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All Details About Triple Screening Test!

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The need for intimacy. Why children need a bigger home

The need for intimacy. Why children need a bigger home

In order to grow healthy, children need a great deal of privacy. This grows as a result of their own perception of themselves.

As soon as children understand that they are individual beings living among other beings, they feel the need to differentiate themselves from those around them.

Robert Kegan, a specialist whose work refers to the development of human identity and social maturity, is of the opinion that the little ones are not able to make a distinction between themselves and the other people in the first months after birth, according to mentalhelp. net.

The perception of self develops, however, as the child grows up and becomes aware that the people next to him are separate beings from himself, with different needs and different points of view. The need for intimacy of the child is closely linked to the development of this perception of self, as a different person from the others. This is also the reason why babies do not feel the need for intimacy, which grows steadily as the child grows.

After reaching kindergarten, children need privacy

During the kindergarten, the children become very aware of their individuality, because they start to belong to different social groups, along with the other children. The full awareness of the fact that they are members of a group appears clearly only after the child enters the school.

However, their need for intimacy grows steadily from the pre-kindergarten period. This is also the reason why children at such an age need personal space in their own home, a space that they can control at will, while observing some simple rules imposed by adults, such as maintaining a home. satisfactory level of cleanliness.

What adults can do for children

There are several ways adults can provide children with the much needed personal space.

Thus, it is ideal for the child to have his room. Parents who want a bigger home have several options for obtaining the necessary money, and some of them are very advantageous in the long run, as we see here.

For example, if you live in a two-room apartment and you want to move into a three-room apartment, it is more advantageous to purchase the second home through a bank loan and pay a large portion of the rent rate. obtained for the first apartment only to sell it and take out the pocket money difference.

If you want to appeal, however, to a simple reorganization of the space that you already have available, give the small personal area to control it as you please. The child must have his own bed, his own clothes closet and his own storage room for toys.

The personal space of the child should not be invaded

The space that the child has available should not be invaded, and parents should not walk in those places except with the permission of the little one. The only exception is the child's safety and the times when he teaches him to keep order in his own things.

The invasion of the personal space of the child and, later, of the adolescent is similar to the invasion of his own person, which affects the relationship of affection and mutual trust between parents and children.

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Advent calendar ... greedy

Delicious pasta hides under a chocolate coating. To be tasted in moderation ... once a day!


  • For 24 fruit pasta:
  • 250 g pineapple or apricots in syrup (weight drained)
  • 200 g jam-forming sugar
  • 2 sheets of gelatin
  • 1 knob of butter
  • oil
  • 100 g of crystallized sugar
  • 200 g dark chocolate


  • Mix the drained fruits and pour them into a heavy-bottomed saucepan with the jam sugar.
  • Let it boil for 10 minutes then, out of the heat, add the butter to drop the foam that has formed on the surface.
  • Place the gelatin sheets in a bowl of warm water, then strain them and add them to the mixture.
  • Oil a square pan and pour in the mixture.
  • Let take for 12 hours. Unmould and cut into 24 squares then let dry another 12 hours. Dip each square of fruit paste into the slightly cooled melted chocolate and let cool for 2 hours on parchment paper.
  • With a pastry bag and colored sugar that you have melted, draw the numbers on each softness. Yum !

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It's awful when violence shines innocently! In Hungary, thirty children die each year as a result of punishment and because their parents neglect them and do not care for them.

Child welfare services keep children out of the reach of children and children! According to experts, where poverty is high, different child accidents are also less likely to occur. Often, neglect can often be assumed in their background.
According to Child Welfare Services, 2,391 children suffered from physical abuse in 2010, 4571 from social abuse, and 240 from sexual abuse. 13,661 children were cared for due to physical neglect and 10,339 children due to physical neglect.

