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Anim'est 2014 Competition: Titles of Unbeatable

Anim'est 2014 Competition: Titles of Unbeatable

The news about a new edition of the Anim'est Film Festival has spread, this year, with more enthusiasm than ever, with a record number of 1,260 films being registered in international competitions. The most beautiful stories told with the help of the most diverse techniques and styles of animation come to Bucharest from over 60 countries - from Taiwan to Colombia, from Norway to Brazil, the Anim'est map shows how it can not be better.

An interesting competition is announced in all sections, sprinkled with highlights that have already toured major international festivals, and films that will have their premiere at Anim'est.

Five animated feature films are coming to complete, in Bucharest, the already impressive list of awards and present at renowned festivals. From Brazil arrives O Menino e a Mundo / The boy and the World, a winning visual presentation of the Crystal Prize at Annecy (the most important European distinction for an animated film), this year, and Brazil's proposal for an Oscar. under the direction of Alê Abreu, the film presents the pitfalls of the modern world through the adventurous journey of a boy in search of his father. The visual spectacularity is given by combining a wide range of techniques and styles (drawing on paper, 2D, live action), meant to illustrate various stages of human degradation.

About the Italian production L'Arte della Felicità / The Art of Happiness, Allesandri Rak's feature film debut, is said to be able to tame the pessimistic life perspective. A captivating story about the metaphysical connection between two brothers, the 2D / 3D animation places its action in a bleak Naples, the ideal setting for creative exploration of the subconscious, reminiscent, at times, of Richard Linklater's Waking Life jewelry. The film was rewarded at the Venice Film Festival and Raindance, and was nominated for Annecy for best animated feature film.

Another debut feature is coming to Anim'est this year: Rocks in my pocket, directed by Signe Baumane, a visual challenge and not only. The USA-Latvia co-production is based on the personal story of the director and presents the struggle of five women in her family against depression, abounding with visual metaphors, surreal images and unconventional sense of humor. The film was awarded at the ANMATOR Festival in Poznan, Poland, and was selected in the Fantoche, Seattle International Film Festival and London International Animation Festival competitions.

A modern and "fruity" version of the classic Romeo and Juliet comes from Estonia: Lisa Limone and Morocco Orange; Tormakas armulugu / Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange; a Rapid Love Story, produced by the famous Nukufilm doll animation studio. Selected at Annecy, Anima Mundi and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, the 3D animated musical directed by Mait Laas critically addresses the problem of illegal immigrants trying to get from Africa to Europe, through the impossible love story between the Moroccan boy-orange. , a fearless hero who struggles with prejudice and poverty, and lemon-girl Lisa, who collects singing shells.

The feature film competition is completed by Manieggs - Revenge of the Hard Egg, a Hungarian animated production after many years, and an independent project directed by Zoltán Miklósy. The 3D animation arrives in Bucharest after being present at Annecy, and brings to the public the story of the revenge of two prisoners after two weeks in prison for an act they did not commit - a provocative mix of cynicism, sarcasm, daring humor, and no a bit of a challenge to illustrate the stereotypes and injustices of our times.

in the international short film competition, 56 titles will compete for the Great Anim'est Trophy. A must-see in this section is definitely Man on the chair (r. Dahee Jeong), winner of the Crystal Award at Annecy this year. Other titles that should not be missed are Hipopotamy / Hippos (r. Piotr Dumala), with the soundtrack signed by Alexandru Balanescu and awarded at Animafest Cyprus and Animafest Zagreb, La Testa tra le Nuvole / Absent Minded (r. Roberto Catani), a production Italian award-winning Annecy with Jury Distinction, and The Obvious Child, a 2D animation directed by Stephen Irwin, who has already made the world-wide detour by stopping at Sundance, Anima Mundi, Suttgart IAF, Annecy or Animafest Zagreb.

A special section of the festival competition is the one dedicated to student films, which gathers the most non-conformist and personal stories, freshly released from the banks of prestigious schools, hosted by countries with tradition in animation: Gobelins, Supinfocom, FAMU, HFF Postdam, CalArts, Royal college of art, National Film and Television School London, etc.

