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Sleep disorders Question:

- My boy of 11 months, for a period of time is very restless especially at night. He falls asleep hard, wakes up overnight, but not all and begins to succeed from one side to the other, on the belly. He cries when we try to calm him down. If we try to hold him in his arms, he becomes tense and wants to let go so that he can suck from side to side. She had been sleeping pretty well before: she woke up once a night, drank milk and fell asleep until 6 in the morning. What advice do you give me?


Sleep disorders of children can be caused by various causes:

  • abdominal colic, caused by intolerance to certain foods served at the evening meal, overfeeding, underfeeding or secondary to enterocolitis, intestinal parasitosis, etc.
  • respiratory disorders, caused by a nasal obstruction, which may occur intermittently, within a respiratory infection or may be chronic, caused by hypertrophy of adenoid vegetation (polyps)
  • other pain or discomfort caused by possible health problems; these are generally transient: for example, otalgia (ear pain) during otitis, fever etc.
  • discomfort caused by external factors: overheated or on the contrary with low temperatures, inadequate clothing (if it is too thick, or the clothing forms skin that is uncomfortable).
  • the consumption of exciting foods: chocolate, cocoa for example
  • the daytime agitation, the program loaded with many visits, the physical and mental overload, strained relationships in the family, conflicting discussions in which the child attends, significant changes in the child's life (a new home, the departure of a family member or the emergence of a new one, the separation from parents for a period, the first weeks at the nursery, kindergarten or with a new nanny), a trivial event that frightened or excited him, all these can have negative influences on sleep.
    My advice is to try to identify the factors that could interfere with the baby's sleep. In this sense, you can start by removing as much as possible the possible conflicts or agitation in the family climate, by observing the meal schedule, removing any exciting foods, observing the bedtime.
    Try to establish a bedtime ritual to be used every evening: it can be a song, a story, etc. Also when you wake up at night try to calm him down just by talking to him, without taking him in his arms. If all this does not work, consult a doctor to rule out any possible health problems.
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    Name Aminata - Meaning and origin

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    African version of the Arabic first name Amina. From Arab amine, which means loyal, honest, caretaker. Amina was the name of the mother of the prophet Muhammad. The latter was also called Amine by the people of Mecca before he was appointed by Allah to fulfill his mission. No feast date known.

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    - I would like more information about Smith Magenis Syndrome. How does the disease develop in children, what is the recommended treatment and what repercussions can it have over time?


    Smith-Magenis syndrome (abbreviated SMS or SMCR) is a genetic disease, caused by deletions or mutations of some genes on chromosome 17; the incidence is 1 / 25,000 births.

    Smith-Magenis syndrome (abbreviated SMS or SMCR) is a genetic disease, caused by deletions or mutations of some genes on chromosome 17; the incidence is 1 / 25,000 births.
    Smith-Magenis syndrome is characterized by:

  • particular features of the girl
  • delayed physical development
  • mental retardation - usually moderate
  • behavioral disorders: sleep disorders (circadian rhythm reversal), obsessive repeated movements (stereotypes), tendency towards self-aggression.
    These disorders are present in varying degrees in different patients, some of which may even be missing in some people with this syndrome. So:
    Over 75% of people with SMS present:
  • craniofacial and skeletal changes of type: small head (brachycephaly), mediofacial hypoplasia, mandibular prognathism, dental abnormalities (absence of premolars), particular features of the face: a large, square-shaped face, with the middle part of the broad and flat face, wide base of implantation of the nose, the eyebrows grow and above the base of the nose, small nose and flesh, upper lip fleshy;
  • ENT changes: abnormalities of the middle ear and larynx, nasal voice;
  • Neuro-behavioral disorders: hypotonia, hyporeflexia, signs of peripheral neuropathy, sensory dysfunctions (reduced sensitivity to pain), delayed speech, developmental delay and cognitive deficits, sleep disorders with reversed sleep-wake rhythm, behavioral disorders with stereotypes and self -aggressivity.
    50-75% of individuals with SMS present:
  • hearing loss
  • small stature
  • scoliosis
  • tracheobronchial disorders
  • ocular anomalies: myopia, microcornea, iris abnormalities
  • hypercholesterolemia,
  • hypertriglyceridemia
  • constipation
  • ECG modifications
    Less common changes (present at less than 50%):
  • cardiac malformations;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • immunodeficiencies;
  • Renal-urinary abnormalities.
    The treatment in the presence of this syndrome depends on the patient to the patient and is addressed to the present changes; consists of including the early child in certain programs of special care and education, behavioral therapy, occupational training later in life, treatment of speech disorders, physical, sensitive and behavioral disorders.
    Also, annual evaluations of the health status are required, with the monitoring especially of thyroid functions, lipid profile, the reno-urinary system, ophthalmological control and ENT, scoliosis investigations and periodic evaluation of the child with the monitoring of physical and neuro-behavioral development.
    Despite the difficulties regarding behavioral disorders children and adults with SMS are very affectionate, having a trained personality and much potential unused.
    Alina Pop-Began
    - Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-
    Specialist details
  • Get your baby in good shape!

