Test to find out what type of parents you are: authoritarian, permissive, etc.

Test to find out what type of parents you are: authoritarian, permissive, etc.

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Participants in the Olympic Games, models for your child

Participants in the Olympic Games, models for your child

The Olympics are much more interesting when you have a favorite in each area, for which you watch the Olympics, for which you stand with your soul in your mouth, and you enjoy the victories. Children can also be involved in the enthusiasm of the events, stimulating them to understand what the Olympic Games mean and to see what it is like to do at least one of those sports.

The Olympics are much more interesting when you have a favorite in each area, for which you watch the Olympics, for which you stand with your soul in your mouth, and you enjoy the victories. Children can also be involved in the enthusiasm of the events, stimulating them to understand what the Olympic Games mean and to see what it is like to do at least one of those sports.
At the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, many ambitious athletes participated, which you can introduce to your child.
It is a good opportunity to talk to the little one about what it means to fight for the first place in a sporting competition, likening this ambition to being the best in the group at kindergarten or award-winning school.

Identification with Olympic heroes in children

The enthusiasm of the little ones is born from stories or actions that capture their interest. Here are some examples of young people participating in the Olympic Games, which can motivate children, by their youthful style and by their amazing performances:
• Shaun White has won almost every major award in his field of half-pipe snowboarding, one of the "coolest" competitions in the Winter Olympics, including winning the gold medal at the 2006 competition. it has a large red-haired wedge, which makes it easy to recognize and probably cooler among its younger supporters.
An additional piece of information is that: Shaun is almost as good on the skateboard.
• Ashley Caldwell is a freestyle skier, one of the youngest participants in the Olympics, only 16 years old. Of the same age are the young Mirai Nagasu, figure skating, and Caydee Denney, pair skating.
An additional information is that: in total there are 15 participants at the Winter Olympics who are under 20 years old.
• Lindsey Vonn, a participant in the alpine ski category, is generally considered the best skier and has high chances at multiple medals in Vancouver.
An additional piece of information is that: Lindsey suffered a major accident while training for the 2006 Olympics, but returned to strength, winning the World Cup in 2008 and 2009.

Stimulating the national sense, by supporting the Romanian participants

Another value that you can exemplify for the little one through the Olympic Games is that of identifying with a nationality.
Eva Tofalvi, Romanian biathlonist, wore the flag of Romania at the Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremony and is noted for results in the individual category, where she ranked 11th at the 1998 Winter Olympics and 19th at the Winter Olympics din2006. In 2010 he ranked 11th in the individual. Eve is a teacher, so she has tangents with children too.
To get the kids even more in the spirit of the Winter Olympics, you can arouse their enthusiasm by encouraging them to practice one of the less dangerous winter sports.
Besides the fact that you can try the skiing opportunity in this year's Youth Park next to the little one, you can go to the ice rink or even organize small championships at home, related to gymnastics. If you are planning a trip to the mountain, there you can try other winter sports suitable for your child.

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Care During Multiple Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a disease, but it requires a series of health care for the baby to come healthy. But, if it is also a multiple pregnancy, extreme precautions never hurt. Visits to the gynecologist will be more numerous and medical control over the pregnancy will be increased as the pregnancy progresses.

It is clear that a woman pregnant with two or more babies has a higher risk of complications during pregnancy. Preterm birth is one of the concerns that circulate in the parents' heads, as well as the possibility that babies are born with some disability or other problem.

A woman who is expecting more than one baby should visit her OB / GYN more regularly. At least twice a month for the first three months, and once a week for the third trimester. As the time of delivery approaches, check-ups and scans will become more frequent, mainly to determine if there is a risk of preterm labor. If this assumption is confirmed, the doctor may recommend complete rest at home or in the hospital and, ultimately, may recommend treatment with drugs that help delay the time of delivery.

Although the expectant mother does not present any symptoms of premature labor, normally the gynecologist recommends a reduction in daily activities between the 20th and 30th week of the woman's pregnancy. The specialist will also monitor the pregnant woman's blood pressure to rule out the presence of pre-eclampsia, the growth rate of the babies through ultrasound or ultrasound scans, as well as the heart rate of the fetus when it is in motion.

The rate of growth of babies in the womb is another issue of particular concern to gynecologists, since the survival of babies will depend directly on the weight of the babies when they are born. Some studies consider that an adequate weight gain of the mother in the first stage of her pregnancy helps the development of the placenta, increasing its ability to deliver nutrients to babies, but it is not the only thing to consider.

The risk of delivering underweight babies depends on several factors. The mother's nutrition has a decisive influence, but it will also depend on the week that babies choose to be born, since the longer they last in the womb, the more weight they will gain.

The weight gain of the expectant mother during pregnancy depends on a good diet based on protein, calcium and carbohydrates. A good weight gain at the beginning is positive in the case of multiple gestations, since these pregnancies are usually shorter than those of a single baby. The amount of kilos that a pregnant woman should normally take on varies depending on whether she is having one, two or more babies.

