Episode 3: Fip's accidents

Episode 3: Fip's accidents

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DIY flower headband for First Communion

Did morning sickness make you depressed?

Did morning sickness make you depressed?

I don't mean clinically depressed, exactly. I just mean sort of a run-of-the-mill, garden variety, emotional horribleness.

My morning sickness has returned with a vengeance, and I'm flattened.

And when I try to remind myself: "You wanted this, you wanted this, you wanted this," it doesn't help at all. In fact, I start thinking, "Maybe I shouldn't have wanted this. Maybe it was all a big mistake."

Bad thoughts, you know? And yet, I remember having those same thoughts with my other two pregnancies - and the thoughts went away after I felt better, and I try to remind myself that they'll go away this time too.

I'm too down, these days, to call people. Or to email. Or to take care of my car inspection, which is overdue. Or to cook, or shop, or clean, or do errands, or parent effectively. I do things in brief snatches, and I do them badly. Today, for example, the dishwasher repairman was here. "There's nothing wrong with your dishwasher," he said authoritatively, packing away his tools. "That residue is detergent and you just need to set your hot water temperature higher."

I pictured the cups and plates and bowls of yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, rough and sticky with food residue - not detergent, food - and I saw myself sliding them into the sink, and I wanted to tell him, "No, you're wrong, it's food." But most of me wanted him to leave. Dan had the girls and I wanted to sleep. So I said, "Fine, fine, thank you, good bye," quickly walking him to the door. And I was relieved when he left, even though I know there really is something wrong with the dishwasher.

The nausea is brutal and relentless. It forces me to be too close to myself, too aware of myself - and I'm so gross these days, I don't want to be that close to myself (or to anyone, for that matter - but especially not myself).

I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting. That's it. And every now and then, I remember how I felt when it cleared with the other two pregnancies - 14 weeks for Anna, 17 for Clara - how it literally gave me a sense of having been reborn. That helps a little. But mainly, I just wait.

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6 Things To Know If Youve Got NO Morning Sickness. Parents

Natural remedies for hormonal problems

Natural remedies for hormonal problems are considered safer and "healthier" than drug treatments, becoming increasingly popular and sought after among women with such ailments.

While chemical drugs treat the hormonal disorder, but often cause other imbalances in the body, natural remedies cure the problem, but at the same time, the body also benefits from other therapeutic or prophylactic properties, being a healthier gain than for those drug.

Here are some safe herbal remedies for some of the most common hormonal problems in women!


If you suffer from abundant and uncomfortable menstruation, caused by hormonal imbalances in the body, you can quickly remedy them by simply eating beef.

With abundant menstruation, it eliminates from the body and a significant part of the iron deposits, thus increasing the risk of anemia. The more iron you remove, the more menstrual it is and the more uncomfortable the symptoms. It is important to restore the balance of this mineral level in the body by consuming beef, as it is one of the richest foods in iron.

Baked potatoes

Treat your condition of irritability and nervousness that you manifest around menstruation with baked potatoes! Including them in the menu, during the period near the installation of menstruation, rapidly decreases the anxiety and nervousness. They have the ability to reduce irritability in less than 10 minutes after consumption and helps you stay calm for at least 6 hours afterwards, due to the tryptophan content.

The vegetables

The symptomatic picture of dysmenorrhea also includes headaches, which are 3 times more severe during menstruation, due to the sudden decrease of estrogen in the body. According to the specialists, adding only two cups with vegetable tip in the daily menu reduces the risk of headaches in just 3 months. Even if after 3 months, the pain still persists, their severity is reduced by 66% after adding vegetables to the diet.

Mineral water

1 in 5 women suffer from dysmenorrhea or severe pelvic pain around or during menstruation, mainly caused by magnesium deficiency in the body. Magnesium helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation and calm the central nervous system, essential for preventing these pains. Mineral water helps to restore magnesium deposits in the body faster, as it contains large amounts of this mineral and helps in its faster absorption in the body.

Menstrual cramps can also be treated with yogurt, due to its high calcium content. If you eat 1200 mg of yogurt daily, get rid of uncomfortable cramps within three months.

Sweet bread with bananas

Although it is more known and enjoyed in America than in our countries, it is famous Banana Bread (sweet bread with bananas) not only satisfies the craving for sweet and possibly hunger, but also has other benefits on the body, especially on the hormonal problems that affect menopausal women: decreased libido or vaginal discharge.

Interestingly, you should not eat banana bread to increase your sex drive and vaginal lubrication. According to the specialists, it is enough to smell it, for the blood flow in the pelvic area to increase and to improve your sexual activity, during menopause.

Flax seeds

Flaxseed is an effective natural remedy against nighttime bumps and perspiration that you may experience during menstruation or menopause. According to the researchers, the inclusion of a quarter cup of flax seed in the daily diet decreases the risk of bumps, night sweats and treats vaginal dryness.

Oily fruits

Bloating is an unpleasant symptom that about 60% of women experience monthly menstruation. It can be successfully combated by daily consumption of oil (of any kind). Consumption of 1/2 cup of oil, around and during menstruation, decreases the chances of bloating by 50%.

Do you know any other natural remedies against common hormonal problems in women? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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Why does my child need the hepatitis B vaccine if only teens and adults get this disease?

