Pasta with broccoli (Laborde)

Pasta with broccoli (Laborde)

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Why do spiders weave webs?

Help, a spider! But how does a spider spin its web that allows it to catch the flies and mosquitoes it feeds on? Let's dive into the heart of this trap, which sticks like glue ... Beware the insects, you will not always go out alive of this formidable web.

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Text: Séverine Vergine. Illustrations: Océane Meklemberg. Animation: David Berlioz. Graphics: Catherine Pebrel. Editing: Camille Touaty. Music and sound effects: Henri-Pierre Pellegrin. Recording: Studio Elixir. Voice: Franck Aupeix Milan Press, 2018

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My baby sleeps a lot, is it normal?

Most of us parents get distressed during the first months of the baby's life because they sleep only a few hours at a time. We become obsessed with the time when the baby stops taking little naps throughout the day and enjoys a night of at least 6 hours of sleep.

Well, there are also parents who worry that their babies sleep a lot. On our site we explain why your baby sleeps more than normal.

To sleep, like many other things, you also learn. They are routines that we are acquiring, thus regulating the sleep and wake cycles. When the baby is born, he can sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day, which seems like a lot, but when he does it in small naps, it becomes difficult for you to have a conciliatory sleep.

As the baby grows, he is able to sleep more and more hours at night and less during the day, depending on his ability to space his nutritional needs more and more.

But, What happens when the baby is sleeping too much for his age?What about a nursing baby who sleeps through the night without waking up for feedings?

The reality is that a baby needs to sleep many hours, and, if he is very sleepy, you can count up to 20 hours of total sleep, so, unless your baby never wakes up, not even to eat, you should not worry at all . On the contrary, you will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Of course, if you consider that too many hours pass between feedings and it costs you a lot to wake up your baby, it may be due to:

- It is going through a phase of accelerated growth: some children have growth spurts, and this prompts them to take much longer naps. Some babies go through several periods of sleep, and sometimes their naps can last longer because they are developing, their body expends more energy and needs to recover it.

- The baby is teething: Although tooth eruption makes children more irascible, restless and upset, it may happen that they have a harder time falling asleep during the day and their naps are shorter. But at night, you feel more tired, sleepy, and need more sleep than usual.

- Suffer from any disease it is also a reason for children to sleep more. When the baby is feverish or unwell, his body needs extra rest to fight the illness. The child may be down and sleepy. In any case, if he is too tired from an illness, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

- Do you receive too much stimulation during the day? Perhaps excessive visits from friends and family or keeping the baby, for whatever reason, awake for many hours, makes later, you need to make up for lost time and make longer and deeper dreams despite being hungry.

In the event that your baby never wakes up by himself to eat, for no apparent reason for it, it is convenient that you consult your pediatrician for an evaluation.

Unless the pediatrician recommends otherwise, it is preferable to let him sleep. Of course, if many hours have passed between feedings and it is a newborn baby, it is important to keep him hydrated so in these cases it is advisable not only to wake up but also to check his diaper to see if he is urinating, which means that it has good hydration.

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Anisakis in children

Fish is a product with many and very attractive nutritional properties, so it is highly recommended that it be part of the diet of children and adults with a frequency of at least a couple of times a week.

However, some fish can transmit anisakis, a parasite that can cause an allergic reaction. In We tell you what the symptoms and treatment are.

Fish are classified as white and blue, the main differences between them being the amount of fat they contain. Blue fish (salmon, tuna, sardines ...) can contain more than 10% fat, a quantity much higher than that contained in white fish (cod, sole, hake ...), around or below 2% . However, far from being a disadvantage, the fat present in oily fish provides polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, including some essentials that the body cannot obtain otherwise.

In general, and as long as the cold chain and very simple hygiene measures are respected, it is a safe food, but with certain fish it is necessary to take some extra precautions to avoid anisakiosis.

Anisakiosis is the disease caused by the larvae of some worms of the Anisakidae family. Its symptoms include direct symptoms, that is, more or less serious digestive problems that appear between 1 and 12 hours after ingestion, and indirect symptoms due to allergic reactions to the parasite, which can appear between 1 and 24 hours after ingestion. Anisakiosis is one of the most common food allergies related to the consumption of fish.

It is necessary to know how to identify the parasite, a species of small whitish worms that can be found in the meat of fish, and it is necessary to know which species are most likely to be infested with the parasite. For example, among white fish, cod or hake, sardines and anchovies and among blue fish, salmon and tuna and bonito. Also the squid and the like, like the flying one or the cuttlefish.

There are certain preventive rules to ensure the safety of susceptible fish in restaurants. These standards include freezing below 20 ° C for at least 24 hours for fish to be consumed raw or those that have been subjected to a cold smoking process, applicable to all species considered likely to harbor the parasite. Fish to be eaten salted or pickled must also be frozen prior to consumption.

At home you can take certain steps to prevent anisakiosis, starting from purchase. When buying, choose pieces that have been gutted, or do it as soon as possible. An exhaustive and meticulous control must be carried out on the fish loins, and, as in the recommendations for restaurants, it must reach a temperature equal to or greater than 60 ° C in the center of the piece during cooking for at least one minute .

Following these recommendations, there should be no problem with anisakis when consuming fish, and, being such an attractive product as it is, anisakis should not be an impediment to its consumption.

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Anisakis endoscopy

The letters B and V In some Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, they have the same pronunciation, which is why it is common for children who are beginning to write to make spelling mistakes by confusing them.

There are a number of spelling rules that can help us know when to put the letter B or V in a word, but the best way to avoid making spelling mistakes is to read a lot and do dictations.

Here we leave you some spelling rules and the best dictations with the letter B to make to children according to its difficulty.

We can follow a series of guidelines when it comes to knowing if we have to put the letter B or V.

It is always written B:

1- At the end of a word or syllable.

2- In verbs whose infinitives end in ber, bir and buir; less guard, boil, serve, live, return, resolve, absolve and rain.

3- Words ending in bility, bundo and bunda; less mobility and civility.

4- The words that begin with bi (two), bibli, ribe and riba.

5- The words that carry the syllables bu, bur and bus; except yours, flight, back, toddler, bustard, valve and vulgar.

Easy dictation

The baby was wearing a bib for drooling. It was his christening and he didn't want to stain his clothes. His father had a long white beard, and he worked on a ship, so they went on a sea voyage. They had a party where they danced and drank until dawn.

The next day they reached a bay where there was a green flag. It was a place where beasts and bugs lived that went in bikini and they rode bicycles.

Medium dictation

Once upon a time there was a horse that rode wild through the Herb of Mount Olympus. Fate wanted to put a test on him. He had to go up into the sky flying with his beautiful white wings and see the great Zeus to bring him a shield with which he could fight.

When Zeus watched him fly through the sky, he welcomed him and kissed his beautiful and soft hair. He hugged his broad neck and climbed onto his back. He knew that Pegasus was the only horse that walked in the sky.

Difficult dictation

The sage had forbidden Drink beer. It went too far to his head and he needed to balm to avoid pain, so he put on a beret and went to a sorcerer to heal him.

I needed to have ideas to spend jokes to the boatmen who passed by. They always asked him if there was going to be mist in the ocean or if they could dive.

He was telling them that on land there were buffalo, vultures and owls, and always encouraged them to go see them.

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Memory of Halloween witches

The 6 witches in this game have the urge to fly to cast Halloween spells. But, before, we must find identical pairs!

Simply flip the cards one by one by clicking on them. 2 identical pictures and it's a winning pair, it takes 6 to complete this game.



We lost the moment of the birth of the heart