Tips against fraternity

Tips against fraternity

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With my little finger. Children's Song with Ragged Bear

Name Austin - Meaning and origin

Name Austin - Meaning and origin

Saturday Gluten Free World Day!

Saturday Gluten Free World Day!

On June 9th, at Folyondár Street Sports Center, we are waiting for celebrity patients and their families for a one-day free event. There will be a concert and a concert!

In May, World Celebratory Day is organized in several European countries. The main message of this day is to draw attention to the celiac disease and gluten-free diet. Dr. Schдr's World Gluten Free Day joins this event across Europe with the aim of bringing attention to celebrity people at an event where you can get a lot more information. In Hungary, every hundred people are struggling with at least one civilian, and the situation is similar in other European countries as well.

Do you care too?
The frequency of celiac disease is increasing worldwide, and more and more people are being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, which is not the same as gluten. In Hungary, more and more people are reluctant to live with this autoimmune disease. At a very young age, gluten content can develop within one to three years after the introduction of gluten in foods. The disease may appear later in adulthood and in many cases may remain undetected, as it may not be accompanied by symptoms and sudden abnormalities.
There is only one effective treatment for the disease: the gluten-free diet, which the subject must adhere to for the rest of his or her life. Those suffering from such a disease should not consume any form of wheat, rye, barley, hybrids thereof, acacia or its forerunners. Care should be taken in processed foods and finished products as gluten is a preferred ingredient in ingredients.
What's free?
The supply of gluten-free products has been quite poor, but nowadays the abundance of gluten is surprising and welcome! Gluten-containing cereals can be used as substitutes for corn, corn, rice. Recommended meats, fish, greens, fruits, natural dairy products, eggs and special gluten free products, including flour, breads, pastries, pastries, foods. The company has taken a lead in providing gluten-free products, continually researching and developing them in line with specific dietary requirements, while maintaining a healthy, healthy diet. Continuing research with leading universities and international research institutes.
Come on!
Today's Gluten Free World Day will be the first event of its kind in Hungary. The June 9th event will be waiting for you with a number of programs. Dietitians and cooks have also helped make the diet more exciting and delicious with a cooking show, a range of products, interesting recipes, and Hungarian and Italian ingredients to make the diet even more delicious. For the best of the children, Alma will also perform at the Folyondár Street Sports Center, where they are counted on a large eyer.

How does dry cough occur in infants?

How does dry cough occur in infants?

our baby is healthy and peacefulAs long as he laughs, life is pink to us dust; but when our baby gets a little restless and sick, the situation becomes the opposite.

Especially when your miniature dry coughing that wheezing sound, coughing up and down the tiny chest vigorously, even if you can not talk to know that your throat hurts every cough. Yes, you are upset when your baby is sick, and most mothers panic when they get sick.

Believe me, panic will not help you or your baby who is tired of coughing. Instead of panicking, calm down first. Try to understand why cough can be caused. And then dry cough in infants Focus on how it passes.

What is Cough? What are the types of cough?

Coughing is the sudden and nocturnal removal of air in the bronchus by the respiratory organs. Cough is an involuntary reflex. This reflex, which is a natural mechanism, is a defense tool of the respiratory system and many causes can trigger this reflex.

It can occur for a simple reason or it can be a harbinger of a serious illness. Therefore, first of all what kind of baby coughing that your baby's cough. Does dry cough otherwise cough Is the type; You can see the video about the cough in babies.

Dry Cough

As the name suggests, it is a type of cough that does not contain mucus secretion or phlegm with cough. Dry cough in infants sputum or mucus air is excreted from the lungs and irritates the throat more.

This type of cough, which usually produces a severe sound, can sometimes be mild. Sometimes it occurs due to the common cold.

Wet (Sputum) Cough

If your cough is wet, it contains sputum or mucus. Sputum and mucus is a secretion that contains white blood cells. Wet cough indicates the presence of an infection.

Infection-induced cough, accompanying high fever can also bring. Therefore, it is a kind of cough that you should check your baby's fever frequently. Common cold sometimes sputum cough It may cause.

Croup Cough:

A type of cough caused by croup disease caused by an infection. Croup, also known as pseudopasparase, is a respiratory disease caused by a viral or bacterial infection that affects the area under your baby's vocal cords.

Usually seen in children aged 6 months to 5 years croup cough, bark in the form manifests itself with a sound.

Wheezing Cough

It is a type of cough that manifests itself as wheezing. Asthma and bronchitis diseases such as this may cause.

Psychogenic Cough

It is a form of dry cough that occurs when your baby is awake when there is no sleep time. It usually persists after a flu infection.

The reason for being called psychogenic is that the cause of this cough cannot be explained physically.

Whooping Cough

It is a cough caused by whooping cough in infants. At first, it turns out to be a mild cough and then it turns into severe coughing attacks. During coughing, your baby will suffocate and have difficulty breathing.