The decision regarding the winning films from the Anim'est 2014 competitions is in the hands as good as ever. From London he arrives in Bucharest to be part of the jury of the long and short films competitions director, screenwriter and animator Robert Morgan. Best known for The Cat with Hands, The Separation and Bobby Yeah (nominated for BAFTA in 2012), Morgan holds a series of animated and live-action films not recommended to the weak angels, "haunted" by Francis Bacon's influences. , Edgar Allan Poe or David Lynch, and awarded at renowned festivals: Sundance, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand. Another member of the jury is Amid Amidi, editor-in-chief of the most popular web site, CartoonBrew.com, and author of numerous books on the art and history of animation. Before being invited to Bucharest, Amidi traveled to many famous festivals, as a reader, program curator or jury member (Ottawa, Anima Mundi, Klik!, Anifilm, Vimeo Festival). The third member of the jury is Christian Pfohl - producer and founder of the famous French label Lardux Films, which has produced, for more than twenty years, over 70 short films, dozens of documentaries, TV series and videos. He is best known for his documentary Les 4 saisons d'Espigoule (1999) and the short films Notes sur les lumières (2001) and Je m'appelle (2002).

The jury that will decide the best films from the student competition, the Romanian one and the Balkanimation are Lana Taknosa Nikolic, teacher and student coordinator at the prestigious Animation Workshop school, Yiorgos Tsangaris, artistic director of the Animafest Cyprus festival and professor of fine arts at the University from Nicosia, and Laurentiu Damian, director and Romanian scriptwriter, doctoral professor at the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Art IL Caragiale from Bucharest and also president of UCIN (Union of Filmmakers of Romania).

The new Anim'est edition will take place on October 3-12, at the Studio and Elvira Popescu cinemas and at the Production Workshop.

The International Animation Film Festival Anim'est, a member of the pan-European Cartoon network, is organized by the Este'n'est Association, with the support of the Romanian Filmmakers Union, the National Center of Cinematography.

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Summer allergies in children: how do we detect them and how do we keep them under control?

Summer allergies in children: how do we detect them and how do we keep them under control?

Summer is the season when most allergies occur. Pollen, dust, ambrosia and intense heat can trigger many allergic reactions, which, untreated in time, can seriously affect your health.

The most affected by allergies are especially children, because their weak immune system and fine skin hardly resist very aggressive allergenic factors. These summer allergies they always occur on atopic soil and are caused by autoimmune disorders.

How we detect summer allergies in children

Summer allergies in children it generally manifests through irritated eyes, sneezing and coughing. Also, allergies can cause frequent skin reactions, namely eczema.

also, summer allergies in children it can also occur in the form of rhinitis, hives, endogenous eczema, asthma or even edema and can be acute or chronic. Once the baby comes into contact with the allergen, stronger reactions such as bronchial spasms, skin aging, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, headaches, pulse changes may occur.

Sometimes allergies can also cause inflammation of the ear, as fluid builds up in the ear. In this case infections and hearing loss may occur. If this happens when the child learns to speak, problems can occur in pronunciation, but also itching, itching and fullness in the ear.

Pollen, the main trigger of allergies in summer

One of the greatest enemies of the body during the summer is pollen. It causes most allergies in children. Their immune system in training can perceive pollen as an invading factor in the body. Thus, it releases antibodies, which in turn attacks allergens and releases histamine into the bloodstream.

As soon as this process has occurred, abundant nasal secretions, itching and irritation of the eyes or other allergic symptoms are triggered.

In summer, allergic reactions may also occur to seasonal fruits or vegetables. Some children may develop allergies to certain pollen and may suffer from cross-reactions after eating certain foods, such as melons, pears, apples, cherries or celery.

These cross reactions are manifested by swelling of the mouth, tingling or itching. Unlike other allergies, the oral allergy syndrome is not a very dangerous one, and the symptoms disappear by avoiding the consumption of these foods.

Solar allergies, the most common

Summer allergies Sun-caused are also very common in the summer season. These are quite violent and can occur right from the first exposure to the sun. These start in the form of rashes, and the most commonly affected areas are the chest, the arms on the outside, the calves and cheeks.

In the case of a mild allergy, the skin reddens and itching or itching of the skin may occur. But if it is a stronger allergy, besides redness, there are also basaltic pain, vomiting or chills.

The treatment of sun allergies includes the administration of antihistamines or drugs with steroids such as hydrocortisone, but also homeopathic or natural treatments, based on herbal extracts.

In the case of some summer allergies Severe treatment with injectable adrenaline / epinephrine vials is required (the effect is much faster this way) to intervene in time in case of anaphylactic shock.

To prevent any allergies, specialists recommend avoiding sun exposure of children, especially babies. Also, in the summer season, sun protection is very important. Thus, at each exit from the house, it is advisable that the child be given a protective lotion, with a spf greater than 50%.

