Parental divorce and the child, how does it affect him and how do you help him overcome?

Parental divorce and the child, how does it affect him and how do you help him overcome?

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Abdominal pain or sadness?

The idea of ​​spiritual pain is considered by many to be esoteric. But there are many signs that they are. Baby too. It's mostly called abdominal.

Stomach can also be of spiritual origin

There's Délut. You are corpse, you have not completely absorbed it baby lifebut your relatives think so, you don't need help. You just can't wait for your husband to come home to push the baby a little in your hand, or buy at least a couple of goodies with a talkable person. The tiny little one, so you're getting tighter too. You fuck everything, you put it on your breast, you rock it, you sing to it, but nothing. You're getting nervous. You must be doing something wrong, your mom said when you announced, "That kid must be raised !!!" You were right, you are not a good mother, you are not able to reassure me. No, but you're on the border. You feel like you're out of here if Dad doesn't come in a minute ... Dad arrives, you're on the ceiling, the kid in the ball. Dad undresses, hands, takes the child out of your hands. The puppy puppies are a little lame, and then they just jump, finally calm down, let go, and fall asleep. The elsхthat pops in: "My mom was right ..."

Security, hormones, memories

Now let's forget your mother a little. You are not a bad mother, very upbeat and insecure. And the kid has great antennas. The number is a megnyugtatу, if you are in safe hands and have no tension around it. He knows you're not okay, and he doesn't like that. But how does he watch? Who knows. We can explain it in many ways, even with the flow of energy or invisible forces. Someone who is more affectionate may think of the baby's very sensitive nose to smell it when you're upset and have a smell of sweat. It still goes on and on, the point being that you can take your mood smoothly, and as you become more and more anxious, you will not feel tired for a while. The baby's brain almost mirrors the mother's condition, and her body also expels cortisol. So, clinging to one of your circular hormonal states, you can get to the point that only one third - possibly calm - can lift you out of the situation. But what if you are not starting, but your baby? The Newborn can also be bбnatos, although it is difficult to imagine waking up with the left foot. But we may think that you have the advantages of working hard. Even parenting can be, as it may not have happened the way it was best for you. But you may have other griefs that you have to cry out for yourself. The baby is barking. All cultures. Even if they have the best mom in the world. Unfortunately, they still aren't there like your friend, who's calling her because she fucked her boss and just asks you to listen. In times of high tension, your baby might just ask you to listen. If you have tried to reassure yourself that you have done your best, then think that the best thing you can do now is kisнrhatja yourself on your shoulder.

Belly or not?

It can be quite stomach-like, since the very wheezing can lead to stomachache if the baby swallows a lot of air. And, of course, stress is not a problem for the tummy, because it streams nutrients and oxygen into vital organs and stops digestion for a short while. In the "run or run" position, the lungs and water muscles need increased function, while the digestive and immune systems need to be deprived of their function. During prolonged or frequent stress, you may think that your stomach is clenched or you feel a stone in you. Your baby may be in such a situation. In order to improve the situation, you need help and understanding. Both you and your baby.
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Connect the dots!

Running 30 minutes a day for up to 9 years will extend your life

Women who jog twice 30 minutes a week can survive up to 9 years longer, according to a recent search.

Running 30 minutes a day for up to 9 years will extend your life

Intense physical activity, such as jogging, slows the aging process of cells. Brigham Young University staff discovered that there was a difference between 7 and 9 years at the cellular level among those who exercised regularly on a regular basis, as opposed to those who exercised only modestly daily for up to 30 minutes a week. it is 40 minutes for a man's window. It turns out that this type of intense sport, even the appearance of wrinkles and hairs. out of the age. The more active, intense physical activity we perform, the slower our body gets"says the research leader Larry Tucker.The expert adds that, of course, a number of other genetic factors also determine life expectancy: one may not survive intense exercise for long.
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We teach you how to make an original and beautiful homemade Santa Claus costume. In addition, children can collaborate in the development of their own propose a santa claus costume, which can be used for both children and adults, using inexpensive materials.

