The child's blood is flowing from his nose, how do you stop him quickly?

The child's blood is flowing from his nose, how do you stop him quickly?

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Plastic recycling crafts for kids

Plastic recycling crafts for kids

Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children. Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, but above all so that they, in the future, can continue to contribute to this work.

Plastic bottles and cups are an ideal material to make recycling crafts while helping to take care of the environment. Surely at home you have many to start having fun with your children.

We must educate children from a young age, either at home or at school, and one of the simplest and most entertaining ways to do it is with these crafts for children with recycled materials, perfect for World Recycling Day or any occasion.

Use these plastic recycling craft ideas to make homemade costumes, the 'little ones' of the house love to become different characters and with a simple box they can let their imagination run wild. So you can enjoy an ecological Carnival or you can decorate a birthday party while your children develop their creative abilities.

With recycling we can make a multitude of inexpensive and very beautiful objects that we can use every day while we teach children the importance of learning to recycle.

Crafts with plastic for children

Fish with a bottle. Bottle fish. With this craft from our site for children, they will learn how to make a beautiful and colorful fish, which they can use to play afterwards or to store things inside.

Plastic glasses. On our site we teach you how to make recycled clown glasses. Any everyday object can become a toy for children, you can make a simple recycling craft like these fun glasses with a glass of yogurt.

Clown hat. Clown hat. This craft for children that we offer you on our site is made with recycled household packaging. The result is a very funny and cheap clown hat, so that the children have a fun time.

Plastic bowling set. Bowling game for children with pots of liquid yogurt. Recycle with the children by making a fun recycling craft. Play bowling at home with this children's craft.

Plastic nativity scene. Original crafts to make a personalized Christmas Nativity scene. Figures for the Nativity Scene made with recycled materials. Homemade Christmas decoration with recycled crafts. Nativity scene with bottles of drinkable yoghurts.

Plastic dragon. With some plastic cups and a little patience you can make this original Chinese dragon at home. It will be an ideal toy for children, who will also learn the value of recycling.

Memory game with plastic caps. Memory game with plastic caps for children. It is a simple and easy game to perform at home, but also because it helps to stimulate the child's concentration and attention.

Plastic maracas. On our site we teach you how to make colored plastic recycling maracas. This recycling children's craft teaches children to make some nice maracas, which will serve as a decorative object or as a toy.

Japanese doll. Japanese plastic recycling doll. This recycling children's craft teaches children how to make a cute doll, which will serve as a decorative object or as a toy. It is very beautiful, so you will be delighted with the result.

Plastic daisies. Daisies with recycled material. This recycling children's craft is very easy to make and can be a successful gift for Mother's Day or to decorate the room.

Homemade pompero. Learn how to make a homemade pompero with recycling material. It is a homemade toy for your children to make the largest soap bubbles in the world

Óptima: origin and meaning of the name for a girl Óptima

Optima Batteries Explained

Nursery Rhyme: Nice Poppy

Nursery Rhyme: Nice Poppy

Nice poppy, ladies. Nice poppy, new ... and if you sing in karaoke on this pretty nursery rhyme? Come on, let's go down to the garden!

Find the magazine Toupie and subscribe to the Youtube channel

All nursery rhymes

The words of the nursery rhyme:

I went down to my garden (bis)

To pick rosemary.

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

I did not pick three strands (bis)

That a nightingale came on my hand

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

That a nightingale came on my hand (twice)

He tells me three words in Latin

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

He tells me three words in Latin (bis)

That men are worthless

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

That men are worthless (bis)

And boys still much less!

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

And boys still much less!

Ladies, he does not tell me anything

But many months of good

Nice poppy, ladies,

Nice poppy, new.

Production : Milan Press
Montage: Milan Press
Production : Milan Press

Internet as a resource network for children

Internet as a resource network for children

Almost before starting school, many children feel a great attraction to new technologies: consoles, computers, mp3, mobile phones. At such young ages they know how to handle the computer mouse with ease, probably because this technological tool is already a daily element in many homes.

Let's learn to use the Internet as a resource network for children, a tool that can be very useful and didactic.

All children like traditional games: going after a ball, running in the park or playing with dolls and strollers ... but it is also true that technological games attract more and more attention or the devices that older people use, so they do not hesitate to get on your lap to operate the mouse and carefully see what appears on the screen, they show great dexterity with the handling of buttons and controls, as if they were born already knowing topic.

My four-year-old son feels an irresistible attraction to all technological gadgets and, when we have this natural predisposition, why not take advantage of it for educational purposes. We can search and make available many of the pages destined to satisfy the recreational needs and educational of this very young audience.

