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Name Kenan - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Gaulish seno, "old, wise".
This name is the original form of the Irish Ken. St. Kenan was consecrated bishop by St. Patrick in the fifth century. He would have built the first stone church in Ireland.
Kenans are celebrated on November 24th.
Its derivative: Ken.

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Christmas is coming to the urban children's camps

There are barely two weeks until the Christmas school holidays and many parents wonder what to do with their children while they have to work, since this year the holidays fall on Saturday and Sunday, and there are no work breaks for parents with young children . If you don't want to run out of a place in the urban camps of your city, hurry up, as registrations end this week.

From December 23 to January 9, children will be able to enjoy their Christmas holidays in Spain, a parenthesis in the middle of winter, which fills them with hope and enthusiasm for the gifts after the arrival of Santa Claus or the Wise men. However, for parents, this year the party is not accompanied by any extraordinary holiday, and we will have to settle for celebrating Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve on Saturday and Christmas on Sunday.

And, from Monday to Friday, what do we do with the children? For those who cannot count grandparents, uncles or siblings on these dates, the municipalities of many cities have launched urban camps for children up to 12 years old. One of the novelties this year is the bilingual camps, where children can play, do crafts and sports activities in English. Some include, apart from dining room, breakfast service and long hours that go from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon.

Places are limited, so check the dates to register your children. In some municipalities, the formalization of the inscriptions is already in the last days and must be done this week. The advantages of participating in urban camps are numerous for children. Far from having the feeling of having to continue going to school, once there, the work system is transformed into playful activities for which there is no boredom. Crafts, English workshops, pre-sport, sports activities (football, basketball, handball ...), theater, cinema forum, puppets, Nativity scenes, Christmas postcards ... are some of the activities that are part of the program of the urban camps this Christmas.

Marisol New.

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How to draw a sailing ship. Boat drawings for kids

In this video, children will learn how to draw a ship or sailing ship. In We propose you this easy idea to teach your children to draw pictures of maritime transport.

Have fun with your children teaching them to draw a boat step by step. A children's craft with which to have a good time of leisure with the family.

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What is your child daydreaming about? Would you like to be a singer, a successful youtuber, a Formula 1 driver ...? The imagination is free and we can dream of being what we want.

Children exploit this ability much more than adults. East poem about childhood dreamsRegina talks about a girl who wants to be a singer, a painter or a musician. Regina wants to be an artist.

"Mom I want to be an artist"

Regina says to her mother,

while looking at her smiling

and raise your arms in the air.

With the flight of a fly

at school he entertains,

see how it spreads its wings

and in his hand it stops.

From the window to the door

from the desk to the blackboard,

when the teacher teaches,

Regina in the clouds dances.

His parents and teachers

they encourage her to study,

because to be an artist

it has to be prepared.

He also loves music

he likes the violin a lot,

takes pictures with singers

feeling very happy.

Every friday afternoon

with illusion he is going to paint,

seeing that he does it so well

his grandmother goes behind.

When he paints he has fun

and although he puts on an apron,

with the "flight of dragonflies"

stains up to the nose.

Always does experiments

invented air fresheners,

with shampoos, creams and oils,

fills his room with smells.

Accompany the elderly,

enjoy being with them,

wants to take them home

to share your dreams.

Regina sees it very clearly,

will end up being an artist,

his paintings will be famous

and magazine cover.

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Seraphine - All The Things She Said 1 Hour. League of Legends

The pollens are trapped

There have been so many gossip and contradictions about the causes and prevention of breasts that it is difficult to decide who to believe.

Just because one of our friends says that bra causes breast cancer is not necessarily true. And if someone thinks that just because they have not remembered their family in the first place, they are not at risk, you are very much at risk. The truth is that the experts we still do not know what causes the breast; it is simply that certain factors, such as obesity or excessive alcohol consumption, can increase the risk. Prevention his team is dedicated to choosing facts and beliefs:

1. Breast is largely genetic.

Tйny: Cases cause only 5 to 10 percent of the BRCA1 йs BRCA2 called memory bugs. Even in women with delusional breasts, many cases are caused by a combination of genital mutations and genetic predisposition.

The breast symbol

2. Smaller women have a lower risk.

Tйny: Bra size does not play a role in the development of any kind of memory. Breasts develop in the cells of the lobules, which is the same in all women, regardless of the size of the breast. The bottom line is that women over 40 must undergo regular mammography examinations.