With a red shirt, felt and some pompoms you can make this original santa claus costume, a very cheap costume to enjoy Christmas with children.


  • 1 red t-shirt
  • Cloth or tissue glue
  • Wool pompoms
  • Black and white felt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Gold colored eva rubber

1. Lay the red Santa Claus shirt stretched out on a flat surface. Cut out two strips of white felt and glue them to the sleeves.

2. Glue two more strips, this time longer, one at the base of the shirt and one vertically in the center.

3. Make 3 white wool pompoms and glue them to the vertical strip.

4. Cut out a strip of black felt and glue it together as a belt.

5. With golden eva rubber cut a square and stick it on the belt, it will be the buckle.

4 letter templates for Santa Claus, free to print. Writing the letter to dad is one of the moments most awaited by children, in the days before Christmas. So that your child can write a nice letter to Santa Claus, our site has created these 4 models of letters so that you can print them and give them to the children.

31 messages from Santa Claus for children. These are all the messages from Santa Claus that all children have to hear at Christmas. They are Christmas phrases loaded with values ​​that Santa Claus wants to convey to all families. In addition, we tell you some curiosities about Santa Claus that you will like to know.

Santa Claus from cardboard plates. Crafts for kids. In GuiaInfantol we propose you to make simple Christmas crafts with materials that we all have at home or we can get them very easily. And the thing is, this Santa Claus is made with only two cardboard plates, colored cardboard and cotton.

Santa Claus's reindeer with recycling material. We teach you how to make Rodolfo the reindeer with toilet paper rollers. Rodolfo is the red-nosed reindeer and one of the best known to children. If your child loves the figure of Santa Claus and everything that surrounds him, he will surely like to make this craft with recycling material.

Christmas postcard with Santa Claus clothes. If you want to make an original and beautiful Christmas greeting with your children, at Guí we offer you this Christmas postcard craft with Santa's clothes as the protagonist. Santa Claus Christmas card craft. Homemade Santa Claus Christmas postcard.

Funny jokes about Santa Claus for children. If you want this Christmas to be different and unique, pay attention to the following Santa Claus jokes for children. It will be an excellent proposal to not stop laughing and to make these endearing and familiar dates be remembered by the smallest of the house.

Santa Claus made with ice cream sticks. A Santa Claus to decorate the Christmas tree, made with ice cream sticks. Christmas Crafts. How to make a Santa Claus ornament to decorate the house at Christmas. Santa Claus craft with ice cream sticks. Christmas decorations with ice cream sticks for children's Christmas holidays.

Santa Claus Christmas stories for children. Read with the children these Christmas Tales of Santa Claus, Santa Claus or Old Man Easter to tell the children. Stories that transmit values ​​such as generosity, kindness or solidarity. Enjoy these Christmas stories of Santa Claus for the whole family.

Christmas carols or songs danced by Santa Claus. We offer you a selection of popular Christmas carols for children danced by Santa Claus. Enjoy with your child with all these Christmas songs that are sure to sound familiar.

Santa Claus mask for children. On our site we teach you how to make a Santa Claus mask using very little money and a lot of illusion. It is a recycling craft made with disposable cardboard plates and colored cardboard.

Switch to the baby bottle when you want to bring the baby back

The transition from breastfeeding to the baby is made when the baby is weaned. It is a delicate moment in the child's development and quite challenging for you as a parent. At the time of cessation of breastfeeding, the baby goes into a new feeding phase and must be familiar with the bottle, through which he will receive the daily milk requirement.

Before you make the decision to give birth to your baby, keep in mind that breastfeeding for the longest time only benefits your baby and once stopped, you have no way to restart it.

Here are some secrets on how to make it easy to switch from breastfeeding to baby feeding!

