Your 19-month-old: Week 4

Dr. Jamal Cooks, Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Faculty SFSU

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7 costumes for children inspired by the traditional Romanian port

Popular costumes or clothes inspired by the traditional Romanian port are not only a sign of patriotism, but also a proof of respect for our country's culture and traditions. Teach your child yet the role and significance of folk costumes, dressing in costumes inspired by various models of traditional costumes from us in the country!

Pikachu is one of the creatures in the Pokémon world that children like the most, which is why it is one of the makeup most demanded by children at birthday parties.

In we teach you to create your own fantasy makeup so that your child can dress up as Pikachu. it's very easy and funny!

  • Makeup sponge
  • Brush
  • Red paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Black paint

1. Use a makeup sponge and yellow paint to paint the child's face.

2. Draw PIkachu's pointed ears with a brush and yellow paint, then outline the upper part with black and paint the ears with a little black paint.

3. Now make a black circle at the tip of the nose and outline the eyes below.

4. Draw the whiskers with a brush and black paint.

5. Finally, with red paint, draw Pikachu's mouth and the characteristic blushes.

The happiness jar to develop positive thinking in children
Apple with a balloon. Decorative crafts

Learn to make this beautiful and colorful apple with the children using just a balloon.

In We show you, step by step, how to perform the apple technique, which not only serves to create this fruit with balloons, but also to make many other decorations.


  • 1 red R12 balloon
  • 1 recycling twister (any balloon even if it is already broken)
  • 2 R5 balloons

These balloon crafts are so easy to create and kids will love being able to make their own creations to decorate their birthday party.

1. Inflate the R12 balloon in the color of your choice (in our case Red) to about 6 inches.

2. Bring the roller to the drip of the balloon as shown in the image.

3. Take the roller and the drip, turn it and secure with a recycling balloon.

4. Take the two deflated R5 balloons (green in our case) and tie them by their rollers as shown in the photo, then insert them through the side of the balloon roller. You already have a nice apple!

Types of insulin pro versus




  • Leon comes from the Latin "leo", lion.
  • The name Leon was carried by 6 emperors of Constantinople and 13 popes. It is also the name of the iconic King of Bayonne, King Leo, who watches over the city during the holidays. It is actually Leon Dachary, inhabitant of Bayonne and famous singer of the 50s.
  • His birthday: November 10th.
  • More about Leon
Medical visits during pregnancy

Stade de France, a dream that will become a reality for 12 children

Stade de France, a dream that will become a reality for 12 children
Box game to multiply large numbers with children

Multiplications with large numbers may seem complicated at first, but you cannot imagine how fun they can be with the box game. In addition, it is a fascinating trick that will help you to make your child lose his fear of numbers and incidentally Let him review the multiplication tables.

We explain how the box game is to multiply large numbers with the kids. This way you will have a fun time with your child. You just have to follow this tutorial. You will see how it is not very difficult!

Suppose you want to multiply this number: 267 x 234. At first it will seem like a complex operation, but you can make it more fun with this trick, the box game to multiply large numbers. We started!

1. First we make our box, which is actually a grid, made up of three horizontal columns and 2 vertical lines. In the vertical part we point our first figure to multiply, and in the upper part, the second figure.

2. The first thing you have to do is divide each small square on your grid or box in half, with a perpendicular line.

3. The next step is to multiply each number in the vertical column by the first number in the horizontal column, and record the result by separating its two figures. Thus, the first operations you must do and point is 2x2, whose result would be 04. (As we have to convert it into two figures, point 0 and 4) ... Then 6x2, whose result is 12, and 7x2, which will give you 14 .

4. Let's go to the second column. How do we fill it in? Guess what? Yes! Multiply each of the numbers in the vertical column by the number 3, which is the second number in our horizontal column. It has to look like this:

5. And in the third column, we multiply the last number in the horizontal column by all our numbers in the vertical column:

6. Well, you already have your square. Now we have to calculate the result of the operation. Each oblique column will be one of the numbers in our result, starting with the number on the right and pointing to the left. To find out, we must add the numbers in the column. The first would be an 8, because there are no more numbers. In the second, you must add all these: 1, 2 and 4. The result, a 7.

