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Holistic nutrition - for a harmonious and balanced way of life

Discover the tips of Marilena Oprisanu Personal Chef & Holistic Nutritionist

For real help or counseling to a person who wants to change their eating habits or lifestyle, they need not only a nutritional scheme or a list of restrictive recipes. Marilena Oprisanu combines the specializations and studies from Germany in the field of holistic nutrition, as well as the unquestionable skills of a dietitian cook and launches a new concept in Romania: that of Personal Chef & Holistic Nutritionist.

Participant in Masterchef - last edition, but also co-founder of a holistic health center in Bucharest, Marilena Oprisanu comes to the aid of the people who want to change their eating habits by applying methods.

Marilena uses integrative medicine and holistic nutrition - her method primarily seeks to identify the causes that led to imbalances in the body, going to the idea of "food as a sacred act", resulting in harmony and balance.

In the protocol within the holistic health center, functional electrophysiological parameters and biochemical processes are identified up to the cellular level in order to establish the digestive enzyme picture. Starting from this, a specific diet is established that offers practical solutions for food preparation even in the kitchen of the person interested in changing their lifestyle.

In this way, the assisted person will not only have the control of weight and benefit from a good staff, but will have at his disposal practical methods, applicable in daily life in order to prepare a healthy diet even after the assisted period.

Providing the food needed for this type of diet can be a challenge for any of us.

Therefore, Marilena offers in her services the accompanying shopping sessions at the specialized stores. This German concept of holistic assisted nutrition also offers training for the whole family, which can be involved in choosing and preparing a healthy diet in an interactive and educational way.

Thus, to cooking sessions can be attended by friends or family members. The concept is meant to encourage and involve children in the kitchen through creative methods for them, in order to guide them for healthy eating.

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Cadets are rebellious and open to novelty

Cadets are rebellious and open to novelty

What the pediatrician says

The second child arrives in a family unit where everyone's positions are already well established. To succeed to exist in this system sometimes a little locked, it street in the stretchers! From this combative childhood, he will keep a tendency to rebellion.
They are often cadets who have defied the established values ​​of their time, such as Darwin and Voltaire for example. It is from their ranks that came the adventurous explorers, the great scientific discoverers.

What does the shrinkman say?

Many cadets are very conformist! As long as the elder sends his parents and their expectations - which is not uncommon - and the second rushes into the breach to take over the family torch and play the perfect child.

6th month of pregnancy

6th month of pregnancy

During the sixth month of pregnancy, your future baby's skin is now red and wrinkled and covered with fine, soft hair. At this stage the fetus is usually too small and your lungs are not ready to live yet out of his mother. If born now, the fetus could perhaps survive with intensive care. The eyelids begin to detach and the eyes open.

The lines of the fingers and toes can already be seen. The fetus continues its rapid growth. At the end of the 6th month, the fetus measures 30 cm and weighs 640 gr.

- Now you can feel the fetus kick hard.

- The skin of your abdomen that is growing may start to itch.

- You can back pain. That is why they have recommended you to wear shoes with little or no heels (low). Exercise can help you prevent back pain. You should not stand for long periods of time.

- You may also feel pain down and to the side of your belly as your uterus stretches.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, it is important that you know:

- Go visit his doctor for a prenatal care exam.

- You may have constipation. Drink more water or fruit juice, eat more foods that contain fiber (such as fruits and vegetables), and get some exercise.

- To alleviate heartburnTry to eat 4 to 5 smaller meals throughout the day (instead of three large ones).

- Don't take laxatives or antacids without first asking your healthcare provider.

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Feminine form of Grato.

Pleasant, pleasant, charming.

May 1


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