Causes of Dry Cough in Infants

In general, dry cough in infants does not contain sputum or mucus, causing painful and strong contractions and persisting for a long time.

Coughing Baby Before you can apply any treatment, you need to know the cause of the problem. Here are some possible reasons;

  • Common cold is one of the most common causes. Tickling and irritation in the baby's throat. As a result of this tickling and irritation, babies may have dry cough. As the problem progresses, the cough may become phlegm.
  • Flu, so influenza virus is one of the common reasons.
  • Low humidity, ie dry air environment, is a cause of dry cough in infants.
  • Extremely hot weather can cause dry cough and tickling in babies' throat.
  • This cough can also occur in a baby exposed to cigarette smoke or inhaling irritating chemicals.
  • As a result of reflux acid content of the stomach to the mouth, babies throat area irritation. This damage can cause dry cough in infants.
  • Whooping cough Causes of dry cough between.
  • In infants with growth and developmental retardation, common and never-ending wet or the cause of dry cough cystic fibrosis.

For children in case of fever and referral: // www. / Children-in-heat-and-transfer What is /

How does cough in babies pass? Cough Treatment

There are many simple methods that can be applied at home for coughing babies. Usually, these measures are taken, your baby in a very short time hurting and tiring which gets rid of these contractions.

For the treatment of cough;

  • Thinking that your baby will be cold to open the door is one of the biggest mistakes made. Ventilate the baby's room frequently and allow fresh air to enter.
  • Do not smoke in the baby's environment. And don't let him smoke. I can already hear those who say, ur Okay, dear, we don't smoke next to the baby, we always drink on the balcony. ” You think you leave the smoke on the balcony and go inside, but your clothes, hands, hair and breath carry that smell and the smoke with you to your baby.
  • Do not use perfume and room odors. These products not only exacerbate your baby's cough, but also expose your baby to the chemicals it contains.
  • Whether in summer or winter, make sure your baby's room is not too hot. Using a room thermometer will make your job easier.

//www.e- / baby-thermometer-c4239 /

  • Do not wear narrow, polyester-containing clothing on your mini. These clothes increase your cough by sweating your baby. Dress comfortable and breathable cotton clothes.
  • Make sure your baby's room is humid so you can buy a cold steamer.

//www.e- / baby-steam-machine-c4435 /

  • Drink plenty of water. If your baby is still breast-fed, breastfeed frequently. Liquid substances such as milk and water soften the throat in infants dry cough bouts It decreases.
  • Moistening your baby's nasal canals using a nasal spray can reduce the severity of cough.
  • If your baby has passed on additional food, give him a fresh, warm soup.
  • You can soften your throat by giving a spoonful of honey together with herbal tea or warm water to the baby over 1 year old who takes additional nutrients.
  • Try not to make your baby cry too much. If she cries and screams, your baby's cough becomes more irritating and coughing attacks increases. For this, listen to light music and let it rest.

Please note that you should take your baby to a specialist doctor and ask your doctor for advice before applying all these recommendations.

When should I take my baby to a doctor?

It is useful to take your baby to a doctor after a cough that starts mild, does not pass for a week and intensifies over time.

Sputum cough lasting more than 1-2 months, damaging your baby's bronchi bronchiectasis may cause

In addition, if the baby continues to dry cough, yellow, green or bloody mucus, breathing more than normal, if it is difficult to breathe, fever, and if you have chronic heart or lung disease, you should take your baby to a specialist doctor immediately.

For winter wear for babies: // www. / Baby in-winter-clothing /

Tricks for sharing a bed with a baby

Tricks for sharing a bed with a baby

When a baby comes into the house, new parents are so naive that we think of everything except this. If you take a few minutes to take a look at this vignette, you are sure to smile.

The couple's bed becomes a crib for babies, and what was once a sanctuary for rest and pleasure, with the arrival of the baby, this family treasure changes hands. Restful sleep is no longer what it used to be and pleasure is conspicuous by its absence.

I want to sleep! It is the battle cry with which many parents claim their place in bed. We get used to sleeping on the pole of a chicken coop, as it was said before, when we settle for a corner on the side of the bed where you can only turn on your side because on your back we exceed our territory, but that's not all. As if that weren't enough, a knee also digs into your side, a foot goes through your kidneys or a hand covers your face, and we all ask what spell Mother Nature has cast on us to endure stoically and with so much patience this list endless 'little things' that, day after day, do not let us sleep with our partner.

If you do not think that babies can test parents' patience, look at the first cartoon, with it I have already let out the first laugh. Of course, it is a trap for the father that the baby sleeps in his bed because, on occasions, he can end up irretrievably displaced to the sofa giving rise to the second vignette, the dog house. But if you have not resigned yourself to losing your privileged place in bed, do not worry, because your baby has prepared a cocktail of movements for you, that when you get up you will know that you have been all night in a blender.