    We have collected diets, skincare and fitness coaching to help us understand what we eat, what we do, and how we nurture our skin to feel healthy and beautiful on the day.

    Get your baby in good shape!



    During the first trimester, you may already experience increased health, but you will not need more calorie intake. The basic rules of healthy eating should be adhered to: eating five meals a day, eating whole grains, eating lots of greens, fruits, and drink 2-3 liters of clean water daily.vitamins: During this period, the most important thing is to take adequate vitamin intake, especially folic acid and vitamin C supplementation - advises the dietitian. Folic acid is essential because the process that closes the developing embryonic spinal cord, the tubule, takes place only in the presence of this substance, and it also requires the it is also present in fetal vitamins. Vitamin C is responsible for the cell killing and the absorption of iron. During pregnancy, we ingest at least 500 milligrams a day.Light materials: During pregnancy, calcium, magnesium and iron supplementation are the most important consideration, as these are the most easily developed deficiencies. Oilseeds, diols, kernels provide a plentiful supply of these materials.fibers: At the very beginning of fatigue, constipation can occur, which can be eliminated by dietary fiber intake - whole grains of grain and a lot of fruit and vegetables. "I warmly recommend kale, buckwheat, marshmallow, teal pepper. Kefir is also very good for cracking," says the expert.Tejtermйkek: Dairy products made from cow's milk may contain substances - antibiotics, hormones - that can break down into the baby's body, so it is better to choose couscous, rice, oatmeal or almond milk.Hooks, fish: Among meat, white meat - chickens, turkeys - is preferred, as well as offal, because it is a source of many harmful substances that can be passed on to the baby's body. If you don't want meat, you don't have to force it. "The fehйrjebevitelt can solve borsуfehйrjйvel, kukoricafehйrjйvel, the szуjбt turn kerьljьk. If you want to leave the hъst йs the бllati fehйrjйt, kйrjьnk a technician to бllнtson цssze a йtrendet, which bevihetjьk the esszenciбlis amino acids, йs elkerьlhetjьk the hiбnytьneteket.Aki not eat meat, eat legumes instead (if they are bloating), possibly with seeds, as they help each other absorb, so you can ensure you have the right amount of protein "- advises that can pass through the placenta into the baby's body. Peanut oil, di-oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil and sea buckthorn oil also contain a lot of fatty acids that are commonly found in sea fish and aid in baby development. If you want to eat fish, there are trout farms at home where you can get very rich fish.Йdessйgek: Avoid chocolate, sugar and artificial sweeteners. When the irresistible gravity comes, let's make oatmeal, milk and honey or a delicious fruit smoothie.


    morning: dandruff bread, butter, cheese, radish, orange
    tнzуrai: oatmeal, rice milk
    ebйd: nipple, roasted turkey breast
    snack: korpovit biscuit, apple
    dinner: porridge, mixed salad, seeds


    "If there are no complications in the first three months of your fitness, you can play sports - of course, only according to your abilities, physical condition and habits" - he advises Baby Erzsébet fitneszedzх. "If someone was not exercising before her pregnancy, then don't start hard training now. In these cases, exercise is recommended, but if you feel good, you can safely perform light, non-strenuous, mental and physical exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise, but also exercise.


    Once you know you are expecting a baby, it is worthwhile to start developing stroke prevention he advises dr. Klaudia révsz bхrgyуgyбsz-kozmetolуgus. Dietary, hydrated body poles (non-petroleum based) or natural vegetable oils, such as baby oil, are best for this purpose. Not only should the abdomen be lubricated, but also the buttocks, waist, hips, thighs and breasts, as these areas may develop stretch marks. Particularly good are almond or olive oil, jojoba, avocado, vitamin A and vitamin E supplements. With these, we apply a lot of lubrication to our skin in the morning and evening.THE SECOND TRIMESTER


    When the baby starts growing modestly, we can increase our daily energy intake by 2-300 calories, but stay in the mid-meal and 2-3 liters of clean water. Here, too, the recommendations listed in the first trimester are valid.


    morning: fruit yoghurt, oatmeal
    tнzуrai: almбs tъrу
    ebйd: mixed vegetable soup, steamed greens with stripped garlic turkey
    snack: gyьmцlcsturmix
    dinner: peanut bread, butter, greenery