3. Breasts always appear in bundles.

Tйny: Of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer, 10 percent do not experience lumps, pain or other signs in the breast. Among the nodes that appear, 80-85 percent are malicious. No matter what In the event of any persistent lumps or symptoms, seek medical attention.. Symptoms include palpation or swelling of the palate, or of the armpit, breast or mammary glandular lesions, changes in the shape of the breast or mammary gland, lymphatic system, or

4. Mammography prevents or reduces risk.

Tйny: Regular mammographic examinations do not prevent or reduce the risk to the breast. They merely detect the presence of existing breasts, which in turn reduces the mortality rate in patients with mammals by 16 percent. However, in many cases, 6-8 years of memory may be present before the test shows it is very important that go to a doctor for screening every year, and take an exam.

5. Mammography causes breast cancer.

Tйny: The risk of adverse effects of radiation differs from the early advantages of early diagnosis. Women over the age of 40 are generally advised to undergo mammography examination annually. The level of radiation is effectively regulated and fairly low - about as much as natural radiation from a source within 3 months.

6. Birthless pills cause breast cancer.

Tйny: Doctors say there is not enough evidence to recommend that women stop taking contraceptive drugs to avoid breast cancer. Although in the '90s, studies have shown that there is a slightly higher risk in the case of conception, experts emphasize that the composition of today's contraceptives has changed a lot since the majority contain much less hormone. Breastfeeding-related memory can also depend on ethnicity and age, and in each case, women and others.

7. Young women do not develop memory in their bodies.

Tйny: It is true that the disease is more common in women who have undergone menopause, but may occur at any age. 25 percent of all cases of breast cancer develop in women under the age of 50, with a higher mortality rate. Because young women have tighter breasts, mammographic examinations are more difficult to detect lumps, so at age 20 all women should have regular exams, and have a medical checkup every three years and at age 40.

8. Deodorants and perspiration cause breasts.

Avoiding these pipermolics does not eliminate the risk of memory. In 2002, a study by the Hutchinson Cancer Center revealed that there is no correlation between the use of deodorant and antiperspirants, and between breasts. It is rumored that sweaters prevent the loss of mammary material from the body, and burn up in the lymph glands, which can cause cancer. Another opinion is that chemicals in perspiration, such as aluminum and parabens, are cancerous. So far, however, no research has supported them.

9. Wearing bras increases the risk of breasts.

Tйny: There is no convincing scientific or clinical evidence to support this claim. If women who do not wear bras have less frequent breasts, this can only be explained by the fact that they are generally thinner: elhнzбs is a well-known risk factor for this cancer.

10. Can cause cancer if you drink from a plastic water bottle left in a hot car.

Tйny: The rumor presupposes that dioxins are released from the heated plastic bottle and released into the water. However, plastics do not actually contain dioxins and the sun's rays are not strong enough to create them. Most disposable plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the safety of which is rigorously tested. According to some research, it is effective bisphenol-A may be released, which may influence cancer risk. The safest option is to make a reusable bottle made of bisphenol-A-free plastic.

11. The result of my mammography exam has become normal, so I don't have to worry about the breast.

Tйny: Although mammography is considered to be the best early diagnostic method, it is not perfect either. In asymptomatic women, up to 20 percent do not detect the disease. The study reduces the mortality rate in women by only 16 percentage points. Although a mammographic result has been negative, breasts may develop later - current guidelines recommend annual testing.

12. Breast can be prevented.

Tйny: It is true that we can change certain risk factors, such as obesity and disability, but there is not enough information about the memory to prevent the disease. Further research will be needed to elaborate prevention.Also read these:
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  • The wolf and the dog. La Fontaine's Fables for Children

    The wolf and the dog. La Fontaine's Fables for Children

    With La Fontaine's fables you can find stories to educate children in values. In these popular short stories children will find valuable lessons about honesty or solidarity.

    Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover the morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of funny stories.

    A wolf that was hungry, found a fat and healthy mastiff that was walking through the forest. Attacking and eating him would have been the right thing to do for the wolf, but the reality is that it would also have been a fierce fight, with a well-endowed enemy.