Breastfeeding or giving up

Weaning is an important stage in the feeding of the child. The baby should be accustomed to being breastfed also by the pleasant and relaxed moments he spent in your breast and familiarized with new feeding modalities, the first one being the bottle. Some babies give up the comfort of their mother's breast more easily and become "friendly" with the bottle, while others find it difficult to adapt with the new feeding accessory.

There are, however, some secrets that help you more easily introduce the baby bottle into the baby's diet.

Choose the right time for weaning!

If the baby signs that he wants to be breastfed (always look for breast), and you have enough milk to meet the nutritional needs of each meal, do not stop breastfeeding. In many cases, the baby alone signals that he is ready to give up the breast in favor of the bottle.

He is ready to be weaned when he bows or turns his head every time you try to place him on her breast. Also, if you play, bite your nipple and start "snoring" while breastfeeding, you can consider the idea of ​​passing the bottle. The reasons are varied: either he does not like milk or he does not saturate, because you do not have enough milk or sucking is difficult, which irritates him.

Choose the right nipple!

The most important thing to consider when making the switch from breast to bottle is how to choose teat. If you want the baby to accept the bottle more easily, it is advisable to opt for a nipple made of a soft material (silicone) and with a shape that faithfully mimics your nipple. In this way, the child will feel less change and will become "friends" more easily with the bottle.

Test several types of nipples - with narrower, wider holes, of various materials - until you identify the one that the baby accepts most easily and that facilitates sucking.

The new Philips Avent Natural baby bottles ensure a smooth transition from breastfeeding to the baby, thanks to the nipple with a nipple-like shape. The comfort petals of the nipple ensure a flexible and delicate feeding process, prevent the deformity of the nipple and make the baby to accept the nipple much easier, be more relaxed and satisfied.

In addition, the nipple is provided with an innovative anti-colic system due to the valve which ensures air penetration into the bottle and not into the baby's tummy. The nipples are interchangeable, by age groups, within the Philips AVENT Natural range.

Depending on your needs and your baby's needs, choose a glass bottle or a plastic bottle.

The Philips Avent Natural range offers you both polypropylene bottles, without BPA (125 ml, 260 ml) and glass (120 ml, 240 ml).

The glass vials are resistant to boiling and heat shock. Therefore they can be stored in the refrigerator, then heated and sterilized without any concern. Philips Avent Natural vials are made from pure borosilica glass (which has not been used before), from France. They are printed with organic ink made only from natural materials, to ensure the highest quality and purity.


  • Philips Avent Natural SCF690 / 17 bottle (polypropylene, 0% BPA), 125 ml: 37 lei
  • Philips Avent Natural SCF693 / 17 bottle (polypropylene, 0% BPA), 260 ml: 42 lei
  • Philips Avent Natural SCF671 / 17 bottle (bottle), 120 ml: 50 lei
  • Philips Avent Natural SCF673 / 17 bottle (bottle), 240 ml: 60 lei

Philips AVENT products from the Natural range are manufactured in England.

It starts with mixed breastfeeding!

Do not suddenly give up breastfeeding in favor of the bottle. Try feeding the baby into his or her diet before completely stopping breast feeding. Alternate a period of breastfeeding with the bottle, to familiarize it more easily with the texture and shape of the bottle. For the baby to accept the bottle more easily, grease the nipple with a little breast milk (if you still have breastfeeding), so that the smell is familiar and entice him to suck from the bottle.

Follow the routine before breastfeeding!

In order for the baby to feel as little as possible from breastfeeding to baby feeding, it is important to respect the routine you had at each breastfeeding session: your position, baby's position, background music, communication with him during feeding, etc.

See what the moms who tried with their baby Philips Avent baby bottles say.

We invite you to be part of the Philips AVENT community and always be up to date with news prepared for mothers and babies, on the Philips Avent Romania Facebook page.

Have you had problems switching from baby to breastfeeding baby? Tell us how you went through this delicate period in the comment section below!

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