Dough corns with cow cheese

Dough corns with cow cheese

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Daddy in bed

If not first, but when the mother comes home from the hospital, the problem arises: where to sleep. This is a simple request because there is no general recipe…

Daddy in bed

We can say that there will be a good place for the little ones where the parents see them. If the door is open and your baby is so far away that you can hear the whispering, you can sleep in the room.

Children's Room

In housing estates, this is easy to do because the rooms are small and the walls are thin. If the baby and the parents' bed are placed along a wall so that the baby's head is closer to the open door, we can safely anesthetize the child in the selected nursery. Today, most parents spend the first few months in the same room with their little one. Mother so more comfortable and relaxed However, the question arises: will there not be a very tired, sleepless father who must go to work in the morning. I just say - because it is purely my own experience, scientifically not substantiated - that the father does not wake up to the baby after a while. They have no idea, mother breastfeeded her many times, cleansed her little night. Conversely, if one night is left alone, Dad will wake up to every little move he makes. It seems that nature has not suffered in this.

Situation trap

Because of the noises of the night, it may not be worth moving the abbot out of the bedroom, which you also find more and more often in families with young children. Perhaps losing your job may be a matter of practice, because for some, Dad's earnings are most needed at this stage of his life. Perhaps this is why not just the mother, but often the crown of the creator, suggests this solution, which we choose only in very justified cases: it can be a trap. The other spun around, whispering another, and he might just have gotten his head lightly. Then we got used to falling asleep together, and once in a while we both slept in bed. However, you can get used to it. After three months of sleeping, once you have taken over the whole bed, it may be uncomfortable to have to halve again. This does not mean feelings, it does not mean that the couple loves each other less - after all, another three or so months are needed to get back to sleep again.

It should not become a habit

In addition to this, one might ask a questioning father about "counting": how long should you sleep in a room? While the kid is up at bedtime? There are kids who still don't sleep all night long after they are one year old. Whoever says this is just a parenting request has probably only one - good sleep - child. Because babies have very different sleep needs. It is difficult to determine the temporary status. And we shouldn't miss anything We thought it was temporary, they consider it the usual custom. And this is not healthy. When a family has a child, it is a the most beautiful period - we say, after all. Then there is the fatigue, the sea of ​​things to do, the question, and the uncertainty of whether or not we are doing everything well, and maybe we are not lost on how happy we are. It is true that it is not only beautiful but also difficult. According to family therapists, one of the crisis points of marriage can be the birth of a child, because everything changes in the couple's life. To avoid problems, our hearts, minds, all our energy are needed.
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  • A last-minute gift for Mom? A few suggestions

    A last-minute gift for Mom? A few suggestions There are many opportunities to give one of the most important people in our lives - Mother: birthdays, name days, holidays, but also Mother's Day. However, we don't always have enough time to look for the right gift. Fortunately, there are gifts that do not require much effort. What gift can we organize for Mom at the last minute? Here are some ideas.

    A last minute gift. Theater pass, cinema tickets

    Nothing connects like that shared memories. Instead of another bouquet of flowers, give Mom cinema tickets or theater tickets, of course two - for Mom and Daughter.

    Just choose a convenient date and you're ready. Tickets can be purchased online in many locations.

    A gift for mom at the last minute. Day SPA

    There is no mother who underestimates holy peace. It doesn't take much to give it to her. Just choosing a good SPA package that will allow you to relax in a nice interior, putting yourself in the hands of an experienced person.

    Or maybe you fancy going to the SPA with your mother? Many SPA centers offer this option, tempting with a rich package of various treatments.

    A gift for mom at the last minute. Photo session

    Family photo session in beautiful scenery? May and beginning of June encourage you to go outside and capture beautiful moments. You can decide on a session in which you, your mother and children will participate. You can also choose differently and organize a grandmother's session with your grandchildren only.

    It's a great idea for a great time!

    A last minute gift. Board game

    What about buying a board game for Mom? The one she can play with her husband or children?

    There are many board games for adults and people of all ages on the market that whole families can play. The recommended ones are worth mentioning Millionairereferring to a popular TV game show, or 5 seconds - a game that checks your reflexes and evokes laughter.

    Or maybe a puzzle?

    Puzzles never get old. Every year they are available in more and more interesting versions, also spatial ones.

    They do not have to present unknown panoramas, but places that Mama dreams of visiting or with interesting memories.

    A gift for mom at the last minute. Dinner in the dark

    Have you ever been to dinner in the dark?

