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What children say about love

We love our children and we try our best to teach them what love is. Sometimes we explain it as a mathematical problem, we draw it or link it to one day with Saint Valetin or Dragobete. But, most of the time, we simply love them and we know that love will slip with its meaning in the middle of facts and gestures. We try to say "I love you" to your loved ones and we believe that everything is clear.

Being curious, we thought to check what the children understand from everything we say, but especially from what we do not say. From what we do for them and for everyone else around us. I asked children of different ages what love is and how they understand it. Let's see what answers I received. Following their example and words, maybe we will understand better what love is ...

"I think that love is when I come outside and I have very frozen hands, and my sister lowers me and warms my hands blowing on them ..." (Vlad, 5 years)

"I love my mother and then I bring her slippers when she gets home, to warm her legs ..." (Iulia, 5 years)

"When the kindergarten children do not listen to Mary, I go and tell them to leave her alone because she is the smartest, most beautiful and I love her, even if she does not mind ..." (David, 6 years old)

"I am love!" (said the boy of his mother irinao and that's because she tells him so every day)

"Love is good and if you have love it means that someone defends you and takes care of you." (Denisa, 4 years old, baby girl mom llorikiss)

"When my mother gives me a piece of chocolate, I don't leave her until she gives me another one for my sister ..." (Ana Maria, 6 and a half years)

"For example, I love my friend when I let her tell me everything that happened to her and upset her, even though I realize she is not right. And later, she realizes that she was wrong ..." ( Mara, 9 years old)

"When my brother comes out of school and comes after me to grades, he is very hungry. And I always give him my snack ..." (Ionut, 5 years)

"I love my dad and I love him very hard, loud when he comes home at night ..." (Adriana, 4 years old)

"If my mother sleeps on the couch in the evening because she is very tired, I play a little quietly to let her rest ... and then we laugh together ..." (Matthew, 5 years)

"My sister is the sweetest sister of 6 years. Whenever she writes a word correctly, she does a math calculation correctly or she knows a word in English, I have butterflies in her stomach and I am proud of her ..." (Claudia, 10 years)

"I love my mother and whenever she gets upset and tired from work I have patience and I do not contradict her at all ..." (Irina, 9 years)

"When my dad gets upset that I didn't make any room orders, I always listen to his opinion." (Robert, 8 years old)

"I think I like Darius because I sit and listen to him telling about his passion for insects, although I am very afraid of them ..." (Oana, 10 years)

"I always help my grandmother and I love her because I carry my bag alone when we come from the ranks ..." (Ilinca, 5 and a half years)

"My grandfather is the strongest ... He reads stories to me every day and I do not notice when he is wrong ... because he is very old and sleeps a little." (Andrei, 6 years old)

That's what I learned from children about love. We will try to implement at least some of these types of love. If you know any other ways, tell us too, do not hold love for yourself!

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Planning the exact date of conception

Planning the exact date of conception is, for many women, a goal meant to ensure the baby's arrival in the world at the most appropriate times. Whether we talk about scheduling professional activity and avoiding a climate difficult to bear with the big tummy in pregnancy, or we are referring to a certain special day for birth, many future mothers are trying to control as much as possible the receipt of the most precious but from life.

The realistic goal for planning the exact date of conception can be set for a certain season or month of the year, the chances to target a precise calendar day being quite small.

Even women with a regular cycle and no infertility problems can be disappointed in this approach, which is why it is ideal to assume from the beginning that there is no good or bad time for birth.

The motivation of planning the date of conception

The motivation behind the planning of the conception date may vary from case to case. Among the reasons for planning the conception date are:

convenient break in professional activity;
sensitivity to summer or winter climate;
preference for a certain date of birth;
• personal considerations (child's sign, financial aspects, etc.).

Most women prefer to avoid the summer season for the third trimester of pregnancy due to thermal discomfort. On the other hand, pregnancy in the cold season is more dangerous because of the frequent viruses.

Therefore, experts recommend planning the conception date from the perspective of some personal factors (age of other children, impact on family, budget, health status, etc.).

Concrete methods for planning the date of conception

The planning of the conception date can be accomplished by concrete methods, carefully calculating the "big blending" between the egg and the sperm. During each menstrual cycle, you have about 6 days in which you can get pregnant. This is the "fertile window", which includes 5 days before ovulation and the day when the egg reaches the uterus.

The sperm can survive up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract, while the egg resists only 12 hours after the eruption. Freshly ejaculated sperm become "functional" within 10 hours of intercourse, during which time they develop their mobility and ability to penetrate the egg. This is why the 5 days before ovulation day are so important for conception.

Surprisingly, the actual day of ovulation is not the best time for copulation. The researchers studied the phenomenon carefully and found that the day before the egg eruption there are much higher chances of conception, thanks to the sperm that the sperm have to mature sufficiently.

Even more amazing is that at 2 days after ovulation the chances are at least as great, which means that a couple eager to reproduce must make full love 2 days before ovulation and the first day after the egg is released.

Another precious clue to follow is the cervical mucus, which you feel as an abundant and aqueous vaginal discharge, just around the eruption of the egg. It has the role of transporting sperm to the egg and contains nutrients that help sperm cells survive.

If the egg is fertilized, the fetus is born. From this moment, in about 38 weeks, the birth will take place.

Causes and treatment of back pain in children

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Tips for getting pregnant with a boy or boy

Tips for getting pregnant with a boy or boy

The choice of the sex of the baby is still a matter of chance. Although there are laboratory techniques so that the choice of the baby's sex is completely reliable, these genetic selection analyzes can only be carried out when there are medical reasons that justify the choice of sex.

This occurs when there are antecedents in the family of some diseases that are only transmitted genetically through sex, since they affect only men or women. Between the tips for getting pregnant with a boy or a man, the Shettles method points out taking into account the day of ovulation to schedule sexual intercourse.

The Shettles method is a system of selecting the sex of the baby that offers the expected results in 75 percent of the cases, as long as the exact day of ovulation is correct and there are no other factors that may alter the result. This method is based on the programming of sexual relations, according to the woman's cycle to have a better chance of having a boy.

According to this method, to get pregnant with a boy it is advisable have sex as close to each other as possibleovulation, that is, the same day or 24 hours before. The question for many women is knowing when ovulation occurs to conceive a child at the right time.

You can find out in several ways:

- Taking your body temperature every day to calculate the time of ovulation.

- Using an ovulation prediction kit.

- Using the ovulation calculator.

However, other factors such as the temperature of the testicles and the pH of the woman's vaginal discharge also influence the choice of the baby's sex, to be male or boy. Regarding temperature, Y or male sperm are more sensitive to heat than X or female sperm, and may not survive high temperatures.

If you want to have a boy, your partner should not wear tight clothing, or spend too many hours sitting to avoid overheating of the scrotum that can destroy or injure male sperm.

Another determining factor in choosing the sex of the baby is vaginal discharge, a liquid that serves as a vehicle for sperm to travel through the vagina in search of the egg to fertilize it. Y sperm survive better in a pH that is not more acidic than normal, because they are smaller, weaker and more delicate, although much faster than X.

And, if you want to get pregnant with a girl, go to this link:Tips for getting pregnant with a girl

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