Children are highly motivated to learn when they decide what to learn and how to do it themselves. It's really fun learning things through these tools so attractive to them. The home computer can become a useful tool to use for the benefit of our children.

Let's navigate through the virtual world offered by the internet that offers a wide range of possibilities to download free games, stories in English, coloring pages, encyclopedias to consult, educational material and activities according to age, music, images and incalculable resources for our children to learn.

So in due measure, preventing children from showing anxiety, nervousness or addiction, we must take advantage of this inexhaustible source of information, training and enjoyment for our little ones, although taking into account that we are the ones who must make the selection and search for the material before putting it in their small and technological hands.

Patro Gabaldon. our site

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iEARN, the International Education and Resource Network

Easter crafts for kids

Easter crafts for kids

Crafts Easter for kids: Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, basket for eggs, etc. These are crafts to celebrate the Christian tradition of Easter. Easter is celebrated immediately after Holy Week and commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is typical on these dates to decorate with Easter eggs and give them to children.

Children can use this homemade craft to learn how to cut and paste, thus developing their motor skills and artistic abilities. Crafts are a wonderful way to have fun learning.

Here you will find children's crafts to do with your children during the Easter holidays. Draw, cut, paste, color! Click on the activity you like the most and follow, step by step, the instructions of these educational crafts.

Choose a children's craft, print it out and enjoy with your children building Easter eggs, Easter bunny boxes, cards, etc. You'll find tons of fun and easy-to-do children's crafts.

After the long Lent, theHoly Week It is one of the most important religious holidays for Christians. It starts with thePalm Sunday when the faithful go to mass carrying olive branches (symbol of the entry and reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem) and culminates with theEaster Sunday, which means Birth and Resurrection.

Most of the children have vacations at school coinciding with Easter, a moment that is used to enjoy a few days of rest without classes or homework, to travel with the family and to do these educational and fun crafts, using materials you have at home.

Children's crafts for Easter

Easter bunny with balloons. A rabbit made with balloons for children. The rabbit is one of the star characters during Easter. We suggest you make this endearing characters with balloons. It's about inflating, twisting and gathering balloons by following our steps to create a cute Easter bunny.

Decorate Easter eggs. To inspire you with ideas, our site has selected some proposals for decorating Easter eggs so that both parents and children can enjoy this sweet activity during Easter. Decorating Easter eggs is a great tradition.

Paper Easter bunny. Easter bunny with cardboard rolls. Children's crafts for the Easter and Holy Week holidays. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Decorate Easter eggs. How to decorate Easter eggs and give them the shape of farm animals. The children's holidays at Easter are an opportunity to do Easter crafts. Learn and teach your children to make these funny animals using the eggshell. Very easy and fun to do.

Easter bunny with eggs. How to make an Easter bunny with an egg. Easter is the best time to make an Easter bunny craft with an empty egg with your children. A simple and beautiful children's craft.

Chocolate Easter eggs. How to make chocolate Easter eggs, step by step, at home. The Easter holidays are a good time to cook fun kid-friendly recipes like chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter egg basket. Beautiful basket for Easter eggs. our site invites us to celebrate Easter by assembling this little basket with your child. The Easter egg is one of the most characteristic traditions of this time.

Easter bunny bag. Easter bunny bag. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Easter basket with ice cream sticks. On our site we teach you how to make a nice little basket to lay Easter eggs. It is a very fun and inexpensive activity since it is made with ice cream sticks.

Easter rabbits made from plastic spoons. With a plastic spoon we are going to make some very nice Easter bunnies. our site shows us, step by step, how to make a rabbit and a doe with a disposable spoon.

Rabbit box. How to make an Easter bunny box with children. our site offers us children's crafts for the Easter and Holy Week holidays. Easy and simple crafts to do with children.

Rabbit makeup for children. On our site we propose you an Easter bunny makeup for children that is very easy to do and looks very cute. Learn step by step how to paint homemade fantasy makeup to dress up your children this Easter. Get the paintings ready because we started!

Woolen Easter eggs with surprise. On our site we have created our own Easter egg, however we have customized it. We teach you how to make an original and beautiful egg with wool that has chocolate balls inside. This is how you make an Easter egg with a surprise inside.

Easter rabbits made of cotton. Look at what an original craft we have made on site. In this video tutorial you will learn how to make an Easter bunny with Styrofoam and cotton balls. It will have a very fluffy appearance, like a pompom. It is very easy to make and does not take long. Do you dare to create this craft for children?

Easter Sock Bunnies. How to make. Hannah Spannah

From 1 year old: Birds

With this colorful and sonic image, it is not a question of recognizing the noise of the cow or the pig. Too easy ! But rather to distinguish the song of the pigeon that coos, the magpie who chatted ... Subtle! My little sonic pictures, Gallimard Jeunesse music, 9,41 €. Where to find it?

