Sports during pregnancy

Sports during pregnancy

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Basque names: Artéa

Basque names: Artéa

Basque names: Artéa

Feminine, the first name "Artéa" comes from the Basque word "arta", meaning "tree" or "verdure". A nice name for organic baby!

Nuts to relieve pregnancy discomfort

How to get rid of muscle knots and pain in your lower back FAST

Special events at TIFF: Peter Forgacs, Emil Racovita, Czech poster and Finnish forest

Special events at TIFF: Peter Forgacs, Emil Racovita, Czech poster and Finnish forest

Special events at TIFF: Peter Forgacs, Emil Racovita, Czech poster and Finnish forest

Special exhibitions and events, meetings with Romanian and foreign artists and filmmakers will complete, this year, the program of the Transilvania International Film Festival (May 31 - June 9, Cluj-Napoca).
A special retrospective will be dedicated to the multimedia artist Peter Forgacs (b. 1950), one of the most appreciated film authors based on archival material. His creations, which reconstruct personal stories or historical events by rethinking and combining video recordings, have been designed and exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums and galleries.

Forgacs is the founder of the Private Photo & Film Archives Foundation in Budapest, a unique collection of archival films made by amateurs. At the Tranzit House in Cluj, between June 5 and July 4, the public will have the opportunity to see The Danube Exodus: The Rippling Currents of the River, a multimedia installation made by Forgacs and The Labyrinth Project - a research project at the University of Southern California - and hosted in 2002 by the Getty Research Institute. The opening will take place on June 5th at 5:00 pm.

Based on the documentary Exodus from the Danube (1998), produced by Lumen Film, which will be screened at TIFF, the interactive installation will take viewers back in the 30-40s, when Jews from Slovakia and Austria and German farmers from Bessarabia freshly annexed to the USSR tried to flee the Danube, each in a different direction.

Archival footage, interviews with survivors, family photos and diaries recreate the story of these people. Five other films will be screened in the Peter Forgacs retrospective: I'm a Von Hofler / I am Von Hofler (2008), Miss Universe 1929 (2006), Cainele negru / El Perro Negro (2005), Angelos / Angelos' Film ( 1999), and Fall Free / Free Fall (1996).

A multimedia event called "Emil Racovita: explorer, photographer, designer" will rebuild the legendary expedition of the Belgian ship, the first to winter in Antarctica, between 1897-1899. Emil Racovita, the inventor of biospeology, was the zoologist, botanist and one of the photographers of the expedition.

Documentary Explorer (r. Titus Muntean, Xantus Gabor; producer of Visual Arts Foundation), a projection with the stereoscopic photographs made by Racovita, an animation after his drawings, the exhibition "Antarctica, beyond the end of the world", with photographs by Helmut Ignat, during the filming in Antarctica - opened in the TIFF Pavilion from Unirii Square, between June 1 and 9 -, and exhibited from The "Stefan cel Mare" Museum in Vaslui they will tell the story of this journey. The event, realized by The Visual Arts Foundation is funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN).

One of the TIFF special guests is the famous image director Ed Lachman, who will hold a masterclass at Transylvania Talent Lab and will be present at the marathon screening of the Paradise trilogy (r. Ulrich Seidl) and at the national premiere Dark Blood / Dark Blood (r. George Sluizer), films whose image he signs.

Stopped in 1993 after the unexpected death of actor River Phoenix, due to a drug overdose, Dark Blood it was finished with the remaining material and was only released this year at the Berlin Festival. Ed Lachman has over 70 films in the portfolio, some signed by Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Steven Soderbergh, Todd Haynes, Sofia Coppola, Robert Altman, Todd Solondz, Ulrich Seidl. along with Larry Clark, directed the controversial Ken Park (2002).

A special projection will also take part Three interpretation exercises, directed by Cristi Puiu, member of the competition jury and author of the TIFF image campaign 2013. Puiu's project in Toulouse, in 2011, at the Les Chantiers Nomades workshop, with French theater actors, starts from the famous study of the Russian writer Vladimir Soloviov - "Three Conversations on War, Progress and the End of History" (1899). The three film stories are three studies on acting: The Cat is On the Chair, The Mouse is Under the Table and The Monkey is On the Branch.

Another exhibition at TIFF will be "Torn and Bleeding Clay", signed by Tomi Malkki, member of the jury of the Shadows-Short Film section. His works, which combine "photography, myths and memory with clay", illustrate the cliché of the forest in horror films and will be admired between June 1 and 9, in the basement of the TIFF House. The opening is scheduled on June 6, 7 pm, in the presence of the author, who exhibits under the pseudonym Malakias. "Pride and Concrete", a video and photo project of the photographer Petruţ Calinescu, who documented for three years the transformations that took place in the villages, following the massive emigration, will be seen between June 2-16, at Piano Cazola. The opening will take place on June 2, at 17:30.