1. The pregnant woman who waits only a baby should gain weight of 11 to 13 kilos throughout pregnancy.
2. The pregnant woman who waits twins or twins must take 15 to 20 kilos.
3. The expectant mother triplets, from 22 to 27 kilos.

Everything will depend on the normal weight of each woman. Besides that, it is important to drink fluids, mainly water when you are pregnant; the risk of premature contractions - and premature birth - increases when a woman is dehydrated. Some doctors recommend that women with multiple pregnancies consume about 300 more calories per day than a woman expecting a single baby. That works out to roughly 2,700 to 2,800 calories a day. Their diet should be enriched with vitamin supplements (always recommended by the doctor), iron and folic acid, which are highly recommended in this type of pregnancy.

The more babies in the womb, the more likely the pregnancy will have complications. Some studies conclude that 60 percent of twins, more than 90 percent of triplets, and virtually all quadruplets are born prematurely. And they state that, on average, most single-baby pregnancies last 39 weeks; those of twins, 36 weeks; those of triplets, 32 weeks; those of quadruplets, 30 weeks; and those of quintuplets, 29 weeks.

Low-weight babies are more likely to have health problems after birth, such as vision and hearing loss, disabilities, or mental retardation. Advances in the care of these children have grown a lot. Women with multiple pregnancies can also have pregnancy-related high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) and diabetes. But, in general, they are problems that do not pose risks to the health of the mother or her babies. Of course, if the appropriate treatment is applied and in due time.

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Carolina Bibbo, MD, Discusses Twin Pregnancy Video - Brigham and Womens Hospital

While we know that regular exercise is very good for mothers, a new study also found that the unborn baby also helps control body weight.

Animal experiments have shown that mice that regularly move during pregnancy have a smaller littermate, and that this was still the case when the mice were kept on a high fat diet.There are many benefits to having a pregnant mother exercise The diet was maintained for eight weeks in mice, during which time not only did body weight increase less than in control mice, but the symptoms of a disease called metabolic syndrome were not as characteristic. Studies have shown that, in the offspring of regularly moving mice, more proteins have been discovered that are associated with so-called brown fat. This fat helps to maintain the body's proper temperature in the body, for example, by converting the fat and sugars it consumes into heat.More recently, research suggests that this can also be true for normal-weight women. "From our research, we can conclude that a lack of exercise in healthy, pregnant women can increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome in children, researcher, author of the study leader (via)Also worth reading:
  • Positive Effects of Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Exercises that make babies easier
  • Therefore, do not give up exercise in the third trimester!

The first complex home in Europe has been launched

The first complex home in Europe has been launched

Unique in Europe, the site launched in September under the name Lakáscél.Company.

One destination - more choices

Lakбscél.Company has no less purpose than its name suggests. That is, the start-up of lбtogatуk lakбs cйlъ бlmainak megvalуsulбsбt segнti the lehetх legbiztonsбgosabb, leginkбbb kцrьltekintх mуdon, the initial fбzisoktуl egйszen the utolsу mozzanatokig, szу be a meglйvх credit kivбltбsбrуl, hбzvбsбrlбsrуl, korszerыsнtйsrхl, bхvнtйsrхl, or бtйpнtйsrхl йppen felъjнtбsrуl. All this by combining all related aspects of a home on a single site, which is a great help for less experienced or completely inexperienced users who need help without specialist support , cost-effectively, safely, and what's more, on a platform, we can eliminate a number of unpleasant elements of a similar residential project. Users of the portal do not have to save a lot of space, asking for a lot of time, the cost of the end, the hidden costs, the time limits chosen, the materials used and the quality of the materials used. It is to maximize this security factor and to create a "win-win" baseline for the Home.Company portal, where the demand and the supply side are harmoniously and without risk. All through a well-controlled registration system and a large professional and user database.

How does it work?

Visitors arriving with home imagery do not have to do anything like simply register on www.lakascel.company in just a few moments. During your registration menьpont the sajбt felhasznбlуi fiуkunk lйtrehozбsa utбn immediately define the exact igйnyeinket lakбscйlъ of the elkйpzelйseink, sхt megbнzуkйnt the lakбscйl feltцltйsйnйl opciуkйnt also define when szeretnйnk to the elkezdхdjцn projektьnk megvalуsнtбsa.Ezutбn, 72 уrбn belьl a fьggetlen szakйrtх out lбtogat to us who do the "home survey", be anywhere in the country, and then upload the prepared budget into the portal system. As we receive an official quote from TERC, you do not have to worry about undercutting or overwriting your desired project. is one of the largest company certified by Bisnode Hungary Ltd. If they meet the criteria for a rigorous certification, they will then receive a certificate.

