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Melina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Melina

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Melina.

In Spain the name was introduced by Camilo Sesto when he had a song dedicated to the Greek actress Melína Merkoúri. In Italy it is the abbreviation of Carmelina or Ermelina.

"Yellow", "native of the island of Milo".


  • Melína Merkoúri, Greek actress, singer and political activist (1920-1994); Melina Nava Pérez, American professional wrestler (1979-); Melina Eleni Kanakaredes Constantinides, Greek-American actress (1967-).

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Melina name coloring page printable game

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How the child's age affects adoption


Brand new beach toys

The family speaks together

Can't wait to reconnect the slats? Is the kid going with you this time? Prepare for the first time on the basis of reports from families with many snowy experiences and advice from educators.

Jуl sнelхknek it is not advisable to glide with the little child on the back or between the legs: it is possible to fall without a mistake, and since there is no connection with the child living in the back and possibly suffocating, on his own foot, first in front of you and then alongside you, possibly guided by a track where possible. As you begin to slip unsteadily, follow your actions, following you. Begin with a hell of a hike (pizza slice, homemade), then spin the hake and go down a gentle slope. During adolescence, you prefer to play with your little one, enjoy being with you and not wanting to learn.

Good equipment is important - and a lot more

In addition to layered, water-repellent, lightweight clothing, gloves, skirts, appropriate size and quality boots and laces, non-flattering eyewear is also a must for children. With a little shorter than you need, the kid can handle it more easily, but the foot should be more bulky - it won't cool down even if you have room to move. Plug into your pocket (and don't forget to use it!) High-fat staining cream and lipstick, but not water-based, summer-based hydration, as it will actually swell the skin. It is very important that you drink a lot outdoors, always bring warm tea with you in the thermostat.
THE sнelйs the night before, the muscles and business were prepared by talking, gymnastics. Exceptionally, with steam, you can learn snowboarding, hockey, parallel momentum (slalom), and the basics of the carving technique, the Bucket. Equilibrium is evolving, light rainfall technology is developed, accident prevention, injury and daily play outdoors are important. A good moving kid enjoys the new challenges, no matter how soon the first successes come - he is more likely to do the opposite.
First with dad, then with education Qualified education helps the child learn safely sнelni, and you will know what level of skill you are capable of. If you are able to glide, go with it only on slopes and fewer visited. Try a new one first. Warm up, rest between turns; three children are well enough to have a child in the wheel, and a child is more easily affected by an accident.
Specialist: Péter Jafcsák, instructor of the Mátraszentistván Sнpark

The Muppets, also known in Spain as Muppets, return to the cinema at the hands of Disney.

This is a funny sequence from the film where the well-known Muppets with Walter, their number one fan, prepare a show that helps them raise the money to save him from an evil oil tanker. Piggy Peggy rehearses her stellar performance in this hilarious sequence.

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  • See the dance sequence cleaning the theater
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Dirty Dancing parody

135 years ago, in 1879, on Calea Victoriei no. 2, at the intersection with Frenchza street, across the road from Piata Constantin-Voda there is the Brewery "La Caru 'cu Bere", founded by the Transylvanian Ion Cabasanu (1846-1934 - volunteer in the Romanian army - 1877), where his two nephews were employed. , Ion Mircea (1860-1998) and Gheorghe Mircea (1865-1943), all three came to Bucharest from the Transylvanian commune Cata (Rupea-Sighisoara area), which belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time.

After 20 years, in 1899 Nicolae and Victor Mircea, brothers of Ion Mircea, invited the connoisseurs through the Avis from the newspaper Adevarul in a newly built hall from Str. Stavropoleos, no. 5, at a special beer that competes with the best beer in Munich. Thus began the story of Caru 'with beer, where the buzz, the good will and the delicious dishes reign for more than a century, thus preserving the immortal spirit of Bucharest once through a successful business that has increased its annual turnover by 10 -15% under the operational management of the City Grill group.

As long as the retrocession process lasted, Caru 'with beer was a kind of mausoleum in which you entered, worshiped, looked at and went out swinging: beautiful architecture, but as a service, we do not recommend. In the spring of 2006 the renovation began and until the autumn the restaurant was reopened. The successful recipe that (re) filled the tables was the association with a young team - Dragos Petrescu from City Grill who invested in the restoration of the interior over 1 million euros.