With this colorful and sonic image, it is not a question of recognizing the noise of the cow or the pig. Too easy ! But rather to distinguish the song of the pigeon that coos, the magpie who chatted ... Subtle!
My little sonic pictures, Gallimard Jeunesse music, 9,41 €.
Where to find it?

Learn about the toys recommended for children from 4 to 6 years old at Christmas

Between the ages of 4 and 6, children begin to forge their own personality, although they still live in a world where fantasy reigns. They already want to choose their clothes and seek the company of their friends. They are at a stage where they are extremely curious about what is around them, so don't be surprised if they ask everything. These characteristics mean that they do not use anything to entertain themselves.Learn about the recommended toys for children from 4 to 6 years old at Christmas.

What are your children going to ask for this Christmas? A board game, some paintings to draw and create stories, or perhaps, a story to read and let your imagination fly. Based on the rule of four gifts - one to bring (clothing), one to need, one to want, and something to read - gifts should be both educational and fun. Here are a few toy recommendations to give to children from 4 to 6 years old.

Large blackboard to develop creativity
Opt for a large blackboard that has on one side to paint with chalk and, on the other, to do it with a marker or to put magnets. It is ideal for, through his drawings, are able to channel and express their emotions, so that they let their creativity and imagination run wild, and so that they feel free to put the first thing that comes to mind on a blank page.

Educational computer
If parents are all day with their mobile in hand and sitting in front of a computer or tablet, how can we be surprised that they include these devices in their letter of wishes? The children are in the imitation phase, so they will want to do what we do. The good thing is that there are educational computers on the market that have voice, music and various activities to get started in the world of letters, numbers and geometric shapes. Let's start educating them in new technologies!

Table games
Parcheesi, goose, deck of cards, chess or any other board game that you yourself had in your childhood will allow you spend some time with the family more than unforgettable. It will teach them to respect the rules, to concentrate, to memorize, to work as a team, to start making decisions, to learn that you can win but also lose ...

And if you are in a stage where the levels of imagination are through the roof, you can not miss a puppet theater. Can you think of a better way to improve the child's verbal communication or to educate in values ​​through the story of astory that talks about tolerance or respect?

Briefcase to play ... You choose the profession!
"When I grow up I want to be a doctor", "We are going to play firefighters", "I will be the teacher, and you, the student." Surely these phrases are familiar to you, and that is that little ones love to play at being older. Give a briefcase to be a doctor or teacher this Christmas. Assured success!

Set of paints and watercolors
Paintings and watercolors top the top ten of the favorite toys of many boys and girls, regardless of their age. For them, painting is one of the simplest and most fun activities there is because it entertains them, relaxes them, allows them to express themselves and makes them feel more secure.

Assembly parts kit
A box with lots of small parts that, once you put them all together, each one in its place, it becomes an incredible airplane, a zoo with animals of all species or a police patrol. You just have to take one or the other depending on your tastes.

Storytelling Cards
The minds of children from 4 to 6 years old are creative to the max. All you have to do is present your child with story cards and they can make up hundreds of them. Don't forget to listen to them carefully!

Musical instruments
Music is the best nutrient for the brain, and according to some studies it improves its plasticity and is associated with greater attention span, better visual memory and the development of spatial skills. Therefore, it is recommended that the child begin contact with music as soon as possible. Do you dare to give him a drums, a guitar or a flute?

And as an obligatory gift ... A story!
At this age, the child already begins to identify letters, although he may not yet be able to join them and, above all, to understand them; but there you are to tell him a story every night before going to bed. The important thing is that the illustrations and the theme get your attention. Do not forget: a child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

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Student Humiliates Special Ed Kid ft. Lewis Howes. Dhar Mann

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What is more precious than your baby? For her name, think of gold, precious stones and other pearls! Gemma, Jade, Amber, Kleriva, Ruby, Oriane, Pearl ... 20 golden names for your treasure.

Karine Ancelet

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20 precious names for your treasure (20 photos)

Precious names: Agathe


The real agate, the fine agate stone with multiple layers of colors, is written without the "h" ... but it is a precious name as well! From the Greek "agathê", which means a good woman, it is celebrated on February 5th.

Precious first names: Iklil


A name worthy of the most beautiful princesses! Iklil means the "diadem" in Arabic. An original and rare choice.

Precious first names: Jade


From the Spanish "Piedra de la Ijada", meaning flank stone, this very hard green stone was named by the Spanish in the 15th century. It would have medicinal virtues and protect against bad luck. She became a name in the 60s and 70s. His party: March 10 with Esmeralda or June 29 with Pierre.