Did you know that the law prohibits beatings?
Child molestation and neglect are serious social problems that need to be effectively addressed by our international obligations and domestic legislation. The UN is addressing this issue in a separate article in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The United Nations Commission on the Rights of the Child has formulated this directive for the Member States. The Hungarian Child Protection Act (Law of XXXI of 1997 on the Protection of Children and the Administration of Medicines) issued the fourteenth total ban on corporal punishment in the world. According to this, "a child has the right to respect for human dignity, to punish by physical, sexual or psychological violence, neglect, and harm to information. bбnбsmуdnak. "
There are many secret cases
The egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatуkat the tцrvйny to kцtelezi to the йrtesнtsйk gyermekjуlйti szolgбlatot if feltйtelezhetх to the child or sйrьlйse betegsйge bбntalmazбs, elhanyagolбs kцvetkezmйnye, or if the child egйszsйgьgyi ellбtбsa sorбn bбntalmazбsбra, elhanyagolбsбra utalу kцrьlmйnyrхl get tudomбst. Failure to comply with the obligation of signification and meaningfulness is itself a punishable, negligent conduct, but at least a negligence in the occupation. However, the lawful frameworks are in vain, the implementation is stalled.
Let's clarify concepts!
Alert your child: persistent neglect and / or punishment of the child's basic physical and / or psychological needs.
Elhanyagolбs: causing any omission or trouble that significantly damages the health of the child or slows down or impedes development. Kinds: physical, emotional, educational neglect.
Bбntalmazбs: if someone is grieving, hurting a child, or if the child's grief, though he or she is a liar or an eyewitness, does not obstruct or report. Kinds: physical, emotional, sexual punishment.
The place of the offense According to you, you can be family members inside and outside. Institutional punishment, media violence, online abusive behavior (retrograde action), and community punishment should be highlighted.
Shocking numbers!
In our country, 30 children die each year as a result of punishment or neglect. Over one year of age, most causes of death are due to external causes, including the death of most children due to accidental accidents, which are often neglected in the background. According to preliminary data from the HCSO, in 2010, child welfare services registered 191,185 vulnerable children. However, the data is only the tip of the iceberg, according to experts' estimates, there are 10 hidden cases in Western Europe and 25 hidden cases in Hungary!
In many cases, punishment can lead to the death of a child, an attempted suicide or the disappearance of a child. In 2010, there were 50 juvenile deaths in Hungary, and it is estimated that there are ten times as many who have committed an unsuccessful suicide attempt. According to police sources, 7,496 children were reported missing in Hungary in 2010, with a smaller proportion under the age of 14 (1,788 in all), the rest between the ages of 14 and 18. In terms of the number of deaths and neglect deaths per 100,000 children, Hungary ranks 4th on the list of the 27 most advanced OECD countries.
Child molestation occurs in all social strata, but there are family and individual risk factors. Higher social status families are not necessarily less punitive, but they are more difficult to discover because these families are more well-off and have better interests.
Don't forget the other day
Penalization / neglect also has a long-term impact on a child's personal development. Scientific studies in recent years have shown that bullying / neglect in early childhood has elicited a chronic stress response that damages the child's developing nervous system and the child's mental and mental health. Sufferers, psychiatric disorders, different deviant behaviors, sinfulness, aggression, depression, alcoholism, etc., are much more common among bullied children in adulthood. According to a study in the United States, 78 percent of the prisoners were punished children. It is now well-known that some of the terrible dictators of history were victims of childhood punishment. Many sexually abused children are prostitutes. It is very common for a bully child to choose a bully in adulthood or to become a bully parent himself. That is why it is very important to break this eco-circle.
New website launched
The National Institute of Children's Health has been dealing with this request for years, publishing educational materials, organizing conferences - these were initially intended for health professionals, and later, they also included in this field.
The Institute's New Initiative is a website launched by under the title 'Our Common Treasure The Child', a national infant and health program, and a copy of the Ministry of National Resources. State and non-governmental organizations operate child abuse websites in many countries, most of them in English. The Hungarian-language website has not been fully operational at this time, though it has been demanded by both the industry and the general public. This website, which has just been launched, offers a wealth of useful information, both for non-lay people and professionals alike.

Will my baby sleep better if I add cereal to his bottle at night?

Will my baby sleep better if I add cereal to his bottle at night?

Adding cereal to a bottle of breast milk or formula has often been recommended to help a baby sleep better. But there's no evidence that babies will go to sleep faster or sleep better if they're given cereal — or even a full meal — just before going to bed.

For one thing, babies are programmed to wake up fairly often during the night, not only to eat, but also to socialize and touch base with their parents. Moreover, your baby won't be able to sleep through the night (defined as a five-hour stretch) until his central nervous system has fully matured; it has almost nothing to do with whether he has a full tummy. Every baby is different — and some will be able to sleep through the night sooner than others.

Keep in mind, too, that breast milk or formula provides everything your baby needs until he's 4 to 6 months old. Introducing cereal earlier than that puts him at a higher risk for allergies.

The next time someone tells you to "just give the baby a little cereal to get him to sleep better," ask what she would recommend for an adult who can't sleep. Chances are, her advice would be to drink a glass of warm milk.