"For 8 years I have revived the spirit of Caru 'with Beer, now being considered one of the most important attractions of the Old Center and the main destination that Bucharest people choose when they invite their friends from abroad to the table, as shown in the latest study. Caru 'cu Bere comes all the novel, at least once: the elderly - nostalgic of the times of student, families, pensioners for their dedicated offers, students pausing between courses, schoolchildren who come to listen to the story of Car, young people who before to go to the club serve lunch. About 40% of Car's clients are foreigners, come organized by the travel agencies, but also individually. Our recipe is simple: I understand that people will eat good and special local food, at decent prices, all in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, associated with a specific Romanian artistic program. On an average payment note of 35 euros we can say that a table is quite accessible to us ", is xplica Dragos Petrescu, CEO of City Grill Group.

Caru 'con Bere is waiting for this month guests with many surprises and the most appreciated preparation tasted by each musteriu: the famous Romanian pork ham with hot cabbage, mamaliguta, horseradish and peppers, along with a beer made according to a unique, original recipe. from 1879.

The place that keeps the spirit of Bucharest from time immemorial: Caru 'cu Bere

According to documents from the era, the brewery - in the building that houses it today - was inaugurated after works that lasted 15 months. The founder of the place was the Transylvanian Nicolae Mircea, along with his brothers, Victor and Ignat, originally from Transylvania, from the Sighisoara - Brasov area. The restaurant operated until '49 under the administration of the family, after this year being requisitioned as if it were war object and managed by another trading company. Since 1990, the proceedings for the recovery of the property have started, and it will be returned to Niculae Mircea, the founder's stepfather, as a result of the court decision.

The construction of the current brewery was carried out following the project of the Polish architect Zigfrid Kofczinsky, who participated in the construction of several important architectural objectives in Romania, including Peles Castle. The interior, which was completed in the years '24 - '28 with the front, bears the imprint of the neo-Gothic style from the decorative elements, panels, stained glass windows, wall paintings, chandeliers to the ironwork elements.

The winery was opened in 1930 as a hunting parlor and wine cellar, respectively. This is where the wine at the carafe, the famous wine battery, used to drink. The space is now a true museum that houses beer cans from different periods of time.

The useful surface of the restaurant is 1,600 square meters, and on the two floors there are seven rooms houses up to 50 square meters. Caru 'with beer has been equipped from the beginning with air conditioning and water, having its own well, and an outdoor lift of goods is used for supply.
This year the works of restoration of the beautiful facade, as well as of the interiors from the upper levels, have been started. The works are extensive and will last until the end of 2015.

Famous mustaches that have eaten at the Car include George Cosbuc, Onisifor Ghibu, Delavrancea, Caragiale and Goga, but also international personalities such as Kirk Douglas, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Edward Kennedy, Rolling Stones band members, Demi Moore, Jon Voight , Danny Trejo, Crown Prince of Japan - Naruhito.

The City Grill group includes the restaurants Trattoria Buongiorno, City Grill, City Cafe, Hanu 'Berarilor and Caru' with Beer, all in Bucharest. More information on

You can find below the official letter from the grandfather of the founder of Carului, Niculae MIRCEA.

The official letter from Eng. Niculae MIRCEA, the grandfather of the founder of Carului


Respect for the striving of the forerunners
it forces us to carry the "work" further, leaving it in honor of the descendants.
ing. Niculae MIRCEA
part owner

Caru 'con Bere became in time an emblematic place of the Bucharest of the end of the 19th century and has remained to this day as much appreciated.

It is the merit of the MIRCEA Brothers, who come from Transylvania and are employed by young people in "selling beer", made in Romania.

Encouraged by the architect Ziegfried Kofzsinski, they manage to erect a temple of beer, when the mayor of Bucharest, at that time, was Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea.

At first, the brewery was administered by Nicolae and Victor MIRCEA - co-founders, then by Nicolae MIRCEA's family, until the 1949 requisition and the legal state was taken over by the Romanian state.

The whole building is claimed and won in court in 1999 by the descendants, and the beer taken over in 2006 under the management of the operator City Grill, team led with much skill and responsibility by Mr. Dragos Petrescu. The merit of the operator's team and the reputation of the Car with Beer can be seen today in the "life" of the Historical Center, raised - perhaps too late - to the level it deserved long ago.

The building has an unseen and unknown part, today in full restoration, with the involvement of a team of architects, builders and restorers, ready to rectify the condition of this monument in suffering for over 50 years.

Our intention is to secure the whole building, and with effort and responsibility we give it a final purpose of the Brewery and Cultural Settlement.

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