Teódula: origin and meaning of the name for girl Teódula

Teódula: origin and meaning of the name for girl Teódula

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Children's rights: are they all respected?

Wear baby in a sling on the side

Wear baby in a sling on the side

Straddling your hip, your baby will have a breathtaking view of the world. How to install it in his scarf? Stéphanie Croguennec, workshop leader at Poussette Café, shows you how to dress up in a sling with a dorsal kangaroo technique. Let's go !

Production : Anouk Azar / Kinokho Studio
Montage: Anouk Azar / Kinokho Studio
Production : Elisabeth Tzimakas, Anne-Marie Renaud (coordination and fashion design)

We believe in the journey®

Journey - Dont Stop Believin UNICEF Wont Stop

How do we protect the baby from mosquitoes?

Mosquito bites can endanger the health of the child. Besides the fact that they are very unpleasant and annoying, they can transmit very serious diseases to it - yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis etc. Infants and children are the safest victims of mosquitoes. Find out how you protect them!

Dress it correctly!

Even though it is very hot outside and we tend to wear as many clothes as possible, it is best to cover as much of the children's skin as possible. Therefore, it is essential to choose light dresses, in light colors to ensure their comfort despite the long sleeves.

Colors should be light, but not strong, patterned. It must be as neutral as possible - beige, khaki or olive color are not an attraction for mosquitoes. Strong, electric colors attract insects.

Do not use perfumes or perfumed care products!

Mosquitoes are attracted by certain smells of the human body. They especially choose children and infants who smell nice and are given with perfume or care lotions that contain flavors. Buy for children soaps, shampoos or lotions that are not fragrant and do not contain flavors.

Don't go out at night!

Mosquitoes prefer heat and humidity. In the dog days they come out on the inserts. Avoid taking the baby out when it is very dark. If you leave at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm (when the peak period of the heatwave passes), there is no risk of mosquitoes. But from 20:00 onwards, they will sprinkle around the baby.

Avoid keeping the baby around the water!

The mosquitoes like the humidity, and the waters are their favorite. Their favorites are ponds or lakes. Even if you go out in the park, be careful to avoid taking the child too close to the lakes, especially on the inserts. Most are gathered there, and the child is the sure victim.

Use mosquito repellent products

There are several types of repellent products on the market. Not all are suitable for children. Babies under 2 months are not allowed to use these products at all. In any case, it is advisable to ask the pediatrician for advice before using them even if the label states that they are intended for them.

There is danger of allergic reactions and intoxication. In addition, they do not apply to the hands of the little one because there is a risk of sticking their fingers in their mouths and causing unpleasant reactions.

The essential chemical used in such products is DEET (N, N-Dethyl- M- Toluamide). This substance should only exist in children's products in a proportion of 30%. Everything that exceeds this percentage may endanger their health.

Use natural repellents!

You can also opt for natural products with protective effect based on eucalyptus and lemon oil. Rosemary or lemongrass oils can also be used.

Put mosquito nets on the windows!

Do not think that if you keep the baby in the house it is protected from mosquitoes. If you do not mount mosquito nets on the windows there is a risk that they will enter the house. Most unpleasant for babies is at night when they sleep. Therefore, it is important to take protection with a special mesh or canopy. They keep mosquitoes away from the sensitive skin of children.

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