Allergies to insects can be lethal

In summer there are many insects. Their stings can cause shocks to children and can be lethal to them. Also, the stings of mosquitoes or other insects can trigger strong allergic reactions, which are manifested by the appearance of eczema throughout the body.

Among the main symptoms are: redness of the place where the child was stung, local pain, local swelling or itching.

Mold, a dangerous allergen

Children should also be protected from areas with high humidity, where fungi or other bacteria can develop.

Mold is another allergen, also seasonal, common in children, the fungi being identified in humid and warm environments. So, pay close attention to the spaces in the house. They must be ventilated and the humidity in the room must be kept within optimal limits.

How to treat summer allergies in children

If it is an acute allergy, such as anaphylactic shock, it is treated urgently at the hospital, as soon as the crisis ends. It is given antihistamine drugs to reduce itching and cortisone treatment to reduce inflammation.

But if it is summer allergies mild, allergists recommend oral or local antihistamines, which usually quickly reduce symptoms. Desensitization is done gradually, depending on the allergen and age of the child.

Summer allergies in children: how to prevent them?

Summer allergies they are quite difficult to prevent, and statistics show that many children suffer at least once from such a condition.

Allergic reactions can be prevented primarily by avoiding contact with the allergen. Exposure as little as possible to the sun or outdoors, especially on windy days.

Also, vitamins C, A, E, rich in bioflavonoids, control the production of histamine, the substance responsible for pruritus and inflammation. Flavonoids are also recommended as natural antioxidants, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, but also calcium.

Summer allergies they should be treated as quickly as possible, even from the first symptom, to prevent their worsening and chronic illness.

The ventilation and aspiration of the room prevent the presence of mites which, through the contained proteins, can be a source of maintenance not only of allergic phenomena, but also of asthma, rhinitis or endogenous eczema because it develops very well in heat and humidity, in places without air currents.

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Yogurt and fruit cake

If you crave a light and cold dessert, we suggest you prepare a cake with yogurt and fruit cream.

Photo: italianinthemidwest.com

Preparation time

50 minutes




For the countertop

300 g biscuits

100 g butter

For cream

400 g of yogurt

100 g old

300 ml cream for whipped cream

2 envelopes gelatin

fresh fruit / compote

For decoration


1 jelly envelope

Method of preparation

Crush the cookies with the help of a kitchen robot, then melt the butter and pour it over the cookies. Mix the biscuits and melted butter, then with the help of a spoon bake the biscuits in the form of cake, pressing very well.

Put the gelatin soaked in cold water, following the steps on the envelope. Then dissolve gelatin in bain-marie and add it over the yogurt mixed with sugar.

Beat the cream for the whisk until you get a thick foam, then add the whipped cream over the yogurt.

Incorporate into the yogurt cream the fruits cut into small cubes.

Put the cream obtained over the biscuit counter. Leave the cake in the fridge for at least two hours.

After these two hours, remove the dessert from the cold and decorate it with fruit, then pour the warmed jelly over.


Prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the envelope or, if you eat the cake the same day, you can quit the jelly.

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Pregnancy complications may indicate a minor heart problem

That he has beautiful ears this rabbit ... probably to better hear the bells of Easter!

That he has beautiful ears this rabbit ... probably to better hear the bells of Easter!

Download the Easter card to print

The birth of a son or daughter is one of the most important moments of our life, and as such, all women hope to live it and enjoy it in all its intensity, even if we make mistakes sometimes. Next we tell you the 7 the most common mistakes pregnant women make while in labor.

There is always talk about the things to do before delivery and how to prepare for this moment, but the most common mistakes that pregnant women make are rarely said before giving birth to your baby... until now!

1. Stay at home waiting for contractions
It's one of the main mistakes we make before labor begins: stay at home When the due date is approaching, they have marked us "just in case".

For labor to begin, we need to be calm, that there is no adrenaline in our body for oxytocin to do its job. Being aware of every little sign of our body does not facilitate it. So the best is continue our normal life, and when the time comes, we will know.

2. Stop eating when we notice the first contractions
It is very common to think that for any admission to the hospital we need to go on an empty stomach, and that is why as soon as we suspect that the delivery is approaching we do not eat and we even stop drinking! But in this case it is not necessary, it can even be harmful.

