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Name Patxi - Meaning and origin

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Basque form of the name François, of the German franck which means brave. Patxi is pronounced Patchi. François is, at the base, the equivalent of "French", that is to say the inhabitant of France. There are more than 60 saints François, plus German emperors, kings of France ... His feast: October 4 for St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) who dedicated his life to the poor and founded the order of Clarisse, and January 24 for St. Francis de Sales.

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A sweet to calm the baby's crying after the vaccine

Do you remember one of the songs of the famous Mary Popins ?: "with a little sugar, that pill that they give you ... satisfied you will take" You have to see what that babysitter is worth! Well, regarding the properties of sugar, some researchers propose the use of this sweet measure to alleviate the cries and afflictions of our little ones when they have to go through unpleasant medical check-ups such as vaccines or blood draws.

Faced with the pain caused by babies with check-ups that coincide with the vaccination schedule, a new measure would be the administration of a sucrose or glucose solution before the injection. It would be enough to give the baby three minutes before the prick a dose of sucrose to obtain the desired effect. It seems that with this procedure, the little one feels better and reduces the frequency and duration of crying.

If it really works, I think that this measure should be generalized to all ages since needles give most of us the creeps, although we do not cry. It seems that in some hospitals it is quite common to administer sucrose to children (usually babies) to relieve pain in the face of tests or circumstances that may produce mild or moderate pain, or in states of irritability.

For researchers, this solution has a rapid analgesic effect, as well as being cheap and easy to administer. Sugar releases endorphins, which have analgesic action and produce well-being, those of us who have a sweet tooth already sensed it! I still remember that when I was 8 years old I broke my arm in the schoolyard, when they took me to the medicine cabinet and while they called my mother, they gave me a glass of sugar water to calm me down.

The caring nurse told me that it was good for my bones, and now I see that it could also be good for taking my pain. It would be good to change the bad drink that our dreaded visits to the pediatrician make us go through on the occasions that our son gets the vaccine on duty, for a sweet drink that can relieve pain for our little ones.

Patro Gabaldon. our site

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Name Innocent - Meaning and origin

The selfishness of children is one of our great concerns. Educating the little ones in the value of generosity is one of the objectives that we must set ourselves, since the sooner they learn to share, the less difficulties they will have in relating to other children. With these childish fables of Guiainfantil.com, children will learn the importance of share and be generous with others.

Through reading we have the opportunity to transmit to our children this and other values ​​that will be of great help to their formation and development as a person. InGuiainfantil we show you a selection of9 fables to educate children on the value of generosity. Go ahead and teach your children to share.

Field mouse, city mouse. Once upon a time there was a mouse that lived in a burrow in the country and another mouse that lived in the wall of a house in the city. The story of Country Mouse and City Mouse, tells the difference between living in the country and in the city. With this story, based on Aesop's fable, children can learn the value of humility.

Goldilocks. Letter from the Goldilocks story. Children's stories for your young children. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

The greedy giant. We offer you the story 'The Greedy Giant', a children's story that talks about the importance of joining forces to overcome difficulties. It's about values ​​like cooperation and togetherness. In the story The Greedy Giant, some wasps help a grandmother to recover her three granddaughters who are in the power of an evil giant.

The fox and the stork. our site brings you 'The fox and the stork', a La Fontaine fable to read to children in which you will find a message to educate in values. Short popular fables with a moral to encourage children's reading.

A lettuce is not a dish. We offer you a story about generosity to teach values ​​to children: A lettuce is not a plate. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages generosity.

The dove and the ant. The Dove and the Ant is a popular Aesop fable to teach the value of gratitude to children. Here you will find fables for children with a message. The dove and the ant is a short story about animals with a moral to educate children and make them fond of reading. Discover the moral that this beautiful fable has for you.

The sons of the farmer. The sons of the farmer fought over everything. This fable with a moral teaches children the value of solidarity, that is, when two or more people come together and collaborate mutually to achieve a common goal.

The fox and the grapes. The Fox and the Grapes Fables are a good resource for educating children. This fable teaches children that many times to get what we want we have to face difficulties and that we should not lose interest because of them.