    Check if you can take advantage of such an attraction in your town. Most often, dinners, during which we see nothing, are offered by hotels and better restaurants. An amazing experience. A waiter with a night vision device introduces guests to the room, helps to sit down, and then using his hand and sense of touch, he finds a plate, fork and eats served meals. Of course, nobody reveals what's on the plate, you have to guess it. Finally, talk to your chef about your experiences.

    Dinner in the dark is not available in your place of residence? Go with your mother for dinner or lunch to your favorite restaurant and just spend a few moments in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Risks and prevention of breast cancer

    Risks and prevention of breast cancer

    Breast Cancer Prevention: Lifestyle and breast cancer risk. City of Hope

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    Dads and future dads go to Modern Dad s Challenges

    What is Modern Dad's Challenges? The place where dads and future dads learn more about their new status and parenting job as it is, with its challenges and benefits.

    So, on April 5, starting at 6.30 pm, at Impact Hub Bucharest, we start the incursion into the life of the new or future fathers: we launch the first edition of the event Modern Dad's Challenges. The event will be moderated by blogger & tactician Andrei Cismaru, and the theme of this edition is The role of the father in the pre and post natal period. Andrei will develop this topic together with the guest speakers: Dr. Valeria Herdea, primary physician of general medicine, family medicine with pediatric profile; Oana Nicolau, Couple and Family Psychotherapist & Sorin Nicolau, Life and Business Coach and a Surprise Guest.

    "It is necessary to break some of the prejudices, to put aside (us, men) that masculinity is misunderstood and to allow for more sensitivity, emotions and, of course, direct involvement in raising and educating children. Yes, we, Dads, husbands, we have an important role both before and after the birth of the little one. I do not know which period is more important, but I can say that without a solid couple relationship, the appearance of a new member within the family, will certainly not provide the reason that will strengthen and bring more understanding between the partners. The role of father is clearly very important and because of this, family life will be built in a harmonious and sustainable way, "says Sorin Nicolau, Life and Business Coach , Manager and co-founder of the Clinic Oana Nicolau and speaker at the event.

    Registration for the event is made by filling in the registration form on the blog - // We prepare some surprises for the participants, but also one raffle with prizes Attractive: a Revolution SE Bob Black stroller, Britax Romer brand, an Eclipse Crown Blue car seat, Britax Romer brand, Video surveillance camera D-Link DCS-855L, a SAMASterate Parents package and a Baby Safety and Safety Course (with a diploma of participation), Klorane Bebe products and many other prizes.

    The Modern Dad's Challenges event is initiated by

    The debate over antibiotics returns to the fore as an 18-month-old baby died in a small Pennsylvania town of an ear infection. Her parents were wary of antibiotics and vaccines and did not want to administer medications to the girl that, according to doctors, would have been saved with a treatment based on antibiotics. This is an extreme case, but it serves to illustrate the little information or misinformation that, in some cases, parents have about the use of medications.

    Antibiotics are not bad, in fact they save lives, what is bad is administering them incorrectly. It is a fact that doctors are increasingly opposed to prescribing antibiotics. When I was little it was the abc of family medicine, however, nowadays until the child does not spend 3 days with a fever, at least that is how my pediatrician proceeds, and the pathology requires it, the pediatrician does not decide to prescribe this medicine. Parents sometimes skip this decision and manage it on their own.

    Antibiotics are powerful drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria, and their correct use can save lives. According to World Health Organization, are powerful medicinal agents that are used to treat infections caused by bacteria (organisms that can cause anything from pneumonia to urine infection). Depending on the type of bacteria that is causing the condition, the pediatrician will prescribe one antibiotic or another.

    Pediatricians often prescribe amoxicillin for severe ear infections, sinusitis, severe and persistent cough, tonsillitis, or strep throat.

    Antibiotics do not fight or are effective against infections caused by viruses such as a cold, flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis, or gastroenteritis. If given when the disease is caused by a virus, the only thing we are causing is resistance to antibiotics and also its effect will be null.

    Another major mistake made is not finishing treatment. Sometimes the child feels fine after a few days, and many parents stop the medication sooner than the doctor orders. This can cause the child to be reinfected as some bacteria may have survived.

    Nor should we save prescribed antibiotics for later use or for someone else.

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    On Call for All Kids - When Do We Really Need Antibiotics?

    Among all the names for boys we highlight Erenio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

    Graphic variant of Herenio.

    Relating to Hera, Greek deity wife of Zeus.


    • Eraclio Zepeda, Mexican politician and novelist (1937-)

    Drawing of the name Erenio coloring page printable game

    Erenio: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Drawing of the name Erenio coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Erenio coloring page printable game

    Drawings of the names. Erenio name to color and print

    Alternatives to No! (ages 2 to 4)