More information on the first name Jade

Precious first names: Amber


Amber, Amber or Ambrine ... pretty princess names. Amber comes from the Arabic word "ambra" designating ambergris, a fragrant substance used in perfumery for its musk-like odor (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone). To celebrate December 7th.

More information on the first name Ambre

Precious first names: Ruby


Here is a name that evokes the gem ruby, means reddish in Latin. Ideal for a little girl but you can also give it to a boy. Since he does not have a feast date, like many names related to precious stones, choose Saint Peter on June 29th.

Precious names: Poenui


Cap on the islands and Tahiti with this beautiful original female name which means "big pearl" in Tahitian. For her birthday, you can opt for Saint Marguerite on November 16th, because this name means pearl too.

Precious first names: Greta


A name of Scandinavian or German origin, which is derived from Gretchen, himself from Marguerite, Persian "Margiritis", the pearl. To celebrate November 16th.

Precious first names: Oriane


... but also Auriane, Aure ... all the names that come from the Latin word "aurum", gold. Ideal for a little girl with a heart of gold! His birthday: October 4th.

Precious names: Gemma


A name of coquette, certainly! Gemma is a name that comes from Italy and the Latin word "gemma", meaning precious stone.His party : April 11th.

Precious first names: Beryl


For a little girl or boy, here is a name that comes from the Sanskrit "veruliya", name of a gemstone. In the Iranian vocabulary, the word "beryl" means crystal. To celebrate March 10th or 21st.

Precious names: Opal


From the Sanskrit word "upala", the gemstone, this original name refers to a gemstone of various colors. To celebrate March 10th.

Precious names: Bao


"Precious" is the meaning of this beautiful Vietnamese name ... A masculine name that could inspire you for your treasure?

Precious first names: Klervia


An original choice for your princess ... Klervia means "pearl, jewel" in Gaelic. To celebrate October 3 with St. Klervi, the sister of St. Guénolé.

Precious first names: Mani


Want an Indian name for your little boy? Mani means "the jewel" in Sanskrit. Please ?

Precious first names: Marguerite


Persian margiritis, "the pearl", Marguerite is not only a floral name but also a precious choice! His birthday: November 16th.

Precious first names: Esmaralda


From the Greek "smaragdos", which means a transparent green jasper: the emerald ... this is a sweet name for your princess. His party: March 10th.

More information on first name Esmeralda

Precious first names: Celestine


Did you know ? Celestine is a mineral like amethyst. Latin Caelestis, meaning "heavenly", this divine name is celebrated on May 19th.

Precious names: Pearl


That's a name for your little gem? Pearl is the English word for the pearl and it is a derivative of Marguerite. His birthday: November 16th.

Precious names: Douria


In Arabic, the name Douria means "unique pearl" ... an original choice for your little pearl to you? And always Arab names inspired by the pearl: Dura, Durrah ...

Precious first names: Poehei


This name Tahitian girl means "crown of pearls". There are also some Tahitian names: Poeiti "little pearl" or Poekiva "precious pearl", Poerani "pearl of the sky", Poerava "black pearl", Poetea "pearl white" ... you're just spoiled for choice!

Names Candice - Characteristics

Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Candice comes from Latin candidus meaning "white". This name is derived from Candace, an ancient Ethiopian dynastic title referring to the king's mother. It is basically an adjective that evokes innocence.


Actresses of American origin Candice Bergen and Candice Patton, and Candice Pascal, actress and professional dancer of French origin.

Candie's patron saint is Candide, also called Blanche, who was martyred in Rome around 290 with Arteme, her husband, and their daughter Pauline. A church was erected in their honor in Rome. In September 302, Candide was persecuted with Maurice, chief of a legion, as well as several Christian soldiers.

His character :

Candice is alive, sweet and endearing. She is sociable and has no trouble getting to know others. Extroverted in nature, she does not appreciate loneliness. Rather than play alone, she will prefer the company of her many classmates. A loving exchange, Candice is also aware of the charm she exerts on her surroundings. She does not only seek to please, but also to please her loved ones. She is particularly attentive to their opinions, which is why she should be encouraged to defend her opinions.

Candice has a playful temperament and she likes to play comedy, just to laugh. This little girl is also distinguished by its great ability to adapt. She remains flexible indeed, while keeping his temper well tempered and his sense of observation. These qualities are worthy of easy integration into any group of individuals. His clever nature will allow him to extricate himself from difficult situations. Candice is interested in everything around her, which refines her lively intelligence.


Candace, Candie, Candy and Candide are the first names derived from Candice.

His party :

Candice are honored on October 3rd

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