Will I be a good mother? Are you wondering ...? Check!

Will I be a good mother? Are you wondering ...? Check!

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Smoking, aesthetic effects on the image of mothers

Nose clogged in infants


- I have a 3.5-month-old boy born through Caesarean section apgar score 9 from the maternity has the nose clogged, breathing hard, draws air on the nose and takes it out the mouth, snoring. What do you advise me?


In infants, stagnation of the secretions in the nostrils can cause a degree of nasal obstruction (clogged nose).
Physiological saline instillations for fluidizing secretions, aspiration with a nose pump, humidifying the air and avoiding overheating of the room are the only measures needed in the case of a healthy baby.
However, if the nasal obstruction is persistent or severe, it is advisable to consult an ENT specialist, to rule out the presence of organic disorders that are responsible for this symptomatology.
Such conditions can be: nasal congenital malformations, nasal trauma, foreign nasal bodies, acute rhinitis (gonococcal, luetic) or chronic, acute adenoiditis or adenoid vegetation (polyps), nasal tumors (hemangiomas, nasal lymphangiomas, nasopharyngeal fibroma).

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Music therapy can also help the development of premature babies

What are the Symptoms of Teething in Infants?

What are the Symptoms of Teething in Infants?

Babies are very cute at every stage of their development. However, two discrete in their mouths drool with teeth their sweetness in the period when they laugh at the flow is another.

Even though they are very sweet in these situations, the period between the teeth before they start to come out is quite important for both themselves and their parents. painful It may pass.

To be able to get through this period more easily teething symptoms You need to know what are the best.

Teething Period in Babies Equivalent to Which Months?

For parents teething It is a very stressful period. Since routine symptoms of this period may cause long-term restlessness in some infants, parents want to recognize this period and be prepared to ensure that their offspring survive the process in the most comfortable way.

If so, first teething period in infants It is useful to have basic information about.

The first tooth of the little ones 6 to 10 months between.

However, as in all stages of development, the teething period in infants also has individual differences. Some baby first tooth 9. Monthly when removing Some may come to the world with teeth in his mouth.

The average teething time interval of a baby is as follows;

  • 6-10. first between months lower front incisors interest.
  • 8-12. Upper anterior incisors come between months.
  • 9-16. between the lower and upper jaw between the other two incisors are removed. In general, the 3rd and 4th incisors in the upper jaw are expected to emerge earlier than those in the lower jaw.
  • 16-23. between months upper and lower canines begin to show themselves.
  • 14-18. molar teeth come out between months.
  • 23-33. Between the months before the lower molar teeth then begin to sprout.
Thus, teething period in infants Starting from the 6th month until the age of 3 continues. Childhood teeth of 3 years old will be completed.

What are the Symptoms of Teething?

Although some babies do not begin to see teeth or even feel them by hand 2-3 months ahead may be seen. But don't worry, you parents need to keep your little babies emotional and cognitive development Since you are following closely, you can easily understand that some of the symptoms that come to a halt and that you cannot make sense of are teething symptoms.

Of course, in order to have this prediction, you must first learn about the symptoms.

The most common signs of teething in infants are as follows;

More Biting than Usual

The suction reflex is an innate reflex. Infants can feed and survive thanks to the suction reflex. That's why babies try to bring everything they take directly into their mouths.

It is normal for you to extend your bottle, grab your hand, touch your cheek, and immediately start with appetite and try to catch it by opening your mouth.

But babies take everything in their mouth and suck impatient If you have started to get into a state, even if the bite of your mini-tooth will soon be out.

Because the teeth begin to emerge from the depths of the palate, although they do not yet appear, by pressing on the gums, they cause uneasiness in the tiny ones and the need to constantly scratch the area.

Some babies may want to suck the bottle, pacifier or mother constantly to relieve this unrest.

What to do?

In such a case, you can give your baby the toys used to scratch the teeth. Chilled in the cupboard if the supplement is switched to food hard foods such as apples and carrots can consume under supervision.

Keeping a wet and clean cotton cloth in the freezer and then gnawing it by giving it to your hand will alleviate itching in the teeth.

Click on the link below to easily access the fun teether for your baby.

//www.e- / baby-dislik-c4396 /

Salivation and Salivation

An increase in saliva and saliva is one of the most prominent signs of teething. While the teeth try to break the palate, the salivary glands produce more secretions in the face of this unusual state.

What to do?

You should have a clean, cotton handkerchief with you and dry your mini-mouth as needed. Using an apron will help prevent your clothing from getting wet frequently.

During this period your baby will lose too much water often water supply It is important.

You can review our article on the importance of drinking water in infants by clicking the link below.

// www. / Baby in-water-on-one, my manic /

Swelling and Hardness of Gums

This means that the teeth will appear very soon. Even though they are invisible, they can be felt by hand. This swelling can sometimes cause pain.

What to do?