    By this time, the fetus is sticking to the wall and feeling fitter, more energetic than ever. Because of the hormonal changes, our load capacity also increases, so it is strongly recommended that you exercise. Külцnцsen Yuk a I worked hard and farms fortifying exercises. If we do them regularly, we can avoid the back and forth wounds associated with the growth of the tummy. Cardiovascular exercise is also important, but avoid high heart rate and excessive sweating, because during this period your resting heart rate is higher than usual. tummy tension movements. In order to avoid infestation with fungi, we should only do so in natural waters - advises Erzsébet Babai.Cardio Exercises: Our fitness trainers recommend walking - outdoors or on a treadmill - at varying intensity, at slow and faster intervals, with alternating levels and elevations. Except the upper body is moved by the carergometer (a hand wheel, like a hand bike), which can be evenly varied by section variation. Low intensity aerobic exercise improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen uptake, which Enhance your baby's oxygen and nutrient supplyand reduces the risk of return, edema, and gold mining.Strengthening exercises: Anaerobic exercise exercises are very important during this period, both because they increase your capacity to physically prepare you for trouble and to help prevent the occurrence of back pain. Perform exercises with low weights and high repetition. Cardio and Strength Exercises Can Be Combined In Cold Sight. Warm Up On A Treadmill: 8 Minutes Horizontal With Medium IntensityRound 1:
    • back muscle strengthening upper snail, neck and other exercises
    • shoulder strength with cervical pressure
    • one-handed paddle with tilted starboard, manual landing
    (Repeat 3 times with low weight, 15 reps.)
    cardiovascular exercise: walking on a treadmill upright or carergometer for 6 minutesRound 2
    • chest muscle strengthening, breast pressure machine
    • Muscle strengthening, stretching in the forearm, with low inclination in the hips
    • biceps sitting, hammer grip, manual slip
    (Repeat 3 times with low weight, 15 reps.)
    cardiovascular exercise: walking on a treadmill upright or carergometer for 6 minutes
    At the end of your training session, cut all the muscle groups you worked on!


    Even more often, we should anoint three times a day oils, body oils our stomachs and other tense skin areas. If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, lubricate it two to three with a factor of 50+. As soon as we detect a deficiency, we immediately intake vitamins, minerals, or take homeopathic remedies that help with absorption, says dr. Klaudia révsz. THIRD TRIMESTER


    You don't have to eat two instead, but you can safely take your daily calorie intake to 2000. Take care of the treats, because the extra wedges will be easier to break.


    morning: brown bread, butter, cheese, rice milk
    tнzуrai: apple, seeds, yogurt, prunes
    ebйd: steamed rice, chicken breast stuffed with mixed greens
    snack: fruit sturgeon made from rice milk
    dinner: brown bread, butter, tuna, greens


    During the third trimester, we are becoming increasingly tired, and we may experience occasional thirst. During this period, the regular, time, and intensity of the training should be reduced. When choosing exercises, listen to the signs of our body. What happened yesterday may not work today. We should pay more attention to water refill, even drink 5 liters if we train. Over the middle of the trimester, we should only exercise slowly and comfortably, walking is best at this time.Prepare Our Body For Birth: Exercise More With Back Exercises, Waist And Thumbs Relaxation. Let's sit down on a big fit ball and perform tibial contractions, lateral tibial contractions, so move the tibia. Lie down on your knees and rock your tummy right and left to soothe your baby. Last month do not exercise anymore recommends the fitness trainer.


    Use homeopathic remedies against varicose veins, leg swelling and ulcers - recommends dr. Klaudia révsz. Breastfeeding


    Breastfeeding requires about 500 calories a day, so many mothers start to lose weight rapidly during this period. In this case, it is not allowed to diet, and no nutrients can be deprived of their own, because we continue to feed the baby through breast milk. With a balanced daily star meal, you can gradually reduce your calories intake, but only in moles! Fluid intake is even more important, essential for milk production, so We can drink 3-4 liters of clean water daily. Very good at this time is the cumin tea, which helps milk production and relieves the baby's puffiness - recommends the dietitian.


    morning: dumpling buns, butter, chicken breast, tomatoes
    tнzуrai: fruit turmeric with almond milk
    ebйd: caraway seed soup, steamed greens, natural chicken breast
    snack: orange, korpovit biscuit
    dinner: tъrуgombуc


    Six weeks after birth, we can slowly and gradually start sporting again. Don't overdo it, let's be awesome! After exercise, drink plenty of fluids, and wait 1-2 hours until your next breastfeeding session to prevent the accumulated milk and lactic acid from getting into your baby's body. The sport does not waste milk, and even better, because endorphin hormone is produced during exercise, which enhances milk production.


