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The father-daughter relationship, role and benefits

The father-daughter relationship, role and benefits

Pregnancy cholestasis is a condition that usually occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy and causes severe itching in the hands and feet. It is also called obstetric or intrahepatic cholestasis and although in many cases it is not a cause for concern, there is a risk that the fetus will be affected.

What is the cause?

Cholestasis is a medical condition that occurs after blocking the bile secretion - a digestive fluid - from the liver. This can be intrahepatic or extrahepatic. It seems that pregnancy itself is a possible cause of intrapathic cholestasis, due to hormones that slow or block biliary secretions.

You can talk about risk factors rather than the actual causes of the disease:

  • family history of cases of pregnancy cholestasis;

  • pre-existing liver disorders;

  • twin pregnancy;

  • pregnancy obtained by in vitro fertilization.

The risk of cholestasis of pregnancy is higher in women who have already experienced it in a previous pregnancy. The chances of it reappearing increase by over 70% in such women.

What are the symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy cholestasis may include:

  • intense itching;

  • dark colored urine;

  • light colored chairs;

  • yellowish skin and eyes etc.

In most cases, the intense itching of the palms and soles of the feet is the only symptom present in this condition. Itching can be hard to bear, especially at night.

What are the possible complications that may occur?

In pregnant women, pregnancy cholestasis may temporarily prevent the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

More severe complications may occur in the fetus. Without knowing the exact causes, it seems that this condition can cause premature birth and possible reversal of meconium - a substance that is present in the intestines of the fetus - in the amniotic fluid at birth. If the fetus inhales the meconium during birth, respiratory problems may occur.

How is it treated?

Therapeutic behavior of pregnancy cholestasis follows two things:

  • improvement of the itching sensation;

  • prevention of complications.

To improve the itching the doctor may recommend:

  • medication;

  • creams and lotions containing corticosteroids to be given in the affected areas;

  • keeping hands and soles in warm water for certain periods of time.

To prevent complications in the fetus, the doctor may indicate:

  • performing periodic blood tests (for monitoring the liver function and the amount of biliary secretion in the blood);

  • repeated ultrasound and non-stress tests;

  • labor induction (even if the tests have normal results, the doctor may suggest premature labor induction - around 38 weeks - to avoid complications at birth).

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Our nose is better than we think

The nasal cavity receptors move the odor through a complex nerve process to the brain's olfactory center, whose analytical work can decide whether or not a food can be eaten, for example.

According to a study by an American research group a year ago, this sense organ still works much better than we think.
In their study published in the journal Neuron Cm, experts note that olfactory sensation is the oldest. Recent studies have shown that not only highly sensitive nose animals, such as dogs, but also humans' nose absorb much more external scent than is consciously present.

Smell is one of our earliest sensors

Diego Restropo And his team has been working on odor sensation and nervous processing in the senses for years. "We know a little about our sense of smell, and the more we find out, the more complexity is," Professor Restropo said.
The olfactory organ is fully functional at the moment and remains so - as opposed to our other sense organs. This is due to the fact that the sensory cells in our nose usually die every two months, and they are punctured by new cells.
The research group first experimented with mice. It has been shown that as opposed to the other sensory organs, the impulses from the olfactory bulb to the brain are placed in a single focal point, the thalamus, and the olfactory center is the significance of saging. Sages, pheromones, which play an important role in the animal world, are also active in humans, even if they are unaware.
"The sense of smell is an ancient sensation that is basically just like the brain, like the rest of the senses," said the researchers. Women's lightness does not smell or smell, but men will keep it, even if they are not sensed by other senses. It has been shown that men's testosterone levels decrease immediately and significantly.
I was told that hearing and smelling the blind is more sensitive than seeing people. Numerous tests have proven that the nose or eyelid do not function better than their eyes, but learn how to concentrate on their sensory stimuli.

Did you know?

The sense of smell is so important to a baby that he or she uses his or her first nose for milking. The glands around the mother's nipple produce a scent similar to that of the amniotic fluid, which guides the baby to the breast. Sensitivity to the nose can also cause difficulties: the mother's unknown perfume, deodorant or strong scent of rinse aid may prevent the baby from breastfeeding.
Family natural: a bio site to discover

You are converted to organic or you would like to seriously take it? Go to the website, created by parents concerned about the environment. You will find tips, recipes or ideas of beauty products to do it yourself.

A site to save money by taking care of yourself

  • The parents behind this website had a simple idea: gather all the good plans around the bio. Cooking recipes, tips for making 100% natural beauty products (exfoliation, nail care ...) or cleaning products (cleaning windows, making laundry ...) and even destination ideas to go on vacation, you find everything you are looking for organic!

An agenda of bio, ecology and the environment

  • This website also proposes an agenda part gathering the events of the bio, the ecology, the environment and the sustainable development in the broad sense. All events (trade shows, fairs, forums, shows, exhibitions, markets ...) can be listed.

A participatory site

  • Building on the example of the popular Wikipedia site, Once registered on the site, you have the opportunity to participate by writing articles or enriching existing ones.

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Share your eco-friendly plans with our Bio-Eco Forum.

Video: Do that baby momma dance

Pregnancy is funny. Sometimes you have boundless energy, and other times it's a struggle to get up from the sofa to make yourself a sandwich. Dropping it like it's hot seems out of the question on days like that.

Much love and props to any momma who has the energy and the wherewithal to dance with a big ole belly full of baby like the woman in this YouTube video. She's got moves.

The lyrics are everything. This is my jam, guys.

"Been pregnant for way too long." Indeed.

"Drop it down, drop it down down low." What every woman in her third trimester wants to hear.

"Preggo but I'm still doin' moves like Beyonce." Yes.

"Yeh, my belly big but I'm looking like a model." Feeling that pregnancy glow.

"Twerk right. Twerk left. Take a breath, 'cause I'm out of breath." If you are pregnant and twerking, you're a greater woman than I.

The Baby Momma dance was originally brought to us by Starrkeisha. It's equally hilarious!

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Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

24 Hours Being PREGNANT!!

5 children's games to face fears on Halloween

5 children's games to face fears on Halloween

Casual clothes for a comfortable everyday task

Casual clothes for a comfortable everyday task

Regardless of your style of dress adopted daily, if during pregnancy you are looking for a casual but chic wardrobe, we have some suggestions for you.

Whether you stay at home and chat or talk with babies, or you choose to go for periodic checks or Lamaze exercises, the cute "Boy or girl?" will be a conversation starter. Match it to some comfortable, casual jeans, with a belly support band (Carrita model) or some light, sporty pants, just good for movement (Street pants).

If at the top you prefer something more feminine, not tight on the body, the ideal is the Megan blouse. A combination of viscose with elastane and black and white stripes (or black with gold), Megan sits beautifully on her tummy, highlighting it.

Stripes - and blouses that fall slightly off one shoulder - are on trend during this period, but if you don't like it, you can opt for a simple, yellow-yellow, cheerful blouse like June. It also has an advantage: an adjustable cord at the back that allows you to tighten it depending on the size of your belly.

Also in the category "pride of my tummy" comes the Fab shirt - it's simple, black, with long sleeves, inscribed with the message "No 1 fabulous mom". Bring it to family gatherings or meetings with friends, so that the world knows that you are enjoying this wonderful time in your life and your new role. Or the red heart T-shirt - it has long sleeves, a unique model that highlights both the big, red heart, chest, and growing belly.

If I didn't convince you, I expect you, starting with February 10, in the Mama Boutique showroom from Floreasca neighborhood. You will definitely find something to your liking!