Childbirth involves important physical work, and we need to face it with enough energy, so if you feel like it you can have some light food, and in fact it is advisable to hydrate properly. Currently in most hospitals, the possibility of having light meals during labor is contemplated.

3. Going to the hospital too soon
One of the most frequent questions is when to go to the hospital: will I know how to distinguish the contractions? Am I going into labor? What if I am too late? As the ancient midwives say, "if you have doubts, you are not yet in labor", because when the time is right, you will know.

Midwives advise to go to the hospital when you have had at least 2 hours of regular contractions in intensity, frequency and duration, so that labor is really in progress. But those 2 hours of waiting don't guarantee it either.

The problem with coming too early is that we may stay in the hospital when the delivery is not really established yet; and once we are admitted to the hospital, the clocks and protocols begin to tick, and we run the risk of suffering unnecessary interventions just because the set times are running out.

4. Wait 'they take it out'
Like we have already said, childbirth is work, but a work of women mainly, not of professionals. You are the one who has to put all the meat on the grill to help your baby to be born, it is a path that you will travel together, cared for by the people around you.

It is important to be mentalized about it. If you think that when you get to the hospital "everything is done" and that everything is in the hands of the professionals, it can be very hard to see that it is not like that and that you still have work to do.

5. Get into bed
For a long time the image of childbirth has always been a woman in a bed (or but still, on a foal), so it is not surprising that many women lie down when noticing contractions because they think it is 'where they should be'.

Fortunately, every time women know more about the birthing process and how it develops. And childbirth is movement. Staying in bed will only make contractions more painful and labor more difficult.

6. Be aware of everything
Sometimes we are used to wanting to have everything under control: family, times, papers, ... and that is impossible. And in childbirth, more.

For labor to develop we have to 'disconnect' from the outside world and let the contractions carry us 'in'. The more we are aware of "the outside", the more it will cost our brain to secrete the necessary oxytocin, and if there is no oxytocin, there are also no endorphins, and we enter a vicious circle. Labor does not progress.

7. Have very closed expectations
It's okay to think about the birth we want, bet on it, and work for it. But there are things that are beyond our control, that we cannot foresee and therefore avoid. So you also have to be prepared in case events turn out to be what we expected or wanted, and trust the professionals who are caring for us, who seek our well-being and that of our baby.

I hope I have helped you and that now that you know what things are not recommended to do during the delivery You can do everything on your part to have the delivery you want and the welcome your baby expects. See you soon!

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Definitive numbers in the task

The task sums up a lot of mathematical calculations, and its evolution and big decisions are often based on numbers. Whether it is calendar data, results of tests or analyzes or other things, the figures are the ones that give rise to the task. Find out what the defining numbers mark the task!

38 or 40 weeks of pregnancy

This is the number of weeks you have a pregnancy. He is calculated based on the last menstruation, specifically the first day of menstruation before becoming pregnant. Some pregnancies take longer or less, but this is the calculation that doctors make to calculate the probable date of birth.

If it is calculated from the date of conception, that is, ovulation, then the definitive number of pregnancy is 38 weeks.

10 - 15 kilos accumulated during pregnancy

Between these numbers you have to oscillate the kilograms that you have to accumulate during pregnancy. Overweight pregnancies should not weigh more than 10 kilograms, while underweight have the freedom to accumulate up to 15 kilograms.

7 meetings with the gynecologist

It represents the minimum number of meetings you must have with your doctor during the 9 months of pregnancy. Prenatal tests and compliance with doctor visits are crucial in the smooth evolution of pregnancy. More may be at the request of the doctor, but in no case less!

35 years old - the age you should become a mother

It is an essential date or figure for the pregnancy. It is the age at which a pregnancy presents the most risks in its evolution. Starting with the age of 35, the risk of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome is maximum, and the pregnancy is not without the danger of miscarriage.

3 quarters, 3 ultrasounds

This figure has several meanings in the task. First of all, the task is divided into 3 quarters, and each quarter in turn has 3 months. Each stage has its particularities and importance.

Then, during pregnancy it is essential to do 3 compulsory ultrasounds: at 12, 22 or 32 weeks. You can do some extra, but only if the doctor considers it necessary.

72 hours

It is the maximum number of hours that doctors wait for the limb rupture (water rupture) to call for labor induction if it is delayed. Some doctors call for the procedure even earlier, but in most cases they prefer to wait for this deadline.