However, if you prefer stronger sensations, try the bed of hell and you will wake up as if you have just descended from the highest roller coaster in the world. Your kidneys will be so destroyed that if you have managed to stay horizontal without falling out of bed, your legs will shake.

It is possible that the next day, after having endured the night before, you prefer to reach an agreement with your partner to change positions, in search of an improvement, of a well-being at the end of the tunnel of terror that is the night in your bedroom. At the foot of the bed, you will not have the baby near or to the side. The baby king will definitely have become the master of the independent kingdom of your room.

Then it will be when you long for the positions of the beginning and you will think that the remedy has been worse than the disease. You will seek to return to that position in which, at least, you had your square centimeter on the side of the bed and even though your shoulder hurt tremendously, which you crushed all night, when you took the position, you slept. However, you did not count on the frights of jazz hands who, without knowing how and where, they appear, touch your back as if it were a piano and make you jump on the bed that threatens the good health of your sensitive and delicate heart.

And it is that first it is a hand, then a leg and in the end you have the entire body of your child, of your soul baby, literally on top, so much so that it cuts your breath when it is placed on you as a scarf. But, if you think you've already gone through all the worst, keep reading that you still have the final litmus test. What does your baby do when he is awake? Does it open an eye to see what it is like? Does he stick his finger up your nose? Do you investigate to see what is inside your mouth?

If you have also gone through any of these situations, tell us through our official Facebook page. Sometimes, the phrases we say when we are half asleep, the startles, the scares, the falling out of bed ... are great memories that are worth remembering with a smile.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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Strengthen your children. Raising optimistic children

One of the concerns of parents is how to strengthen their children so that they do not suffer in the future. Children must learn that life is not a bed of roses but that the important thing is to overcome and face adversity with optimism. All this tells us the psychologist Javier Urra in the next interview.

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Live frogs and lady pee were an early pregnancy test

Live frogs and lady pee were an early pregnancy test

Long before you could buy a pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test for $10 in any drugstore, pregnancy tests took a different form altogether.

Frogs. But let's back up just a smidge, well, a bit more than a smidge. Let's back up all the way to 1350 BCE, when the ancient Egyptians had already realized there was something special about pregnant-lady pee. Egyptian women wondering if they were pregnant were advised to pee on wheat and barley seeds. If the wheat sprouted, she was pregnant with a girl; if the barley sprouted, it was a boy. If nothing sprouted, she wasn't pregnant at all.

Weirdly, this theory um, bears some fruit -- as the NIH tells us, a 1963 test found that 70 percent of the time urine from a pregnant woman would cause the seeds to sprout, while the urine from men or non-pregnant women did not. Go figure.

Urine-related pregnancy tests continued to develop as researchers speculated that there was something different about pregnant lady pee, although they were unsure just what it was. In the meantime, "piss prophets" tried to divine pregnancy by examining urine's color, by mixing it with alcohol, or by other dubious means.

This 17th century painting by Jan Steen, "The Doctor's Visit," shows an early attempt at a pregnancy test -- a ribbon is dipped in the patient's urine and burned

Things took a leap forward in the 20th century, when scientists began to discover that chemicals regulated certain human bodily functions, including reproduction. In the 1920s, researchers identified human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone found in high concentrations in the urine of pregnant women.

Blammo! The pregnancy test race was on. In 1927, German researchers Selmar Aschheim and Bernhard Zondek dicovered that injecting the urine of a pregnant woman into a mouse or rat would send it into heat. Great test! Except that the rat or mouse would have to be killed, and dissected to see ovarian changes, since mice and rats don't flirt or put on lingerie when they're horny.

Later, rabbits replaced the doomed rats and mice; readers may have heard of the "rabbit test" in connection to pregnancy, or heard "the rabbit died" as a euphemism for "I'm pregnant." I implore you not to google "rabbit test," as you'll find just heartbreaking pictures of the poor rabbits.

This clip from "The Golden Girls" refers to a rabbit dying due to pregnancy

Crazily, using frogs, specifically Xenopus laevis, the African clawed frog, to test pregnancy instead of rats or rabbits was a step forward. Because frogs lay eggs instead of getting pregnant, scientists could inject the urine right into their legs, then check later for eggs in the tank. No need to kill the frog, though you could definitely argue that getting jabbed with urine and living alone in a tank isn't exactly a frog's idea of fun.

And ultimately, the frog may have extracted its vengeance on humankind -- so many Xenopus laevis were exported from Africa for pregnancy tests that some scientists believe the species is the source of a fungal disease that threatens the global amphibian population.

How's that for a last laugh? Maybe we should have stuck to barley seeds.

Image of xenopus laevis and The Doctor's Visit courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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