in front of the other or opposite each other, while in the parallel stroller your babies are closer together. The decision will depend on how you want the babies to interact with each other, but you also have to bear in mind that an online stroller is narrower and therefore you will not have as many accessibility problems. For their part, parallel strollers are usually lighter and more manageable.

    - Twin strollers are more complicated than a single stroller, so they may not have all the features or accessories you need. Assess your needs and your Lifestyle. If you are going to use the carrycot a lot or if your trips are going to be usually by car, in which case you will need a group 0 that not all twin carriages have.

    - A very important element to take into account in a stroller for twin babies are the wheels. The weight that the stroller carries is multiplied by two, so you can choose an all-terrain stroller or one with lighter wheels if you don't usually leave the city. In this sense, it is very important that you look at the durability of the stroller's materials, since there are two babies that are going to go in it.

    - As with choosing an individual stroller, it is best to do measurements before going to the store. Measure the place you have to store it at home, the elevator, the trunk and observe all the entrances to your house, the portal, the park, etc. Once in the store, check that the cart you like fits what you need and do not hesitate to try it in the store for as long as you need. Check its weight, its ease of folding it and how comfortable it is to change the different accessories.

    - The debate economic When choosing the stroller for your twins, it is not that it is important, it is that it is necessary. Within the budget you can count on, don't skimp on the stroller money. The most expensive is not always the best, but the stroller is something that you will use for a long time and on which the safety of your babies will depend, so don't look for bargains either. Find the stroller that meets the most needs for you.

    Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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    Symptoms of hypoglycemia in children