140 with 90 - maximum blood pressure admitted during pregnancy

This is the maximum blood pressure admitted during pregnancy. It is the threshold over which you are not allowed under any form to pass so as not to endanger either your health or your baby's. High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to many complications.

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How to eat for two during pregnancy

How to eat for two during pregnancy

The baby in your tummy will change your lifestyle from many points of view, and nutrition is one of them. You will feel the need to eat more than before or against, or you will have unexplained cravings for foods you did not like until then.

Read on to find out how many calories you actually need! What are the essential nutrients for you and your baby and more!

When you are pregnant, you will definitely want to take care of what you eat as pregnancy and nutrition are very closely linked. You will want to have a healthy diet for your baby.

"A balanced nutrition of the mother during pregnancy will ensure the maintenance of her health, the growth needs of the fetus, the physical strength and vitality at work and subsequently the success of lactation." says Dr. Roxana Pusca, Pediatric Specialist.

What does healthy eating mean during pregnancy?

First of all, do not start a diet for weight loss! Eating during pregnancy has nothing to do with weight loss! Pregnancy is not the right time to start losing weight.

Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods and you will have no problem losing weight during pregnancy after you are born. If you have a weight problem - either below normal or above normal weight - then you will need to follow a special nutritional program starting from the first trimester and throughout the pregnancy. Consult your doctor. In addition, when you are pregnant it is not the time to starve.

Are there people who are still discussing how much weight women should have during pregnancy?

Between 8 and 16 kg it is normal, but it does not matter much, unless these limits are exceeded. Some British doctors recommend setting a special weight goal.

Of course, if you weigh more than 20 kg, it will be difficult for you to lose this surplus after birth. So, if you should not lose weight during pregnancy, it is not good to use this period as an excuse to eat all the time!

Good foods to consume

"A balanced diet requires the future mother to eat healthy and varied foods during the day, without excesses, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, eggs, dairy, lean meat - main sources for minerals (especially calcium, iron). and vitamins (especially folic acid - with an important role in the prevention of congenital neural tube defects). ", recommends Dr. Roxana Pusca, Pediatric Specialist.

Regarding nutrition during pregnancy, below are four major categories of food, with examples for a serving.


Most pregnant women need about 300 extra calories a day. This translates to two cups of skimmed milk, a serving of ice cream, a cream cheese donut or a tuna sandwich.

cravings: Nobody knows why women crave certain foods during pregnancy, but it is considered that cravings are not the result of deficiencies. You should not avoid certain foods that you crave if you consume them moderately to avoid a heavy surplus. Unfortunately, some pregnant women have cravings for non-food products, such as liquid starch for laundry or dirt they want to consume. This condition is called Pica. If you are craving for non-food products, you should consult a specialist doctor.


Pregnant women need about 60 grams of protein per day. One cup of milk or one ounce of red meat contains about 10 grams of protein. Good sources of protein include lean meat, poultry, fish, dried beans, lentils, nuts, eggs and cheese. Avoid unpasteurized and soft cheeses like Brie. Also, avoid raw eggs, raw meat or blood, as they may contain bacteria that could affect the baby.


Calcium is required during pregnancy to form the bones and teeth of the child. The recommended daily intake of calcium during pregnancy is 1,200 mg per day. You can get the calcium needed from green vegetables with leaves, orange juice, milk, yogurt and cheese. You should consume four servings of calcium-rich foods per day.


You need 15 to 30 mg daily. Fish, poultry, whole grain bread and cereals, leafy green vegetables, vegetables, candied fruits, cooked eggs and red meat are all good sources of iron. Some women take iron supplements in the second and third trimesters, but if you adopt a diet high in iron, you will not need these supplements.

Prenatal Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Although vitamin and mineral supplements are not required for women who have a balanced diet, most prenatal medical specialists believe that they are not harmful and can therefore be added to the diet for the first trimester.

However, you should not consume these supplements instead of a balanced diet, which always has an impact on pregnancy and nutrition. Consult your specialist before including any vitamins or supplements in your diet during pregnancy.

Keep all medicines with vitamins and iron in containers with child access and sealed if there are small children in the house to avoid accidental overdoses.

In conclusion, the baby in the tummy only needs a slightly higher intake of vitamins and nutrients than the one you normally consume. When you are pregnant, your brain can play feasts and sometimes you may have strange cravings for non-food products, but, unless you maintain a balanced diet, your baby will grow up happy and healthy in your tummy.

What food diet did you have during pregnancy?

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The nine-grade school and the new curriculum are coming