    The wolf approaches him to talk and praise how well he looked, to which the mastiff replied: -You are not as well as I am, because you do not want to, leave the forest and your friends. Follow me and you will have an excellent life. And the wolf asked:

    - And what will I have to do?

    - Almost nothing, said the Dog: attack those who endanger their master; love homeowners, and always please them. With something as simple as that I am telling you, you will have the leftovers of all the meals, chicken bones, fresh meat, fruits and vegetables; and also honey, as an extra element.

    The wolf was happy and full of joy. As they walked towards the house of the mastiff's master, the wolf noticed that the dog's neck was bare.

    - What's that? - I ask.

    - Nothing.

    - Like nothing!.

    - Nonsense.

    - But something is, that peeling on the neck.

    - It will be the sign of the necklace with which I am sometimes tied.

    - Tied! - exclaimed the wolf

    - You don't go where you want?

    - Not always, but that, what does it matter?

    - It matters so much, that I do not want even the greatest of treasures for giving up my freedom - The wolf finished saying, and ran away, without looking back.

    Moral: Sometimes to have more, you have to give up what you love the most.

    If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

    Here you have other children's fables.

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    Stitches in children's wounds

    Children often get hurt. Most are scratches or cuts superficial on the skin that only need local cures. On the other hand, when the cut is greater or deeper, the edges of the skin are separated and it is necessary to give stitches to achieve the closure of the skin by bringing the two sides closer.

    Doctors use the stitches to sew the two sides of the wound, tying a knot at the seam and using a special thread. Depending on the thread used, thestitches are removed after a week or 10 days, O wellthey absorb themselves.

    There are different types of threads, called sutures, which are the nylon, silk and vicryl. The latter is the most recent and has the ability to dissolve in the skin, so it is not necessary to remove the stitches. This type of suture is used, above all, in cuts that affect the lips or the inside of the mouth.

    A wound can also be closed using self-adhesive plasters, also known as american points, making a butterfly bandage, that is, in the shape of a cross. It is very important not to get them wet because they come off with water and keep it dry for a few days.

    Another way to hold the edges of a wound together is with special cement for the skin. The cement comes off only after 5 to 10 days. Each of these methods is indicated for certain types of wounds and different locations, so it should always be the doctor who decides.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when stitches are required is the time interval between the time the wound has occurred and when stitches need to be placed. And it should not be more than 4 hours between one moment and another, therefore, it is important take the child to the health center as soon as possible.

    Once there, the doctor will clean the wound well with sterile water to remove dirt and germs. Then, he will apply an antiseptic such as chlorhexidine to the edges of the cut to avoid possible infections and will remove any fragments or objects that have remained inside the wound.

    Before starting to sew, the doctor will sleep the affected area with a small injection of local anesthesia to avoid pain. Next, with a tiny needle, the doctor will sew the two ends of the cut with the suture.

    Each type of suture requires different care. In general, it is advisable not to wet the stitches in a few days because all suture wounds must be kept dry so they do not become infected, or scratching or picking at the spots no matter how much they itch. If, by accident, one of the stitches opens or you notice that the area becomes red or hot, you should see a doctor immediately because the wound could have become infected.

    During the time that the stitches remain on the skin, the doctor may recommend a daily dressing, which also serves to check the condition of the wound. In these treatments, an antiseptic solution (chlorhexidine) can be applied on the suture, according to the doctor's indication. The appearance of the wound should be monitored for fluid, drainage, inflammation, or signs of infection.

    The period of time they are kept depends, above all, on the location of the wound. The shortest sutures, that is, those that can be removed in 3 or 5 days, are those on the face, neck and scalp. You have to wait 7 days on the arms and hands, and up to 14 days if the injury occurred on the palms and soles of the feet, elbows or knees.

    The mission of the suture is to keep the wound closed to aid healing, and when it has been completed it must be removed. The child should be explained that the removal of the stitches does not hurt so that you are not afraid to return, in case the first experience was unpleasant. It takes much less time to remove the stitches than to put them on Each stitch is cut at the knot level, and then the piece of suture thread is pulled. Small jerks are noticeable, but it doesn't hurt.

    On the other hand, if they gave you the points that are absorbed, the cement or they put American points on you, it is not necessary to remove them, since they dissolve in the skin or come off themselves. Afterwards, it is important that you do not get the sun directly on the scar so that you do not have a mark. To avoid this, you can put a cream with a high protection factor on the scar.

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