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Being a mom at Christmas

Being born is something that is done once in a lifetime and we cannot exactly predict when the happy event will occur. So we may give birth to our child on a very special date like Christmas, in which almost all the circumstances surrounding the birth of our child will be different from any other somewhat more ordinary date.

Being a mom on Christmas day falls within the statistics, this possibility is not so remote when it comes to a natural and spontaneous delivery, although it is when the delivery will be provoked.

Naturally, on such special dates everyone who can interrupt their work activity and some gynecologists, abandon their scheduled cesarean sections and induced deliveries.

A friend of mine gave birth to her little daughter Nati on Christmas day, that's why he chose that name for his little girl. Nati's mother organized the family reunion on Christmas Day like every year: dinner, table, nougats, guests… everything was perfect.

But it turns out that with the bustle, little Nati, it occurred to her that that day was a good day to be born, mother was so nervous that she decided to relieve her, making her forcibly give up all her previous and planned commitments, and get ready to receive and enjoy, not the Christmas dinner or the guests, but the little person who was soon to join the family cast.

Although her mother still had two weeks to go before her accounts, had unequivocal evidence that Nati's arrival was imminent. His little girl made him abandon all his tasks, to dedicate himself to a more important one. They had to call the relatives to cancel the dinner, call someone to stay with Nati's older brothers, and celebrate one of the most special and unforgettable Christmases for the couple in a hospital.

While it is true that giving birth on Christmas Day can seem like a setback because there may be fewer health personnel in the hospital, because you have to forcibly renounce family celebrations, because you are away from home and, perhaps, because you live with haste and nervousness to bring a child in such circumstances, I consider a real Christmas, what Nati and her family experienced when they were a mother.

Christmas is a time of encounter and gratitude. I believe that giving birth to a child on Christmas Day brings together in a single act all the feelings that awaken us on these dates: donation, recollection, generosity, gratitude, welcome, love and good intentions.

Now, at the home of little Nati and her family they have incorporated a new ritual for Christmas family gatherings: a loving memory, a gift and a birthday song for the little girl who came to the world on such an important day. This loving welcome will also be like this for all the little ones who are born for Christmas and surely, for their families, the memory of their arrival will make them live an even more full and special Christmas day.

Patron Gabaldon.

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20 mobiles for the nursery

20 mobiles for the nursery View the slideshow

From birth and for a long time, your baby will enjoy having a mobile in his room. Inescapable decorative object, he also participates in the awakening of his senses and serves to calm him down and to put him to sleep. And if you make it yourself? Our ideas unearthed on Pinterest.

20 mobiles for the nursery (15 photos)

Mobile hot air balloons

While waiting to be able to climb in for real, your future adventurer can at least admire them from his bed.

See the tutorial on Pinterest

Mobile birds

Yellow, gray and white paper birds and yellow ribbons to plunge your chick into a dream setting.

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Mobile pompons

Admit, this is the pompon this mobile ... Girl or boy, it will fit in all the children's rooms.

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Mobile animals

When little felted animals turn into a mobile-zoo for your loulou's room!

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Mobile clouds

A mixed model that will allow baby to have his head in the clouds.

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Mobile paper globes

Ideal to brighten up your room, these globes are the result of a wise folding ... but not so difficult to achieve, you'll see!

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Mobile origami

Are you a fan of origami? This mobile is for you (finally for the room of your elf).

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Graphic mobile

Inspired by Montessori, this Murani mobile in black and white will fascinate baby.

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Mobile Dream Catcher

A Dreamcatcher to chase bad dreams ...

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Turquoise mobile

Too cute, this mobile straight out of a dream is explained step by step ...

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Mobile butterflies

Made with felt, this mobile will put a spring touch in your princess's bedroom. And if butterflies do not please you, you can take inspiration to make other motives.

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Driftwood mobile

For your freshwater sailor, a trendy and eco-friendly driftwood construction.

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Mobile Owls

Better than counting the sheep to fall asleep ... count the owls!

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Mobile hearts

For your little heart, a mobile made of driftwood and scraps of fabric. Smart recycling.

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Mobile diamonds

With simple plastic straws, make a diamond suspension for your treasure.

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Iratxe: origin and meaning of the name for girl Iratxe

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Iratxe. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Iratxe

Dedicated to Santa María Real de Irache.