Εμβόλιο β γενιάς κατά όλων των παραλλαγών εντός ενός έτους αν υπάρξει χρηματοδότηση 13221. ΕΡΤ

7 essential addresses to find the right solution

Finding a child care arrangement is not an easy task and it is not always easy to know where to go. Our advice to help you in your research.

7 essential addresses!

Whether you opt for a group day care - crèche, day nursery, kindergarten - home care or for a certified maternal assistant, here are the 7 good places to know to find the rare pearl:

  • 1- Your family allowance fund: caf.fr offers a site specially dedicated to all that concerns solutions for children: mon-enfant.fr. A real Bible.
  • 2- To find the addresses of the various types of group reception or the list of approved maternal assistants of the municipality on which you depend, you can inquire at the service of the early childhood of your town hall or at your maternal protection center and infant (PMI).
  • 3- Think also of the municipal center of social action, the CCAS. This local structure is open to all inhabitants of the municipality and its mission is to meet the social needs of the entire population. It intervenes in various fields, especially in the care of the early childhood and the different modes of care (collective crèches, rest-nurseries, relay of nursery assistants ...).
  • 4- You will also find valuable information on the site of the General Council: conseil-general.com
  • 5- Do not hesitate to get closer to RAM maternal assistant relays, which are a real link between parents and professionals early childhood. You will find a genuine listening, valuable information on the different modes of care as well as lists of approved maternal assistants. To find the coordinates of the nearest RAM: mon-enfant.fr
  • 6- Remember to check with your employer. You may be able to benefit from a crèche place through your company.
  • 7- If you look more for a simple or shared home care, go to the website of the National Agency for Human Services: servicesalapersonne.gouv.fr. You will find a directory of companies accredited to recruiting nannies at home. Note that this site also offers lists of approved nursery assistants.

Frédérique Odasso


Article updated on August 17, 2015


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Jamie Reed 1112 season goals York City

Salma Hayek and Charlotte Church were born

Salma Hayek and Charlotte Church were born

Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek announced the birth of her first child, her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault with her fiancé, businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.
The 41-year-old actress who played in Frida was very busy during her pregnancy as executive director of the Ugly Betty show that won the Emmy award.
According to Salma's spokesperson, both mother and daughter feel very good.
Meanwhile, in the UK, Welsh singer and TV moderator Charlotte Church gave birth to a baby girl, supported by her boyfriend Gavin Henson and her mother, Maria, who were present at birth.
Charlotte and rugby star Gavin said they chose a name for their daughter - but they did so only after birth - which they will reveal in a future interview.
The two couples have wedding plans and will give these two girls a warmer home.
Alina Sica
September 27, 2007

Pregnancy diet can stress the baby

Pregnancy diet can stress the baby

Adults whose mothers had an unbalanced diet rich in meat during pregnancy may have an exaggerated hormonal response to stress, a new study suggests.
These research are related to previous ones related to prenatal diets that led to increased blood pressure in adulthood.
Also, the researchers emphasized the importance of the diet of the pregnant mother, which includes important carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables.
These results were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. The study included 70 adults from British mothers around the 1960s, who were advised to eat lots of protein and low carbohydrates to reduce the risk of preeclampsia.
Preeclampsia in pregnancy is a complication marked by increased blood pressure and the presence of many proteins in the diet, which have not been shown to lower its risk.
These mothers were cared for in the same maternity hospital in Motherwell, Scotland, and detailed records were kept and observed of the quantities of meat and other foods they ate each week.
In the recent study, their children, already adults, were asked to take part in two stressful processes: public speaking and mental arithmetic. The researchers collected saliva monsters before, during and after performing these tasks to measure the stress hormone, called cortisol.
Overall, the study found that cortisol levels increased with the amount of meat that participants' mothers consumed during pregnancy.
Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland in response to stress. Its effects include increased blood pressure, impaired carbohydrate metabolism, and increased cortisol levels have been associated with chronic increases in blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, explains Dr. David I. W. Phillips of the University of Southampton, the study's lead.
He says that, however, he suggests that an unbalanced, protein-rich diet will affect fetal development by increasing its sensitivity to stress. For any stress factor, these individuals may secrete more cortisol, not only in the early stages of life, but also in adulthood, says Phillips.
Most researchers point out that diets rich in meat, led to stimulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis, a component of the nervous system that regulates cortisol secretion, but also of other stress hormones. In mothers with chronic high levels of cortisol during pregnancy, they can "reprogram" the development of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis of the fetus, the researchers speculate.
The diets of mothers in this study are similar to the Atkins diets. Diets rich in healthy carbohydrates such as wheat, fruits and vegetables, especially green ones, are important foods because they contain a lot of vitamin B.
Laura Moise

Adelarda: origin and meaning of the name for girl Adelarda

Adelarda: origin and meaning of the name for girl Adelarda

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Adelarda.

There were several saints with this name, the grandson of Carlos Martel and cousin of Charlemagne.

Composed of the radicals adal, "noble", and -hard, "hard".

January 2


  • Adelard of Bath, 12th century English philosopher

Adelarda name coloring pages printable for kids

Adelarda: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Adelarda coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Adelarda coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Adelarda name to color and print