    Post-partum hair loss is a natural process, because during pregnancy the hair follicles go into a phase, which is why women's hair is becoming so fast. After birth, however, the hair bulbs that have entered a phase also fall out voluntarily, going into a growth cycle - explains the leathery skin. We cannot avoid this process, but it is not the same as the quality of our hair after childbirth. our hair. Hair dyeing and dyeing during pregnancy is not recommended. If you want to have a toning effect, you should choose natural ingredients. Breastfeeding should be very carefully hydrated to avoid nipple cracking and inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil is very good for this purpose: it is hydrating, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, and will not go wrong if you accidentally drop it in your mouth.BIRTHDAY

    How to lose weight?

    Many times a day, up to six to eight times a day, little is enough. It is mainly a vegetable, fruit is not our fruit, but among fruits it is mainly apple (banana). Drink 2-3 liters of clean water a day, eliminate sugary drinks and fruit juices. We consume coffee without sugar. Let's split our dinner into two and get it together. Leave the "useless" carbohydrates (fruit yoghurt, white bread, potatoes, toasts, pastries, sweets). Choose whole foods. Eat meat, fish with greens, salads or rice - suggests Erzsébet Babai, a fitness trainer who has also included a diet plan:morning: sugar-free muesli with natural yogurt or skim milk
    2 hours ago: 2 slices of diet bread or puffed rice or rye bread with a small piece of cucumber and ham
    ebйd: salad huhs
    2 hours ago: salad with meat (second half of lunch)
    snack: two apples two slices of puffed rice
    dinner: roasted green, for example 20 dkg of broccoli
    before going to bed: a glass of milk


    We can slowly get back to our regular workouts, the best for weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises, but also useful for functional training where we work with our own body weights - such as the TRX, the G-flex. Let's take a part where we can do a lot of exercise during a workout, focusing on more muscle groups. With these forms of training you can achieve the most effective and fastest results. Exercise at least three times a week.


    If your skin is sagging, whatever skin tightening procedure is chosen, gymnastics is essential because without it, you cannot count on good results. Laser or IPL treatments can be used against pigment spots and striae.Specialists: Eszter Anna Nagy dietitian, Erzsébet Babai fitness trainer, dr. Klaudia Skin Care CosmetologistRelated articles:
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    Itchy baby skin? So do it! (X)

    Itchy baby skin? So do it! (X)

    Itching is the most common and one of the most unpleasant symptoms of skin diseases, eczema, one of the major clinical features of atopic dermatitis.

    The number of allergies and atypical diseases has doubled worldwide over the past three decades. Dermatitis means dermatitis. Atypia means an altered immune response in the immune system. (The disease is also synonymous with eczema.) Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition. It is characterized by dry, itchy skin. In addition to the above mentioned symptoms, the skin is characterized by redness of the skin, often painful pimples and cracks. There may be small blisters on the surface of the body, from which there is a clear liquid. Skin symptoms can occur anywhere, but they are often seen on the scalp, in the mild and abdominal areas, on the face and under the diaper. Skin symptoms can be minor, but can also affect many palms. The most disturbing subjective symptom is severe itching.
    Atypical dermatitis can occur at any age, however, 90 percent of cases develop before the age of 5. In its neonatal form, the symptoms appear in the first few months. In childhood, the frequency ranges from 10 to 20 percent. 60 to 70 percent of eczema children develop the disease before the teenager. However, in a small proportion of cases, the symptoms are morbid to adulthood.

    How to treat atopic dermatitis?

    Depending on the severity of the skin conditions, inflammation and itching ointments, light treatments or oral medications may be used as recommended by your physician. It is important to moisturize the skin, which can be obtained with herbal ointments and body poles.
    In addition, a gentle skin care is recommended. Showering is preferable, but for short children and newborns a short bath (5-10 minutes), not too hot (27-34 C) bath is allowed. Avoid skinning the skin, use neutral, odor-free formulations for skin cleansing.
    After bathing, apply a few minutes after applying the skin to the skin. If you have acute skin conditions, you should use the active ingredient cream recommended by your doctor before your body care. We choose products that are as fragrance free as possible, have no allergenic effect, are comfortable and pleasant to use.
    If a provocative factor proves to be associated with skin conditions, it is recommended that they be avoided. Common provocative factors may include: skin-contact materials (skin care products, skin cleansers, ointments, synthetic garments), foods, inhaled materials (house dust mite, animal hair, feathers).
    Itching is not only unpleasant, but it is a stimulant for a bland party that only worsens the symptoms. The
    Halicar ointment®,
    Cardiospermum halicacabum is an active homeopathic remedy
    which relieves itching and greatly reduces eczema symptoms!

    P-052-halicar-PR article-2014-march

    Risks and side effects
    read the package leaflet,
    or consult your doctor or pharmacist.