7. The third number, we add 4, 2, 8, 2 and 8, and it gives us 24. We put a 4 and we take 2. Those two, you will have to add them to the numbers in the next column. In the next one, we add 1,2,1, and 6. When we add the 2 that we took, it gives us 12. We write down the 2 and we take 1.

9. We now add 1.4 and the one we took with us… gives us 6. And since the following is 0, we already have the result: 62478

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If a man's birth is sterile ...

You may not even realize that your husband's infertility may also have to be searched for inborn causes. However, when a baby does not come, it may turn out that genetics is responsible for everything.

Research has shown that in 40 percent of cases, childbirth is responsible for men, in 40 percent men are responsible, and in the remaining 20 percent there is some form of malady. A man's 40 scales can be termed as infertility due to nervous, psychological and external influences, or due to inflammation, but can also include congenital malformations due to infertility.
Did you know?

It is estimated that infertile men have a genetic disorder of 10-15 percent in the background of infertility.

If a thorough physical examination of the male, followed by a sperm test, does not provide a satisfactory explanation as to why the child is to be examined, then an ultrasound x-ray, and then a hormone test and a genetic test will be performed. For reasons other than the infertility of childbirth, it is the latter that sheds light.

There are no stem cells

Among recessive diseases, she has fertility. "Sertoli cell only" syndrome (SCOS, "all Sertoli cells") and affected infertile males occur in 6 percent. The odd name is a disorder whereby the germinating germ of the germ cells is absent from the testicles. In this case, ъn. Leidig cells are not present, which are responsible for the production of male sex hormones (androgens). In SCOS, testicular biopsy is also unsuccessful because the testes do not have germ cell aplasia but only support cells.

The female chromosome can also be defective

Also, birth defect Klinefelter syndrome, which is a very rare (between 500 and 1 male) disease in which the patient has at least one sex ("X") of the sexes, which has more than 46 sexes. In such a man's part, he's both a boy and a girl. The genetic background of a spermiogram showing severe oligo- or azoospermitis may be yours. Y-chromosome microdeletion (microdeletion is the loss of smaller sections of the chromosome). This is the loss of DNA on the Y chromosome that contains the sperm formed, expressed, motile responsible genes.
In female chromosomal abnormalities, such as in patients with Klinefelter syndrome, direct spermatozoa (TESE) and endocytoplasmic (TESE) direct. In the case of microdeletion, depending on whether it is complete or partial, the success of the sperm obtained from the testis varies.

Immobilized sperm

There is also an abnormality which, although the sperm count is normal in sperm count, but due to a genetic defect, they are immobile. For example, Ivemark syndrome, which is a disease that is concomitant with congenital lymphatics, heart, heart, stomach and bowel disorders, but also affects the movement of sperm. In the case of immobilized spermatozoa, in addition to ICSI, donor insemination may also eventually occur. If the spermiogram shows necrospermia (sinewy cells), you may also suspect the so-called Kartagener syndrome. The condition is characterized by the fact that cells with a spleen, such as sperm, form sparse, non-motile spines (cilium). It is a non-communicable disease.

Disadvantages, hesitation

Various types of blockages can not only result in inflammation and externalities, but can also cause sterility. For example, the dermal deficiency of the sperm ducts, which is a recessive disorder. In the background of infertility, two thirds of these cases have a "mild" defect in the gene for cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis itself develops if a serious defect is present). Because no sperm is present in the ejaculate, a biopsy can be used to obtain a hematopoietic cell from the testis and the breast, as sperm formation is normal in such cases.

The testicles do not wilt

Congenital malformation is also a testicular disorder (cryptorism) where one (or both) of the testicles is trapped in the abdomen or in the gastrointestinal tract and causes infertility if not treated with medication or surgical intervention. Azoospermia or oligozoospermia occurs in unilateral hidden testicular disease, and bilateral cryptorism almost always results in infertility.