Bidding auction system

Filled in by independent professionals, these professional builders will compete in a negative bid auction. By bidding one at a time, the price is lowered and lowered, so the execution price is constantly reduced, and the registered user will, of course, receive immediate notice. In this system, users can express not only their best impressions, but also in the shortest possible time. After all, as the lakбscйlunk feltцltйsйnйl we ourselves pontosнthatjuk mikortуl aktuбlis, ъgy the kivitelezхk also indicate when to start tudjбk legkorбbban szуban forgу projektet.Mindezt a szakйrtхk kцzremыkцdйsйvel who vбllalnak mйg garanciбt get elkйszнtett munkбra by the minхsйgtanъsнtvбny, as Lakбscйl.Company they will only be paid if the independent technician, the Technical Controller, has approved a state of the art in our finished, completed home.

Multiple winners at once?

In many cases, quality and time are factors that determine the price. In Lakáscél.Company's unique system, all of this is provided simultaneously. If it is a priority to start construction on time, and to finish it on time, then we also get extra help, as the users of the portal can decide after the "auction", which one should be lost. The most favorable price, or the one who can begin to empower our home as soon as possible. Of course, if there is only one bid for our apartment, then the winner is evident.For more information, check out the video featured on Apartment.Company's Revolutionary Auction System!
Has your child suffered a domestic accident?
Mushroom omelette

Name Billy - Meaning and origin

"I have two little kids and two dogs. I can't keep the apartment clean anymore, I do anything," says a mother. You know me, right?

Is it a little messy? She didn't count!

Are you looking for visits, but there is no perfect order? Don't worry! Mother souls will absolutely realize that you are not perfect either. Here's a confession Laura Harristhl, from popular blogger and mom.

"I'm asking for an apology for the mess"

I hadn't even stepped into my friend's house, but my heart was already full of heartache, because he had decided he was listening to my children while I was working. I was sorry because at last there was one person taller than a meter in my environment to whom I was complicit. And I was sorry because their kids were sharing their time and their games with my kids. There's no mess that could have changed my body. Inside the house, I felt like I was a member of an inner circle. That his messy house is my messy house. The people closest to me who know all of my sides are when my hair is wobbly, my dishes are dirty, when my bed is unclean. Because of this, I keep going away sometimes, I'm afraid of being put off by the messy house, or because I always wear my comfortable clothes during my pregnancy. I know this is stupid, but that's the truth. If another mother allows me to see, she's not perfect, if I see her house is messy, it reassures me. I respect and admire such mothers. So if you might be visiting, think about it. You have a mess right now, this is such a phase of your life. Baze in your friends. Probably they also do exactly what you do. So just let them in! They will not despise the mess. The original article can be found here.Related articles in cleaning:
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  • Plush toys are covered without washing machine

Roche accepts the FDA proposal

Roche accepts the FDA proposal

The drug company Roche Holding AG has accepted the FDA's recommendation (Food and Drug Administration) to add a warning to the Tamiflu influenza leaflet, the Associated Press reports.
But Martina Rupp, spokeswoman for Roche Holding AG, said that all influenza patients should be warned that the disease itself presents a risk of developing psychiatric problems. Therefore, such side effects may occur even if the patient is not given Tamiflu. She emphasized that there is no causal relationship between Tamiflu and reported delirium and hallucinations.
The company notes that most cases of delirium or seizure have occurred in children in Japan, but the FDA claims that more patients have died from these abnormal behaviors.
Nearly 600 cases of psychiatric problems were reported in patients taking Tamiflu and 75% came from Japan. According to the FDA, 5 children died after "falling from the balcony or window or getting hit in traffic."
Tamiflu revenues totaled $ 1.1 trillion in the first half of 2007.
Alina Sica
November 29, 2007

Father's Day crafts for children. Heart keychain

We present you an ideal craft for your children to make a useful gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day. This homemade heart keychain is perfect for you to hang your house or car keys.

Children can use this homemade craft to learn to cut and paste, thus developing their motor skills and artistic abilities. Crafts are a wonderful way to have fun learning.

  • Shrink Plastic Sheet
  • Tracing paper sheet
  • Colored markers
  • Baking paper or aluminum
  • A hole punch
  • Key ring
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors

1. Draw a large heart (at least 10 cm wide) on the tracing sheet. Write LOVE in the center. Turn the tracing over and lay the plastic sheet with the matte side up. Reproduces the heart on the plastic.

2. Color the heart and cut it out.

3. Punch a hole in the top.

4. Bake the heart following the shrink wrap manufacturer's instructions. As a general rule: place the heart on greaseproof paper and bake for 2 to 8 minutes at 150ºC. Keep an eye on the oven because the plastic tends to roll up on itself.

5. Let the heart cool with a weight on it, so that it is flat. Attach the keychain ring.

Patricia García Herrero. Copywriter