How I prepare my babys bottle with Gerber rice cereal

Unpasteurized milk reduces the risk of asthma and allergies

From 6 months old: Activity Lion, Fisher-Price

From 6 months old: Activity Lion, Fisher-Price

Task. Your complete winter guide!

Being pregnant is a unique experience in a woman's life, but also a difficult time. In winter, pregnant women face even greater challenges, but this should not discourage you. In the 9 months you will have a lot of experiences and you must enjoy them, regardless of the weather outside.

We have prepared a special guide to minimize the discomfort felt during the cold season.

1. Wear thick and quality shoes

Invest in a pair of quality winter shoes, comfortable, warm and slippery. Your center of gravity changes when you are pregnant, so you are more prone to falls, especially when you train the pole, so it is vital to wear shoes that will not slip.

If you slipped on the ice and fell you should not get impatient because the baby is well protected in your tummy. If you have advanced pregnancy, the best sign that everything is in order is to feel the baby moving. However, if you experience abdominal pain after bleeding, you have bleeding or your water has broken, consult your doctor urgently.

2. Use your holidays on days with snow and snow

If the weather is bad and it becomes really dangerous to go out, take advantage of the days off you have to rest and prepare for the baby's arrival in the world. These days you can organize the baby's room or read books about pregnancy and baby growth.

3. If you have a cold, treat yourself with herbal medicines

Pregnant women are forbidden a large category of drugs, but if you have cooled there are pills that will help you feel better and will not harm the child in any way. Talk to your doctor and ask him what cold remedies are recommended. At the same time, you can use various natural treatments that will relieve your symptoms - natural cough syrups, honey bees to relieve sore throats, herbal teas, steam baths.

4. Buy yourself a winter coat for pregnant women

A winter coat specially designed for pregnant women will be of great help being thick enough to protect you from the cold, but also comfortable to allow you freedom of movement. The clothes you wore a year ago probably won't fit you anymore, so you will need to buy a new one, according to your measurements.

5. Pay attention to hydration

In the winter months, the skin dries faster and the itching sensation occurs, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen where the skin stretches during pregnancy. You can prevent the skin from drying out by consuming more water than usual. Doctors recommend at least 2 liters of water a day, but any kind of liquid will help you (natural fruit juices, teas, soups and soups).

6. Plan your way to the hospital

When you get to work, the last thing you want is to stay stuck in traffic, especially when the streets are full of snow and circulate in winter conditions. Think of the time that would be the shortest and clearest route to the hospital both at home and at the office.

7. Make sure you have underwear for winter

We know how hard it is for a woman to find the right clothes in the morning, but having 3 basic pieces in the closet can save you time. A pair of black pants, a black blazer and a pair of jeans with elastic waist will always get you out of the deadlock and you can wear them several times a week by just changing the blouse.

The elastic body blouses and sweaters will be of great help. Buy some such blouses in 3 colors easy to match with any (black, white, beige). They will keep you warm in the winter and will help you save money because you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and add a blazer or sweater.

8. Get your flu shot

Influenza is a dangerous condition because of the many complications it can have, especially for pregnant women. The vaccine can protect you during the flu season and will not harm your pregnancy or your baby. The flu season lasts from November to April, so it is advisable to get the vaccine before the epidemic begins.

9. Don't leave home without a moisturizer in your bag

A moisturizing cream will help you maintain the skin of your hands and face healthy. The cold and wind dries the skin giving it an unpleasant appearance, and the cream will help you in this regard. You will also need to take care of ultraviolet. Dermatologists point out that the rays of the sun are not only harmful in summer, but also in winter when reflected in snow. Use a moisturizing face cream and a lip balm with sun protection factor.

10. Shop online

Even if the weather outside is unfriendly, it does not mean that we have to suspend all our activities. If you still have purchases to make for the baby's arrival in the world, go to the online stores. The products will arrive right at your home and you will not waste any more time going through the shops.

11. Pamper yourself with hot chocolate

The perfect drink in winter, delicious and easy to prepare, hot chocolate will be your treat during the cold days. Prepare this dark chocolate beverage with a high content of cocoa and milk instead of instant.

12. Do physical exercises at home

If the low temperatures interfere with your daily exercise program, you can replace jogging in the park and going to the gym with exercise in the living room. It is extremely important to stay active during pregnancy. Moving will give you more energy and make you feel better from all points of view, being beneficial against the specific affective disorders of winter.

In addition, research shows that women who exercise during pregnancy have a much easier labor and birth. But do not exaggerate with physical effort, doctors recommend pregnant women to do 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

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