Meaning of name Iratxe

From the Basque irtze, "fern"

Origin of the name Iratxe


Famous people with the name Iratxe

  • Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, Prime Minister of India (1917-1984)

Drawings of the name Iratxe coloring page printable game

IRISH BABY GIRL NAMES. Meaning Pronunciation. Popular

Shoulder tank

Two buttons on the shoulders and here is a vest easy to put on, knitted in jersey and edged with garter stitch.See knitting explanations

Two buttons on the shoulders and here is a vest easy to put on, knitted in jersey and edged with garter stitch.
See knitting explanations

Fisher Price music ball

The toy is solidly made - which is probably a showcase of Fisher Price, a company that produces children's accessories since 1931. It can even be assessed as interestingly designed - after all, it is a matter of taste. However, there are three main disadvantages to buying it: price, weight and the fact that the toy does not attract the attention of the average child for more than five minutes. This is another crawling toy that does not pass the test or works only slightly.
We decided to confront the functionality of the musical ball with the opinions of other parents who had the opportunity to check the advantages and disadvantages of this toy. The list of defects turned out to be similar for each person:

  • weight - for a toddler who tries to lift and move many things around the year, this ball is a big challenge. A toy resists a similar resistance when a child wants to pick it up and treat it like a rattle - which is a natural course of things - the toy is too heavy and leads to frustration on the part of the child. This fact makes it uncomfortable and impractical in everyday use.
  • the heavy weight of the toy means that the child can hit it severely. While playing, you can't take your eyes off the child.
  • does not encourage crawling - this is also a very common opinion. However, here of course the matter is debatable. A lot depends on the child's temperament and parents' attitude.
  • price - the ball costs PLN 80 on average. It's a lot for a toy of such a simple construction and with such little elaborate possibilities.
  • sounds - annoying and too loud for many parents. However, this is a questionable matter.
  • the toy is intended for children from the sixth month - the age is chosen rather incorrectly. Most of the mothers that we've asked agree that the toy has a chance to really interest a child of about a year. The same fact was confirmed by tests conducted by the editorial mothers.
  • there is a lot to say about a dozen or so auctions with this toy - described in this way: "very good condition, hardly used toy".


  • toy based on the "wańki-rising" mechanism
  • the toy pushed by the child makes cheerful sounds, and the monkey balances cheerfully on the ball,
  • repeatedly falling on the tiles, the panels cannot destroy it.
  • easy to clean.

And how do you rate the Fisher Price music ball? Write in the comments!

How not to bring up a conformist, or how to not break character by teaching you how to break the rules?

Easter comes for all children!

The community has already started almost three weeks ago a campaign that wants to bring Easter and its joy to as many children. Of those children for whom Easter is not a joy and a celebration every year.

campaign "Easter is coming for all children" started from the belief that together, we, The community and our partners can make these children a joy. It was decided, following the proposals received from the mothers from Community to go to the children hospitalized in the oncology section of the Marie Curie hospital in the Capital and also to go to the children cared for by Father Tanase at Pro Vita Association from Valea Plopului and Valea Screzii. At the camp from Valea Screzii we were, with the help of friends from the Community and our partners, and before Christmas, when we carried out the "Santa Claus from Valea Screzii" campaign.
And this time, the girls from Community they gathered clothes and toys. We want to especially thank ioaneibalescu, andreuk and vavei.
Proposing us to go to the oncology section of Marie Curie Hospital, andreuk he wrote: "About the places with souls without luck ... I can propose the collection of toys, coloring books and pencils, story books for the oncology section of Budimex Hospital. When I was a teacher at school 174 it was customary especially to celebrate the holiday money and to buy new toys and clothes. Here it would not be about raising money but only about donations in good and very good condition which could break them for a few moments in the line of pain and fear. an extra smile that we can bring by what we offer will give them a positive energy, a moment of beneficial therapy ...

I found out that, in fact, there are 28 children admitted ... Certainly it is a thing ... once you enter that section you realize how rich you are and how little you appreciate the things you hardly notice around you, how little it counts that you have a mild-mannered child and a little too sociable, careless and stubborn as long as he is healthy ... how little does it matter that you may be nervous because spring has come and you have no money to renew your wardrobe with what you show off, as long as your watch does not go in the direction of the sunset ... There are things to think about after you walk out the door of the oncology section that says: FORBIDDEN ACCESS ... and yesterday I was thinking that death should learn to read."
Andreea spoke at the hospital and found out that there are around 18 children up to 7 years old, 3 from 10 to 11 years and 13 children, between the ages of 13 and 18. Some of them come to treatment and then go home, but the vast majority are hospitalized for a longer period.
Today, Wednesday, April 11, we will go to the children admitted to the oncology section, to whom we will take books, coloring pages, toys and colored pencils. We have many of them from our partners , and for others Andreea is directly responsible. She alone bought something for each child ... In the rest, we will bring to the children bakery products made available by through Vel Pitar.