To make cold press, to give teether full of liquid in the cabinet and swelling can reduce the swelling and soothe the pain. Pain relief and continuous crying of the baby immediately, see a doctor.

Teething in babies can cause high fever!

Teeth in infantsWhile forcing the palates, the body thinks that something is wrong there and goes into defense and starts to produce antibodies. This may cause the body temperature to rise slightly, fire It may cause.

What to do?

Teeth in infants Fire above 38 degrees no reason. However, it is sometimes caused by teeth and sometimes due to infection by decreasing body resistance at that time. Above 38 degrees It may occur.

In such a case, a warm shower and antipyretic medication may work, as the advice and knowledge of your doctor may help. If the fever does not fall, you should take it to the hospital.

You can read our article about what you need to know about fever in babies.

// www. / Baby fever-in-the-know about you-haves /


During this period, the salivary glands increase in saliva Because of the fact that the tiny ones constantly swallows liquid. This excess fluid swallowed may cause feces to be slower than normal.

What to do?

By giving your baby plenty of water and feeding with water compensate for water loss must.

Rash Around Mouth

It is normal for some babies to have rash symptoms on the lips, around the mouth and cheeks.

What to do?

If the spills are superficial, you can clean the area with a clean, cotton cloth moistened with boiled and warm water. If rashes increase, a specialist should be consulted.

Inflammation of palates

Sometimes the redness of the palate can be carried to a more advanced size, causing inflammation. Gingivitis and palate inflammation should be treated immediately. Otherwise it may spread rapidly to other organs of the body.

What to do?

In the event of irritation, the palate should be cleaned with a clean, cotton cloth moistened with boiled and warm water.

Any doctor medication In the case of cleaning after the procedure given by the doctor should be applied.

Babies may experience insomnia during teething period!

Starting teeth cause pain and fever. Therefore babies teething They may experience insomnia problems during the period. The baby whose sleep pattern is disturbed becomes cranky, the cranky baby becomes thoroughly sleepless and this dead end can continue for several nights.

What to do?

As a result of the measures you take to eliminate other symptoms, your mini pains may be reduced or even completely eliminated. Once the pain has disappeared, your baby will sleep pattern It will be established.

Picking and Scratching your Ears

Since the teeth are close to the ears, swelling, pain and itching in the palates may also be felt in the ears. The baby constantly brings his hands to his ears due to the pain he feels in his ears and tries to scratch and pull.

What to do?

If you soothe the gum with a cold press, teether or ointment pain and itching If you notice that the problem in the ears does not settle and continue to increase, you should definitely see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Because babies teething symptoms and not because of an ear infection that is independent of tooth extraction.

We want little babies to keep their peace and never cry. Although we know that it is not possible to grow without crying, we can make some periods easier.

Symptoms of teething and you can prevent problems caused by this period by getting information about the precautions to be taken and ensure that your baby can take out teeth happily.

Many pregnant women feel uncomfortable when using the seat belt in the car so they do not use it, some even think that it can generate injuries to the baby in a collision so they don't strain it or put it in the wrong position. These bad habits put the mother and her baby in a dangerous situation, since they are more unprotected in the event of an accident.

Putting the seat belt on in the car is an act that we should do without thinking, even if we make a very short journey. In recent years, a lot of work has been done for road safety, however, there is still work to be done. It is estimated that in Spain traffic accidents can cause the interruption of between 200 and 700 pregnancies each year.

These are some mistakes pregnant moms make with seat belts and that they shouldn't do:

1- Pass the diagonal tape behind the back

2- Sit on the band that goes through the pelvis

3- Use a clip to keep the belt looser

4- Pass the diagonal band under the arm

5- Lower the diagonal band below the shoulder

6- Fasten the bands so that they are looser

It is important to know that both bands must be well positioned and with their correct tension level, since otherwise the belt will not act as it should in the event of a collision, but how should we put the belt on if we are pregnant?

1- The lower or pelvic band should be adjusted as low as possible and tight to the pelvis. It must not be placed on the belly.

2- The upper or diagonal band should go between the two breasts, over the shoulder and avoiding that it rubs the neck.

There are women who, even trying, do not adjust the seat belt properly, for them, other devices and safety elements have been developed, such as a vest for pregnant women which places the seat belt in the proper position.

Source and photos:
Cidaut Foundation - cidaut.es/

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Meaning of the name Mainardo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Mainardo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It owes its diffusion to Saint Mainardo, bishop of Urbino in the 11th century.

It comes from the Low Latin Mainardus, a Latinized form of the Germanic proper name Maginhard, "strength, power, hard".

August 14.


  • Mainardo Benardelli, Italian ambassador (1964-).

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Mainardo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Mainardo name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Mainardo coloring page printable game

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How to prepare for the pain of parenting?

Every little baby is worried about being a parent of birth and pain. Is it possible to get ready?

How to prepare for the pain of parenting?

