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Tricks for breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding your baby in public can be an embarrassing and delicate time for you, especially if you are a fresh mom and go through this for the first time. No woman feels exactly comfortable when exposing her breasts to the world. But breastfeeding in public is not a vulgar gesture, but a wonderful gift that a mother makes to the baby.

Trust yourself!

Before you breastfeed for the first time in public, "arm yourself" with all good thoughts and a positive attitude. Be convinced, before any other person, that your gesture is not vulgar, but as natural as possible and that the needs of your child are beyond the curious eyes of the passers-by. You are neither the first nor last person to feed their baby in this way, and most people have a positive reaction to women breastfeeding in public.

Your attitude does everything in such moments and also contributes to the way you will be viewed by others. If you have a relaxed and natural attitude while breastfeeding the baby, the passers-by will be the same and will try to make you not feel bad. But if you are stressed and anxious, you will attract even more attention of the curious and you may feel embarrassed.

Dress appropriately

When you go out with the baby in the city, you have to think about how you dress to facilitate his access to your breast, without having to put down too many layers of clothing.
Take a special bra for breastfeeding and possibly a blouse sufficiently cut or with the button, so that breast removal is done as discreetly and without too much effort.

Do not put sweaters or blouses on your neck, which must be lowered or raised, because you make it difficult to do so as discreet and easy.

If you feel the need, find a safer place

There are situations when you have nothing to do and you find yourself having to breastfeed in the middle of a lot of people. Even so, wherever you are, there must still be some isolated or hidden spaces, so that you are not in the center of everyone's attention:

  • in a corner of the restaurant or shop;
  • in a personal car;
  • on the seats behind a bus or tram;
  • on a bank withdrawn from a park, etc.

Uses ergonomic baby carrier systems

Sling is one of the most practical devices for carrying the baby. One of its benefits is that it facilitates breastfeeding and "hides" it from the eyes of the world. When the baby is crouched in the sling, almost no face is seen.

Any other baby carrier system will give you this privacy. You have a lot of variants to choose from: woven or elastic wrap, SSC, millet cut, cutter wrap. You just have to go to the specialized stores, try and choose the one that best suits you.

In no way do you opt for cots or scarves to cover your breast and baby. You wouldn't even like to eat with a blanket on your head!

Take a few people close to you

The first dates when you do this is good to be surrounded by your loved ones, very close, who have been at such a delicate and intimate moment. It could help you relax and feel much better.
In addition, if you ask a friend who is also a mom to go with you, she may offer you some tips and help you with some tricks to make everything easier and more comfortable for you. The experience of such a person can help you make breastfeeding in the public less embarrassing.

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Short, Dutch, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

He comes from Indiana which means "divine" in Latin.


No known Indy yet ...

His character :

Introversion, introspection, concentration and combativeness form the basis of Indy's personality. Extremely active and direct, his pragmatism immediately pushes him to take the right direction.


Indiana, India and Indie.

His party :

No party is attributed to the Indy.

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A hair straightener on revitalized hair

A hair straightener on revitalized hair

To get straight hair, we adopt the straightener (with ceramic plates that do not damage them). To get the best result, first make a disciplinary shampoo and dry your hair. Infusion Straightener by Toni & Guy. With its integrated reservoir system in which you can pour a revitalizing care, it protects and prevents the dehydration of the hair fiber throughout styling: 69 € Where to find it?

To get straight hair, we adopt the straightener (with ceramic plates that do not damage them). To get the best result, first make a disciplinary shampoo and dry your hair.
Infusion Straightener by Toni & Guy. With its integrated reservoir system in which one can pour a revitalizing care, it protects and prevents the dehydration of the hair fiber throughout styling: € 69.
Where to find it?

Vaginal birth after cesarean section: what's wrong?

Beer - 3 interesting uses in the house and garden

Even though it is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and one of the most tasty options during the time of the heat, the beer has a lot of other uses! Curious how you can use beer in your home and garden? Find out more!

Draws butterflies

If you want to attract more butterflies in your garden, find out that you don't need to plant many flowers - all you have to do is make a beer-based blend.

Here are the ingredients:

500 g old
1-2 glasses of beer status
3 very ripe bananas, crushed
1 cup of molasses or very sweet syrup
1 glass of rom shot

Mix all these ingredients well and spray the solution obtained on trees, fence and stones.

Removes difficult stains

If you can not get rid of the difficult stains of coffee or tea on the carpet, find out that beer can be very helpful! In a first phase, test the color resistance on a small piece of carpet. If the beer does not discolor your carpet, you can proceed to the next step: pour plenty of beer on the difficult stain, rub it well and repeat the process until the stain is completely gone!

Marinate mushrooms and meat

Are you looking to give a special flavor to the dishes you cook for your family? Find out that instead of vinegar or wine, you can use beer to grind the meat and give a pleasant mushroom aroma. So, prepare a mixture of your favorite beer and spices, add the meat / mushrooms and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

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How do you hold a baby? It may seem like an absurd and obvious question, but in reality it is not. Remember the moment when your son or daughter was born. At the clinic, friends and family are succeeding to meet the newborn and when you offer to take the baby in their arms, although there are mothers who prefer that no one take it, someone always comments: 'Ah, how scary, I would not know take it, I prefer to look at it. '

Or also, that first-time father who tries to do his best but who carries the baby with the little head tilted and slumped back while the mother gets nervous watching the scene.

The newborn is so fragile and delicate that, if you have never held a baby or even if it has been a long time since you have, it is somewhat reluctant to take him in your arms. It is so small that you feel the fear of not doing it right, to cause him some damage or even to slip between your arms.

You can keep these tips in mind so as not to move him excessively or cause any damage when taking him out or leaving him in his crib:

- Newborns do not know how to control their head or neck, so if you try to lift it from the armpits, its little head will fall back.

- It is convenient to insert a hand into the crib and slide it down the baby's back, trying to keep the neck inside our forearm. In this way, We will take it out in a horizontal position and without moving it much.

- Bring the baby closer to your body immediately so that it is more protected. Perform these movements in principle with both hands, but when you gain practice you will be able to get him out of the crib with just one arm.

- When you do the reverse movement, that is, leave him in the crib, keep the baby close to your body for as long as possible and lean towards the mattress to leave it gently on it and finally remove the arm from his back and finally from his head.

- All the movements you make must be full of delicacy and softness since the muscle density of a newborn is minimal and he cannot control his body.

- Once it is in your arms, you can sit in an armchair to be more secure and to be able to change its position if you wish: put it upright to remove gas, face down on your forearm, on your lap or skin to skin.

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An ideal room for children

The Feng-Shui expert, Ana Postigo, reveals to the readers of, how to decorate and organize the room of a child over 3 years old. How to choose a play area, a study area and a rest area in your room, from a Feng-Shui point of view. Feng-Shui is an ancient Chinese science that is linked to energy balance and harmony. It is the science of location, of placing and arranging the furniture, colors and rooms of the house so that energy flows in a sinuous and harmonious way.

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