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 12, we will go to the Poplar Valley / Screzii Valley, to the Pro Vita Association of Father Tanase. Tonight we go to ioanabalescu to take the things she has gathered from the girls in Community. There are clothes and toys. Our mothers know how much these children need if our children, one or two or three, need so many things. They know, they used to always put something aside for these children too.
Speaking on the phone with Gabriela Mavrichi, Father Tanase's daughter, I found out that at this moment the Pro Vita Association cares for 14 children under one year, 20 children between the ages of 1 and 3 and 34 children between the ages 3 and 7 years.
If we only refer to children under 7 years old. Knowing exactly what age the 34 children under 3 years old have, which is located in Screzii Valley, we turned to Milupa, our reliable partners in each campaign, and they sent us milk powder and cereal for each age group.
We also have bakery products for the older children, products that he gave us with all his heart through Vel Pitar.
We are happy that we can join the initiatives of the moms from The community we, as we always have reliable partners like Milupa and, that we can bring the Easter light to as many children as possible!
Our moms know that it is important to involve our children in these campaigns and to teach them that simply helping and not helping can change things. They understand so that we can do it in such a way Easter to come for all children!
We'll hear about it soon! I give it to you!

Tags Humanitarian Campaign The Valley of Writing Childhood Children Needs Parents Help Parents Events Oua Pasti

How to have fun and keep kids safe during a COVID-19 summer

Let's take a look at some common questions about popular summer outdoor activities and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and experts generally recommend. (Keep in mind that scientists' understanding of the COVID-19 virus and how it spreads is still evolving, so any and all guidance is subject to change.)

Also, all of these guidelines assume you are not sick with COVID-19. If you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, has tested positive for the virus, or been exposed to it within the past 14 days, stay home to protect others.

Can we go to a park?

Yes. Getting outside in nature is good for both mind and body, whether you're a child or an adult. Just keep in mind the following precautions:

  • Visit parks close to home. Traveling long distances puts your family more at risk for getting COVID-19 (or transmitting it to others if any of you have the virus), because you're more likely to have to stop at places along the way where you might touch contaminated surfaces or interact with people.
  • Check to see what's open. Some parks and other recreational areas may be closed. Others may not have services such as bathrooms, so you'll need to bring your own hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer.
  • Practice social distancing. That means staying at least 6 feet apart from other people, avoiding crowds, and only gathering with the people you live with. The CDC recommends that everyone 2 years old and up wear a mask when out in public, especially when it's difficult to maintain social distance. See our article on how to get your child to wear a mask.
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer if water and soap are unavailable. Do this after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

What about playgrounds?

The hard truth is that playgrounds may not be safe during the pandemic. The CDC says playgrounds are difficult to keep safe because they tend to get crowded and the surfaces often aren't cleaned regularly.

There are no national rules about playground use during the pandemic, so whether your local playground is open and what guidelines are in place will depend on where you live.

It's best to use your own judgment. If the playground is packed with kids, the risk of catching something is certainly elevated. Consider returning at a different time of day when there are fewer people.

If there are only a couple of other children on the playground and there's enough space for your kids to play at a 6-foot distance from them, they're more likely to be okay.

And don't forget, the CDC recommends kids ages 2 and older wear face masks to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 through respiratory droplets. (Masks are not recommended for younger kids because they could suffocate.)

And carry hand sanitizer with you in case there are no bathrooms where you and your kids can wash hands. It's also a good idea to carry a bottle of water so you can rinse dirt off your children's hands if necessary before using hand sanitizer. Dirt and grease can make hand sanitizer less effective.

Are swimming pools okay?

The good news: You probably can't get COVID-19 from swimming in water (at least that's what the evidence suggests so far). Pool water, especially, is usually disinfected with chemicals that kill off any virus particles.

That said, you still need to be careful about getting too close to other people at swimming pools, water playgrounds, or other water recreation sites. Just as with parks and playgrounds, if the pool is crowded and you can't maintain social distance, it's probably safer to choose another activity.

Keep in mind that drowning is another big risk for kids around water. Read our article about water safety to find out more about how to protect your children from accidental drowning.

Is the beach safe?

The same rules that apply to parks and swimming pools generally apply to beaches. First, make sure the beach you want to go to is open, and follow any rules that local authorities have put in place.

Avoid crowded beaches, and keep a distance of at least 6 feet from people who are not in your group. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer so everyone in your family can regularly clean their hands (in case there are no bathrooms or the bathrooms aren't clean), and try to avoid touching your faces.

It's best to bring your own towels, beach chairs, Frisbees, and other gear and toys, rather than using shared or rented equipment.

--For more information about the coronavirus, especially when it comes to pregnancy and children, check out our coronavirus resources page.

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Safety Tips For Kids. Coronavirus Covid-19 Hygiene Etiquette for Kids