Those who are expecting their first child are more excited because they have no experience but have read and heard about it. Mom-to-be knows for sure what kind of pain they can count on, but they also think about it and prepare somehow. And how to ask the parent is key because there is so much to do. But let's start at the beginning. Because this is what we grew up with, we saw it from our parents, and Western medicine definitely considers pain to be overcome. Unlike other cultures, where we teach in childhood that pain must be watched because it signals something to us. And they not only observe it, they also learn how to treat it properly. Pain most often occurs in our bodies when there is a problem. It indicates where to seek and treat the disease. Except for physical alteration, such as toothache, because it does not refer to disease or deterioration, but to development. Compared to birth, the presence of pain does not reflect a patient's process, but a positive change that a brings you up to birth. When it comes to how well our bodies work, we are able to give birth to a child. Unfortunately, the fear of pain causes many women to give birth to their children. Yet a cesarean section is also painfulin fact, it is a longer process, because surgical intervention is a disease that can be harder to heal. Vaginal birth is a natural process. It is also a natural pain that indicates where your birth is going and how well your baby is going. If better let's get to know how our bodies work And the birth process, what we do and how it causes pain, we will not be so afraid of it, we can accept it more easily, and it will be more bearable. she will be exhausted from there, so the baby will be sick in the stomach. There are no sensory nerves in the uterus, because then you would have felt completely awake and sworn that you would not call it a blessed state. Only the cervix and the coccyx have sensory nerves that gradually expand during birth to allow the baby to heal. Their agitation causes pain that radiates around the waist, pelvis and kidneys. This is an increasing pain that indicates that your baby is getting tired and the baby is about to give birth. And stress can cause many complications. Because stress affects the hormones that control the growth phase. These hormones are very sensitive and do not work well under the influence of stress, slowing down the process of prostration. In such cases, it is often said that a baby has a headache, but not only pain, a feeling of discomfort from within, but also many external influences, and you can develop comfort more easily by yourself, less stress. You need to know your doctor, your doctor, your baby, know your baby's life, how your body works, and your baby's body. That pain doesn't have to be overcome everywhere because it takes you to good control. And if a woman can make up her mind, you can accept and allowthat the pains come, getting deeper and longer, the easier it will be for you to give birth.Of course, the pain can be in natural ways. For example, water to help with the relaxed condition, and special maternity massage, which can reduce birth pain by up to 70%. They can easily catch their teeth, and at the moment they can help their couple relieve their pain.Katalin Halabsz
dъla, healing massage
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  • Autogenous trolling for lighter birth
  • To make the butter easier!
  • Do we need this pain?

What children learn from their mistakes

Learning from experience is what most teaches both adults and children in this life. For this reason, parents should let children make mistakes from time to time, because it is the only way that there is real and integrated learning. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

From the moment the children are born, the parents love them unconditionally and as they grow up they are supported to learn everything in life, starting to sit, crawl or walk. Parents are the guides who will teach the little ones everything so that they are well and learn what they need. Support and teaching should always go hand in hand.

Although some parents feel uncomfortable, they also parents need to let children make some mistakesIn fact, letting children learn from them will increase their resilience, something that will increase their confidence, ability and happiness.

By giving children the opportunity to fight and make mistakes, they are allowing them to develop great social and emotional skills. But when a child is allowed to make mistakes, you must be sure that you are not putting their safety and peace of mind at risk.

The mistakes a child is allowed to make should always be in adult-controlled situations, to be able to help and guide him after the little one has made the mistake. The role of parents is to support and guide children and never do things for them, because children must learn to do it for themselves.

When children have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, what they really learn is:

1 - An opportunity to do things for themselves and also do it well
First it will be with the help and guidance of the parents, but little by little this help should decrease so that the little ones are able to do it themselves. For example, to tie his shoes, you can guide him through the process (guiding is not the same as doing it for him) until the little one learns to do it alone and without help.

2 - Learn new things
A mistake is always an opportunity to learn something new. Nobody is born known and you need to make mistakes in order to learn what we are experiencing. Math problems are a good example of this.

3 - Frustration tolerance
Life can be full of disappointments and failures, but it will be depending on how the child feels about these failures whether he is a successful person or not. Instead of focusing on victory as a teaching, you will have to reflect with your children on the journey and on all that they have learned.

Cascabel acknowledges his mistakes. The story of Rattlesnake Acknowledges His Mistakes teaches children the value of humility and the importance of rectifying and acknowledging a mistake. A children's story with values ​​for children. Story for children about the importance of recognizing mistakes. I have values ​​for children.

A love without mistake. How can we teach children to use b and v. Our site brings you a children's story with which you can help your child with homework and teach him to write without spelling mistakes. Through stories, children can learn the alphabet, without making mistakes.

Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty. Children's stories of a lifetime for your young child. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

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Walpurgis: origin and meaning of the name for girl Walpurgis