Also on June 2, but at The Art Museum from Cluj, in the TIFFart space, will be open, at 12.00, the exhibition "24 expressions of solitude", by Mirona Radu. Until June 9, the public will be able to admire 24 powerful images on the subject of solitude, death and salvation. At TIFFart, between May 18 and June 16, the exhibition "Jirr Menzel's Films in the Czech Poster" will open, with 17 original posters from the unique poster collection of the Terry Posters film library in Prague ( Jiri Menzel, awarded for his entire career at TIFF, will present his posters on June 7, at 5:00 pm. The event is realized with the support of the Czech Center in Bucharest.

"The cinemas of Cluj of old", the first initiative of its kind in Romania, includes images of the old cinemas of Cluj, programs, old projection devices, posters, promotional materials and tickets for the film. The exhibition can be visited at Cinema Marasti, between May 31 and June 3, and at the Casino in the Central Park, between June 4 and 9. Organizers: Cluj-Napoca Municipality Culture House and "Clujul de altadata" Association

The Transilvania International Film Festival is organized by the Association for the Promotion of Romanian Film (APFR). TIFF Sibiu will take place between June 19 and 23, and TIFF Bucharest, between June 11 and 17, at the Grand Cinema Digiplex Baneasa.

Transilvania International Film Festival

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A Russian storybook is born

More than a thousand stories, poems and sayings for up to three years of storytelling, come in the form of the Medal Everyday Announced by the Media Foundation! named application.

Most of them were interested in 1-2 stories, but the most enthusiastic parent sent 43 stories.
The tale of more than a thousand stories could be published next to a 4,100-page, staggering book, or read through a story marathon over 200, eight, and half days without interruption - every Tuesday.
Even if all are not published, the best works can be read in the form of a book by the public: renowned experts will select the 15 items that will appear in the campaign storybook in March.
The works entered in the category Tale, tale, fruit tale, trophy tale, modern tale, fable and animal fairy tale are moreover judged by Judit Berg and Judit Berta.
Further details and stories useful for evening storytelling can be found at

The success of the flask program is also determined by the age of the male

The success of the flask program is also determined by the age of the male

Unlike women, men have no menopause, or any detectable and detectable sign of loss of fertility.

The success of the flask program is also determined by the age of the male

Up to now, women's age has proven to be the most important factor influencing a couple's productivity (both naturally and through assistive methods). Few studies have shown that pregnancy in the natural world is greatly influenced by the age of the male, especially genetic health of sperm, but through celebrities like Charlie Chaplin or Luciano Pavarotti, we still think that men remain ancient nationalities. A recent study reveals that survival is influenced by men's age. "According to our study, men's age is an independent influence on cumulative survival rates," he explained. Dr. Laura Dodge, an associate at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School). The results were presented at ESHRE's 33rd annual meeting by Dr. Dodge.In the course of the study, between 2000 and 2014, data from 19,000 flask programs were examined, conducted over 7,753 days. There were four groups of women according to their age: under 30, 30-35, 35-40 and 40-42. Males were logically similarly divided into four groups, but also supplemented with a group over 42 years of age. men's age had no effect on the results, suggesting that advancing age adversely affects fertility. However, when looking at the rest of the group, male age significantly influenced the success of conception. Lower birth rates were found in groups where the expectant mother was 30- to 40-year-olds (46%), while women of the same age and 30-35-year-olds In general, it can be said that a 35-40 year old women are good if they are under 30 years old "We saw an almost 30% improvement in life expectancy compared to men aged 30-35," explained Dr. Dodge. "However, more research has like the men. When looking at the effect of female age alone, we found a 46% decrease in pregnancy from 30 years to 40-42, and a 20% reduction was found on a male-like principle.
  • Men's Age Affects Artificial Insemination Success
  • The age of the male also influences whether the baby will come together
  • Men's biology is ticking, too

Christmas gifts that stimulate the child's artistic sense

Christmas gifts that stimulate the child's artistic sense

Canned foods activate the ulcer

Canned foods activate the ulcer

Sudden changes in light, summer, and autumn specific foods can reopen digestive disorders, such as ulcer, gastritis, and gastroduodenitis, especially if accompanied by alcohol, coffee, and tobacco. Those with stomach problems should avoid canned foods, which contain a lot of oils or fats, zucchini and mayonnaise salads because they are difficult to digest.