The two friends. A story of loyalty between two friends. The Two Friends is one of La Fontaine's educational fables. It contains important teachings for the education of children. Fable to educate children in values ​​and encourage reading.

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Flu: This is when the vaccine comes

By the end of next week, the pharmacies will have the flu vaccine, at risk, and over the age of 60, 1.3 million doses of free vaccine will be available.

Flu: That's when the vaccine comes in (photo: iStock)Ildikó Horváth, the Secretary of State for Health noted that the law is not yet in the country, so it's worth asking for a vaccine lately, which develops within two weeks after administration.Note: The flu is a very unpleasant disease with fever, muscle pain, weakness, and in a smaller number of cases, the He said that, just like in the past years, there are 1.3 million doses of vaccine available to people at risk. For example, expectant mothers, diabetics, patients with cardiovascular diseases, congenital or illnesses, and those with acquired immunodeficiency status receive free admission. In addition, they were advised to file a clean-up vaccination with health authorities and those working in the animal husbandry area.Müller Cecнlia National Chief Medical Officer stressed that vaccination is the best way to prevent the disease, experts call the beginning of the new year, the 5th, 6th week of the week.For flu There are three components in this vaccination, two A and a color variant B. The vaccine does not contain any living virus, so it cannot get sick, ”the specialist noted. He indicated that influenza virus is the most variable virus, so you need to request a vaccine again every year before you start the vaccine. for children. He also pointed out that anyone planning to have a baby for this year's flu season was also advised to submit a vaccine. The national d only 60 percent of them were sold, which, as he put it, is not too good.
At the press briefing, the health secretary of state inoculated himself against the flu.
  • Vaccination of pregnant women against the flu also protects the baby
  • Influenza also affects the functioning of the brain
  • Flu vaccination for young children: this is a professional recommendation from doctors

When children should have a blood test

The blood test is a very common test, which is performed without many problems in both children and adults. Pediatricians in general try to avoid tests for the child that may be annoying or that may cause a 'trauma' to the child or the parents, and we only request them when we believe that the information that you are going to provide us cannot be obtained from any other shape, and that the advantages of doing it outweigh the disadvantages.

- Blood count analyzes the three main types of blood cells: white cells (leukocytes), red cells (red blood cells) and cells that assist in coagulation (platelets).

- Proteins (ferritin, immunoglobulins, albumin, transaminases, etc).

- Hormones (thyroid function, cortisol, sex hormones, etc).

Coagulation (prothrombin time, cephalin time, fibrinogen).

- Renal (kidney) function, measuring creatinine, urea or blood ions (sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium ...).

Liver function (from the liver), through the levels of transaminases (AST and ALT), bilirubin and GGT, among others.

The lipid profile, which analyzes the blood concentration of the main lipids (fats): cholesterol (total, HDL and LDL) and triglycerides.

Elevation of ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), CRP (C-reactive protein) or PCT (procalcitonin) suggests the existence of an inflammatory or infectious process, although it is not specific to any disease.

The blood test looks at what the doctor asks for. That is, depending on the patient's problem, the doctor will request some tests or others. Even more complete analyzes may be requested depending on the results if necessary.

Generally, the analysis will be performed on an empty stomach, but it is not always necessary. It is convenient that we ask the pediatrician if fasting is essential, since certain children tolerate it very badly, and if it is not strictly necessary we can avoid it. On the other hand, to study, for example, lipid metabolism (that is, cholesterol), fasting will be 12 hours.

When should children have blood tests? At this time, there is no recommendation for routine blood tests within the well-child monitoring program. In healthy children, without chronic diseases and who do not have a family history of hereditary diseases, blood tests are not indicated to check the health status.

If there is a family history of genetic diseases, an analysis may be indicated, for example in the case of familial hypercholesterolemia an analysis is performed on the child around 8-10 years of age. In other genetic diseases, the study of the gene is the only way to make the diagnosis, therefore blood tests must be performed.

In children with certain chronic diseases (diabetes, celiac disease, kidney disease, etc.) It is necessary to perform routine or periodic blood tests to see the evolution of the disease or its possible complications, or possible effects of the medications they have to take.

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