Sudden changes in light, summer, and autumn specific foods can reopen digestive disorders, such as ulcer, gastritis, and gastroduodenitis, especially if accompanied by alcohol, coffee, and tobacco. Those with stomach problems should avoid canned foods, which contain a lot of oils or fats, zucchini and mayonnaise salads because they are difficult to digest.
"If the body does not support them, nausea, vomiting, headache and chest pain will appear", warns Dr. Doru Cristian Gavrila, internist at the Policlinica no. 2 from Braila.
A good way to avoid stomach pains, says the specialist, is to alternate the days when eating canned foods with those in which natural products are consumed.

"If a person eats three days a week pickled cucumbers and another three days will taste the natural ones, the stomach will more easily support changes in nutrition," exemplifies Dr. Gavrila.
The high salt or sugar content of autumn preparations, such as pickles or jams, can increase stomach acidity.
Aspirin can lead to stomach disease
Doctors also draw attention to the use of cold, flu or cough medicines.
"Autumn is a time when aspirin consumption increases, an anti-inflammatory that can lead to reopening and even the appearance of ulcer," recalls Dr. Gavrila, who recommends those with a sensitive stomach replace aspirin with paracetamol, a product with fewer side effects. .
Bacteria affect the stomach worse than viruses
With the reopening of schools and kindergartens, the epidemics of enterocolitis in children are beginning to appear. These are digestive disorders that occur due to poor hygiene (dirty hands, unwashed food), the first signs of this disease being diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. "Parents who notice such symptoms in their children should go to their family doctor to find out if the disease has been caused by viruses or bacteria," suggests Dr. Gavrila. Treatment of enterocolitis that has viral causes is easier because it is based on furazolidone and does not cause complications. Enterocolitis caused by bacteria manifests itself through fever, blood stains and requires antibiotic treatment.
Source: The Event of the Day
Asperger's syndrome, also referred to as Asperger's syndrome, is a disorder classified as so-called autistic spectrum. Is characterised bysignificant disturbances in the field of interpersonal interactions and a limited repertoire of social behavior and activities with simultaneous proper mental development, which distinguishes it from autism. Unfortunately, despite the constant increase of awareness among doctors and the society, children with Asperger's syndrome are often stigmatized, which may cause even greater enlargement of these disorders.

Asperger syndrome - symptoms

Most often, in the context of the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome, six syndromes are mentioned, which are part of the so-called Gillberg diagnostic criteria.

  • Social interaction disorder - such children show reluctance and often the inability to work in a group, they have a problem with establishing social contacts with both the elderly and their peers, or they have difficulty adjusting their behavior to the given situation.
  • Verbal communication disorders - children with Asperger's syndrome, in relation to their peers, later acquire the ability to speak correctly and understand other people's speech.
  • Nonverbal communication disorders- a characteristic feature of these disorders is a poor facial expression, no emotion, no gestures, or aversion to physical closeness and eye contact.
  • Narrow, often very specialized interests that may take the form of obsessions - among people with Asperger syndrome, outstanding mathematicians, physicists or IT specialists are often met, but of course this is not the rule.
  • Continuous repetition of the same activities- characteristic for people with Asperger's syndrome is routine and unchanging behavior patterns. This can be manifested by a strictly planned, unchanged plan of the day, or by making a series of specific, repetitive movements.
  • Awkwardness- this symptom is not permanent and does not belong to the criteria for the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

Of course, these symptoms are just examples of abnormalities that may occur in people with Asperger Syndrome in varying degrees and severity.

Asperger's Syndrome and Autism

As we mentioned at the beginning, Asperger's syndrome belongs to the autistic spectrum, although it should not be identified with autism. Despite the similarity of symptoms, both these disorders differ significantly from each other. For the sake of simplicity, autism can be considered as the most distant from normality (characterized by the deepest disturbances in social skills and mental development), while Asperger's syndrome is the most similar to normality. On the other hand, when it comes to the middle of the scale, it is made up of other autistic spectrum disorders, the subject of which in our today's article is not addressed.

Treatment of Asperger's syndrome

For Asperger syndrome and other autistic disorders, the most important seems to be socialization therapy. It aims to like the most effective adaptation of the child to life in society, and its effectiveness mainly depends on the involvement of loved ones and the depth of the disorder (the closer the disorder to autism, the less effective the therapy).

When it comes to pharmacology, it has an auxiliary significance and is important in the case of co-occurrence of other abnormalities (such as depression or schizophrenia, which are more common in people with Asperger syndrome than in the general population).

In summary, Asperger's Syndrome is the mildest of autism disorders and in most cases allows normal functioning in society, especially with the support of family and therapists.

Bibliography:Psychiatry - Piotr Gałecki, Agata SzulcPsychiatry - Marek Jarema